Friday, April 20, 2007

Where Are The Finest Women In The World??

There was a thread on RSD Nation recently about this Argentinian glamour model, Luciana Salazar.

While most of the guys thought she was hot, one of the guys from Argentina responded to the thread saying that he think didn't so, and that she didn't represent the Argentinian natural beauties who are known to frolic around down there.

Personally I've always thought a lot of the newbie "She's not hot enough" mentality actually comes from a confusion between what kind of girls they'd JERK OFF to, as opposed to what kind of girls they'd date if they actually could get the time of day.

Like, while Luciana here might not be the first girl I'd pull up onto my computer screen if I was at home by myself and feeling lonely, I'm hardly delusional enough to think that if I managed to get her attention in a nightclub that I'd blow her off on account that she's "Not my type"....... :)

Come on!!

Sexiness also has a LOT to do with a girl's personality and polarity and general energy, and while I don't know much about her, I'm guessing that Luciana is probably a lot more in tune with her sexuality than the average girl. I'm sure she'd love this article because people saying "I like her!!" and "I hate her!!" is exactly the type of reaction she wants, similar to Paris Hilton who uses her polarizing media image to her advantage.

Still, all that said I can see why some of the guys from Argentina might be annoyed that a girl who has had plastic surgery wouldn't be what they want representing the Argentinian standard of beauty to the rest of the world.

I just came back from a two month stint in Buenos Aires Argentina myself, and there were definitely a lot of naturally beautiful women down there.

At the same time, I think there's a lot of fallacies I see when it comes to the stereotypes of beauty for women around the world.

First off, I think that it has to do with the venues that you frequent. There were definitely NOT more beautiful women in Argentinian nightclubs than there were in nightclubs in Los Angeles or even Chicago.

That's because although the average girl on the street probably looks better in Argentina, the high-end venues in the USA manage to ROUND UP the best looking girls MORE EFFECTIVELY than the clubs I frequented while I was down there.

The quality of the club scene in a city has a lot to do with how well I'd rate it.

You can have all the hot women you want, but if the promoters aren't doing what's necessary to get them into one place then you're left meeting women during the day-time when you're busy getting work done or out trying to see the sights.

I think a lot of it also has to do with there being warm weather, and a high standard of fashion in the city. With warm weather it forces both girls AND guys to keep themselves in better shape. It's that little decision before you eat the bowl of icecream that maybe it's not such a good idea, as opposed to people in a colder climate who decide to just go for it.

As for fashion I've personally come to a point where I actually somewhat DISLIKE high fashion and when girls dress overly well, because it can trick the eye and make it harder to tell what she really looks like. I'm sure I'm in the minority on this -- I realize that... :)

OTOH, back in the day I LOVED girls who dressed high fashion, and if a girl wasn't dressed well I just wasn't interested.

I also used to like plastic surgery because I was too naive to know which girls were real and which had had work done. I'd see a girl who was rail-thin with C-cup breasts and think "Wow!! I've never seen girls like this in my entire life!!" These days, having spent 3 years in Hollywood, I can spot plastic surgery from about a mile away and it's definitely not my thing.

Of course, oftentimes the girls who've had work done are also the ones who take care of themselves in all other aspects and so they still wind up being the most attractive girls in the venue. Brooke Burke, for example, has had plastic surgery and yet any guy who says he wouldn't date her is either in a very good relationship or blatantly lying.

I also prefer cities that encourage FITNESS as opposed to just beauty and fashion.

Personally I like girls who lift heavy weights in the gym (along with cardio), as opposed to girls who are just naturally lean.

There's a lot of misconceptions about what lifting heavy weights (ie: bench press, deadlifts, squats, military press) will do to a girl -- like that it will turn girls all big and steroid looking like you see in certain magazines.

In reality, even as a GUY lifting weights you won't get to that level unless you're pounding back food and very genetically gifted.

The only thing that happens when a girl lifts weights is that she burns off massive amounts of calories and sculpts her body until it becomes totally hot.

Like, Kate Beckinsdale I personally think is drop dead gorgeous.

That goes both for her personality as well as her looks. She also has a classy vibe about her that's very hot, and carries her British accent very very well.

At the same time, Kate also chooses not to lift heavy weights in the gym and as a result has somewhat of a more ordinary girl's type physique.

It's possible that her agent advises her to keep a more classic look, because modelling can have all sorts of rigid requirements -- I don't know.

I'll still give Kate nothing but love though, just cause she endorses RSD.

Anyway, I think the standard of beauty has actually moved in a more positive direction in recent years, thanks to girls like Madonna and Sara Jessica Parker who are working out and make it look awesome.

There's also a trend of personal trainers becoming en-vogue with all the superficial "Entertainment Tonight" type shows going out and showcasing the routines and diets that are used by the stars.

I actually think superficiality can be a good thing if it promotes a lifestyle that's centered around health and fitness. I mean, whatever it is that motivates you -- whatever, as long as it encourages you to make the right decisions for yourself.

There's really just NO COMPARISON to me between a girl who's into fitness and a girl who isn't.

If a girl is dating me, then we're going to the gym together.


My girlfriend has actually become so obsessed with hitting the gym with me that she's become a personal trainer.

I can't express how happy this makes me.... :)


Overall, I think the most important thing is going after girls that YOU find attractive.

Everyone has their own tastes, and there's nothing that I think is more wack than going after the girls that you think your FRIENDS will like instead of of what YOU personally find attractive yourself.

I've seen a lot of guys meet girls who they won't date because they're afraid of what their friends will think.

Just the other day I was looking at one of my old buddy Erik's "WTF Episodes" on YouTube and I was blown away by the hate and nastiness towards the girls in his vids -- all throughout the responses.

There were guys saying "Those girls aren't hot enough for me!!" and you can basically GUARANTEE that the guys posting this stuff are nasty little fuckheads sitting at home on their computer without having had sex for MONTHS if not YEARS.

Again, you really can't tell how attractive a girl is unless you're IN HER PRESENCE.

I've dated girls who looked downright FUNNY in photos........

But get around them in person and you'll find yourself in a fucking trance because they're so sexual and attractive in real life.

Oftentimes the most desired girl in the club has qualities that you wouldn't expect that make her more attractive.

As you've been with more and more women, you'll probably find that you start appreciating a different set of qualities than you used to, and that you look a lot deeper at the girl that you're dating or having a physical relationship with.

Anyway, getting back to the title of this thread.........

Here are my personal favourite cities for women (subject to revision, of course)....:

10- New York

9- Chicago

8- Montreal, Canada

7- San Diego

6- Miami South Beach

5- Buenos Aires, Argentina

4- Las Vegas

3- Mykonos, Greece

2- Sydney, Australia

1- Los Angeles

Check out all these cities if you get a chance. They're all excellent.

And be sure to hit me up here with any of your own favourite cities or thoughts on any of this...........




Anonymous said...

haha your a crack up mate
RSD in a can...

ps paris loves papa 4eva

dont forget stockholm. best ive seen on all accounts.


Anonymous said...

All I have to say is...

Visit Sweden before making ANY list of the hottest chicks in the world

Magnus said...

and WHERE is London on that list???!!

RICO said...

MY FRIEND, YOU HAVEN´T SEEN SWEDISH GIRLS!! They are the most beautiful women in the world!!

WildFlower said...

What about London man????

out of that list i've only visited New York, i think we AT LEAST deserve to be 10 in that case


YseUp said...

It definitely makes a difference whether you're looking around the street or in some super exclusive club.

I didn't go to any upscale bars when I was in LA, LV or NY so I was a bit disappointed by the average pickings.

Here's an alternative top 5 of non US cities not in any particular order. Based on girls in the street and in nice but not necessarily exclusive venues.

1. Brisbane. A relatively small city with nice woman concentrated in a couple of areas, so they are easy to find.

2. Copenhagen (Danes are my favourite Scandinavians)

3. Gothenburg (Sweden) Better personalities than Stockholm.

4. Singapore, amazing if you are into Asian woman.

5. Melbourne, more diverse than Sydney, people are more laid back and chilled. Asian, Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean, Caucasian and many European tourists. The big problem
with Melbourne is that the night life isn't great. It takes a while to find the woman.

YseUp said...

What's interesting is that almost none of the girls that you've shown on your blog really do it for me.

Of course I know that there is a difference between seeing a picture and meeting someone in real life, and I'm not saying I wouldn't sex those girls.

I guess it's all relative. Comparing a bunch of photo's to eachother and then comparing a bunch of photo's to what I have right now. I don't think I'm desensitized because I make a point of avoiding porn and mainstream media, your blog is probably the only place where I regularly see photo's of semi-naked woman.

I've considered the idea that I'm somehow unconsciously disqualifying myself and stopping attraction happening.

Though when I'm socialising I go after the woman I like so it's not a problem. If the above self-disqualification theory is true then I'll become more worthy of the 'objectively' better looking woman in the future, who knows.

But then, I see Kate Beckinsale and I think she is by far the hottest. I mean all the other girls on your blog I can objectively see that they are good looking, (except Paris Hilton, I really don't get that) but I would actually like to meet Kate.

It's great that we've evolved like types of woman.

Anonymous said...

Caracas Venezuela: beach, salsa, miss universe

Tallinn Estonia: nice mixture between Russia and Scandinavia
(Riga is good, too. Cheap flights there)

Ibiza (and all the other Spanish party islands)

Anonymous said...

Something funny they tell you the first day of weight training class when I was in high school: "I have some good and bad news for you kids. First, guys, bad news is that you will not look like mr universe at the end of this course. Sorry, its not that easy. Good news is, ladies, you will not look like Mr Universe at the end of this course either, so dont be bashful and hit the weights."

Women who workout "like men" have amazing physiques. And so few of them know that 45 minutes of weights in the gym is infinitely better than 45 minutes on a stair stepper.

Im glad you liked BBAA, I just got back myself and am obsessed with they city. Id like to hear what you thought of the locals more direct PU style. I feel like part of community stuff is deprogramming effeminate conditioning that some cultures have alot less of, such as latin countries. Hanging out with a gaggle of latin american born girls on my trip was eye opening in how sexy they thought it was for a guy to be a man above all else, a taste that seems slightly looked down on here as if it disempowers women and it just ends up emasculating men.


Anonymous said...

Man please come to stockholm and do a bootcamp or just hang out.

That would be awesome!

You have to see it!

Anonymous said...

Usually agree 100% with TD posts but this list seems a bit biased to me...

8- Montreal, Canada

Is this not where TD is from? I can hardly belive that the best looking women would reside here at all.

3- Mykonos, Greece

Bulls**t! A tiny island like this has hardly any people on it, let alone women!

It reminds me of some of my "AFC" friends always claiming that such and such a place is really good only because they managed to meet A SINGLE good looking woman there.

The places on these lists should not be awarded to locations just because you have been successfull once or twice there, but because they have the hottest women.

Though all of TD's wisdom, this post does surpise me

Kahem said...

If you like blonds, norway or sweden.

If you like brunettes those spanish greek bitches are super duper hawt.

If you like red heads, put a gun to your head


Anonymous said...

Like, Kate Beckinsdale I personally think is drop dead gorgeous.
That goes both for her personality as well as her looks. She also has a classy vibe about her that's very hot, and carries her British accent very very well.

She's gorgeous, educated, and comes from class. But let's remember she's still a woman. She left her baby's daddy, an actor, for her director during a movie shoot that all three of them were involved in.

Lifeguard said...

I like this topic. Here's my list based on QUALITY of women that I like:

10. Sydney
9. Montreal
8. Las Vegas
7. Paris
6. Stockholm
5. Miami
4. New York
3. Italy (traveled the whole country)
2. Brazil
1. Los Angeles

I typically like the blond hair/blue eyed women. I would have included some Eastern European cities but there wasn't one that really stood out. For example, in Poland, the women were either REALLY hot and REALLY ugly. Not much consistency.


Goku said...

You know.....maybe Paris Hilton is skinny and practically dont have any tits LOL
But Paris Hilton just amaze me.....I think she just EXUDE SEXUALITY

Cody said...

1. London

2. Boston - the walking city

3. Rio and Salvador

4. Orlando, Florida during summer.. Dude.. Disney lands are the stock horns.

5. Dubai, Uae

Anonymous said...

Montreal all the way !

Kamil said...

LOL .. I wanted to write something like "Hey dude.. check Poland.." and what I saw made me ashamed.. Tyler wrote about a fact that can be abriged like an old good saying: "beauty lays in the eye of beholder" and gave HIS list of best locations. It's Normal that We probably won't agree b'coz everyone of us has his own, unique sense of beauty. Arguing with it is a Total Freakshow..

Anonymous said...

Sweden is definitely tops on my list. The Andalucian province in Spain is also in my top 5-dark haired spanish-arabic beauties. I love LA beauty and relish in it, but there are other dynamics at work here.

Kate Beckinsale is one of the top 5 most beautiful women in the world in my opinion. Her and Rachel McAdams are both very natural beauties that I love and prefer. Fortunately, I know your distaste for smokers and Kate is a chain smoker. Shes's mine.

Nice blog!


Anonymous said...

Got damn your writing skills are unbelieavable, are you a writer too?

When i read your blog it is like i get in a hypnotic state and everything focus on the text. Great job

tffl said...

Nice article.

I like physically fit women, too.

On the topic of people (particularly women) that are afraid of waking up looking like a bodybuilder, I had a realization while watching "Pumping Iron" the other day that actually inspired me in terms of goals and hard work but can be applied to this too: As always when I watch that movie, I was blown away by Arnold's physique (and his natural ability to be in his own reality 100% of the time). I got thinking and realized that it would have taken him ~3500-4000 intense workouts to get where he was physically by the time of filming (he worked out 5-6 times per week since the age of 15), which is a TREMENDOUS amount of hard work, steroids or not.

Of course, there are a lot of parallels with getting good at PU.

Check out Pumping Iron on DVD if you haven't already, it's a great film (albeit semi-fictional at times). It might be interesting for you to see Arnie at roughly the same age as you, too.

Anonymous said...

Tyler, you're right on the money man!

NEW YORK is by far the best...the ratio of man to woman is ridiculous, the proximity of clubs in Manhattan guarantees easy pulls, there are always a batch of new people coming in, and I seems like there are no children or old people in Manhattan! All women, all hot, all young!

You can go to the same bar every week, and you will never ever "sarge out" the place! It's ridiculous.

I can see why people like Stockholm (city of the blondes), but in terms of variety of women, you can't beat New York.

Saad said...

If you loved Mykonos then I know you will love Thessaloniki -- the 2nd largest city in Greece, and IMO the best.

escalator said...

Hey Tyler, when you do visit Stockholm, give me a call. It would be nice to meet you, man.

I like the Scandinavian women, and also those in the baltic region, like Tallin. But I've also seen drop dead beauties from other parts of the world.


Anonymous said...

Awesome dude! I need to start traveling more. I plan to hit Europe in 2010.

Love that u put LA as #1 lol Glad i moved here!

~Danny O

Anonymous said...

LOL at Prague not being on the list.

That's a travesty.

JP said...

Hey, man! I ran into you at the W in Hawaii last night. Thought I'd drop by and send you some greetings.

Anonymous said...

Haven't travelled out of NA but i think phoenix has some definite talent

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I knew I wouldn't be the first one to say this but you got to see Stockholm man, the women are amazing. Another favorite is Warsaw, highly recommended!

Anonymous said...


Please watch this video and share your thoughts. I think this is a very important topic for PUA's alike to learn.


Patrik Ljungkvist said...

Yeah, seriously. SWEDEN!
Im living in norways these days, and the girls here dont even compare.. They'r not as much into fitness or fashion :\ Danish girls also rock.. For real.

Someone also noted that girls in Gothenburg is nicer than girls from Stockholm.. well.. I agree :)

Anyways, cool article as always. Keep it up man!

jlaix said...

Yo, don't forget Jerkwater, USA!

Anonymous said...

I just got back from Stockholm. Stockholm definitely has the most beautiful girls in the world. There are so many gorgeous girls walking around the day, there's almost no reason to go to the clubs. And the girls really dress it up.

The one negative: The nightlife in Stockholm, like some other "major" cities in Europe, is pretty primitive compared to North America.

mooky said...

Cool post.

Now I know why you're not in Ottawa anymore. The chicks here are so average, that when I go to places like Pittsburgh, or Ft Lauderdale, FL, its like WOOOW.

I need to get out of here so bad, lol.

Anonymous said...


Love the thread.

Sweden and Denmark are pretty insane. The girls are CONSISTENTLY hotter, slimmer prettier etc. Danish Guys think British people live in poverty by comparison. You should definitely check out Stockholm and Copenhagen


Anonymous said...

yes.. Sweden.

Lund, Sweden. Come during the school year and be 'blown' away!

Anonymous said...

I think lifeguard is on the right track:

1) Florianópolis, Brazil (done quite a bit of traveling, hands down without a doubt, really could include the South of Brazil in general)
2) Italy (traveled the whole
country, very impressive)
3) Prague, Czech
4) Madrid, Spain
5) Los Angeles, California
6) South Beach Miami, Florida
7) New York, New York
8) Las Vegas, Nevada
9) Montreal, Canada
10)Buenos Aires, Argentina

Anonymous said...

Tallinn Estonia should be somewhere on the top, even though its small the quality is awesome

Anonymous said...

Copenhagen are #1 - no dubt

in the bunch: Italy (basically Milan + rome), Oslo, frieseland in NL,
ibiza in summer..
Stockholm is OK, singapore seemed Ok, too

havent seen tallin russia, and prague

Anonymous said...

I did not read all the comments, but, go check out russian/Moscow beauties.

Russian mafia-))

IvanVR said...

How about Moscow ^-^

You should check it out!

Chriskie said...

Dude, I'm just crying inside that Cape Town isn't on the list.

Not even on the liiiissttt!! :'( ha

Anonymous said...

People who speak of some wonderful l.a. club scene ...

Please let me know which los angeles you're in.

Cause the one in southern california, that Los Angeles, is BRUTAL.

Between the horrible door policies, the incredible inconsistency from week to week ... good luck finding a venue where you can even go to work in.

Hollywood ... GHETTO

Beverly Hills ... handful of venues, good luck getting into the good one.

Is there some hidden l.a. that you know about? Please share

Anonymous said...

Yep, I agree.

I'm from Hamburg/Germany. There are hot women! But you rather spot them in the St. Pauli nightlife.

I suggest you check out "Reeperbahn" in Hamburg - St. Pauli. Do it when you're there. I guess it's a good place for giving seminars... ;-)

Anonymous said...

the tempe-phoenix-scottsdale area is saturated with beautiful women and they like to party down there, a lot.