Thursday, May 17, 2007

Real Social Dynamics 07 to 08 to Inifinity

Alright so I'm here to answer a few questions about Real Social Dynamics and everything that's coming up.

As I'm always stressing, I'm a hardworking mofo and there's a lot that's hot in the pipeline.

First up is the blog. I'm updating about twice a week on average. We've got several thousand readers a day right now, which is awesome because it's only been up for about 4 months. That's all thanks to you guys for reading, and your awesomeness in posting comments.

I've been following a formula of mixing up the heavy/personal articles, dating tips, self-actualization, personal life updates, book reviews, random instructor vids, and RSD updates such as this one.

I do this to keep it fresh like a magazine, and to keep people guessing. I've evolved my writing abilities from the ordeal of writing "The Blueprint" so I'm enjoying the new skills of being able to crank out the bigger articles at rapid speed.

BTW, I could easily have this blog upgraded to be more sophisticated and whatnot. I just started out with BlogSpot to get it going asap and see if I'd commit to it, but now that I'm fully onboard I'm considering the idea. Thoughts??

Next is the upgrades to RSD Nation. We're going to be expanding it pretty hardcore and those upgrades should be up and running by this Fall.

As you've all seen, we strive to keep the forum SUPER POSITIVE at all times. The vibe there is really good and helpful.

I'm expecting the site to be more highly trafficked than the main Real Social Dynamics homepage eventually, as I'm in touch with the developers every day and it's moving forward.

We're also throwing up a Video-Blog with the release of "Transformations". It's going to be like a 2-5 minute video blog with myself about once a week.

Honestly I have no F-ing clue what I'm going to put on that site. It might be chode at first I don't know. I'll try putting up various stuff and see what I like. As with this blog, it'll probably evolve into a solid format over the coming months. The developers (who I always work very closely with) are finished the site and it's looking really, really solid.

As you can see, we're throwing a lot of time and energy into our community and free resources. We'll even have an updated version of the free 2 hour audio up at some point this year, as the previous one is from almost 4 years ago.

Have you heard the original 2 hour free audio yet?? If not, hit up the Real Social Dynamics newsletter and you get the link sent straight to your inbox in about 20 seconds.

Beyond all that, 2007-2008 is going to have HOT HOT products coming out. The "Transformations" DVD set is being mastered right now and it's siiiiiiiiiick. I can't wait to get this thing out. Brains are going to fry. Be on the look out for it.

We've also got "The Jeffy Show" final cut that's coming out on DVD which is about the realest, rawest material you'll ever hear -- and of course "The Blueprint" book in late 2007 and the DVD set in mid 2008.

I've personally got bootcamps running out here in Honolulu every second weekend. If you're interested in visiting me in Hawaii to take a live program then come check it out. I do these PURELY for my own fun so I keep the student/instructor ratio *extreme* low, like with all RSD live programs.

We've also got Jeffy in San Francisco, Big Mike in LA, and Ozzie in London. Todd's hitting up the "Special-Events" cities every weekend as well, to make it convenient for any of you wanting to take programs in your home town.

If you want a program in your home town then request it, as we keep student/instructor ratios super low so that even 1 student is enough. In other words, even if you live in ChodesVille Iowa or Sketlankastan Europe and you're thinking "I'm in the mood to have my reality exploded this weekend, and get massive skills with women while I'm at it..." then just call up our very helpful admin guys Stuart L and Nathan at 888-546-7286 and they'll hook you up.

Anyway, I'll be hitting you guys up with an article later this week. Stay tuned.



SANIK said...


RSD - The Realest Straight Forward self improvement amped mother fucking fluid ass, reality obliterating PIMP SHIT that the world has ever seen!!



pete said...

hi tyler,
congrats on your rsd expansion plans.

very enjoyable reading your ideas and thoughts, i m sure though that some of the things you publish you re only really taking the piss to see the responses from the tyler worshippers! ha ha... really looking forward to reading the blueprint... that wants to be good only been waiting 3 years now...

as far as the video blogs concerned, thats a great idea.

one thing that would be a massive draw i m sure would be if you put on videos of you doing real live pick ups (not staged , with good quality audio) sort of like the ones that are around of your old tall housemate...

what do you reckon?

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Really lookin forward to it.

How is Transformations different from Foundations? and what kind of content is in the jeffy show?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Tyler, Thanks for the updagte. I love the "blogspot" format for your blog. It is simple and straightforward. Also very easy to access (and not filtered by the "nanny" software at my work!).

Can't wait for transformations, bro.


Anonymous said...

Dude, pure value is your trademark...keep the blog pure and straighforward as it is! no fancy shit all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a video blog - awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler - thank you for the invite to comment on your future web stuff. I work as a web designer and developer, and I have some thoughts.

Your blog is fresh and vibrant (I love it), yet the RSD site feels a bit ‘dead’ by comparison.

I believe your blog and the main RSD site ought to be part of the same thing, with your latest blog updates summarized on the RSD homepage, so you can click through to the article from there.

This would keep visitors returning to the site for news, updates and articles, as well as info about products, Bootcamps and Superconferences.

I think the content for the entire RSD site needs restructuring, and possibly rewritten from the ground up, because there’s way, way to much info on some of the pages; miles and miles of text. I think it needs chunking into digestable amounts, with sub-navigation to help break up each main section into bite-size pages. This will be really important when you've got more products to promote.

There’s lots of repetition with the calls-to-action and testimonials, which could be organised a lot better.

If you’re looking at new developers, please ensure they use 'standards-based' methods – they work better, are accessible to more browsers and devices, are totally search engine friendly, cost less to produce / change, and can be hooked up with a content management system ("cms") to allow to do to add and editing your content, blog style.

Hope that's not too much of a rant!


Greg said...

your blog's cool. i really enjoy it. i'm going to buy your blueprint book when it comes out too. i know its going to be solid, but please don't go charging more than 100 bucks, man.

Sting said...

suggestions -

don't know what you mean by upgrading the forum and the blog. Something about the technology that runs it? - they're fine as is. other than accomadating more people (which i assume you'd like to), having cooler graphics and the like... won't make much difference. quality, or lack of, speaks for itself.

- forum has been the most negative and irrelevant since I was introduced to it recently. good call on creating a moderating team.
all in all, its still the most positive thing going - congratulations on that.

- suggestion for the articles section, on the forum or here.
Have it divided into "new" and "old" RSD. the micro-analsis of social interactions that you used to produce next to the big picture stuff that your into these days.
it would look good and give your readers the option of which they need to focus on more for them at whatever stage of development they are at.
Both are high value stuff.

- videos of you or other RSD instructors in-field are always good fun and good marketting. this is a no-brainer.

best of luck with the new movements.


Dan Tolumbro said...

Leave blog as is. It's great, simple, not too flashy. It's the CONTENT that speaks out.

Anonymous said...

it just keeps gettin better. keep up the good work guys. and we shall too. ;) -gruenfeld

Anonymous said...

This blog is totally sick, I love it, I rkn its perfect as is. Definitely liking the idea of the video blog too, and the idea one guy wrote about vids of u doin pickup, that wud be absolutely mindblowing, if that happened i dont kno wat i wud do with myself.

Its funny that u mentioned about updating the seminar, I was at the sydney one and i was thinking, man if people heard this theres no way they wudnt think tyler and rsd was just the best shit going round.

U actually sound like a completely different person these days on foundations and so on, there were a few occasions on the old seminar audio where u still had resevoirs of negativity, which u seem to have sorted out, so yea, def a good idea.

I'm excited.

Anonymous said...

A little suggestion for the blog, I think you should put the older posts onto different pages (archived or whatever) because sometimes it takes a while to load since it's still loading all the old entries.

WildFlower said...

fucking in awe of you and your work and your output, and your insight all the time.

you are one hardworking mother fucker

keep on keepin on.



Anonymous said...


Just wanted to give this blog some credit, because it's simply one of the best things I know on inet atm.

First of all it has changed my concept of work from me "having to do the work to avoid negative consequences" to "I can do some work to make my life better and to make my self grow as a human being". It's really so refreshing how you talk about the whole thing.

Secondly; I know everyone has their bad habits, but I have come to find out there is an antidote to it! Because it seems that every time I start to loose my "flow" in life a bit (some slips like not doing my regular excercises and readings, or start to drink etc.) and I come to read these articles again, I suddenly find myself back on track. It's really just about being present at all times and understanding that usually the road to improvement goes outside of the comfort zone.

Anyway, big respect to all rsd guys!

K from Finland.

Anonymous said...





Aelusive said...

hey TD, congratulations on your blog going to PR3 on the last Google update. My own blog is wordpress which is good if you ever want to upgrade because there are more plugins and it is easier to syndicate via RSS. (Twoprime on Kauai, aka 'Monk Island, lol)

Anonymous said...

"Infinity" is the noun. Infinite is an adjective.

beowulf said...

The blog is already great, Tyler. Granted you should post more often, but I suppose you get what you pay for. Don't hesitate to give your perspective on other topics-- whether its politics, movies or whatever. That Chappelle "Black Bush" bit you linked is the funniest damn thing I've ever seen.

Off topic, The two most recent issues (June and May) of Men's Health have had stories about female shrinks who discuss chick neurobiology (May) and body language (June). Both articles are actually pretty good.

Shawn said...

Hey, I'm from Chodesville Iowa....

Alex said...

Thoughts on the domain and the blog:

1. Almost all the big (i.e. tens of thousand of visits/day and up) blogs have their own domain.

2. As far as giving visibility to your company, it would look more professional and mainstream to have your own domain.

3. If you do upgrade, keep the same elegant layout. Messiness is bad. Smooth readability is king. The graphic on top is great.

4. If you want to increase your readership, you might try posting more frequently. Keep the once a week long posts, but add some shorter posts in between.

5. If you do add shorter posts, vary the content. E.g. Book/ article excerpts with a sharp bit of commentary, videos, audio posts, interesting links, sundry bits of advice. Keep them guessing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler,

Been following your blog since the beginning, a friend and I are pondering visiting Hawaii for a workshop and some kitesurfing late this year / early next year. Will you be conducting them then and if so what way does one book?

Mr X