Friday, January 16, 2009

No It's Not A New Blog....But Some Cool Things Are About To Happen

You may have noticed the blog has been bustling with activity as of late. :)

Believe it or not, this is a sign of many cool things to come. It's been a few months since Real Social Dynamics has done anything note worthy, but that's changing on January 21st with the launch of RSDN 2.0.

We have some concerns that the server might be a bit sluggish on the day that it comes out, as we anticipate an unusually high number of people checking it out. If there are slowdowns on the first day then please be patient, as the site will begin to run very quickly on days 2, 3, and onwards. The server we use is high powered and expensive, however the number of people browing on that first day will be abnormally high.

It's been a dream of mine to launch this site since around 2005-2006. It seems sort of surreal to see it finally happening, and it's another milestone in this whole RSD project that I've involved myself in these past few years. I've worked with designers on and off since last January, and more intensely since the summer, to see this come to fruition. I guess I'll believe it when I see it finally go up.

To celebrate the launch of the site we are also releasing the RSD Mastermind Special. It features two seminars that I did after Blueprint, which I feel are two of the best I've ever recorded. It also features Jeffy, Tim, Alex, Ryan, Saad, Christophe, and others. Saad's "Day Game" disc is some of the sharpest daygame tutorial I've seen, and could easily be sold as a "stand alone" program. Ryan's "verbal game" program has been making waves of late as well, which you can read about on RSDN. Jeffy's disc is the material that he's worked on since the release of The Jeffy Show. All the discs are IMO absolutely solid and worth checking out.

If you haven't looked into this program yet, check it now:

Lastly, I've been slaving over "The Relationship Transition: A Pocketbook For Guys Living The Dating Abundant Lifestyle Looking To Make The Leap To Relationship Land" (tentative title) these past few months. I'm pretty much in love with this book. I feel like it's the future of Real Social Dynamics.

This is a book that shows where the community leads you. Instead of the melodrama we've all read over the years about how to get a girlfriend you have to discard everything you've learned in studying success with women, this book talks about how the knowledge you've gained can benefit you and improve your life. Being in a four and a half year relationship myself, I can't really imagine how that could have been possible without what I've learned here (or at least that I could have enjoyed it as much), and this book is going to talk about the insights I gained from that.

The community has evolved. When I was doing the Blueprint live seminars I always had at least half the room walking up on the breaks and saying "I'm not that excited by picking up girls anymore, because I have that decently handled, but I'm into the self development angle so I came to the program." There are many people who have done the community thing, gotten on with their lives, and they are hungry for a project that addresses what goes on AFTER the initial learning curve.

My team was pretty nervous on my treatment of this book because obviously I'm not some old dude in a 20 year relationship who can talk about raising kids or whatever. But book is on the TRANSITION aspect -- what you deal with when you go from being single and actively dating to a relationship. It's basically all the blunt and raw stuff that happens in those first few months and years.

To research the project I called about 20 of my friends who I consider to be both good with women as well as relationships, and interviewed them about their experiences. The experience of writing the book has also improved my own relationship very noticeably, as it's forced me to really examine what works in a relationship and what doesn't.

Funny enough, I feel like even guys who have no interest in relationships will find it valuable in terms of "picking up girls" -- because it grounds you in what you want from women and what you're screening for. My intuition is that it will also eventually go somewhat viral in the mainstream (in a few years if I accept one of our publishing offers), because it's really the first book I've ever seen FOR GUYS on the topic or relationships that doesn't suck, aside from David Deida.

I think it's funny because the mainstream will look at it and initally think "Awwwwww, see a pick up artist dude is now saying that relationships are the right thing to do -- it's proof of my belief system." Then they'll start reading it, and it will pretty much shock the heck out of them, but then still come to the same conclusion that a relationship is great thing to do. I wonder how they'll reconcile that?? :)

Anyway as of right now, I'm debating whether or not to continue using this blog for my future articles, or to use the new RSDN. All instructors will be using the new RSDN however there is a strong following on this site here, so I'll decide that next week.

Stay tuned!!



Anonymous said...

Great news Owen. I was beginning to think that none of this stuff would ever come out.

As for your dilemma about whether to use the blog or RSDN for new articles, why not post your articles on both?

Anonymous said...

I think your readers are intelligent enough to migrate on over to RSDN 2.0 to continue reading your posts. ;)

Anonymous said...


Jason Abdian said...

woooo rsd 2.0

wooooo even more to blueprint book

Xiv said...

wow so cool . my Bday is jan 21 :)
i am getting RSDN V2 for Bday

Anonymous said...

Congrats for all that hard work !

One question: what is the status of the Blueprint book?

Anonymous said...

Duuuude.... Leave this blog.. leave this site, dont go just to RSDN. It is such a revitalising blog that helps me every time that i read... This blog changed my life and you too. so dont just quit it. Apart from that... I think that relationships is the coolest topic you can choose now and knowing your quality i am looking forward to it... When do you release it...Thanks , as always , loads of respect.. J.K

Lynx 007 said...

I vote to keep the blog active!

I've followed it on and off for a long time, and seem to always get great viewpoints or ideas from it.

Even if they aren't huge posts, maybe just a few paragraphs on whatever idea/concept your working on every so often would always be awesome

Anonymous said...

"because it's really the first book I've ever seen FOR GUYS on the topic or relationships that doesn't suck, aside from David Deida"

c'mon don t pretend u don t know him/forget it about Franco. he s the best!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tyler, loved the post. Just a quick comment/question re: the blog. Is is possible to continue posting to this blog, yet have the articles feed into New RSD Nation in some way? I think it's one to discuss with your technical bods. This blog really is 'perfect', yet your articles would pump life into RSD nation too. Maybe you can achieve both without duplicating your effort.

Anonymous said...

I would still post here, as many people's only exposure to RSD is this blog. You may want to post your articles on both places.

Anonymous said...

Cool man. I'm psyched about the new projects!

Anonymous said...

WOW, RSDN 2,0 will be great!

RSD has directed the focus for a better place, but I would like to see a focus bigger of SocialGame, as EntourageGame, CollegeGame.

The community evolved and still exists very work to make. In fact, I think that the interest will become in as to have a life with many attractive women and many friends. I heard that Pope has much to say on this.

Tyler, I think that the interest on its book on the TRANSISTION for one relacionamente will have much interest. But SocialGame will still not have bigger interest in 2009?

What it thinks on this?


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to all the things going on. Will the book be printed or e-book. Please sell printed versions of the book
best of luck

Anonymous said...

I think you should be using cloud hosting for your server, that way you wont have any slowdowns.

pass this onto your tech guys

Erika Awakening, said...

hey Tyler,

well, I'm looking forward to both the new RSDN and the book. It's awesome and refreshing to see you continuing to innovate and bring the "community" to a higher place.

Erika from

Anonymous said...

Write the blog on RSD Nation 2.0. On this blog, maybe put the title and the first few lines of the post, and a hyperlink to the RSDN blog.

That way people here know you have posted something new, and will start migrating to RSD Nation 2.0....

And once they see ALL the cool features on RSD Nation 2.0, including the videos, personal blogs, forums, they just won't leave :)

Anonymous said...

Good work as usual..however,

The Blog takes too LONG to load..

I think its the digg buttons, anything u can do to make it load quicker?


Pirate UK said...

As I’m likely to be transitioning into a relationship, this new stuff from you will be of great value - Ozzie’s bootcamp was a major help in my ability to get the girl - I could do with the Real World relationship advice from this same trusted source.

Thanks Tyler

Anonymous said...

Hey Owen,

I once asked you for some advice, which you gave me, which I am very very grateful for. This was under the name Creat0r. I lost all my details, so I thought about contacting you in this way. I wondered if you read the book I send you. I know you receive a lot of stuff and cant read anything, but I have a feeling it will benefit you a lot. After anything you gave me, I naturally felt like giving the most valuable thing back I can possibly do, without coming across arrogant. I know this is not a good way in order to create a possible 'friendship' or whatever, but its the easiest way to contact you. I consciously choose to stay anonymous, since I value my private life a lot. My e-mail adress is
Please dont publish this comment.

One Love

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This blog is great, you go into some cool ideas in depth here. You should definitely keep it, I'm looking forward to the next post.

Unknown said...

Hi Owen,

Just one question, the blueprint book project, how's it going?

Anonymous said...

So the big question for me lately has been 'Tyler, where’s the blog?'

Charmeur said...

Hey Tyler,

I've just read your answer to Razorjack's SHBs question at the old forums.

You were indeed ahead of your time.

And you were right, you were writing something for guys in the future to read it and understand it.

So I just want to say thank you very much.

Flower said...

awesome, i really look forward to the book :D

and addressing the last paragraph, i agree with the above, why not post blog entries on both?

i just presumed that becasue i hadn't seen your blog etries on RSD2 that you'd stopped posting them, untill i checked on here.