Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Do You Think My Friend Is Hot........??"

A quick "wingman" bit for you here.......

Lately I've just been saying whatever comes into my head and not filtering it out.

The result is that I've been saying a lot of things that I probably wouldn't have said previously, some of which have been turning out really cool.

Anyway, I've been going out with a buddy of mine who I've been trying to hook up (very successfully), and one of the counter-intuitive things I've been saying to girls is.......

"Do you think my friend is hot?? What do you give him out of 10?? Tell me right now......"

Of course, I'm sure you guys might be reading this and thinking "Ummmmm.... Isn't that kind of tooling him??"

The way I've been doing it though is just to get the girl laughing and wanting to hang out with us, and when I've seen it's that type of vibe just getting her to verbalize that my friend is hot.

Imagine it like a girl is trying to get in with a bunch of rockstars, and they ask her to confirm that she likes one of them. It's that sort of vibe.

Once she's done that, it's like implicit permission to hook up with him......

Afterall, she's just SAID HERSELF that he's hot. Playing the role is only natural.

And once she says "a 10" -- which if you're a cool guy she always will -- then he's a "10" in her mind from then on.

I've also found that the whole "the game is designed for attractive women" principle is definitely at work here, as when the girls answer this question that they are usually just rating THEMSELVES.

One girl who weighed about a-douce-fourty said that my buddy was a "2". Her friend who weighed a good 180 called him a "5".

Coincidence.....?? I think not.

Another funny bit the other day was joking that we were on a mission to lose our virginities before we turned thirty. I seem to alternate between thinking this sort of humour is totally played-out and unnecessary, and thinking it's totally hilarious.

As we all know, when YOU enjoy it then it comes out well, and when you're just trying to copy-cat somebody else's flow it comes out chode.

I guess I've just been in that ridiculous sort of mood of late..... *shrug*



Anonymous said...

Yeah... sometimes I can say the dumbest shit and it comes out cool... and occasionally I have said stuff that has been money for me before and it falls flat.

This is been oft repeated but I think the phrase "Fucking Own It" applies... if you are saying something... anything... and you Fucking Own It! then it's cool.

Anonymous said...

killer post as always, u rock man! i would die for u, omg i love u so much, thank u for existing.

The Scarlet Pimp said...

Haha, That's golden! It's fun when you just get all playful and nothing phases you.

I had this little blond american cheerleader try to tool me in a nightclub in Prague. I'd been teasing her for a bit and she decided to up the ante. She grabbed a girl walking past and said... "Would you give my friend here a blowjob?" She tried this three times. Normally guys stand there stunned and she thinks it's hilarious.

I flipped it back on her, by grabbing the nearest dude and asking them if they would like to fuck her in the arse. She'd NEVER had anyone do that to her and turned as red as the hair on my head. The expression on her face was priceless.

Greg said...

word up man. i had a mock trial the other day in a bar with some girls about whether a lion would beat a grizzly bear and we all presented evidence. goofy stuff is fun when people are vibe'n

Anonymous said...

This reminds of the Cialdini book "Influence" where he cites a lot of studies that show writing or saying something causes people to believe it more because of the "Consistency Principle."

Good Stuff. I play the Accent Game where I tell a girl she has an accent, even if she doesn't, and then have her say a word or two (like car or house) and then a sentence: "Captain Jack, you're so hot."

~ CJ ~

Atl_Mack said...

Tyler i definitely disagree saying all that "Do you think my friend is hot?" I guess there are just some things you can't utter out as a MACK as opposed to being a PUA...You feel me? But you are mostly on point with your theories...

Anonymous said...

yeaah i'd have to disagree with what you're saying here about how girls actually RATE themselves when u ask them to rate ur friend. I find that most girls just rate harshly because they like to write off guys and put them through qualifications that only Superman and bill gate's bank account can qualify for.

I think you definitely do give good advice, despite alot of it is philosophical instead of practical.
I also think that anonymous is worshipping God with that comment above cause hes a KJ getting swallowed up by all the hype.

But ull probably just say im insecure and i suck at life for making a slightly critical comment about a "PUA".


Anonymous said...

Does my friend look like a drug dealer?

Tyler said...

I think I did this about a good 50-100 times before posting it. It works exactly as explained in the post. IME, with the whole PUA thing I find it's best not to come from an angle of "agree" or "disagree", but "I tried it, and........"

Out of maybe 50 girls, I think about 5 didn't say "a 10" -- and by coincidence, the ratings I'd give those girls were exactly the rating that they gave to my buddy, hence my belief that it's a projection of their own reality.


Anonymous said...

yup. fatties and lesser beauties often get insecure around a cool guy and think you're tooling them. hence their response...they reject you, but in reality they reject themselves.

Anonymous said...


Why haven't you
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