Monday, December 22, 2008

LOL @ Alex's Editing SkillzZZs

Working on a few articles this week. New RSDN coming this month or next. Two books on the go. Relaunch of RSDU as well.

Wanted to link this vid Alex created. He manages to portray himself as being somewhat trendy & hip looking in this video, which I haven't been able to reconcile in my head, but somehow he has done it. Amazing. :)

You can hit up his blog at:

Timmy has had some pretty nice action over at his blog lately. The "Flawless Living Plan" -- I REALLY recommend you check it out NOW. Dude is busy juggling two careers (music + FN'ing it) so catch him while he's around:

Have fun!!



Anonymous said...

dude always respect, no matter what they say rsd forever

Anonymous said...

looking forward to Blueprint book my man.


PayDayRay said...

yeah alex is one of the coolest, that's fo sho.

looking fwd to the books and the new rsdn.

Merry Christmas man. You've helped me out in a whole slew of ways.


PayDayRay said...

hey man. yeah, alex is pretty cool. his blogs are awesome too.

i'm looking fwd to the new books and new rsdn.

Have a Merry Christmas man. You've helped me out in a lot of ways. Thank You.


getupstandup said...

hey you still work and live in honolulu hawaii?

Anonymous said...

take care man

Suhel said...

Tyler, since you're interested in philosophy, I'm recommending a beautiful book.
Its called,
Nirvana - The Last Nightmare, by Osho.

I've been following RSD since a month , and its been almost 1.5 months since i started looking at this area of my life, and I've had 6 successes already, just by seeing the Foundations and Transformations DVD's, goin out 2 nights a week, and like Ozzie Say's, 'Kloasing', lol..
Peace, 1 love.

Anonymous said...

Hey tyler, i relly love this video, i see only 4 comments until NOW, but i wanna thank you and alex , cauz here u show what relly is 2 have fun, i wasnt sure before.

BTW im reda from ALGERIA, and u r welcome into my home .

this link is 4 u , if one day u wanna come, excuse my bad english

but last thing