Friday, February 02, 2007

The Best Opener Material I Will Ever Release (very possibly......)

Life is good.

With flowing hair like this.... How could it be anything less?


This post will be so simple that it will naturally be overlooked.

Honestly though, to me this should demystify opening for even the most hardcore of chodes.

Alright, here's the formula.

Take the word "hey".

Or better yet, take the word "yo".

Now speaking in flat monotone (DO THIS NOW) say the word "yoooooooooooooooooo"

Alright. Wonderful.

The reason for elongating the word from "yo" to "yoooooooooooooooo" is that the girl's brain has a chance to pick up on the state you're in.

Now think to yourself, "What are the states that I'd want to convey I'm in right off the bat?"

To me personally, it's:
1) Positivity
2) Dominance


Speaking with positivity, say the word "yooooooooooooooooooo" while feeling a POSITIVE EMOTION in your body.

Done properly, this should sound more positive than the monotone version.


Say the word "yooooooooooooooooooo" with a DOMINANT EMOTION in your body.

Again, done properly, this should sound more assertive than the monotone version.

Now for the grand finale..............

Say the word "yooooooooooooooo" (again -- DO THIS NOW) and feel BOTH positive and dominant emotions in your body.

This should sound like an upbeat and yet assertive "yoooooooooooooooooooo".

Now next time that you see a girl you like, approach her using that exact same opener.

Do NOT go in with a PLAN of what you'll say after that.

Be in the moment, and trust that you'll find the right direction for the conversation -- not before or after, but when and ONLY when you need it.

This part is crucial -- if you've got some plan in your head for what you're going to say next it probably won't work.

Be in the moment and let the chips fall where they may.

If the odd girl doesn't like it, go home and cry.

Now you can feel free to use whatever word you like -- be it "hey" or "yo" or "what's uuuuuuuuuuuuup" or even an actual sentence (God forbid), so long as the girl has a chance to pick up on the positivity and dominance in your voice.

This basic understanding should ELIMINATE APPROACH ANXIETY as this is such a field proven way of opening that there is absolutely no reason for it not to work.

I personally live in Honolulu and also like to throw up the "hang lose" sign with my hand, as the girl will fixate on it and give it back to me.

You can try the eighties rocker hand signal, which is also equally good.

Again, what I've written here is simple and broken down for even the most "game illiterate" individual.... :)

Take this out and test drive it TONIGHT.



Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff.
You kick ass with the youtube, would you consider posting a video of you doing this, so guys can get a better idea where yuo are coming from?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Man, You have to do that man !

Anonymous said...

"Do NOT go in with a PLAN of what you'll say after that." --- That will work if you already have quite good conversation skills. But most guys have the problem, that they don't know what do say. Their mind goes completely blank. And then they say something stupid or give a compliment.

I guess you probably don't even realize that you have a plan. You just execute the plan unconsciously. Like a pro tennis player who just goes out and plays the game, trusting his instincts. But that doesn't mean that there is no game plan. It is just that the skill level is very high ...

So, I think that it is good to open with "yoooooo", but still have some intial plan what to talk about.

Tyler said...

Gotta respectfully disagree bro --

On workshop one of my fav exercises is "Open with whatever, and allow yourself to be blown out by putting in no effort whatsoever".

Students are consistently blown away that the sets they'd previously been blown out of suddenly start blowing open.

I'd recommend testing it out and reporting back.


Anonymous said...

It was a huge mindfuck for me to discover that I could attract girls without consciously "doing" anything. It happened when I made a pact with myself that I couldn't fuck girls or even TRY to fuck girls for 3 months. I stopped trying to DO things to get girls and they suddenly started being attracted to me even though I put in no effort.

The girls can feel when you are trying to be a step ahead of them. It takes you out of the moment.

Ponder this quote in relation to what Tyler is talking about:

"The deluded mind is the mind affectively burdened by intellect. Thus, it cannot move without stopping and reflecting on itself. This obstructs its native fluidity."

-Bruce Lee


Anonymous said...

THIS... is so fucking money.

I shout affirmations in my car to get in state on the way to the venue. Powerful stuff.

Endless props dude.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure David D talked about this once, it was in the book 'How to argue and win every time'.

The guy was a lawyer and would drive about making the sounds of different emotions.

Murphy said...


What about the claw?

When are you going to release it?

I'm just sitting at home choding it up waiting for you to release the claw.

Anonymous said...

Tried this last night. Didnt work.
Most girls didnt even register that I was Yo'ing at them even if I was staring at them and facing their group. There is always plausible deniablility that they "just didnt hear you".

Cutting into their space with your hand and going 'hey guys' DID get their attention though. From there you can say 'you look like fun I had to say hi' or opinion opener.

Maybe I wasnt being forceful enough, but just going up beside them in a crowded bar and going Yoooooo didn't work.


Anonymous said...

Good shit, man.

The more I read about your ideas and values, the more I see a similarity between the goals of you and Rion Williams. Not just the goal of attracting women, but doing so through showing true colors and how that the true self shows through everything. I find Rion's material extremely abstract, but that fact seems to make it communicate it's message on an deeper level.

If you think about it though, it makes sense that women can be attracted to you without you really putting effort forth, because if it took so much effort to attract women, I'm sure the human race would have gone extinct by now.

tffl said...

I'm a little confused. When I exclaim "yoooooooooooooo" with positivity and dominance it kind of sounds similar to "yoooooooooooooo" with only positivity. Will women pick up on this and think I'm positive but weak and not dominant?

I kid. I kid.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler,
I've read a lot of you're stuff, especially the mASF archives from back in the day. Back then, I remember you arguing that Destin9 suggestion to just go in with "hi" was wrong because it gave the girl a chance to screen immediately, making it very hard for a guy to get a girl who was a lot better looking than him. I realize that its been like 4 years since you wrote that so I'm wondering what's changed in you're game, thought process, (or whatever) thats making you suggest to just go in with "yooooooo." I'd be very interested to find out, because my game is largely indirect partly because of some of you older ideas.


cw said...

TD, posts like this get me so amped about the game, it's unreal. Please keep them coming, and we'll keep playing! :)

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is my challenge right now...integrating positivity and dominance. Recently, I was focused on being friendly and positive all the time, but I was becoming submissive, so my friendliness sometimes came off as ass-kissing. Then I went to dominant, and I didn't smile or feel much like talking to anyone. Now if I can just get both...


Anonymous said...

I guess it worked for Fonzie... Heeeeeey (thumbs up)