Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Expanding Your Reality

So I want to talk today about the idea of "Expanding Your Reality".

You guys might have noticed I haven't posted much about "tactics and techniques" lately, and that's because I've covered it top to bottom in the "Foundations" DVDs and written over 4000 articles on the topic.

At this point, my entire focus is on cultivating that sort of raw, authentic personal power -- and then integrating that with the other stuff I've been doing.

Is it going well?

Yes, it's going incredibly well.

I'm about 2 years off where I want to be -- but that's because the potential I'm seeing is just so off-the-charts ridiculous.

To me this is a spiritual thing.

It has nothing to do with money or props. I've given that up long ago -- and had to in order to reach a higher mindstate.

Only an INSTRINSTIC motivation can push me to the level I'm shooting for. Anything other than that is a useless burden pulling me down.

Honestly, I sometimes wonder what's happened to me. I'm so far disconnected from a lot of core social conditioning that I usually feel most people I'm talking to are in a totally different zone than I am.

Bear in mind I love them anyway. I feel a sort of kinship with all people based on common humanity, as strange as that sounds.

I guess I just feel that most people don't think for themselves. There are certain core truths of the world that they don't see, and I'm blown away by the fact that they don't want more for themselves.

To me this stuff is so obvious. The WORLD and LIFE is there for the taking.

It's ticking away a second at a time........

What is life about?

It's about having the deepest, richest experience possible -- and leaving an imprint on the world after you're gone.

I don't really view human beings and the world as being separate. I don't view people heirarchically or as having more value than one another either.

All people and the world are a web, and if you tug on one thread the entire structure is shaken.

There are recognizable, identifiable rhythms and patterns you can tune into to in order to move through the world WITH the current instead of AGAINST it.

You see people who live in pain and frustration and scarcity, and you can see that they're caught up with themselves that they've kicked themselves out of the flux.

They're doing things in such a scarcity, reaction based mindset that there's just no way out.

The failure that the vast majority of guys experience with women, for example, is just a symptom of that larger problem.

Like, how is it that people can watch a movie like "Fight Club" and not instantly decide to give it all up in pursuit of something greater??

Is it not OBVIOUS that this movie has answers??

If you're not deeply, deeply satisfied with your life........ THEN MAKE CHANGES.

Give up your job.

Give up your lifestyle.

Give up your attachments to the superficial bullshit that's been fed down your throat.

The time to do this is NOW.

If you wait even another minute, you will NOT do it because NO condition that will exist in the future will be more conducive to it than NOW.

If you're not happy, then walk away from it.

Be poor......

Be scared.......

Be uncertain about where you'll find your next meal.......

I've personally be broke without food four different times. No food, and no hope of finding it any time soon.

What's scary about this? Is it not necessary??

How is it that you'll find out how RESOURCEFUL you can be unless you put yourself in the SITUATION to find out??

Where will you find your confidence if you do not put yourself to the test??

The things I've done to get to where I'm at....... the risks I've taken would be inconceivable to most people.

But they've been necessary.

One of the core beliefs that's allowed me to do this is that I view people as not being born "alive" -- but that being alive is a state that's achieved through actions.

I view myself as already dead, and for that reason, death is not to be avoided -- LIFE IS TO BE ACHIEVED.

This small, perhaps insane, but very significant belief that I have is something that separates me from most other people I've met.

I feel that I have an obligation to see the world. The more of the world I can see, the more alive and integrated I become.

If you're a guy sitting at home, and you've seen nothing, I have no idea why you haven't risked everything to see it.

It has to be done.


You think it's NOT POSSIBLE for you??

You're insane.

VAGRANTS do this all the time and you think YOU can't??

You just walk away. It's done.


Do you think if you walked away from everything you had, and it went back, that you'd REGRET it??

Really think about this.

In a worst case scenario, if you walked away from everything and it all went to shit, would you realistically look back on it in ten years and REGRET your course of actions??

That could never happen, because it is only through this process that your eyes are OPENED.

Putting yourself out there is never something you regret.


I just got back from South America -- landed back in the first world today, in Sydney Australia.

The perspective it's given me is priceless.

I am changed.

I feel I walk through the first world with a totally different outlook and experience. It couldn't have been achieved any other way.

Of course, I'm coming from a different mindset than most people.

I live without fear of consequences. My internal state is not easily controlled by outer circumstances so my strings are not easily pulled.

I am so satisfied with my life up to this point, that to have it end prematurely would be a price I'd pay.

I'm on this ride for as long as it takes me, and I have big dreams. But it ends when it ends. To me it's timeless. Every bit of it. I appreciate it ALL.

What does all this have to do with being successful with women??


I have a purpose. I have a vision. I have a PERSONALITY.

I'm not another chode running the rat race, or a community guy trying to memorize a stack of technniques to avoid a blowout.

I don't get "state issues" or "approach anxiety".

That sort of thing is not even ON MY RADAR.

It's been "outframed"......

So if there are challenges in your life, do the same.


Am I being irresponsible?? What's irresponsible??

It's a matter of perspective.

And what you've read here..... This is mine.

Thanks for reading it.



Anonymous said...

You know what. I just watched Fight Club the other day and I have to say thats some shit.

All this crap in my life I dont need. So many of this crap in my life I dont need. I play a saxophone and maintain good grades, but I don't enjoy it and only do it because that's whats expected of me. I read seduction articles and watch videos for hours everyday, thinking that the more I watch the better I'll get. I pretend to be friendly with people and teachers who I dont like at all. Its too much. I have to let go.

Like Tyler says, If you were to die right now. How would you feel? My current answer is not one that I would want. Its time.


Drew said...

Really thought provoking article, its crazy that you decided to write about
the subject of giving everything up and doing something and deeply satisfies you, I just got accepted to pharmacy school but I know this is not what gives me that inner satisfaction. I'm going to be taking on loads of debt and years of studying something I'm not really all that interested in.

So the interesting part is I've been trying to find what I really want, what I NEED to do, and in the past week have stumbled on articles from Robert Ringer, Steve Pavlina, and Tucker Max along with some Tony Robbins all talking about this finding your purpose doing something that YOU want and forget all the fucking rest. I want to forget about doing pharmacy and fuck that money I'd make a few years from now just I have no clue what else I'd do.
This article definitely helps and is a step in the right direction

Manish said...

You are a freakshow. Nice.

Papa said...

Lol. OMG that video is a trip. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Tyler you really starting to impress me throughout the past 6 months or so. Just when I was ready to give up on the community, your posts have shown me a different and extraordinary new perspective on life. In the coming years I can see your writings going down in history as some of the most inspirational along with some of the best teachers. I can see how eckart tolle's Power of Now really took a tolle on you.
Bad Pun, but I had to!

Hayden said...

You talk about your eventual, inevitable death a lot. Have you read anything from Ray Kurzweil? Specifically, "The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology."

Kurzweil is at the forefront of the life-extension movement that claims that given the accelerating rate of change in todays world, and the exponential growth of that accelerating change (i.e. the rate of change itself is increasing exponentially), that eventually technology will arrive at a place where aging can be stopped and reversed within the next 40-50 years.

I, like most other people, used to think that my death was inevitable and that influenced my decisions (although I did believe in some type of after-life or grand god-driven plan at the time, which I no longer do). But now there is a legitimate chance that death is not inevitable if what Kurzweil and others projects comes into fruition.

I know you're interested in helping the world, changing the world, etc. Much of this change is going to be coming from technology such as the work that Dean Kamen has done on portable, affordable water filtration systems for third-world nations, increased computational power to simulate protein folding to find drugs for currently incurable diseases such as Alzheimer's, Cancer, Huntington's Disease, etc., and alternative energy projects. I.e., technology is going to be the solution to many of the world's problems.

Kurzweil is an insanely smart guy by anyone's standards. His Wikipedia entry lists many of his inventions, achievements, and companies that he's started:

I know you probably get a lot of book recommendations, but I hope you check out "Singularity" and Ray Kurzweil. If nothing else, it's good food for thought.

p.s. Loved the post.

Anonymous said...

This article is GREATNESS. Thank you Tyler.

Anonymous said...

This is definitely one of the coolest blog posts I've ever read. I'm reading an unusual book right now called "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" and it's a trip.

The idea is that by confronting the reality of your eventual death NOW you free yourself to live life unrestricted.

Great blog post!

Leo said...

I love this work. Your writings are amazing. Can you share any tangible techniques that will assist me in achieving this kind of mindset?

Or recommend a book or product that will open my perceptions to this kind of reality.

The ideas I have learnt from your blog are:

Travel - as much as possible
Eliminate all negative influence - TV, films, music, friends & family (if necessary).
Talk only about what you want and refuse to acknowledge or discuss or think about what you don't.
Read - The Power Of Now & Atlas Shrugged.
Watch - Any Given Sunday & Fight Club.

As the days go by I am ticking these items off my list!

Anonymous said...

Interesting article. It seems you are getting in touch with something spiritual and finding a deeper meaning in the madness of picking up women.

Ok, picking up women is a skill that we can cultivate, but it is also part of being a well rounded human being. I believe the community can be unhealthy for a lot of guys (myself included at one point) as it fulfills a need one one level but fails to get across the importance of becoming a better person and developing oneself in other areas.

Its great that you are looking at the bigger picture and how success with women fits into this rather than the other way round.

gruenfeld said...


djkc said...

Tyler, dude, we are on the same wavelenth. the point is i was born in former ussr so i do come from "another world" and i undertook many risks that no-one i know would even think of. all that for having 'good" paasport and earning money. now i am legal citizen of a "free" world and i cant find my place in it. going back to former ussr does not seem an option to me. however this stuff you talk about - thats what gives strenth and direction. (we met in amsterdam in 2005 btw) ...

Anonymous said...

Check this out...
It's on Creating your own Reality which is awesome if you're jsut starting out.

Anonymous said...

You just changed my life - AGAIN. Thank´s alot man :). You´re like the canadian grunge-version of Dagny Taggart in Atlas Shrugged :). Except you got "feelings" and - atleast last time I look - you lack a vagina.
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hey Leo, all the work and reading is great, but bear in mind that you may be missing Tyler's point: in order to be where he is today, he had to do everything he talks about: taking risks, aiming for his own standards, being willing to burn his ships to get to where he is.

While all the reading is nice, Tyler says "puts yourself out there."

And this my friend, "talk only about what you want and refuse to acknowledge or discuss or think about what you don't" will never make you expand your reality. It's important to be open to new experiences, not hide at home because you don't want to be challenged.

The whole world will challenge you. You will be tested constantly. This does not justify staying in your current position.

This is what makes you so great to read, Tyler. You've been there, have gone through the challenges, and I can't think of anyone more eloquent to bring back the message.

And the message is: "It's worth it!"

tffl said...

Great article, probably your most inspiring yet I'd say! I really respect you as a person for everything that you've accomplished. I find what you've done with your life in general infinitely more inspiring than just the fact that you can pull women easily.

For most people I don't think the larger possibilities are even part of their paradigm. I doubt they even consciously reject the ideas as "unrealistic", those ideas are about as far removed as a goldfish thinking about life outside the bowl for most people. They're not just "impossible", they don't even exist.

Anonymous said...

How Can you Know to be not afraid of the bottom unless you been there and back?

hansome hyena said...

"I don't really view human beings and the world as being separate."

tyler, i think the work of bruno latour, a french philosopher/sociologist i worked with for 4 year, will interest you a lot.
read this article on what it means to 'have a body' and it will be the end of all body/world, subject/object, ... dichotomies. A-modern!

take care, hansome hyena

Anonymous said...

cool article, that made me think again. i have been thinking about things like this for years because my life has been shit for the most time. well that said, i just want to point out again that there ist no other way to change ANYTHING than DOING things, taking the action. and although many people say "you CAN do it, dont use excuses" i see at least two problems:

1) I guess 95% of the people who read self-help material fell great while they are doing it and a short while after that. but then they get stuck in their old patterns and routines. why? many self help authors tell you WHAT to do but not HOW to do it. and this is the reason for that: you just have to find out that by yourself. and for some problems you need a lot of patience and dedication to get anywhere.

2) Unfortunately there are many restrictions in ones life. you can not travel if you have no money. you just cannot do this.If you are sick or uneducated you certainly have restrictions that you cannot "think away".

so i just want to remind you that everything needs a huge amount of hard work to bring results.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the BLUEPRINT!!

Anonymous said...

"The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with." - AR

Anonymous said...

Tyler, try taking mushrooms sometime. Seriously.

Amadeus said...

Welcome home Owen.

You've always made sense. This latest statement of your being is a testament to the progress you have made. I hope your journey toward this grandest of truths inspires others.

Pick up is an artificial mindset. This is what it's really about.

A Hellequin. (Harlequin)

Humjob said...

Awesome post. The old cliche that learning how to pick up women makes you into a better person is absolutely true. The more I have learned to move beyond my ego and just fucking DO IT, the more complete I feel and the more I have succeeded with pickup. The irony is, the more I have moved beyond my ego, the less I have CARED about pickup. Going home with a woman does not give me very much satisfaction anymore. I feel the same way the day after I got laid as I did the day before I got laid.

I suppose you could say I am living with a dichotomy. There is the way proposed by Eckhart Tolle, that the form-driven world is an illusion and that true enlightenment and knowledge is available in the moment, with complete awareness of the formless and complete unattachment to the world of forms. And then there is what I presume to be your way, a future-oriented, purpose driven life in which achievement of a higher purpose/having a lot of experiences is the ultimate goal, and happiness/fulfillment occurs not as a result of the destination, but as a result of the journey.

Could you comment on this?

Once again, your contributions to the community (and to my own progress) have been awesome.



Jason said...

So I have multiple blogs in my blogreader program... and I've been wanting to cut out some of my computer time for real life time. I think this is the best blog/post I have read in my entire life. I don't know why I liked it so much, I don't feel like it added much immediate value to my life, but I feel like the seed of action that is within this post, could be life changing. I have deleted every other blog on my list, and will continue to look for more blogs from you, thank you for this awesome post.

Anonymous said...

my girlfriend of 4 years DUMPED me...i wanted to top myself...the only thing that stopped me was how I would do it. then i thought if i dont care about my life.. i can do anything. at that moment i viewed myself as dead with only life to live. funny that.

Rob said...

Wow man great stuff... I can totally relate to all that. You tell it like it is Tyler, GREAT POST!

Anonymous said...

I have studied beliefs for years now. From NLP to hypnosis to energy therapy, and I HAVE had amazing matrix like reality shifts by changing beliefs, IN the club. One time I used EFT energy therapy to get rid of fears and blocks that would stop me from having a great time by myself on the dance floor and hi fiving lots of girls. The EFT not only got rid of the blocks but created the reality I wanted, where I pulled a hot kinky girl from the club. Now I am at the stage of not really using any material, but letting my intuition choose what is best. We are all psychic people, check out remote viewing it is proven. I recommend EFT or ZenSight for changing realities, as truly it is not hard, we just have been brainwashed into thinking it is

Patrik Ljungkvist said...

When I read this, it goes straight into my soul. Your life is not a result of what you are doing, rather what you are BEING- so confining yourself to all that is materialistic, social indoctrintion etc is just like putting yourself in prison.

I really feel I can't express my gratitude enough, your presence in this world has made an enormous impact - not only in my life and the other ~30 ppl posting comments.. You are touching lives beyond reason, you are a liberator of minds.

I feel as we share a purpose, to wake up this slumbering world into it's true potential. Fortunately, there are alot of people doing this, so let's give ourselves a big hug and continue being awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Tyler: great post. This meshes with what I've been pondering recently.

You worded it differently to me... you use the words "dead" and "alive" but if I was being anal I'd say that the states you are referring to are more accurately described as "unconsciousness" and "consciousness."

Of course the way you say it gets the point across more dramatically ;)

Totally agree with the concepts and you helped expand on my ideas.

I know you don't need any encouragement here but keep up the good work dude. I'm loving the direction you're going down right now. Very interesting stuff.

Sincere said...

My eyes are open. This is truth....pure truth.

Anonymous said...

Cool Tyler. This is some real good shit. I was reading Sigmund Freud's Civilization and Its Discontent the other day, thinking okay, so what's the answer? Well, this article pretty much gives it. Keep them coming man. Your insights are fantastic.

Scottamus said...

You are truly a modern day philosopher. My wife just left me and it made me realize just how 'dead' I've been. I'm starting a new journey and this is the direction I need to go.

Moran said...

i fucking love you man!....
thank you for being part of my life!