Tuesday, April 17, 2007



Every time I see Eckhart Tolle I crack up --> little happy man that he is.

In this picture he appears to be clapping his hands or something..... "Everybody be happpppy!!"

Anyway, I just noticed that Sinn has linked to a post of mine from his blog, and in the spirit of reciprocity I'd like to point you guys towards what I thought was a stand-out article on the subject of "The Power Of Now" -- and how it relates to the game.

You can read it Here.

btw, I want to say that I really appreciate everyone who's linked to this blog, as well as everyone who posts comments here.

This has been a sort of experiment in having a major blog that's pure content and drama free, so I've been very surprised and happy with the direction it's taken. I still need all the links I can get, however, so if you have a blog or a site and want to link to any article here definitely feel free.

It's tremendously appreciated. Thanks.



Anonymous said...

i really REALLY respect your work . cant say how much u've influenced my thinking . Not on thinking like you but to think for my self .

almost have to say i love you man .. :)

Anonymous said...

I love you too, bro ;)

MrSpok said...

This blog looks like a PU coaching page for PU top athletes. It is not as much as technique orientated but more philo/psychology blog that makes people walk further and aim higher in their life.

It reminds me of a coach in the locker before a big fight, explaining
not how to do, but how to feel while doing it.

In my opinion you are Al Pacino in this blog in every movie he has played.

Anyway I feel a strange connection with your work knowing we are born the same year and that you are an ocean away.

I hope you continue to,
be inspiring, always.


leo. said...

hey, when I got my webpage I'll be linking you!

that's really cool, cause I found out about your blog on Tynan's
awesome site too.

Wulfen said...


I've been following your writings since you were posting in mASF. I've always said that your best skill is the ability to take complex emotions and thoughts and lay them out in a simple and understandable way. After all, you're a philosopher :)

It's awesome to see how after pickup you've entered the field of personal development, and are able to explain in the same way all these concepts that lead us to a change in our own identity, in our beliefs. Now from higher up, you are showing us the big picture, where pickup techniques are only a small part of it.

I read your blog regularly because it's one of the few places where you can go *beyond pickup*, yet still keeping your feet on the ground, maintaining new-ageness and other personal development fancyness to a minimum, keeping it real.

In the age of mainstream sarging, with gajillions of forums popping up all around to exchange the latest killer routines or peacocking props, it's more than refreshing to read insights about identity, purpose, congruency, drive, transformation. This is the core, the rest is just the surface.

So this is a global thanks for all the great ideas I've learnt from you through your blog.



Anonymous said...

Tyles, (hehe)
I feel the same way as these other dudes, but I wish you wouldnt downplay your skills though! I bet you are just the fuckin man in the most ridiculous way. I was at the sydney mini-seminar thing, if you can take over a room like that the way you did, as if it was nothing, you must be an absolute machine. You know, part of being genuine is being honest, being humble when you are the king and you know it is a lie!!
Neways, watevr..

Sting said...

He looks like Mr. Bean, with a bit more meat on his bones.

one of your greatest talents is the pictures you choose to go alongside the articles here! seriously - hot chicks or funny little things... always on the money.


Tyler said...

Thanks guys, that's much much appreciated.

Mrspok -- love Al Pacino -- huge compliment, thanks.

Wulfen, thanks bro -- I know you've been around a long time so to hear that is really great.

Also great to hear that Herbal hooked me up. Awesome.

Sydney seminar -- damn, if I could be that cool 100% of the time I think I'd be the world's bigest pimp. I think that as time goes on I'll become that guy more and more often.

Sting, thanks bro -- I'm trying to keep it Maxim Magazine for intelligent people over here.


Reggy said...

This has turned into such an interesting and thought-provoking blog.

I've been watching a few more Tolle clips on YouTube. This one especially gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. It's great seeing a man at peace.


Dirk said...

One of the major factors that depends on how I can 'be in the moment' is how clear my mind is and how energetic I feel. A lot of factors influence this, but one is absolutely diet. I sometimes see people talking about 'diet', but never about specifics. What do you recommend for obtaining optimal health and energy, and therefore a far more easier time to be in the moment?

Cody said...


Anonymous said...

About "The power of now"...
I'm an RSD alumni, and a very proud one, and reading this blog I found about the book "The power of now" and since Tyler recomended it, I took his advice as a "Faith dogma" I was about buying it, but since I'm an "" member I searched it as an audio book and I got it... Amazing stuff! Sometimes too profound for me, and since the book is read by the author (His voice almost puts you in trance!) you can get a strong feeling on the content. I found that this kind of book is a hard one on audio book format (I discovered that the mere fact of being holding a book while reading it, is a powerfull atention retainer)but it has so many shattering truths, that you'll be almost overwhelmed at the begining, but you'll see that the book is pure gold! A must have in your library! Thanks for that piece of info Tyler, and keep up suggesting the books that you find to be worthy of reading.