Monday, March 26, 2007

South America to Sydney in 26 hours

Just arrived in Sydney from Argentina. About to go to sleep. Marathon flight.

I thought it was going to be ripper, because there were booming thunderstorms and harsh rain in Argentina. I've been on some mental flights in my day with turbulence, so I was dreading this one -- but it turned out totally smooth.

btw, the Sydney Superconference is coming up next week.

The free (aka upsell -- but still with solid content) seminar is tommorow I think. I don't actually know what day it is as I've just travelled across the world. It's scheduled for the 29th.

Anyway, this upcoming conference is the BLUEPRINT Superconference, so it's going to be off the hook. This is my absolute best stuff -- light years ahead of anything else I've done.

There may be complaints as it may be considered too "advanced." Anyone who attends I expect to be familiar with "Foundations" and the free audio, as I will not be slowing down for stragglers.

If you come, be preprared.

And yes, the book is still coming Q4 2007. I just like to do 100% new content every Superconference and this is what I'm working on right now.

Jeffy and Tim are here with me as well, running the bootcamps.

If you're in Sydney this is your month.



Anonymous said...

WAZ Up Tyler,

Is there going to be a DVD set for the blueprint superconference!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey tyler when and where is the free seminar? i only jus heard about it..
id be keen as beans to go

Anonymous said...

anonymous guy... they have announced there will be a dvd set, but they are filming the London BP conference

Anonymous said...

far as i know , the blueprint conference is gonna go DVD.
the free audio ya get when you register for the newsletter.

Tyler man.. definatly keep it up.
Im absolutely thrilled About the blueprint --- conference as well as the book. Just the blueprint concept related forum posts have done so much for me.
your changing the game my friend.

Keep doing ya thing.. It's appreciated.


Anonymous said...

hey guys,
If you guys are interested in the Blueprint Superconference or the free seminar Tyler is doing, just hit me up at and I'll get you the info. Hurry up though because the freebie is on Thursday and the SC is next week...



wait here's the link to the free seminar:
And here's the link to the Bluprint Superconference: