Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jeffy Hosting The Blog For The Month Of October (Possibly...)

Big news.......

We're expecting to release "The Jeffy Show" in late October. This isn't set in stone, but appears to be highly likely.

On my end, I've been so swamped working on the book and everything else for RSD that I'm foreseeing a challenge in having the blogs ready on time every week (at least at the high-quality I expect from myself).

That being the case, I've spoken with Jeffy today about the possibility of him hosting the blog for the month building up to the big release.

What can you expect if it goes down??

Well, some of you guys might remember the glorious detailed LRs that Jeffy used to be famous for back in the day. Those would be coming back for sure. Beyond that, it would contain the usual picture/video format that everyone enjoys.

This would be vintage Jeffy at his best.

Anyway I'm still waiting to see how this plays out, so I'll keep you guys informed.



Espresso Freak said...

Jeffys vintage LR's would kick ass!

Matt said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Looking forward to it! I love Jeffy's style and total defiance when it comes to conforming to any sort of mold. He is sort of the protoype for the mindset of "You can be who you are and still get girls, as long as you just make a few small tweaks to come across cooler." But he's still definitely a wildcard and is creating his own path. I really enjoyed his segment in Transformations and got a ton out of it. Kick ass.


Ricco Suave said...


It's time to get the popcorn and butter ready.

christa said...

i'm new to this blog but not to jeffy.

this is something i'm pretty hyped about.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler and Jeff!

The blog rocks! I am a buffed RSD buff from Norway - I study transformations and foundations religously, solid stuff guys! Hehe...

The blogg is extremely tight - and I cannot wait for Blueprint - it will be awesome to check out that book.

Also, The Jeffy Show should be mad cool. I really love Jeff's articles and entries at the RSD community. It's funny to me, cause Jeff is one of the guys I identify the most with from Transformations. I am pumped about this shizzle...

Well, I just wanted to give props to youse guys - I give credit where cred is due...:-)

Good luck with all your efforts!

Strenght and honour,


tiger said...

hey dude, thanks for keeping it real, for giving us so much value, and coming out raw authentic ideas into the seduction community.

I know there are loads of cowboy outfits around aka 'info marketers' around these days, it's far to easy to milk money from peoples insecurities.

I'm glad RSD have kept it genuine.

Love the blog, love the forum, loved RSD foundations, hope to see you guys soon on a bootcamp.

Anonymous said...

That sounds great! All the dudes of RSD should have their own blogs anyway! Can't wait... =)

Anonymous said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D:DD:D::D:D!!! **claps**

Anonymous said...

Would really like that. Is it going to happen?