Monday, June 11, 2007

Awwwww... But Is Paris Really The Only One??

A few years back when I was first starting Real Social Dynamics I remember being with a buddy of mine in LA, pulling these two girls out of some trendy club.......

Instead of driving together we agreed to meet them over at The Standard on Sunset to have an afterhours meal, and then we'd see where it went from there.

It was funny because we were driving right behind them, and suddenly we see the LAPD pulling them over and giving them grief.

Sure enough these girls were being pulled over for drunk driving. We spoke to them on the phone later that night and they were freaking out about the whole thing.

Awwwwww.... :)

Still, this is a funny and unknown trend of the club scene.

In my 5-6 years of being an avid club-goer I can tell you that DRUNK DRIVING IS TOTALLY RAMPANT.

Like, growing up there were certain things that I took for granted.

Always wear your seatbelt. Do not smoke cigarettes. Never drive a car while f-ed up under the influence of alcohol.

These are like the BASIC THINGS that you can do to avoid death. They're really super duper easy.


It's funny to me how human beings can be so massively intelligent, with everything that's involved in the miracle of the brain and whatnot............ and yet simultaneously be so ridiculously, utterly stupid.

In Los Angeles especially people get to the clubs in their cars because there's no public transportation system available -- and yet they know FULL WELL that they're going to have to drive their wasted asses home drunk.

They seem to be missing a sense of cause-and-effect. They'll invariably say "It's not my fault...... I was in the middle of nowhere and I had to get home!!"

Uhhhh yeah, that's a good point, but maybe you shouldn't have gone to the club if you had no plan on how to get home other than cruising back wasted.......

IMO the whole girls drunk-driving thing comes as a part of the package with the invicibility-complex that's so common with being hot.

As a hot girl you can talk your way out of just about anything. People make exception for you. This becomes MENTALLY PROJECTED onto the idea that if you drive into a phone pole or oncoming vehicle it'll still be OK.

(I want to note, btw, that YES guys are just as guilty of this as girls are...)

I know that 90% of all my girlfriend's hot friends drive inebriated or even totally drunk on a very regular basis. And yes, I'm proud to say that even my own innocent-looking little sweetheart had an outstanding open-bottle ticket when I met her, which apparently was from being a passenger when her cousin was caught driving under the influence.

It was a strange for me being new to clubbing and pulling girls out of clubs to their cars, and I'd be thinking to myself "She's not drunk is she?? I'm sure she wouldn't be offering to drive us if she was drunk......"

IME clubber girls tend to be VERY GOOD AT HIDING THE FACT THAT THEY'RE DRUNK and oftentimes you can't tell until they're totally wasted. If you've ever had a flakey phone number from a girl who you thought was in love with you -- you've just got your answer as to why it probably happened.

I've learned over the years to NOT get into a car with a girl who's wasted, and to 100% INSIST that she allows me to drive her car.

I'd encourage you guys to do the same thing, as NOTHING is worth getting your face smashed up for.

Anyway, I think it's cool that this Paris Hilton thing has brought some attention to the issue.

I'm sure that her time in jail will probably be one of the most important things that ever happens to her, as it's going to force her to slow down and take heed of her own life.

I know personally that the toughest things I've been through have in many ways defined me as an individual and allowed me to be the person I am today, and I think that Paris will probably have the same experience.

Incidentally, I actually felt BAD for her when I heard that she might be avoiding jail.


Experiencing challenges that TEST and CHALLENGE you are THAT IMPORTANT in my personal opinion.

Paris is going to have to decide on how she takes the experience. She'll either find the spiritual lesson contained in the experience, or come back feeling all victimized.

I'm really pulling for it to be the former for her, and I'm optimistic that she's a resourceful enough girl that it will be.

Or would that more accurately be described as "naive".....??

I guess we'll have to stay tuned...... :)



smoothvirus said...

No kidding on the rampant drunk driving.

In DC, if the Virginia State Police were to setup a checkpoint on say, the T.R. bridge at 2:30AM on Sunday morning, when all the clubbers are coming back from G-Town and Adams Morgan, they'd probably bust 100 people, easy. I'd go so far as to say at that particular time you can pretty much assume that anyone who drives across that bridge who isn't driving a taxicab is drunk.

Anonymous said...

Right on! :)

Anonymous said...

paris is in jail as an occult ritual, DUI is just a cover. Poor paris must serve her jewish masters, even going as far as sucking jew rick solomons deseased cock for his porn video.

Anonymous said...

This is certainly a sensitive subject which a lot of people fill strongly about with opinions toward prohibition.

But before jumping to conclusions, it is nice to check some facts. Like, for example, did you know that 20-30 years ago the legal limit was 2x of what it is now?

Second, despite of all the recent efforts, total road fatalities did not change in a statistically significant way (considering all the safety enhancements, such as anti-lock brakes, airbags, etc):

So it is either that the percent of people driving wasted is as before, or that they are *not* that impaired. Note that the blood level does not mean that the person is impaired, that is how those chicks were able to fool you. How is person impaired if you cannot even see it in their behavior?

Sadly, of course, all this DUI BS is killing what was good about the US:

YseUp said...

Do you think it's a cultural thing? Besides the fact that there is little public transport. What about taxis?

Machismo said...

I am training to be a firefighter, and we see this all the time.

You see some hot girl wearing all her hot clubbing gear, and her face smashed open, dying.

I agree, I know loads of people who drink and drive, it is very common.

I reccomend everyone should try giving up drinking for a while, to see if they can game as well, I think a lot of people rely on it as a part their game.

I have never touched a drop in my life, but it amazes me when I see guys literally lose all their AA and become machines after they drink a few. So, I guess I can understand why the do it.

Toi_Boi said...

hear here, i know loads of guys and loads of girls who drink drive. But the girls seem to be the ones that dont think about it so much, or dont have a guilty conscience about it

Goku said...

First One!!! LOL

Mmm good articule as always, yes that club girls are so good to hide the drunkness, I whish I could


Have A Great Life
Keep The Good Work


chic said...

Great point.

Our toughest experiences often end up defining us.

I wonder how big her cube will be now (8'x8'x12')??

Anonymous said...

i was so surprised when i first realized that people would actually even CONSIDER drunk driving, let alone people i know

Anonymous said...

I fully support DUI laws. Don't fucking drink and drive, however cliche that is. I don't drink now, and it's way better.

Anonymous said...

Will Papa be going to visit her in jail?

Anonymous said...

Well, all the "prohibitionists" out there, let's then fully ban cell phones, tired drivers, old ladies, and those taking medications.

Alcohol gracefully degrades one's reaction time, just like many of the other things. Why not then test reaction times before everybody drives, regardless whether after a couple of drinks, or fully sober?

At least, an intelligent discussion is in order, not that "oh no" immediate reaction where people just refuse to even *think* about the issue at all. Talk about "blind spots". (LOL) It is time to move past society installed rationalizations, and actually understand the issue a bit.

At this stage DUI laws have reached the BS stage of anti-pot laws, where the nanny state babysits you "for your own good".

And checkpoints, they are barely constitutional. This is simply taking away the 4th amendment, one bit at a time.

CraC said...

i like ur view on it, ya she did bring alot of attention to it...maybe that will save a few lives :)

jlaix said...

LOL "How big is her cube now?"

Anyways, all this DUI stuff is why I ride a bicycle to the club.

And yes, you can pull on a bicycle. They're called PEGS.

Laurent said...

Why drink and drive, when you can smoke a spliff a fly ?

In France, we do have a "Capitaine de Soirée" who is a person that do not drink during the party. It is common that on every group of people, there is at least one capitaine de soirée per cars. Generally, clubs, parties... give some advantages to them, like free drinks.

It is all benefits ! Not only you get a cheap night but you can socialize with your full sober potential.


Anonymous said...

wow.. go and take a cab

thenow said...

hey man,

my experience says the same, but in my opinion 90% of the time its GIRLS who drive drunk. Guys usually plan ahead while girls may plan not to drink but then be like "well I hadn't drunk in ages" and start knocking them back. Also, when their friends leave with someone else or plans change without thinking out the consequences, they'll end up driving home drunk. Also, they might get into a fight with one of their friends and storm out- and then drive home drunk.

I'm not discriminatory or anything, this is just the way I've seen it.

Nilatak said...

I think it's one of those secretly unspoken things. Kind of like the DEA going after drug dealers, but offering deals to certain ones, while letting others go free. You can say it's the same about going after corrupt politicians. It's all a societal game with scapegoats and people in power giving others up or having other people in power sacrificed for their own means.

The post by Smoothvirus is very insightful. I mean think about it. Most clubs in the country close at 2am, people drink at clubs. Drinking is the reason the majority of people go to clubs (drink and have fun). Usually drinks stop being served at 1:45 and at 2 the clubs close. Police know this, so why isn't there a checkpoint near every college campus???

When I was going to UF, there would be tons of people drunk in traffic. I think society cares to the extent that other people make a big deal about it. Another words, appease the people who are against it, but not so much that it ruins everyone elses fun. Kind of like a middle road if you will.

Anonymous said...

Before I got married last year and used to go out 5 nights a week, I would always drink when I went out. But I had enough self control to limit myself to a beer an hour and never remotely approached the legal limit. Of course there would be other nights I'd drink down the street and get wasted and walk home.

mehow said...

yo Tyler,

what is your take on chicks and alcoholism. i've noticed that not only do hot girls:

a) expertly hide their drinking
b) drive drunk
c) do it more often then guys (ooh ... ooops! it was free shot night)

but many of them frequently loose all control of how much alcohol they drink and just drink till they can no longer contain the fact that they are drunk. then they stop. because it would be bad to be like falling down (although sometimes they can't control that and keep drinking).

Are they alcholoics or not? What is your take on it?

Anonymous said...

Come on mehow, of course they're not alcoholics.

Getting drunk at a bar or club generally does not make you an alcoholic.

Alcoholism is where you can't stop drinking period and where your life more or less revolves around drinking; where you're dependent on it to function. And it's considered to be a fucking disease. But really, a discussion on alcoholism is outside of the context of this post.


JJJjjj said...

Great article as usual dude :)


Tyler-Real Social Dynamics said...

At times I can definitely see how Mehow would ponder whether or not it's alcoholism.... :)

Obviously it's not at the point where you're going to experience detoxification effects like Nicholas Cage in "Leaving Las Vegas" -- which is an entirely different level -- but it can be pretty crazy.

I think it's just another level of being state-junkies, combined with the invicibility complex that often comes with being hot.

Beyond that, I'm seeing more and more that it's just an all-consuming lifestyle where the girl has an unchallenging job and isn't making much progress in her life, but at night time she can TRANSFORM into a superstar who lives a fantasy-like existence.

If I were in the same mode I'd probably have similar habits myself.... *shrug*

That said, there are definitely as many, if not more hardcore drinking GUYS out there. I think it's just a shock when you discover how good many women are at HIDING it.