Friday, December 29, 2006

The Jeffy Show Is Coming.......

It's been requested for years now........

So finally we're giving it to you: The Jeffy DVD set.

Jeffy came out to stay with me in Honolulu to prepare it, and over the Hawaii, San Diego, and Los Angeles rehearsals it was sharpened from a decent product to a MASTERPIECE.

Every rehearsal was progressively better and better, and finally culminated into the tightest version for the recording.

It was so important for me to see Jeffy get his PERSONALITY into this product to the maximum extent.

That means HOLDING NOTHING BACK, even if it might offend some people, and just putting it out there like it really is for people to take in whatever way they're inclined.

I was nervous for Jeff on this one, because he really put himself out there -- going into a lot of personal issues and really expressing his personality.

It was important for him to truly smoke it, and luckily his absolute best was the RECORDED version -- which if you're a public speaker, you know that you can have on and off days regardless of how well you're prepared.

We were truly blessed to have such a great show on the day of the recording, which we're now working on the graphics and illustrations for.

The final product will be released within a few months and will ROCK.


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Sting said...

Jlaix is the one guy whose personality comes through, even in his newsletter writing.
anything he comes out with should be an interesting bit of goods.

what is this product covering?