Friday, December 29, 2006

Transformations Superconference Los Angeles 2006!!

We've just completed the "Transformations" Superconference in Los Angeles.

It was f-ing flyyyyy!!!

The hotel was awesome, and soooo cool to be back in Hollywood -- my home away from home -- to do this thing up proper.

Papa was getting us into all the best parties, and the way he's built up his lifestyle down there since I've moved to Hawaii has really blown my mind. He's like a powerbroker of the Hollywood scene now or something.

I was thrilled to see the team just dominating the stage, and the DVD product should be off the hook.

Seriously -- just like every bootcamp, every product we do MUST cover new material and MUST be a step up from the previous.


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Sting said...

Jlaix looks like a shy kid!
most approachable pic i've seen of TD - on stage he often comes of clinical and professional rather than charming and warm.