Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Real Social Dynamics Update -- "The Way Of The Future... The Way Of The Future..."

Just dug up this random video of Tim -- which he recorded just before walking up on stage at the "Transformations" Superconference. This was a really fun time in the company that brought back some nostalgia (the last few years have been really great actually) and I thought to share the nonsense with you.

Alright so I wanted to throw up a quick update.

Topics on the agenda -- stuff I'm up to lately:

-New RSD Nation
-Blueprint Book
-The Relationship Transition book
-RSD Underground revamp

So I've been at my desk writing -- in what I call "Howard Hughes Mode" where I essentially go crazy from being in the house too long and mumble about "the way of the future" a lot.

It's fantastic. :)

Blueprint book has been a trip, because the writing was done mostly between ages 24 and 26 (I'm 29 now) and so it's hard to edit without updating the style.

Nonetheless it's been amazing to be back on it. I'm really proud of the work I've done on this book, and I can't wait to share it with everyone.

In the meantime, I've gotten into zones where I've been on it so long I can't look at it anymore -- and rather than just taking time off I've been messing around with a short book on the topic of relationships.

It's crazy because it's quickly turned into about a 120 page exposition, which I'm going to call "The Relationship Transition". I really have no experience or desire to talk about a 10 year marriage, or how to raise kids -- this is a book that's specifically on the topic of the TRANSITION that you experience from actively dating to being in a committed relationship.

I've been calling about twenty of my closest friends (who I consider "good with women" and still choose to be in relationships) and cross-referencing my ideas with them, to get a wider viewpoint. It's really been an amazing journey and helped me in my own relationship as well.

What I like is that it's a new set of ideas to keep things fresh. It means we don't have to talk about offering value and unreactiveness for another year. :)

Which book will come out first? I'm not sure, I'm just working on both of them as I feel like it, and which ever one is completed first will come out.

Next up, the new RSD Nation -- OH MAN!!

I'm so psyched about this new rendition of the site. It's got full social networking capabilities with what are in my personal opinion the best aspects of MySpace and Facebook combined (I actually used a poll that I did on RSDN to figure out what people wanted -- coincidentally I also did a poll today on relationships and the idea of RSD doing more press appearances, which also yielded a lot of great feedback).

The site will have new instructor articles posted on the landing page from Monday to Friday. Our designer created two versions, a white and a black, and I couldn't decide which one I liked better -- so we made it possible to click on a color button at the top and choose your own color.

Another cool innovation is that the top of the forum will have a video with me explaining te mission and guidelines of the community, which I think will further our goal of making it as positive and constructive of a place to participate as possible.

From there, we're also relaunching RSD Underground -- the massive flop that came out about a year ago.

The history behind this site is that we had a new set of website designers, and we said "Let's create a video site" without really thinking it out. The site sort of gathered dust for a year, and we've since decided to load it up with 16 "personality conveying" videos of each instructor. I chose the number 16 because the site has columns of 4 slots, so it will be 4 rows of 4.

My goal is to acquaint people with team team as much as possible (similar to how "Transformations" did) -- and also to give people as much information as possible when deciding whether or not to take a live program. There is so much confusion and random proganda spread about bootcamps in general (regardless of what company) and so this should make it pretty obvious what the people are like, and what the program is like. It will also generally just be entertaining.

Anyway I've also been thinking about what I want to write for the next blog article. It's funny because when I'm really happy with an article, I only tend to feel inspired to write a new one when I feel it takes it to a sort of "next level" in some way or another. I've been really happy with these last two articles and I haven't really been creative enough to think of anything new as of yet. That's why it's cool to just add a little life update like this one -- to get the juices up in the brain flowing again.

Alright so I'll be back in the next week or two. Thanks for continuing to check this blog!! :)


PS: Check out Alex and Ryan's latest blogs -- VERY COOL.


Anonymous said...

Would you kindly grace us with a list of your Bootcamp dates before you leave the community so the ones of us who want to take it with you in LA or NY, can. You are the best btw

Anonymous said...

I've gotta say, you guys have a shit load of character. Glory times right there.

Looking forward to RSD 2009!

Roger said...

Glad to know of your progress. There is a lot of exciting stuff in the pipeline. I look forward to reading your relationships and Blueprint books.

Anonymous said...

The relationship transition book is a fresh fresh idea; I'm excited.

I have a blog topic suggestion) and really, a relationship transition book topic suggestion): SEX.

This has not really been discussed extensively in any RSD product.

More specifically, I would like to know:
- How do you keep sex fresh in an LTR? (other than the obvious try new things, places)
- In your opinion, how important is good sex in an LTR?
- What are your (RSD crew) opinions about how long sex should last? How does pornographic "conditioning" effect our ideas about sex, etc.

IDK if you are interested in going here, but I know that I would be interested to hear about all this, and it would be a fresh topic.

No matter what you write about, I'm looking forward to it :)

Anonymous said...

good to know u alive;)) jk

Anonymous said...

Awesome vid. Tim has this aura. Jeffy and the other guys have it too. But Tim has this "quiet, yet smoldering confidence" i cant put my finger on what it is exactly.


Anonymous said...

oh shit... those were the days. Thanks for the memories. Where did you did that up? There were a ton of videos Tim and I recorded in Europe and after that I think were 'lost' somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Write an article on what offering value means!!!!
Can't wait till the book comes out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler, really excited about the future of RSD. I am glad to be a part of it. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the new RSDN. The vids on Underground have been much awaited as well.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about your articles. Each one feels like it takes things to the next level. By all means, take a long break if it means each new article will continue that tradition of excellence. :)

Yury said...

Tyler you're the man, can't wait for the books, or the new RSD, good luck with everything...

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love The Tim.

Can't wait for the new rsdnation!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for your new material to come out tyler... your work is a miracle to me. Thank you from Israel

Anonymous said...

Man I can't wait...
Thanks Tyler

Anonymous said...

Love what you're doing man. It's awesome stuff.

wouter said...

good stuff :), will the book be released world widely?

Anonymous said...

Hey Owen, that sounds awesome man. Glorious times! :D I especially look forward to the relationships book, since I'm about to entering into a commited relationship. We'll see how it goes. :)


. said...

Great stuff. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Anonymous said...

The bootcamp dates and which Instructors are teaching each program are now listed on the RSD Schedule page at:

Anonymous said...

"What positivity is about is recognizing the subjective nature of the human experience"

Fuckin awesome articulation

-John Kennedy

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tyler, you and RSD are fucking awesome, and I can't express enough the gratitude me and others feel towards you. You rock.

kimberly anne said...

okay, so i'm probably not welcome here, but I don't really know. last night i finished reading 'the game' by neil strauss (aka Style) and i'm kind of freaking out. I know it said it was a true story and all that, but it seemed so unreal. and then i searched for real social dynamics, and wound up here after viewing the actual site. It's just so surprising. Is this the actual tyler, from the book, as in Tyler Durden, named himself from fight club, style stole his girl, tyler? if so. wow. anyways. this whole idea is just kind of awesome, and maybe as a woman i'm not supposed to think so, but I always find myself showing 'LMR' and I'd be perfectly fine if my guy knew how to get past that, afterwards, i always regret it if he doesn't. I need some verification, was his book accurate? I didn't really like his portrayal of you and papa and your 'followers' it all seemed so melodramatic. but i loved it. i must know more. email: (yes i know i'm young, but i'm old for my age ;] )

Anonymous said...

Hey TD, I recently wrote a post featuring you as one of the "thought leaders" in dating & pickup, was wondering if it's possible to do a quick followup email interview? You can see the post here:

Sorry for the off-topic comment, wasn't sure how to contact you!

Anonymous said...

"It's funny because when I'm really happy with an article, I only tend to feel inspired to write a new one when I feel it takes it to a sort of "next level" in some way or another. I've been really happy with these last two articles and I haven't really been creative enough to think of anything new as of yet."

Tyler, I can tell you the only way to "take it to the next level" would be to start a new religion. Seriously dude, your blueprint does something that most people would think is impossible, which is to spark a desire to transform oneself, no matter how old or young, to finding themselves.

Drama said...

I'm so excited for the new RSDN and I look forward to your future blog posts Tyler. I can't wait for the Blueprint Book and your Relationship Transition book too! Super fly yo!

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
all great news these new products coming out. I was just wandering about what's the schedule for Ozzie's new program on high-energy environments?


Mark said...

I like many am gladly awaiting the future of RSD. Keep up the good work!