Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Off To Rio...


I'm off to Rio for Carnivale.

Real Social Dynamics executive retreat style, hanging with the crew.

Should be crazy. I'm leaving one of the wealthiest, most peaceful cities in the world to head to one of of the more crazier ones.

It should be an incredible experience.

In the meantime, I won't be around to moderate RSD Nation like I normally do.

So in light of that, please keep up the stream of positivity that we've had while I'm not around.

I'll be flying from Honolulu to Los Angeles and be staying there for a day or two until I leave, so I might be able to get on a few more times. Maybe once or twice while in Rio. But that's about it.

The mods keep it nice and tidy, but please contribute to that by NOT responding to trolls and keeping in mind the following.

(Drumroll........... prepare for educational content)


The human mind is wired to be social, and so to figure out reality it's always looking for:

1) who has the most unwavering certainty

2) who the least emotional reaction to conflicting views


You really only have emotional responses when:

1) the other person has a higher value than you

2) you need something from them more than they need something from you (ie: you might have higher status, but still need them to respond the way you want in order to uphold your reality, whereas they don't need that from you)

When I see someone caring about what people think or say about them, or how they rate their girls, or how other people respond to their posts, or whatever else -- it tells me that their reality is still easily tossed around.

To me, there's two types of responses in posts --

1) a straightforward one, even addressing confusions or differences in beliefs

2) a "I need to re-establish my reality" one, where the post they're responding to, even if stupid, still messed with their reality and they're trying to set the world straight because they need other people to believe what they believe in order to maintain their reality

I know in my case, if I respond to something, I ask myself "Am I coming from a place of wanting to offer value, or am I trying to get other people to think what I think so that I can feel more certainty about it?"

Something to think about.

Keep it 100% Content, 0% Political Flame Nonsense




Anonymous said...

Hi TD,

i have been posting on PU forums for a little less than a year now. i could write out a post about "posting dynamics" probably as well as even you can.
sadly, that won't make me any money. any suggestions to change that - please shoot me a line.

when i first signed up for the RSD forum (Nation sounds weird, IMO), I was on principal VERY disappointed by the degree and nature of its moderation. specifically, the starring out of all and any competitors name - competitors whose views added great value to the area of socializing as a whole.
I still don't think its perfect - but in comparison to what goes on in other forums which AREN'T moderated, IMO its the best possilbe way. something is lost - yes, but more is NOT LOST - bigger yes. its probably the best way.


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Rio.
Watch out for trannies.

Kennedy said...

Ha, I hated you after reading The Game, but now as I get a deeper insight into how you break things down and understand life, a lot of the mental fog in my head has been cleared.


Unknown said...

You know Tyler,

I have to say that I am quite impressed with your level of dedication to improvement. Like the guy said above, Neil Strauss made you out to be a dick. But regardless, the kind of approach you have to learning is very rare and unique. I admire you for that, and you inspire me.

I met you briefly in person but didn't get to talk too much, but you seem to be a genuinely good guy with a strong curiousity for life. That kind of deep interest is seldom.

Have fun on your trip!

Good shit man,

T in SD

Anonymous said...

Wow, you'll love RIO, it's really AWESOME.. we brazillian kick asses,
oh.. talking about asses... you'll love our HBs.

Have fun!

One Thumb Mobile said...

Hey Man, cool blog!

Have fun in Rio, any chance you can post the 'claw technique' before you head off?


Unknown said...

The CLAW, is top secret, can't you see that ?? RSD have to carefully assess how and WHEN they should reveal it's larger-than-life powers.


TD did what he had to do, for that I admire him.

And when I read the book I didn't even know about Tyler, I saw that he was the real thing. I mean, look at how Neil Strauss depicts him... obvious bitterness and envy, I mean, Style had super-game so it was pretty obvious he himself KNEW Tyler would go a long way.

So by trying to make Tyler look bad, Style just raised my curiousity about Tyler and my perception of him.

Tyler did whatever it took to be good at this game and I think his initial DRASTIC actions will still shine today.

I don't know, but I hope his hunger is still there, just now I think he'll still do the "drastic actions" but now he's focusing on bigger things.

Anonymous said...

If I respond to something, ask myself "Am I coming from a place of wanting to offer value, or am I trying to get other people to think what I think so that I can feel more certainty about it?"

Thats going to be my mantra for the next month :)