Thursday, September 20, 2007

Being A Leader -- Chasing Status VS Offering Value

Most people believe that being a leader is a good thing.

They associate it with an increase in status, therefore more "access" to enjoyable things like money, women, popularity, etc etc...

For the average guy...... if he were to rub a magic lamp and a genie popped out and said "Would you like to become a leader??" I believe that 99% would say YES!!

I mean, wouldn't it be sooo cool to be the President of the United States?? You'd get to be the BOSS of the FREE WORLD!!


The truth, however, is that most people don't really want to be leaders.

There's more involved mentally than they're prepared to deal with, both in terms of responsibilities and psychological pressures that are thrusted onto you on a day-to-day basis.

In many ways, being a leader can be a lonely position.

The struggles you deal with are your own. There is no easiness in looking to other people for your decisions. Life is confronted head-on.

Here's a little secret.......

Leadership is a ROLE. Nothing more than that.

I've always believed that the true leaders take on the role NOT because they want the status from it, AT ALL.

They take it on because intuitively they know it's a place where they can offer the most of themselves. On a certain level, they wouldn't feel right about not stepping up and offering the value they know they're capable of.

A real leader's true offering is "presence of mind" and "unity of thought".

This manifests itself externally as decisiveness.

There is no "luxury" of getting angry, throwing tantrums, thinking selfishly, or being uncentered. As a leader, if you do that, the entire house of cards comes tumbling down.

You bring other people up to your level. Never worry about keeping other people down to preserve your position.

In fact, when people surpass you you're happy because your main function in the role of "leader" is to see other people rise up to their potentials.

A real leader is comfortable "co-existing" with other people on his level. He'll gladly take a step to the side and offer the role to somebody else if they're more capable.

This is absolutely necessary...

Any time status or ego are wrapped up in the mix, you're not being a real leader. You're just being another idiot and you need to get over yourself. Sorry.

If you desire to become a leader for the status and props, you might do so and achieve a level of success.

But really, unless your core drive is to be privileged with the opportunity to offer more value you will never be as happy and successful as you could be.

Does this sound funny?? Too bad. It's the truth.

Anyway I've gotta catch a flight. That's it for now.



Anonymous said...

Thinking about's the same thing with women. When you know you can offer value to a woman, you just step into that role.

Anonymous said...

"Real Leaders Serve" - Tony Robbins

Short but sweet, good post :)


Anonymous said...

Leadership is more than a role.

Google: serotonin + leadership

What I think this article is really about is the motive behind leadership decisions. But even then, who is the most successful man in Zimbabwe?

Unfortunately, in the real world, selfishness and leadership tend to go hand in hand.

Anonymous said...

Short article, but already my favourite. Awesome expression about what it means to be a leader. Exactly how I think about it. Being a true leader is NOTHING about ego and personal success, but about taking the stand because you are the guy who is best capable of doing the job.

Love what Einstein (one of my favorite thinkers) said about this:

Strive not to become a person of success, but rather a person of value.

It's one of my deepest realizations ever.

Keep it up Owen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to write the article. Really appreciated since knowing how much work you proabably have going on.

Boy Wonder

John said...

Good post.

Those that least want the position are best suited for it.

You see it in Gladiator.

If its done for ego gratification, then its coming from the wrong place.


Anonymous said...

fuckin awesome, we're all in this together, mount up

Anonymous said...

"But even then, who is the most successful man in Zimbabwe?" But successful in what way, man? Successful is subjective. You can be financially, politically successive - doing your JOB - but having no LIFE as in feeling EXCITEMENT for what you´re doing; actually feeling ALIVE. /Kak√°nr1

Zirex said...

Beautiful article. Thanks buddy!


VK said...

Really enjoyed this article, as I do most of your posts. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Damn TylerBRO, I'm going to miss reading your articles in October. Thanks for setting Jeffy as the dude to write for next month. It'll be a good one.

Ted said...

I don't think altruism should be the focus of anyone's mind, even the so-called leader. In a free world there would be no leaders, actually. Every person would lead themselves. However, when one person has superior value they are naturally given the center stage. Others are comfortable with this since they are receiving their value in some form. The entrepreneur is getting something wonderful in return, like money, status and great sex. Since the market for these things is not unlimited, other entrepreneurs will compete with him for those values. And that competition is the essential element of dynamic progress.

Michael said...

Great blog entry! You're an amazing writer... I'm very much looking forward to buying the Blueprint, and also Jeffy's book.

Jesus, you RSD guys are fucking talented.

Reggy said...

Great article. Here's to a glorious 2008.