Saturday, July 26, 2008

Big Things On The Horizon...

I've just returned from Africa and plan to have several articles up about the experience this upcoming week.

Tim's amazing program "Flawless Natural" has launched on DVD/CD and the first copies have now shipped.

It's program that's going to challenge the way you attract women and teach you to do it better and more effectively. I've been involved with the development from start to finish and I urge you to pick up a copy immediately.

You'll find it at

Lastly, the new RSD Nation is near completion in terms of it's design.

I've been working on it with my team for the past several months and I'm absolutely psyched to see it finally coming together.

This is going to change the way forums are run in the community forever. I'm surprised nobody has created something like this yet but I guess it's cool to be the first.

Keep your eyes open!!



Doug Lance said...

more info, more info! you're such a tease durddy boy

Anonymous said...

Cool! Looking forward to seeing the photos.

Olivier said...

Welcome back Tyler!
It's always a pleasure to read your articles...
How come you're all dressed up in the pic? Was it windy in the Jeep???

improvingame said...

Can't wait till the next article!!!

Mr. Quinn said...

look forward to my copy of flawless natural,

your such an adventurer tyler,
great products!

any chance of a "Q&A with tyler" on the forum?

Anonymous said...

that's tyler on the left and owen on the right.

L+Rob said...

nice i'm excited.

nice shot with the elephant in the background looks like quite an adventure.

Mark said...

Hope you enjoyed the trip. Did Africa myself and really opened my eyes!

Dan said...

The Flawless Game is really awesome! Cheers for another fantastic product.