Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Resolutions -- Video Style!!

Just dropping my resolutions on video for 2007 -- let's get it done!!



Armando said...

I have no doubt that you will accomplish all that and even much more.
I know I will.

Frank said...

definitely check out Guyana and Kaieteur falls, the highest single drop water fall in the world. Would also like to know your thoughts on the lack of natural resource development down there and if it has benefits.


godfather said...

tyler, im waiting for blueprint. big time. hurry up. :-)

Nate aka SiLvEr said...


Nice blog.

You hitting up Ireland on your travels?

Nate aka SiLvEr said...

Tyler, nice blog.

You hitting up Ireland anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

27 is a great age, rock n roll my friend.


Tyler said...

Hoping to hit up Ireland while I'm in Europe.

Depends if we fill a bootcamp out there or not.

We did this year for Tim so I'm pretty sure we'll have students out there next year as well.

Looking forward to it!