Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Community Purists VS Info Marketers

To me there's a clear cut division with the teachers in this community -- "Pickup Purists" and "Info Marketers".

Have I got your attention?? Good.

Alright, so first up here's how I personally split up the two groups in my head.

1-In this for love of the art, or love of seeing how the art changes people's lives for the better.

2-Speaks only in terms of what's he's personally field tested and he knows gets results.

3-Spends his time getting better and better at picking up girls and teaching other guys how to do it.

4-Takes his time creating products as he considers their quality to be a reflection of who he is as a person.

5-Ultimate goal is mastery with women and the self.


1-In this to capitalize on a trend that the real players have built up as a way of making money.

2-Takes the theories he's read from the real players and mixes and mashes it into some sort of incoherent mess, or just invents theories in his basement -- and doesn't care if 1000s of guys will be out there embarrassing themselves using his unfieldtested garbage.

3-Spends the majority of his time trying to figure out new ways of marketing or how to create "scarcity" or "hype" for his products.

4-Pumps out products like there's no tommorow. Any magic-pill sounding angle that you can think of, he's probably already got a product for it.

5-Ultimate goal is mastery over the perceptions and wallets of other men.

OK so I'm going to break down how this whole thing plays out.

Basically you've just a small handful of guys in this community that are like hardcore into this stuff.

These are the guys who are just out there all the time banging the guns.

I'm talking about the players who on a Friday night love being out at a club clowning around with their friends and messing around with the girls.

Some of these guys do it for ego, some of them do it to get laid, and some of them do it purely for the sake of professionalism and being able to walk their own talk.

To me all of that's besides the point -- AT LEAST THEY'RE FOR REAL.

So for example, if I have a new realization about something there's maybe a FEW of the well-known guys out there who I can call up and who'll be enthusiastic to talk about it.

That's because they love this stuff. It's a personal hobby and talking about women and self-mastery on a high level is just something that they're usually fascinated in.

Of course, the real experienced guys have a sort of different way about talking about this stuff. That's because when you've been in it for a long time, directly talking about "picking up girls" can be counter-productive in that it takes away from the naturalness of it.

The way you talk starts to be more often in terms of personal strength and mastery over the self and clowning around and just LOVING life. This stuff instantly translates when you're out there meeting women, so the way it's spoken about it gets to be on a sort of higher level, so to speak.

Point being, they've got a love and respect for the authenticity and realness of this art.

On the other hand there's the other 95% of this community -- the "Info Marketers".

These are the guys who proudly boast about writing their books out in two weeks, outsourcing or copycatting all their content, overpacking in way too many students on their live programs, etc etc...

They don't really have an interest in getting good with women or getting better at teaching it, but rather, they're super interested in artificially inflating their perceived value by manufacturing magic-pills and scarcity and hype.

Believe it or not, there's actually an entire community of "info marketers" that's bigger and far more lucrative than the dating community, where guys are taught principles like...:

-Anybody can be a guru on any topic!! Even your Uncle Bob who hasn't left his house in six years!!

-You can "outsource" everything. You can even have a ghostwriter write up your book!!

-Talent is nothing!! Marketing is everything!!

-Any price can be justified as long as you explain the value!! If you want to charge 50k for a product, you just tap into people's greed-glands and explain how it's worth it, and you'll get your price!!

So in the same way that you guys in this community are taught principles like "Go approach lots of women", the people in the info-marketing community are taught brilliant ideas like "Go read up on x,y,z dating company, repackage the ideas out of their products and sell it."

I remember listening to a clip of one of their seminars and there was a special guest who spoke about how he used to be a hard working doctor until he learned to market himself at 60K per session to dying patients on the premise that he could "cure any disease".

Apparently a terminally ill patient is the perfect client because they're willing to mortage all their possessions since they'll have no use for them if they don't continue to live.

He now works only 5 hours a week, and by exploiting the massive desperation of his dying clients he now gets paid 10X more than an average doctor to do the exact same job.

The whole crowd was clapping like he was a real hero........ Nice.

IMO these guys live a truly pathetic existence. They have no real value to offer to the world, so they base their identity instead on their ability to create artificial hype.

The funny thing is that there's never a free lunch.......

It might SOUND like these chodes are living it up, but if you ever meet them in real life they're invariably carrying around all sorts of negative, self-hating energy in their posture and voice.

They're usually fat and out of shape as an unconscious manifestation of their self-loathing.

There's a sense of true pride that you get when you know that you're offering the best of yourself to the world, and these people will NEVER experience it.

They'll hate on the guys who really contribute to the world, rationalizing that they're suckers or whatever -- because real contributers represent everything that they can never be.

I personally have a great deal of respect for a few of the marketers out there because they have the same passion for what they do as I do.

I'm friends with a few of them and there are others whose work I admire.

Marketing, IMO, can be a very cool field and there's a lot of guys at the cutting edge of it who are doing very cool things.

It's just that just like in our community, the same sets of ideas that can help a truly decent guy to get better at presenting himself to prospective women can also be used by massive weirdos to temporarily get their foot in the door.

To me, marketing should be something you look into as a means to the end of getting people who really need something to act in their own best interests -- not as a way of tapping into an existing movement that was created by people who really care about it and dilluting it with bullshit.

Anyway, these dudes pretty much view our community as the new penis pills -- their latest scam.

As an end-user you've got to recognize Info Marketers as being totally ridiculous, and basically just ignore them.

How do you tell what's real and what's fake??

It always comes down to the same thing...... COMMON SENSE.

Take a company like MuscleTech with fitness supplements. They've got a lineup of products like Protein, Creatine, NO2, and fat burners that are probably real.


Because these are scientifically researched compounds that ALL companies are able to buy in bulk from major manufacturers and slap their own labels onto.

Of course it's likely their products are probably more or less the same as the generic brands, but at least they're the real deal.

Then you've got their new products like Gakic, Leukic, Aplodan, Anator, etc, that are obviously just absurd.

I can just picture their out-of-shape marketing execs sitting around a table like........

"Hmmmmm... We've already maximized our sales of all the existing supplements... How do we get our dividends up for the shareholders this year?? I know, let's invent RANDOM products like ANATOR!! Genius!!"

Again, this is just common sense.

There is just NO WAY that a company is going to spend MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS to research and develop a new product when there's absolutely no reason to whatsoever.

MuscleTech knows that they can come up with literally ANYTHING and people will snap it up if they put the right power-words into it.

With Anator they claim that it "increases genetic potential" and with Apolodan they claim that it "activates 80% of new muscle fibers that were previously inactive".

Why do they make these claims??

Because if some skinny hard-gainer dude is told his whole life "You're being held back by a weak genetic potential" and then he stumbles onto a product that claims to SPECIFICALLY ADDRESS HIS ISSUE he's instantly going to need it.

It's the same thing with the info marketer chodes in our fledgling "Success With Women" industry.

They basically just tune into the main sticking points that the average guy runs into when he's trying to improve and specifically panders to them.

The marketers will make claims like "I've spent day and night for the last five years coming up with this material to get FLOODS OF WOMEN......."

The thing is, just like with MuscleTech, they have ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to spend years and years of their lives going out non-stop to come up with new content when 90% of this community is comprised of clueless newbies who won't know any better.

Like, you see a guy like myself who actually went out 7 nights a week for several years and you've got to realize something -- I'M KIND OF A WEIRD DUDE.

I did what I did because frankly, I was frigging neurotic. The average guy would never go through what I went through because he's coming from a totally different mindset.

So you look at the info marketers and you've got to ask yourself "Did this guy REALLY go out non-stop for the last year coming up with all this HOT NEW MATERIAL??"

Chances are a lot more likely that he's been in his basement studying how to make more cash, not out picking up girls non-stop.

Again, this stuff is just common sense. It's obvious.

I remember when one of the most hardcore info marketer chodes released a product that supposedly had like 50 new openers in it. I was so psyched because I was like "Damn I'll have all these kickass new openers to play around with!!"

When I read the book I saw that the openers basically sucked and that he'd made them up. It was like "Here's the compliment opener... Use a compliment... Blah blah..."

I had to laugh at myself. In going out 7 nights a week I came up with a truly HOT new opener maybe once every two months. To come up with 50 would take about 10 years.

It should have been obvious......

This industry is really just getting raped and pillaged these days.

Beyond the products, even the WORKSHOPS have started to go the "sell-out" route in recent years.

Every single instructor in Real Social Dynamics has been poached on by other dating companies, all offering them more money because they allow a higher student/instructor ratio. I see this and I'm thinking "How are you going to have a REAL SOCIAL DYNAMICS instructor teaching a method he doesn't believe in?? What does that say about your company and methodology if ANYONE can teach it??"

Still, that's the direction that the workshop industry has gone in, where anyone who can approach a girl and get her giggling can teach for a specific "brand" or whatever.

It's only going to go further down the same path in years to come.......

As time goes on the dating workshop industry will likely become a lot like the personal trainer industry, where you can be at the gym and see fat and out of shape personal trainers giving advice on fitness and nutrition -- because anyone who can pass a written test can be a physical trainer.

Of course, just like with personal trainers the main difference will be in the price variance. In the same way that there's Olympic or NFL trainers who charge a lot for their expertise as well as trainers who charge very little, the workshop industry will likely be the same.

I personally think it's a good thing because the size of the industry increasing means that the AWARENESS is increasing.

For me personally, it means that the whole dating-coach industry becomes accepted and mainstream (good thing I don't rely on canned material).

I'm also curious to see if new standards will be established.

There's ZERO possibility of a non-biased governing body, so they'll obviously be informal.

Time will tell...

Anyway, on the good side there ARE some really solid guys teaching this stuff out there.

There's always going to be at least a FEW guys who have a true love for it and step up to carry the torch.

I personally think that the standards have a decent chance of improving as we continue to move towards a more natural, reality-based concept of the game -- where magic pill myths are continuing to be debunked and with better/sharper models of what pickup is supposed to be there's going to be better and better guys coming into the mix.

For some reason I'm always optimistic about things, even in the face of a lot of counter-evidence.

My beliefs about the direction of this community are purely positive. I guess that's the only way to keep myself motivated.

I personally just have a massive love for this area -- what it's done for me and what it's done for other people -- and I love to see it continue to grow.

Keep it REAL!!



Anonymous said...

well put.

completely true I see it every where and it makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Did not know that there are actually pills for penis enlargement out there.

Great tip. Thanks dude.

Anonymous said...

IMO your company is right at the top of the pack in terms of integrity. i subscribe to all the major companies' newsletters and they are filled with all kinds of marketing and magic pill bullshit and lack solid content.

i find it pretty ironic that you guys got slammed in that book for being ingenuine, when its author is now releasing an inferior product that he constantly hypes with copious emails of which containing no solid free content.

he did you guys a favour really, cause you are automatically going to get customers who are capable of thinking for themselves and making their own decisions...and after comparing products, i think its a pretty safe bet they'll stick with you. go RSD!

Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice how convenient it is of Tyler to covertly utilize the rapport-building/persuasion method of establishing a common enemy to increase rapport and loyalty of
his customers on the verge of 2 new product releases AND using
the word FEW several times without explicitly including himself
in there to build scarcity mentality and to indirectly lead the reader into thinking he's one of the FEW that are genuine. Well, marketing is marketing.

TheChaos said...

Walter Benjamin said something about mass-reproductibility of things: they lose their aura, the magic spell around it and an art-work won't be that impressive anymore.
I think it happens the same on everything you do, if you want to do more to sell it, you'll lose your soul, but if you do what you like and don't care about "reproductibility", you'll not only help someone, but you'll also evolve and be a better person.

I still think that it's about time to the seduction community get togheter and form an union or a guild, with indistry standards and regulation, so the real lovers could be protected against the storming poor product offers from the bad marketeers. (you must agree there are some good guys with good marketing out there)

And one thing a professor once said about selling products: If you don't have a real good product, if you don't have resources, time of money for researching a strong product, then spend everything on marketing, you'll surely sell it.

Boy Wonder said...

Hey Tyler!

Interesting and exciting subject as usual. Can't wait for the other 3-4 articles for you tor you to finish..:)

I wouldve liked for you to mention a couple of other companies you think are "Community Purists" and which one we should watch out for..

Thank you for your time and dedication to truly helping us understand the world and social dynamics..!

Boy Wonder - Denmark!

Anonymous said...

Makes a lot of sense. Though, you got to fall for this bullshit a couple of times before you truly see for yourself that it is bullshit. Reminds me of a product "Dual Action Cleanse" to detoxify my body which I bought because of a TV commercial. Teached me definitely to use some common sense the next time I buy something like that :-). Same thing goes here.. people fall for it a couple of times, but eventually the majority will wind up with the best stuff out there that will really help them a step further.

spitkicker said...

Again, a brilliant post. The internet marketing community is just as jaded and just as self-serving as the pickup one. In fact the two are eerily similar on many levels.

Just look at what those guys (there were 4 of them) did to that pickup author's reputation (1.4 million in a day -but at what cost?)

Now, having said this, there is a little bit of a fault in your article..

Muscletech has a bad rep, i know. But you are incorrect in lumping them together with the 'bad guys'

You see, they are innovators. I know that the bodybuilding community (i've been in it for 8 years) enjoys bashing it as a newbie trap and an empire.

But the bottom line is...

Cell tech was the first combination of alpha liphoic acid, dextrose, and creatine, and the fact is that it is THE SINGLE MOST copied (and effective) product in the industry.

GAKIC and LEUKIC both are science backed and i've experienced good results with the former, despite a hefty price tag.

They utilize effective advertorial direct marketing, incredible graphic design, celebrity sponsorship, etc.


they are producing innovative, high quality products.

Now, do they take advantage of newbies?

Sort of.

But, they are a legit company who has advanced the industry and continue to push the envelope with products.

Every now and then, one of them actually raises the bar.

They charge premium prices and put out top quality products (on average).

The muscletech bashing bandwagon is not a good one to be on, as they are simply the market leader and innovator and have built an empire.

Their commision structure with GNC, however, is pushing it..

And lastly, yes, i agree. .TC is a big part of many bad things in the community and is a marketer of the lowest form.

See you this summer ty

Patrik said...

You are the man, Style and Thundercat are .. Yeah. Positive - Rrrright! :D Anyway, for real, I know you have realized the massive amount of value you are giving to the world. Please keep doing that, the appreciation is tremendous.

You are -changing- my life. Until the day I meet you on a bootcamp, peace.

Anonymous said...

It's funny you give NO2 as an example of a real supplement (it's caffiene). It goes to show even people aware of this kind of thing are victimized by it.

SeVenight said...

Good stuff!

This is why authenticity is so important. Seth Godin has this book, "All Marketers Are Liars", where he talks about how marketing is designed to tell a story (a "lie") about a what the customer can expect from the product. When the customer believes the lie, he buys. But the catch is that in order for the customer to KEEP coming back, the lie has to be true. So the companies that last, are the ones that LIVE their lie. Everything about their business is congruent with the message they sell. It's something they are, not something they do...


Equal said...

Good post and I totally agree. I think Neil has ruined the community. I don't think he meant to but he started the crazy level of marketing. I am not a big fan on all these bootcamps either - but i know maybe some guys need them.

I think the best material is still in the archives.


Anonymous said...

Interesting to get a post from this angle, Tyler, keeping things moving!

I think there is something inherent in the community that makes it a fertile ground for fairweather salesmen and profiteers.

The public status (i.e forum and blog posts) of much of the definitive material, the 'secret society'-esque set up of the whole community, along with the fact that this information is still more unknown - and at the same time more true - than mainstream stuff, gives anyone who's done some reading the chance to become an 'expert'.

Combine these factors with the enterprising mentality that the community fosters and *voila*...

Time will tell of course, and as you said, there is no such thing as a free lunch --- these prices get paid in other ways.

JG said...

Interesting stuff dude. I myself make a living doing the copywriting for all kinds of products (some self-improvement stuff too), and if people come to me with some bullshit they've re-packed or recycled, I tell them to fuck off.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Tyler. But it's hardly surprising - just about every industry. PUA will evolve the same way by the looks of things.

It is also true that a competent business will alwasys of business. I also see a bit of resentment in the post..about others stealing your ideas to set up shop etc

I am sure, there are enough for everyone, though. When push comes to shove..RSD will win; as it offers good value, it gets better reviews etc etc..

You have to admit, these oppportunist marketers are also enterprising. You can't blame them -these ideas cannot be patented.

Although, I don't suspect your good intentions in the post - educating newbies on potential pitfalls -I feel RSD is a business just everyone else - They would want to maximise their positioning to get market share...principles, aside.

Tyler -- Real Social Dynamics said...

Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

About which companies I think are good...........

IMO the ones that offer in-field workshops are all at least decent (if not solid), as well as the guys they're known to hang out with.

That's not to say I agree with everything they're about or that I'm hanging out with them, but at least they're walking their own talk.

Even Neil, despite that he's been aggressive towards competitors, has his own sets of ideas and walks his own talk.

What I'm referring towards in this article is more the hoardes guys who very literally do not go out, do not talk to girls, do not have sex, and do not belong in this industry.

One of the reasons I wanted talk about it openly was because this has been happening more and more, and I want there to be an article that people can point towards and say "OK this is what's going on... No big deal, I'll just ignore it..."


Anonymous said...

always fun with blog updates....

but obviously you're indirectly saying how RSD is THE REAL DEAL, while most of your competitors products promotes magic pill thinking etc.

Now if I had never heard of RSD and visited this blog and would read stuff like, let me quote you, "it's SIIIIIIIIIICK" "BRAINS ARE GOING TO FRY!" etc. on Transformations I would have probably put you in the same basket as the rest.

However seeing your past material I KNOW it's the real deal. Foundations beats most competition with marginal and that's why i'm excited about your future products, and that's the only reason.

Because frankly, hyping shit up does not bite on me. Just as I never even bother with Sucess Story Confessions. What dating coach company does not have 39567 costumer sucess storys all over their website? And still the majority of the stuff out there blows, HARD.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Thundercat took a down!

Yeah, I read Art of Approaching and as I was reading all I could think was, "This one is not field tested, and neither is this...hmmmm...this one looks like it could work with the right frame...this one is not field tested."


P.S. What is your view on David DeAngelo? I mean, he didn't strike me as a good PUA and I heard he isn't a PUA, just a marketer.

AdamG said...

what are you talking about? i put on 20 pounds of muscle with gakic and my dick is half a centimeter longer from a product at MASSIVE GAINS Enlargement corp.

not everything is a joke.

jlaix said...

When you've been doing this job for five years straight, 40 weekends a year, you gain a level of professional insight that stands head and shoulders above the rest of the fly by nights and is OBVIOUS. Most other companies think a PU biz sounds fun, but get out when they realize the commitment it requires to be REAL.

What's the difference? My bootcamp students GET LAID. That, to me, is the gold standard. Five years from now, I can't even imagine how tight the program will be. It certainly won't be as cheap as it is now. I deserve a raise.

Anonymous said...

RSD is simply the best at REAL (notice that word, "REAL") pick up, bar none.

I've tried everything and seen everything others do that follow different methods or "gurus", and rsd are just the realest, most solid and efficient guys out there.

There are some other good in-field companies, but they just aren't up to speed.

When you've read what RSD are talking about you then can see how useless the information and direction of focus of the other companies is.

Believe me, I'm telling you... these guys (and a few others) have been in this for the longest period of time and unlike those certain "others", these guys, Tyler specifically, have been pushing it and testing EVERYTHING, and not only on themselves but also on STUDENTS (guys like you).

I honestly think RSD are getting close to the "perfect method", I know it sounds dumb but fortunately for us, it's true.

Keep it Rollin' Tyler... You're taking this shit to the next level.

Respect RSD for all the freebies and recourses!

I'm out.

Sting said...

not the best article you've ever written, bro.

there are people out to make cash primarily... there are people who don't know what they're talking about who continue talking... and there's a sucker born every minute.
So what else is new?

Your "100% content, 0% political BS" motto sometimes runs against the clarity of what your communication. naming no names... leaves this as half an article just.
in any case, 95% is a crazyily large figure of people to be calling out.

In the old days, I saw you guys and MM as giving it your all every show (neither had anything but a bootcamp on offer back then). as opposed to SS and DYD, who always held back for the next DVD product.
now, you've all grown more commercial, and where the line is between morale and amorale levels of commercialism is... dependent on individual opinions. no clear answers.

demand and supply - this is just the laws of free market economics at work. little can be done about what you've noted.
Its like saying "women are attracted to jerks...but i'm a nice guy, fuck this".

The comment by "Equal" - are you the same Equal from the MM forum? its good to see you again! one of the few people who had something real to say.


Shambles said...

Hey Tyler,

I think I understand where you're coming from when you talk about guys that "walk their talk."

I think there's a lot of good information on PU out there already--some of it is obviously more well-rounded than others, but just about everything seems to have some good content

The reason why poorer-quality products are able to flood the marketplace is because a lot of guys are truly oblivious to what it takes to be successful with women.

As far as the industry as a whole goes, I think that the way Strauss wrote about this world in The Game gave a basic (albeit biased) overview of what kind of stuff is out there. After reading his book, there were two places to "go" in my mind: RSD or MM, and now his own (I'm turned off by his marketing, though). Like it or not, he's done a great deal to get your name out there to thousands of guys who otherwise would probably never have heard of it.

But from my own experience in starting a business, I've learned the hard way that everything really boils down to marketing--it's great to have a kick-ass product but that doesn't amount to anything if you can't sell it. I think RSD really comes off as a high-quality product, no matter what one might be thinking before checking into it.

Anyway, you're doing a great job and I have lots of respect for what you're doing for the art of PU and for the lives of men and women everywhere.


Anonymous said...


1) There's a guy exactly like that in my area: While others were going out day and nite, he dropped out to "become a master seducer". And I see people paying him tons of money for his workshops. Unfortunate indeed.

2) It's funny you mentioned being neurotic and going out 7 days a week: You have to be hungry. Pure 'positive thinking' WILL NOT get you there. It's about not willing to settle for anything less than what you deserve. You can't just sit in a room and picture it (I've been guilty of doing this a million times) but you have to go and TAKE WHAT'S YOURS.


Matt said...

RSD gets it poppin like no other....

Nilatak said...

I have no doubt RSD is legit. The one thing I have some qualms about is that when Tyler first started out he heavily "borrowed" alot of techniques from Mystery . If you look at some of the DYD programs, how Tyler opened, what he ran was taken from other better guys at the time. Other guys weren't as good at articulating their thoughts though, but Tyler was so that helped heavily to elevate him to guru status. No doubt those were just his training wheels back then as his own game has matured.

Anyways Tyler, if you have a problem with guys taking some of your stuff, then I would not complain you did similar things in your time. Now if you have problems with marketers ripping you off bc they are not in field, then yes I agree. People should not be teaching unless they field test stuff. On the other hand, don't be quick to judge people who have borrowed from you, cause you did the same thing in the past.

Just my thoughts.

P.S. I can relate to what your saying, because it correlates highly with what I read in Atlas Shurgged. I almost want to call you Hank Rearden.


Tyler -- Real Social Dynamics said...

Nilitak I'm cool if people borrow RSD material, it's a compliment.

What I'm talking about is when they *don't* and I spend the first night of a bootcamp unwiring all sorts of nonsense out of a guy who took what he read on blind faith.

It makes me feel like Sisyphus, trying to roll the ball up the hill until some info marketer chode rolls it back down again.
I've got a bootcamp student tonight. Will he be coming in fresh, or will he spend the first night trying to execute some sort of bizarre gaming technique he read from an internet marketer?

I'm crossing my fingers...... :)

As for the Mystery thing, I've allowed that perception to exist because pushing against it isn't a good use of time and energy. I believe that in the long run it will sort itself out on it's own. Ultimately nobody really cares who came up with what anyway, just who teaches it best -- so I've focused my resources on getting better and better at that.


Anonymous said...

It seems like u have some kind of crisis.. maybe u feel more negative then u usually do, i think this have affected your writing the past weaks.. or maybe I am the one beeing negative, When u said that Echart Tolle looks like a little freak, hey man , thats not u? u said it urself, looks doesnt matter.. Great post however.

Justin Time said...'re saying big dick pills aren't real?!?

On a real note, I'm new to the community, I haven't even read "The Game" and I don't know the genealogy of all of this, but I understood Mehow to be a Mystery student, and it's insane how much he "borrowed" from TD. I saw with my own eyes what I thought at the time were awesome innovations he birthed, only to stumble upon old ASF posts after the fact, and realize almost all of Mehow's tactics and most of his routines were from TD posts.

I don't know enough about the game to know who is better than whom, what works better than what. I just know that great strives forward in any field are made by obsessed, intensely focused, weird people. It's true for quantum mechanics and it's true for pick up. So, for me, I would be more likely to give the benefit of the doubt to the one whose passion is so obvious for the ACT of pickup, the ART of pickup and the theory. You can read through and it's self-evident who has a passion for the game and teaching, and who has a passion for marketing and being "The Man" I'm sure there are a couple that are all of the above.

Anonymous said...

lol for the record... NO2 is definitely not simply caffeine. I'd read a bit more about it. At the same time, it doesn't objectively, neccessarily lead to gains for everyone.

You know... the fact that Jeffy pointed out the price tag for RSD probably going up in the near future... makes me wanna take like 4 bootcamps tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

For me this all giant, world-wide community of guys learning how to be more successful with chicks steer in some strange direction.. Gurus say how advertise companys'll tell you BS that this and that resource is scarce and how it utterly fucks up with your mind. And the next thing you hear from them is that THEY'RE the one of FEW that're left there who'll teach you ONLY the best stuff and that what others teach doesn't count... WTF??
To be honest: I've learned from many guys from The Community and I'm so much Grateful. Tyler: your articles about more "Natural" game are Great. But I also have my friends that are getting laid like Mad and they aren't even able to read your teachings b'coz they only speak Polish.
Overall rules of achievement seems to be pretty same for all areas of life..

Remember your name Tyler.. And Good Luck Pal

Regards, Kamil, Poland.

Anonymous said...

Have some balls and name "names". Nobody knows wtf your talking about.

I am not saying you aren't correct but give some examples instead of this blind item bullshit.

Anonymous said...

good post tyler as usual...

RSD really is at the top of the industry... and it can only grow bigger, you must be so proud.

LOVING the positive vibe from these post like :D

love and kisses


Salute!... RSD said...

If RSD would not be rolling out products like Foundations and The Blueprint (Jeffy-show is gonna be of the hook, and don't get me starting on Transformations, the 2 products for the ones who really play the game), so, if these products wouldn't be coming out, what could we then get information from?

I bet I can't name one product not from RSD, totally GAME related (not re-hashing like "If you say something nice, you can balance it with something a little offending, but of course it must be confident and playful" (PUSH/PULL, duhh! Something you don't need a overpriced DVD product to tell you, just go back to the old old times in PU on forums).

Wow, and those armchair seducers pumping chodes's heads of 88 laws of attraction or something... there is no way in hell that students could put all that to use.

But it gets them that "hit", so chodes will give stupid testimonials like "Best product ever!!", when it maybe enabled him to hold eye-contact 3 sec. longer than normal (still not approaching a single female).

I even think that guys like that would be offended and angry with a product like RSD's. It basically tells them "If you're not approaching and if you're sitting at home, every day, scanning for new material, you will not get ANYTHING out of life"

Of course this and real, useful and efficient techniques will screw up their reality and make them see that they're 100% incongruent.

I remember a chode once got really PISSED OF at me when I tried to tell him to leave his house and burn his "material".

But don't get me wrong, RSD will most certainly get guys who won't do jack about it, and other companies will get really active guys. But what they are given to take into the field is important, and armchair-players won't give them what works.

I would rather have nothing and go out natural than filled up with "103 tips n' tricks to success with women".

So again, thanks RSD-instructors and staff for doing this. Without you guys this would be a lonely, chodey ride.

MD said...

hahaha...that was great.

the 'as seen on tv' picture.

Clearly David De Angelo.

Here's a test for the readers.

what do Ross Jeffries, David De Angelo and Neil Strauss have in common?

And gee, what a coincidence, they are THE biggest marketers out there.

Anonymous said...

ROFL!! i had a look on musscletechs website... apparently "AVATOR!! IS POWERED BY NANOMOLECULAR HYRODISPERTION TECHNOLOGY"....

i laughed for about half an hour

love and kisses



Okc said...

Forgot to say in my previous reply: Before I even read this post, I saw that one of the new 'INFO MARKETERS' are . I've seen them blatantly rip material from Mysterymethod, RSD, David D, Style, etc. I also noticed that it was mostly watered down, second hand, dribble, that doesn't tell the reader the whole story. I've only seen what was in the free section (and yes they still make money from that by pulling in readers/advertising), but there's a special members 'Players Guide' section that they are also capitalizing on. My bet is that is more of the same watered down dribble, has anyone read it?