Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Within 30 seconds..... I know who you are

Believe it or not.....

Things like "intuition" are real.

Not in the way that they're normally conceived -- it ain't a supernatural power.

In fact, it's very scientific and I can teach someone intuition within a few months of hanging out with them.

Within thirty seconds of talking to you, I can probably give you a breakdown of how your life has treated you thus far.

Not what you ate for breakfast. Not what your birthday is. Not what your middle name is.

But I can read what state you're in, how successful you are, how much people like you, what your thought loops look like, what you think of yourself, people, the world, etc etc...

How do I know this?

It's no different than how "cold-readers" (fake psychics -- which is an underground artform you can learn out of books) can make solid educated guesses about people by learning about profiles and combining that with the massive number of reference experiences they've gained in the field.

Teaching bootcamps, I watch student after student doing approaches and getting responses from the girls, and it's at a point where I can read sub-communication better than girls can.

I know exactly how "good" a guru is within a few minutes. No "PUA Competition" necessary.

This stuff is plain obvious.

Beyond that, I've also learned a lot from the reviews I've gotten from bootcamps.

Every program I do I get reviewed (on paper forms), and beyond that, I have our admin guy Stuart L follow up with every student six months after the program (unfortunately many of you guys don't pick up your phones -- but thanks to those who do).

Doing so gives me a lot of feedback, some great and some harsh, but either way -- it has given me a tremendous wealth of references from which I can say "Oh yeah, I remember thinking he might have thought x,y,z when I saw this subtle thing.... This followup review confirms it."

That brings me to my next point....

Why did I adopt positivity and gratitude as a major principle a few years ago?

For those of you who've known me a long time, you know that I was a pretty hardcore negative guy.

Like a smoking addict who tells everyone to quit smoking, I ran around telling everyone to be positive for a good two years before I actually internalized it myself.

Kinda pathetic, I know.

But I had to internalize the reality.

The main reason that I internalized positivity was because I realized how much negativity-addiction was affecting many of my students.

A guy comes on program, and within a few seconds I can see how positive or negative he is.

Remember -- people are ADDICTED to their most commonly-accessed states of mind.

If you're a positive guy, chances are, you gravitate towards positive topics.


-The types of things that people talk about most are a reflection of the state they're addicted to.
-The types of events that people recall are a reflection of the state they're addicted to.

Again, states are literally ADDICTIVE.

Your brain is ADDICTED to a particular state.

Ask yourself -- what state am I addicted to?

So back to the model...

If you talk to a positive guy about something negative, he'll usually be like "Wow, that sucks man. Tough break.... Anyway, blah blah blah positive positive positive"

On the other hand, if you talk to a negative guy about something negative, he'll grasp onto it like a dog with a steak -- wanting to explore all the negative consequences in vivid detail.

Likewise, if you talk to him about something positive, he kind of acknowledges it and blows it off.

Now if you ask a negative guy about his experiences, he'll usually remember mostly the negative aspects of it.

You take him to Hawaii, and all he remembers is the long flight or the bad hamburger he eat.

"Most beautiful beaches in the world?? Umm yeah they were cool. But fuck, that flight was such a drag...."

His brain is literally keeping him LOCKED in his negative state.

Next off...... SUCCESS BARRIERS.

This is a freaky one.

I know other bootcamp instructors are going to read this and go "Holy sh*t!" because this is so friggin freaky.

When you have a student with a success barrier, he can approach a girl, have an awesome one hour interaction with her, and STILL believe that she didn't like him.

You ask him "How long did the set last?" and he'll say "5 minutes" even though it was ONE HOUR.

The whole thing POPS MY BRAIN.

In the book "Psychocybernetics" Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon, talks about how he can give a perfect nosejob to a client and have all their friends tell them they look amazing, and they're still absolutely convinced that their nose sucks.

This is the guys' brain blocking him from success.

If he acknowledged that he had a one hour interaction with a girl, he'd have to acknowledge that THIS STUFF IS NOT THAT HARD and that all his excuses were null and void.

If you're reading this thinking "Wow, those guys must be crazy, that would never happen to me" -- THINK AGAIN.

I see this happening ALL THE TIME and statistically speaking, YOU probably have success barriers you aren't aware of. We all do.

Anyway, on bootcamps I have a million ways to regulate this.

If I allow a guy to retain what he learned on the program based on the whims of his brain, that's only going to be as statistically consistent as there is consistently guys who are POSITIVE and NORMAL -- which in the self-help industry isn't exactly the highest of statistics.

To do this, I model the brain patterns of a positive guy.

If a positive guy constantly focuses on his successes and ignores his failures, I continually hammer the successes into the student's brain.


Again, this SIMULATES the brain pattern of a successful guy.

And it works.

Most of this whole game is INNER GAME.

It ain't super POOOO-AH techniques, I'll tell you that.

That stuff is fun and I LOVE it. But it's not what the game itself is founded on.

Do you know how EASY it is to pick up a GIRL?????

I'm 5'9 and pretty average looking, and I pickup girls by doing literally............ NOTHING.

The reason meeting women is so hard is that your brain gets in your way.

Choose to believe this now, or choose to believe it later.

But eventually, if you stay in this game long enough, you're going to come to see the truth of the matter.

Anyway, it's funny because I've never cared about reviews so much as I've cared about RESULTS.

And when I spent over TWENTY HOURS on a guy, emotionally giving myself to him on every level, I WANT HIM TO SUCCEED.

As you can see, I have a great deal of my identity wrapped up in being a master instructor of this art.

So when I see a guy whose addicted negativity (very common), it concerns me because I know that the most POSITIVE guys are the ones who get the most out of a program.

When a student enters the room, I know instantly "Is this guy addicted to positivity or not?

If he is, I KNOW he's going to become a PUA -- because his brain will focus on the positive of what he learns, and because of that, he'll be capable of PROCESSING the information that he's receiving.

Again, ask yourself -- "Am I addicted to positivity or negativity?"

If you're addicted to being negative, chances are, you're GETTING IN YOUR OWN WAY and even if I, or anyone else were to HAND you the answers you're looking for, you'd still be deadlocked the stagnant position that your mind is oh-so-addicted to.

Positivity is such a major component of this, if you think that you'll master this art while still getting to hang onto your depression, you're probably wrong.

I love the guys who come in with mentalities like "I want to fuck all these girls who hurt me... Teach me how to have threesomes... I want to learn threesomes..."

LOL... Riiight.

Let's talk about liking YOURSELF and OTHER PEOPLE before we get to that, huh?

Honestly, if you aren't willing to give up your negative beliefs or depression, LEAVE THE COMMUNITY NOW because it will NOT work for you.

And for God's sake, please STAY AWAY from any bootcamp I'm involved with.


Anyway, there is a lot more to my model in terms of "intuition".

I hang with the crew, and it's funny because no matter who we're talking to we know what they're thinking to the tee.

And I sometimes forget that OTHER people don't have this same intuition. It's weird to me to think that at one point I didn't have it.

But it's learnable. Everyone in RSD has it.

Just make a point of looking at the subtle signals you get, and you start to key into this stuff.

It's all good fun... :)



Anonymous said...

Great post, of course! I recently started subscribing to your newsletters and reading your articles, and they all rock! I'm sort of getting addicted in a freaky kind of way.

Thing is, I've really been this negative guy most of my life, not thinking much was fun and all. Then starting to try to meet up women activley (mostly thank´s to your material) I remembered someone telling me not to bore them with negative stuff, not to bring negative stuff to the scene at all. I think, just being precautios about THAT really can change a dudes mind into positive thinking "automatically" (fake it till you make it, like you use to say). What u say? Anything to be concerned about here?

mytzilplk said...

I am glad I found this blog. I have been spending a copious amount of time trying to figure out my problems, most recently I have been focusing on masculine polarity books. These have helped but after reading this entry I am now thinking that the foundation of many of my issues are that I am a negative person. I am not sure if I always have been that way but I am certainly one now. Your words rang true and I must ask if you would be kind enough to recommend some books that will point me in a good direction? Thanks in advance! - myt

Anonymous said...

Amen bro'
Good post. Keep up the good work.

Patrik Ljungkvist said...

This is my favourite blogg.
Keep them positive feelings flow dude ;)

Anonymous said...

Self improvement is masturbation, self destruction is the answer. — Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Tyler-Real Social Dynamics said...

Thanks guy --

btw, what "masculine polarity" books are there out there?

I've read David Deida a while back -- very solid stuff.

Are there any others?

Masculine polarity is a big part of The Blueprint, so I'd be curious to see if any of the ideas go against other people's thinking (or are perhaps less accurate, as I'm sort of pulling this stuff out purely from my own experiences, whereas these guys may have more wisdom on the topic)

Let me know...


mytzilplk said...

I started with David Deida's material then read Sperm Wars (ok, but not what I was looking for). I am now reading "King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine" by Robert Moore. This book has been awesome so far and would be great to incorporate some of the male ‘rights of passage’ from boyhood to manhood into a boot camp at some point. Especially since this is not possible in modern cultures that lack the ritual passage natural framework to accomplish it. I know I would pay to do participate in something like that. Others include; The Archetype of Initiation by Havlick and anything by Robert Bly (Iron John, etc.) and of course, Carl Jung.

I am curious if you have read "Matrix Model: The 7 Matrices of Neuro-Semantics" and whether that could help out with re-framing my negative model. I have heard that this is a good book for similar issues and it’s on my list.

Anonymous said...

Interesting... though perhaps you mean to say that "positivity" will help a guy far more with PU than having a general "negative" attitude toward life -- it wouldn't be accurate to say ONLY "positive" guys get laid. I've seen some fucked up low lives always getting with some chick, though of course it's only too easy to counter with "Oh then she's just low self esteem, blah blah."

Also each person (whether you'd describe as generally "positive" or "negative") is only looking at half the picture, so to speak. Focusing only on successes (however you define it) and ignoring the failures is blinding yourself from the bigger picture, and vice versa for the negative guy.

Why only focus on half the equation and blind yourself to the other half? Maybe it's only helpful when a guy is just starting out though, but I cannot imagine it to be healthy in the long run.

I'm also very curious about this statement you made: "I'm 5'9 and pretty average looking, and I pickup girls by doing literally............ NOTHING."

Nothing? I'll give the benefit of the doubt that you actually meant nothing (i.e. no interaction with them whatsoever; including eye contact with them). How is this possible unless they already knew you in some form (famous, one of their friends know you, etc.)? Chick WILL NOT (at least directly initiate the approach)make any obvious commitment to initiate anything with a guy they are interested in -- at least they'll do it in subtle ways to preserve their ego. So... what are we missing here? You just stand around doing your own thing and you have chicks you've never met coming on to you?

Tyler-Real Social Dynamics said...

Yeah lots of negative guys get girls -- but they already know how.

For guys who are looking to learn, posivity is what will allow them to absorb the information.

Most negative guys can't actually process what they're being taught. You can teach them 100 things, and all that they can remember is that the club didn't have hot enough girls or some random nonsense.

Get girls doing nothing = no conscious effort... Just approach, chat, and attraction handles itself.. aka "assume attraction".

I also get approached more than I used to, including a few stories that would blow your mind.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler, this is about your deep identity change. I'm a full believer in innergame lately and doing anything in my power I can think of to strengthen it hypnosis-inductions, reading, positivity tracks, getting a physical better body any suggestions you have which could help me progress any faster?

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

I played pool with a guy the other night. When there was a difficult shot he would murmur, "I'm probably going to miss this." Every time he said that he missed.

loco said...

hmm nice, ok, two things, if you are right with the "positive" addictedness stuff, then you could "force" it: take a pencil and hold it in your mouth just with your teeth, you are forced to smile and your mind does too (they made tests that acknowlegded that). Probably you could "bootcamp field test" that stuff.

the other thing, in getting a positive world view is the book: Luck Factor from Wiseman. It is also the source for above statement.


Jerry said...

this is some of the best gobbley gook i've read in a while. Seriously most aspiring social creatures I know are hardcore stuck at inner game. They breeze through open sets get numbers but they only get flakes and they keep a negative attitude about the situation, this is good material. I love you.