Wednesday, February 07, 2007

VOTE: "Transformations" DVD cover

The "Transformations" DVDs are coming.

This is a truly raw, personal product that has years worth of polish into it.

You guys know my standards, and this product is without a doubt on that level, so please support the creation of products like this by buying it when it comes out in around the next 8 weeks.

I'd like some feedback on your favourite covers -- and remember to be sure to check out the set even if your favourite cover doesn't get voted for... ;)

We may also decide to go with an entirely different cover altogether, or a rendition of the "Foundations" cover but with the new text for this particular product.

The main poll is on the Real Social Dynamics forum.

Your feedback is much, much appreciated.


Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4 (use "Foundations" cover art with new "Transformations" text):


Anonymous said...

Option 1: Seems a little bland, but it does fit along the same lines as the artwork of the website and (from what I can remember) looks similar to that of Foundations.

Option 2: The design is a bit flashy with the spiral artwork and doesn't seem to flow (IMHO) with the content of the product.

Option 3: Very dynamic design and overall my favorite. However, I would include pictures of the other RSD instructors in addition to Tyler since they were all involved in the project and each have equally valuable parts to it. Including pics of Ozzie, Tim, Hoobie and Jeffy would give the product placement more substance and increase appeal to customers with a more "team-like" synergistic impression as opposed to just Tyler alone. I'd suggest using one of the group shots from the Super Conference formatted in the same way Tyler's pic appears, even if its just on the back cover.

~Danny Ocean

mytzilplk said...

Option 3 is my top pick but I would take your pic out. Looking at it from the perspective of somebody who does not know you, (me) the pic seems a little out of place. The black is kick ass and the reflecting font with the blue accents rock.

Runner up would be option 1 as I like the clean look and the text seems more gritty, real world and catchy. Also, the gritty text contrasts to the clean look of the design in a way that will grab you on a subconscious level. Versus the "The Complete blah blah" of option 4 which sounds like a computer book.

My 2 cents,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like the second the most - the others seem a bit D&D :-) I'd also examine the tagline a bit - see, I think this is going to be an awesome product, but the tagline makes it seem a bit like a "LEARN TO HAVE SEX WITH ANY WOMAN!!!?>!?!?!" type product. *shrug*

Anonymous said...

I prefer number 3 but would like to see either all the speakers in the background or probably even better - none.

Number 1 also looks very professional although a bit formal/bland.

Number 2 I really don't like the print of "Transformations". Too bold and blocky.

Number 4 is a solid classic but might not distinguish itself enough from the Foundations.

Anonymous said...

Yep option 3 for sure. I like the faded picture in the background, and think it's cool how it is - I imagine, like the posters say above, that having the entire RSD team photo in there would look cool.

When I first read option 2, I accidentally read the word "TRANSFORMERS"

Anonymous said...

Since this is a series of several products, I would also go for option #4, but why use the same color? Take the same layout, differ the color.

That way it looks like a series, is easily recognizable, but you can tell that it is a different product. It also looks better putting those DVDs beside each other.

Oh and please do me a personal favor. Don‘t use those: "How to" but: “How to”, meaning REAL quote signs.

Anonymous said...

Option #3 is definetly my favorite! Just can't figure the 'o':s out, though. Think the shade of them is a bit too intense, or maybe it should be kept and the brown shade darkened. Otherwise I like it! Woting for it!

Dante Love said...

Its a no brainer option 3 with the whole crew on it if possible if not still option 3.

Matthew said...

I like Option 3 minus superimposed Tyler pic.

Anonymous said...

Option #3.
I see no reason to put the other instructors on there.
Looks great as is!

Anonymous said...

Option 1, looks more corporate :)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Option 3 looks sweet. Love the way the "O"s are funky looking blue-teal swirls.

I agree though, it would be nice to have the other instructors on there, perhaps a collage of the myspace pictures? And preferably it would show you guys with girls, instead of standing by yourselves, but that would be cool too.

The other covers look like powerpoint design templates. Corporate and professional? Yes. Dynamic, original, or interesting? No.

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler,

They all look awesome.

I would choose #1, because it retains the same stylistic qualities as the Foundations set, without being the same exact model used for Foundations. It distinguishes it from Foundations, but it has the same motif and brand recognition.

The question, of course, is whether to set a single "RSD-style" to be used in all the products, or make each stand on it's own.

Looking forward to that.

- toli

soniq said...

Whoot! Option #1 is gorgeous.

Frank Denbow said...

option 1

Anonymous said...

Option 1 looks clean and not too busy or flashy. I'd pick that one.

Anonymous said...

What is transformations suppose to be all about?
Way different from foundations and all that?

Anonymous said...

Number 3 is the sharpest. The picture is a bit cheezy. I agree with the comments about the group....or how about a picture of a hot chick.

- stevekefa

Anonymous said...

Option 1 - Best

Option 3 - Second best - but doesn't look as professional.

Option 4 - bit too bland

Option 2 - I can recognise the tool that was used in photoshop to make it. (not a good thing)

Anonymous said...

I think they're all pretty good, but Option 1 looks the best I'd say.

Option 1 has a good balance of professionalism, simplicity and style. The colours work well and the typography is good.

Option 2 makes me think "Transformers" (robots in disguise; more than meets the eye) because of the font.

Option 3 looks pretty cool, but I don't think that photo scales up well enough to be used in that context. The colours don't sit as nicely as the blues.

Option 4 looks good, but reminds me of academia, college seminars and stuff.

Like I said, all of them look good, I like Option 1 the best by far.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Honestly bro, I think you should
have put before (AFC) and after (PUA) pics of you and the others on the cover. Identity level change, baby.

However, among those you posted, I would have to vote for #3.

TSD (c) 2007
84% Virgins - 63% Groupies

Anonymous said...

#1 for sure.

Anonymous said...

Option #1 is the best.

Anonymous said...

Option #1 or i'm not buying! =]

Anonymous said...

Option 3