Wednesday, January 31, 2007

POOO-AH Superhuman Powers

I still run bootcamps.

Every two weeks, twenty-five a year.

Sure, it stalls the more important work I should be doing on RSD as a company.

But I love it. It's my roots. I'll never stop.

Now I want to address an issue that's important here -- the idea of "super secret PUA super powers", as they relate to my hobby of teaching.

Back in the day when I'd teach a bootcamp, most of it was spent focusing on "how to become good with women".

Maybe there was some other focus at various points, which was fine, but most of it was spent focusing on the main goal -- building a level of skill and choice with women.

These days running a bootcamp, at least more often than not, I'm met with a flurry of distracting questions......

-"Who is the world's best POOOAH?"

-"Is it really true that a POOOOAH can pull 100% of every girl he approaches and turn her into his girlfriend?"

-"What's your most SECRET routine? Cummon, I won't tell anybody. I know you've got a SUPER POWER TRICK that you aren't showing me."

-"I heard that there's 300 sequences of routines from open to sex and that if I can learn to calibrate and master all of them I'll never have to get rejected ever again."

-"What's the deal with The Game? Did you really create a super conspiracy to destroy Style and Mystery to take over Project Hollywood all for yourself?"

(the answer to that one is YES btw -- and I'm taking over the whole planet in 2012)

etc etc...

Here's the deal.

This might shatter a few people's realities.

Get ready for it......

There are no "super PUA techniques" and you can pretty much tell how skilled a PUA is within a minute or two of hanging out with him.

Now I want to get specific here.

The basic concept that allowed the delusion of the PUA community to thrive back in the day was the whole NLP idea that you could have a guy who was blatantly ill at ease with himself, introverted, uncalibrated, and obviously had no ability to attract women into his life, and he could say that he'd mastered some "backdoor method" or "blammo pattern" or whatever else, and make people believe that he had some special skill.

You had all these guys standing up in front of audiences saying that they were pulling 5 women a week by using their latest "synesthesia bomb of seduction" or whatever else -- and it was BELIEVABLE because the whole idea of NLP and hypnosis seemed so "out there" that people suspended their disbelief.

These days it's evolved -- you have the idea that a guy might know a bunch of openers or scripts to get girls that a guy like himself would otherwise obviously not be able to get.

That's the internet for you....

More and more though, we're starting to see a spark in the community...

A movement towards the idea that it's OBVIOUS who is getting girls from the first few minutes you hang out with them.

Of course, it isn't totally as simple as that.

There are plenty of guys who have core confidence but just never learned that it was "allowed" to approach girls cold and have it go somewhere on the first meet.

So obviously a guy who seems like he gets girls might not necessarily be a POOO-AH Super God just because he comes across fairly smooth.

But overall, he probably COULD be if he just had a few days of training, and if he's a "POOAH GURU" then it's OBVIOUS what skill level he has just by looking at him.

POOO-AH showdown at high noon unnecessary.

Generally speaking -- ATTRACTION = COOL GUY + BASIC COMPETENCIES (open, hook, escalate, extract, etc...)

That's it!

This understanding is crucial.

Again, this understanding is absolutely crucial.

If you can't recognize things like "being in the moment" and "presence" and "self esteem" and "natural humour and positivity", then chances are, your reticular-activation-system is wired to ignore all that stuff and seek out superficial super-techniques that are really only the "ice on the cake".

So again, if you don't "get" this concept that "you can pretty much judge a PUA within a few minutes of hanging out with him" then you're probably not on the right track in terms of your POO-AH development.

You'll be thinking "I don't have to be a cool guy or learn how to have positive interactions with people -- I can skip all that and just learn these freaky super powers."

You won't be able to see the GAP between yourself and what a guy who's successful looks like.

You'll see a "PUA" and think "There's no difference between him and me... It must be his lines" -- even though there's a world of difference (all very subtle -- a PUA does NOT have to be a big brawny dude) and your mind just isn't wired to tune into it.

Now does all this mean that if a PUA company advertises a SUPER POWERED TECHNIQUE that you should be suspicious of them?


Marketing is marketing.

As a company, you HAVE to market yourself properly and get as many people in the door as you can.

Bait them with the chocolate bon-bons, shove the vegetables down their throat once they're in a position where they can't escape.

They'll thank you later.

I also think that some funky techniques as novelty to spice up the program can be cool.

So I'm not bagging on any company or trying to throw venom at anybody.

Anyone who has the balls to put himself on the line and teach this stuff IN FIELD is somebody who has my respect.

What I AM saying though, is that as an END USER, don't be caught up in any marketing hype about "super power techniques" because it will start you on a path where you're not RECOGNIZING what's most important about the whole "game" and thinking that you can be a stealth ninja who plays dungeons & dragons by day, and by night you transform into a SUPER PUA who jumps from the shadows and drags girls back to your nerd lair.

Becoming successful with women is first and foremost about deep identity level change.

Beyond that it's about internalizing important behaviours, such as opening strong, being assertive, funny, spontaneous, and leading the interaction forward.

It's a straightforward process, obviously with a lot of curves involved, but as long as you can make it through those you don't have to align with a particular "method" or "camp" or set of techniques.

That's only benefiting the company. Not you.

And honestly, it doesn't really benefit me because I'm the guy who has to unwire all that nonsense when you come on a live program.

So if you haven't woken up yet, wake up, because as cool as the fanboy stuff is, the whole community is about YOU and YOUR results.



Richard said...

Hey Tyler,
As I understand it, your message is that the most important thing is identity level change. Once a man is comfortable with himself lines and routines are of a secondary nature; he just has to learn to broadcast himself and some(most?) people will be attracted to him?

I've been keeping a journal and reading RSD community posts to try to change my identity and it is really tough. I have to have daily reminders about changing my desire but I've made some progress and it is a great feeling. I feel liberated in a keep on making posts! I think they're the most valuable thing on the net right now.

Mr Flippy said...

yeah wear cool clothes and act normal you tards

sactownn said...

You mentioned 2012?? Tsarion? or Myan? You also mentioned being in the present. Interesting Tyler. I had no idea you were on that path also.

Nice article. I enjoyed it.

YseUp said...

I realised that I was a very ascetic person (roughly speaking someone who considers ideas and concepts to be more important than sensual experience).

As a former dork I recognise this in a lot of people who come to the scene.

Now I'm not fully reformed yet but what has helped me to change a bit is going out and doing lots of sensual and visceral activities.

Gym, Sports, Bungy Jumping, Parachuting, Get a massage, learn how to give massages, Diving, Skinny Dipping, Sex etc. etc.

Seems common sense but I wasn't encouraged to do sports or anything as a kid, I'm guessing other people might have had the same kind of upbringing.

Anonymous said...

This applies to all of you but me.
Love Avant [Dark Lord of PUA Sith Mastery]

The Asian Playboy said...

I'd have to agree. It's like some people think it's necessary to use "high tech" to get anything from a kiss to a full close when "low tech" will do just fine.

I also think it's indicative of the different generations and how each group had their own incoming background and goals. From the original RJ group, the booming MM, to now- post book.

All three form different types of students who come in with different expectations, at least from what I've witnessed.

YseUp said...

It can be difficult to shift that old paradigm APB (limiting belief?).

I first came into this scene in 2000 through RJ. My metaphor for the game was that of breaking into a combination lock. If I could just get the right sequence I would score. Later I realised that I believed that I had to fake my way in. That my real self wasn't good enough.

A few years later I was introduced to DYD and TD. Because I believe humour and playfulness is part of my identity it was was more closely aligned to my 'real self'.

Although more people are advocating a natural style I wonder if a lot of these students are really just saying 'I don't want to make the necessary changes to my identity / personality' I'm distinguishing between PUAs that have a Natural style and Students who want to become PUAs in a 'Natural' way (by not changing much).

TD used to have a lot to say about that, Spastic Ramblings I and II and the DYD talk where he speaks about the fallacies in the game, with regards to what works and what is just self delluding behaviour.

I believe that a lot of disagreements with regards to conflating the issues of 'How is PU done' and 'How do you get good at PU'. Like TD used to say be the social robot then drop it. Maybe he's changed his mind.

Anway how I see it is that a large part of the Natural vs Structured debate is more about the process of becoming a PUA rather than the end results.

Mehow said...


Good stuff!


ps Why are there no flames on your blog. What IS WRONG with you?

Johnny said...

Excellently worded, and right-on-the-money, Tyler :)

Johnny Soporno
Worthy Playboy

Anonymous said...

Ahh...the old anti-market market. That's a huge market.


Rye Lee said...

Extremely well say Tyler.

Honestly I don't know a lot about you aside from what I've heard second hand, which is typically utter garbage. I originally though Johnny was a bad person until I ran across some of his stuff and now I consider him a friend. After reading this article I have to say that I wouldn't be surprised to find the same about you.

I also run workshops and the annoying thing is that more time is spent de-programming guys than is spent teaching how to attract women. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has seen this, but it's still a shame.

Props man!