Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Real Social Dynamics New Year's Resolutions 2008

Gotta hit up the NY resolutions again this year -- motivate myself to get all this done yet again.

Notice the resolutions to do more travel and have fun, and that's because I'm a workaholic mofo who'll sit in the house 16 hours a day hammering away if I don't force myself to go out.

Classic Moment -- people were looking at me while I was shooting this like I was nuts.

One guy said "You better not show this to anyone or else you'll have to actually do it..." I'm like, "Uhhh, dude, I do all this stuff...." Obviously over his head, as you'd expect.

Happy 2008 and best of luck!!



Anonymous said...

good good. youre getting stronger.

fullcrum said...

Awesome, I' meditating myself - it's awesome.

It's funny how people can't see how you'd do all that. Trying to take the easy way out haha.

Where in Africa are you going?

Kris Hughes said...

That's ace. Best wishes for you Tyler.

and how the hell do you keep track of everything you're saying while there's all of those distractions?

Anonymous said...

good luck with everything and keep the updates coming. happy new year. the pressure is on.

Sunday said...

Cool :)
Happy New Year Tyler :)
God luck !

Charles W said...

Awesome man! Glad to see you had such a successful year. I'm hoping to completely dominate and tear through this year, thanks for your inspiration and daily habit ideas.

Anonymous said...

happy new year, bro.
lets make this one a good one.


Justin said...

Sounds like 2008 will be another busy but hopefully productive year, good luck Tyler!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Inspiring stuff =)

CraC said...

good luck to you Tyler

RichBristol said...

Here's to a glorious 2008!

One thing I might suggest is that, if you can find the time, you would probably benefit from meditating 15-20mins twice a day as opposed to once.

I found that once at 11 AM (After a morning's work) and once at the transition between work and evening relaxation/play (to let the stresses of the day melt away) is optimal.

Also,(you probably know this) because it recharges your nervous system, you find yourself more alert/awake for a couple of hours afterwards, so you shouldn't do it right before bed.


Chill said...

Happy new year!
As you said, you're coming to south america again!
That's great, last year you came here and at that moment i wasn't a member of the seduction community yet, so maybe this year i could meet you (:

Good luck to you


Anonymous said...

Awesome tradition you have going with the resolutions videos now.

2008, it's in the bag baby!

Have a another good one bro!

Anonymous said...

Loved the way you obliterated the obnoxious OAP6.8 who tried to invade your set with the classic OAPing line, 'DON'T YOU AGREE?'

Have a fine, fine year sir. Looking forward to enjoying the fruits of your hard work. Your stuff has helped me transform my life.

Anonymous said...

Nice DHV video routine, got that HB1 to send ioi's, especially after you socialy proofed yourself with that buddy of yours mid way through. I also liked your neg about her age, was money. Maybe the take away back to the camera was a lil bit too much after all that DHV:ing, I suggest you kino escalate and go for rapport next time.

aHAHAHAHhah! sorry couldn't help myself...

West PUA said...

Great post!

I followed your track, and put up new years resolutions on my blog too.

Simply writing it down and 'putting it out there' does a lot in helping to achieve the goals that has been set.