Monday, May 07, 2007

The 30 Day Challenge

It's total domination out in here Honolulu Hawaii.

You might call it straight pimpin', but we call it a COORPORATE TAKEOVER.......

I've been back out there pounding the guns, coming back stronger than ever. My buddy Olcay is out with me every night and we're straight ridiculous.

I'm keeping it one hundred percent "Student of the game" mindset. No ego allowed here. I'm doing it newbie-mission-style like back in the day and paying my dues.

Forget what I did in the past, I'm not riding off of that. Honestly I don't even care about it. The 2007 is all about the NOW.

It only grows stronger.... It only gets MORE INTENSE@!!

Now why have I got my swagger back??

Well, I've just come off of a glorious "30 Day Challenge".

What is the 30 Day Challenge you might ask??

It goes back to a thread on RSD Nation where a Real Social Dynamics bootcamp alumni named "Speedy" (because he flies fighter jets) asked about whether or not it'd be worth it to go out seven nights in a row.

I responded that it's best to hit it up for thirty, he followed through, and the rest is history........ another pimp was born.

We left the thread as a "sticky" up at the of the forum and since then we've had a few guys each month who've taken up the challenge and pulled it through.

What's so off-the-chains awesome about going out for thirty nights straight??

It's all about the momentum............

The first week is a bit tough. You get run down from the lack of sleep, especially if you're up early for work.

Stick it through. By the end of the thirty days you will be FIENDING to get out there. It will become the most anticipated aspect of your day.

Of course, you've got to have a plan about it......

Sun-Wed you want to just hit it up for maybe an hour a night or so at a happy-hour or something. If the club nights are slow in your town you just go *wherever* and talk to *whoever* you can find.

The Thurs-Sat are the nights of glory. We call Saturday the SUPERBOWL because that's when the hottest venues are open out here.

You really get to see the payoff for going out all week when you hit the weekend, because instead of shaking off the rust you're right out the gate and GOOD TO GO.

You'll find that talking to girls becomes AUTOMATIC. You start getting funnier and laughing all the time, because every night you're out laughing your ass off and having fun. You become happier. Your dick grows like an extra inch. It's awesome.

If you're a newbie and you need to make little missions for yourself to customize your "Criteria For Success" factor, just be creative and make some up.

I know that while reading this you're probably feeling like an outsider, almost like "Wow it would be soooo cool if I had the motivation to do that......"

Look, habits are all about momentum. I remember back in the day when I'd see my friends working out and I'd have all these excuses for it -- or feel like I could never be the type of guy to do that.

Once you just "get it over with" for the first few days it gets internalized and you're golden.

Seriously, do this.

Yeah it's not the most balanced lifestyle but it's only THIRTY DAYS!!

There's never been a SINGLE GUY in the history of the 30 Day Challenge who did it and said "I wish I wouldn't have done it....."

Hit it up and post a thread on RSD Nation about your progress.

We'll be happy to offer any feedback and help in any way that we can.



Sting said...

Oh, your just a social robot, you.


much love,

Anonymous said...

Tyler inspiring as always. :)

Anonymous said...

I do the 30 day challenge but isn't it a waste if I'm not approaching?

Should I practice approaching consistently before taking on this challenge?

Greg said...

dude you can't do the 30 day without approaching girls. just walk up to them and say something!ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD

Anonymous said...

I really thought it would be easier than this but I guess thats the challenge. Im gonna fking open open open, whatever will be will be!

luppin said...

Tyler i like what you mentiond about the student of the game mentality.

More often then not, after having 1 good night i would identify myself as the MASTER. It definately feels good in the moment but what i find the next time i go out is that there is this reluctance to get out there. More commonly its this fear of having to approach, and this goes abck to what you said about the ego defence mechanisms.

I never realised and looked at it in this way before but now that i know, im just kicking myself. Anywho, thanks for the post, it was very inciteful.


Anonymous said...

lol The Don MAGIC Juan!



*Shazam said...

That's badass Tyler.

What have you learned from this 30-day challenge?

Sinc said...

I used what you said to start off with making gym/working out a habit...

Now with respect to Approaching ...

The problem with a 30 day challenge when you still haven't started approaching properly is you end up making "getting frustrated staring at others" a habit
(which doesn't seem like a good outcome)...

Any thoughts?
Maybe a simple game plan that would work for a newbie?

Tyler said...

Man, I learned a TON... I got like this massive indifference that goes beyond what I had previously... I'm out by myself and I just feel an urge to do approaches, which I never really had before.

It's really something you've got to experience for yourself. It's so simple and yet so few people follow through.


Anonymous said...

"The problem with a 30 day challenge when you still haven't started approaching properly is you end up making "getting frustrated staring at others" a habit
(which doesn't seem like a good outcome)...

Any thoughts?
Maybe a simple game plan that would work for a newbie? "

Yeah, commit to a certain number of approaches per night. Also make them managable and achievable, like make the first 10 just asking for the time or directions then leaving. Make the next 10 asking for directions, then continue chatting... etc.

Break it down into managable steps. Also DO IT WITH A FRIEND (wingman). It gets really really fun, believe it or not.

Casimir said...

How do you handle day2's and harem management when doing the 30 day challenge?

Anonymous said...

i did this last summer, except not for 30 days but for 60 days, with 1 day off every week.
like you said, i don't regret any second of doing that and thinking back it was one of the most intense times of my life. your post made me feel like wanting to do it again and i guess i will be soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I did the 30 day challenge but my dick did not grow that much.

What did I do wrong?

Is there some special technique so that it will grow one inch?

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything specific with regards to the challenge or is just a matter of going out every day for 30 days?


Anonymous said...

it`s is something about about this article, which is Agressive, sexy and focused... Pounding guns and another Cooporate takeover, yeah...

I could go for a powerfuck just reading it


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

I'm on day 17 of "the challenge."

And, as the article says, there is NOTHING I regret about doing this other than not doing it sooner.

I'll probably mosey on over to the RSD forum and post my results in a few days (nothing short of spectacular).

Have fun,

Dangerous said...

just finished the 30 days not to long ago. thank you for the continued inspiration through your articles that have helped in getting myself back out there.


p.s. you have come a long way from your days of AMOGing every mixed set within sight.

Pinnacle said...

I'm almost there:

21 Days - Pick Up Is Now A Neurological Habit

21 days is an important milestone.