Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Back In Honolulu.......

I've been back in Honolulu for two weeks now and I'm loving it.

The last few months I spent in Brazil, Argentina, and then Australia doing the Real Social Dynamics tour of glory. It's great to be back.

I was flying in from Sydney and my passport is just totally shot. It's been with me since 2003 and it's the entire booklet is filled up with stamps, but not only that -- on my way out of the Sydney airport I found out that it wasn't scanning properly.

As I was landing in Honolulu I wanted to go home sooooooooooooo bad, and I was looking at my house as I flew over the island just fucking FIENDING to get back -- still wondering if I'd clear customs.

On my way through I was ecstatic to find out that it scanned perfectly on the American passport scanners, so I got through no prob and made my way home. I'll be getting a new passport this month FOR SURE.

Anyway, as I landed I remembered how clean the air is here. The air in Hawaii is phenomenal, and as soon as you arrive in the open-air airport you just know that you're here.

Oftentimes I'm asked why I live in Honolulu as opposed the home base back in Los Angeles, and the reason is that I try to make use of the outdoor facilities here every time I allow myself an afternoon off.

Usually I surf about twice a week, and the water here is warm and clear. The waves are POUNDING -- like off the hook awesome.

If you've never been surfing or bodyboarding in real waves, you've got to do it.

It's a life changing experience. The power of the ocean is UNREAL. It pounds on you and thrashes you and will kill you if you're not careful.

You see those surfers on the video and they make it look easy, but in reality if you fall off the board in some of those waves it's a serious hazard. These guys often go under for like 2-3 minutes at a time and have to hold their breath.

When you get thrown under waves like that you just get tossed around and dragged along the bottom. It hits you HARD and it just makes you become OBSESSED with conquering the power of it.

It's seriously fun, for some weird reason..........

I've also been out swimming with a pack of dolphins since I've been here, and visited the other islands Maui and Kauii.

I bumped into Pierce Brosnan (aka -- James Bond) while I was in Kauii, wearing a dorky khaki outfit with a safari hat and sandles.

It was pretty bizarre to see DOUBLE-O-SEVEN feeding his kids icecream, but it also taught me the value of dressing like a chode when I go out if I'm in need of privacy.

The highlight of Kauii was the Napali Cliffs, which is where they shot Jurrasic Park and King Kong.

It's basically like being in a cartoon.......

In Maui the highlight was driving the Hana Highway and the roads up North of Lahaina. These roads are running along the sides of the mountain ranges, and if you drive more than a foot or two to the right you fall down the cliff and die.

There are all these scattered isolated little villages inside the roadways, which most people are too scared (or smart...) to drive.

I was actually with my girlfriend and commenting how scary the roads are, and we looked at the roadmap and noticed the "Insurance is not valid on these parts of the roads" right on the spot that we were driving.

We were like "Ummmmm, yeah that explains it...."

I later took my mother on this same trip, and basically shit a brick while I drove her through these ridiculously trecherous roads.

My mom reads this blog every day, incidentally, and that's her with me in the photo right here...

Hi mom!!

I haven't been to the Big Island yet, but I want to go there to see the volcanoes. There's actually a huge volcano right behind my house but it's extinct and I want to go and see a LIVE one with lava spewing out of it and all that.

Anyway, this is a great place and it's been good for me in terms of getting work done. That's really the main reason I'm here.

I do a 15 hour workday 5 days a week, and a 7 hour workday on the weekends.

The eight hours I take away from work twice a week I use as "HIGH QUALITY LEISURE TIME" and hang out in the types of places you see in these pics -- doings all sorts of outdoor activities and such.

Staying in and watching television wouldn't be a high enough quality leisure time to keep me feeling good and working at that level the rest of the week.

Could you imagine only having off two little shots of time off every week and using it to WATCH TV?!?!?!

Any of you guys who still watch TV, seriously, throw that shit in the garbage.

The other time off I get is running bootcamps every other weekend, which I LOVE -- and also, I live directly in front of the ocean with my work area out of the balcony so that makes the long hours a bit easier than if I were in, say, a cubicle.

Recently I re-did the "30 Day Challenge" which was also my first time away from work in a while. You guys call going out to chat up girls as "requiring dedication"?!?! Y'all need to get a real job!!

Anyway, I figure I'm living the dream out here.

I have to work hard for it, and I have more responsibility on me than a guy my age ought to have to deal with -- but I've set up a life of my own choosing and I'm happy for having accomplished that.

Hopefully it encourages others to do the same.



Anonymous said...

Hey could you please describe how is a typical work day for you?.

Hawaii sounds smooth...

Anonymous said...

Living the life bro. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Whoa... you've really buffed up.

fun blog update as always!

chemeng said...

thats pretty sweet. work hard play harder. sounds counterintuitive right? haha, but it works!

Greg said...

yo man, i'm reading eckhart tolle's the power of now, and i'm liking it. thanks for the book recommendations from your site. reading iz gud. what are some more quick recommendations? i just finished a mindtrip of a book called the wind-up bird chronicle about a japanese man who suspects his wife of cheating on him and must harness hidden neural powers to solve the mystery. very cool. anyway, hit us all up with more book recommendations!

Matt said...
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Urban said...

this is an excellent standard for living. much appreciated.

YseUp said...

Vanuatu is probably the closest place where you can see live volcanoes. (Though it's near Australia) Some of my friends did medical training over there.

Apparantly the diving is amazing if you're into that. It's also the place where they invented bungy jumping with vines.

Anonymous said...

15 hour workdays adds up to a ton, What're you working now that the blueprint is being releaseed?

Anonymous said...

Tyler i wanted to ask you if you could write a post on your blog about 'how to maintain a long term relationship', well your techniques because i read some of your masf post's where you were talking about things like what to do in an argument, etc etc, how you got any specific advice on how to maintain a LTR and keep it lasting long.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this one Ty. Hawaii sounds like a GREAT place to relax in.

Matt said...

I find the way you live your life fascinating and inspiring. You are a good guy and you have a good influence on all who you interact with.

I have created my own Blog about my interactions and encourage you to check it out.


Max said...

Tyler whats up bro... I am interested as well as others apparently on how exactly you spend these 15 hours. Im just 17 and am about to grad. high school so I definitely don't work anything remotely to that level... anyways, looking forward to hearing the schedule

Machismo said...

Tyler, you are looking bigger in your pics.

are you bodybulding(boo!) or just weight lifting?


Anonymous said...

I have always found your posts insightful and inspiring. You have a special talent, there's no doubting that.

However, I don't beleive you can do 15 hours of quality work everyday.It's too much, assuming you sleep 7 hours, it leaves you 2 with just 2 hours..
Surely, there are downsides living in a island like that. If you are going there to write a book.. cool.You could do it anywhere. I warn guys taking the leap. It also takes a certain kind of person to be constantly on the go..I probably would be bored to death after a couple of weeks, but would love an holiday there..

By the way, Mount etna in sicily is still spewing red hot lava.. as I am writing..

Nice pictures..and a great blog..

Tyler said...

Thanks guys......

On the 15 hour workday, I'm in the first five years of a business which means that it's necessary. I would never do it my whole life for any amount of money.

I'll definitely post more about my schedule in the next few weeks.

The working out thing, after the book "The Game" came out I started lifting weights 5 times a week and eating 5000 calories per day. This resulted in me getting both muscular and fat -- going from 145 to 200 pounds in six months.

My strength is at an all time high right now which was my goal. I basically just wanted to be as strong and big as humanly possible, mainly because I had so much rage at the time and so I grew a beard and long hair so I could be like a fukkin wildman.

I'm actually about to begin my cut on May 14th, and should hopefully be fully ripped about 3-4 months afterwards.

My plan is that for
"Transformations" I was at my bulkiest with super long hair, so for "The Blueprint" DVDs that will come out in another year I want to be lean with short hair -- just to keep with the theme of "personal transformation" in general.


Max said...

You are a fukkin wildman. A sexy fukkin wildman.

Dirk said...

Hehe.. I watched Super Size Me yesterday. Didn't know it could be so inspiring to some people ;-).

Kind of surprises me that you can work that many hours when you eat that much. In my experience if I eat less, I can work more, because my body doesn't waste energy by digesting food that isn't necessary anyway and doesn't need energy to build body mass. Btw.. if you have the right diet (focus on a clean body and a right pH level) and lifestyle you only need 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night and feel more energetic than ever and then 15 hours of work a day is def. possible (especially when you love the work you do).

Anonymous said...

When looking at those pictures of you swimming with dolphin's, enjoying the outdoor's it's like 'your living the dream everyone else wants to live' i wish i could just pack my bag's and go on a journey of life and just 'let go' like you. You seem to be financially stable and you have time to live life. It's very inspiring for the rest of us, to be able to travel around the world and make your dreams come true, especially creating something out of nothing. Your another success story from napolian hill 'think and grow rich', you really need to write us a detailed plan on how we too can achieve this.

chickcrackguru said...

Your life sucks, lol

Good on you Tyler, where do you want to be in 10 years time?

Anonymous said...

Whats with the hat bro?

LOL keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


What is the 30 days challenge?


Henry said...

You made your whole passport ordeal sound like some amazing adventure, made me think, "yeah that's a great way to look at life!"

Anonymous said...

Hey what's your plan for getting ripped?

Anonymous said...

Hi, why did you take your post after the honolulu one off, the one about trusting people and if people are genuine with you etc.
I read it once and it inspired some introspection on my part!
Great post.

Tyler said...

Oh yeah, I wasn't done editing that one and it was late last night -- so I just threw up the Nick Chan instead because it was faster.

I'll throw that one up on Tuesday. Thanks man.


Twoprime said...

hey guy,
I live on Kauai, and you can see the plus side after having been here. Yeah Pierce Brosnin lives here, owns a house in Haena....if you ever come here again I would be happy to show you some other cool places you may have missed.
You can Pm me on your forum under 'twoprime' and I will send you my cell. Anyway I think that is awesome that you are in Hawaii.
Very different reality than LA (where i am originally from) isn't it?

Agape said...

Hey Tyler, I think you are an absolute genius! I too took philosophy and majored in World Religions. However, I started out as a Bio-Psych student and became obsessed with the "Why's" and "How's" of social and spiritual conflict. I really enjoyed your article about "Boundaries" and being walked on. I myself, do not feel I assert myself enough and found the article just fascinating. I would love, love to talk to you more in conversation or perhaps even someday meet or take one of your workshops. I live in Eastern Canada. Peace. (