Sunday, October 14, 2007

The First Rule Of Fight Club Is....... Uhhh, What Was It Again??

I'm always out there, I'm always talking to people...

Folks come up and talk to me on the street, in the gym, out at clubs. Pretty much every where I go.

One of the biggest concerns that people ask me about on a day to day basis is all the media exposure that the community is getting.

"Will this stuff still work if everybody knows about it?? Will women still respond to it??"

I mean, it's a pretty valid question......

You've got a NY Times best seller, a reality TV show, mainstream news and magazine coverage, and possibly even a movie at some point.

It seems like pretty much any guy in his twenties and thirties probably knows about this stuff.

Even people who don't know that I'm "Tyler from Real Social Dynamics" will oftentimes ask me if I've heard of it, at which point I have to decide whether or not to disclose to them my superhero identity (usually I don't, as I find it removes the authenticity out of the interaction and all they want to do is ask questions from that point).

Anyway the issue was a big one for me as well...

Back in 2004 I had this big dilemma. I knew that the community was going to be getting all the mainstream exposure eventually. What should I do??

The issue was that EVEN IF the book wasn't going to be successful, we as a company (RSD) were planning to blow up -- and so the bitter irony was that the ultimate goal of our own company was to cause ourselves to become obsolete.

I mean, think about this......

At 24 years old I'm sitting there, and I've got all these kickass "pick up lines" that I've come up with over the years.

They were really good, like -- bam bam bam -- really consistent.

I couldn't imagine life without them. In fact, I was quite addicted as I felt like they conveyed so many positive qualities about me.

So yeah, it was a big dilemma.

I remember the first time I visited Sydney Australia -- that was when it occurred to me that there might be a cause for concern.

Within about 3 weeks of hitting the clubs we'd "tapped out" most of Darling Harbour, King's Cross, Bondai Beach, and the various venues downtown -- to the point where we'd approached most of the girls out there.

We'd go up to the girls with the same type of opening lines and they'd say "You used that line on us last week!!"

See, the issue is that WHILE there are several million people (and girls) in any given city, there are only so many that are actually involved in the club scene.

Think of it this way: On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday there are usually ONE OR TWO clubs that are "hot" in any city. Even in big metropolitan cities this tends to be the case.

The clubs are usually frequented by "regulars" who cycle through over about a 2-6 week period.

So... if you go out to the same "Monday night venue" for a few weeks in a row and you're really social, sooner or later you'll probably have met the vast majority of the people in the venue.

The same venue that was a "fresh untapped pool" the first time you went will suddenly be pretty much "repeat sets" from there on out, with maybe a few new people and tourists cycling through.

(I also believe that a club scene replenishes every 2-3 years as the girls in relationships become single, and many of the single/party girls will go into more stable relationships).

Then you've got Thursday through Saturday which usually has a lot more venue selection. But even then over the course of a year you tend to get to know everyone who goes out.

Even in cities like Los Angeles, New York, and London... I tend to have people (especially girls) coming up to me continually saying "Hey Tyler!! Remember me?!?!" within about a year of living there.

In Los Angeles which has about 17 million people I usually had about 1/3 of every girl in the club who knew me by the time I'd lived there for two years. In the "exclusive/trendy" social scenes I knew pretty much the entire crowd.

The most ridiculous was back in Kingston in Canada, where I went to school.

There was only about 150,000 people living there, and at the start of the year I'd have all these fresh new clubs but by the halfway point I'd have girls on the street yelling "You're the Best Friend's Guy!!" and then other totally unrelated girls nearby would overhear it and yell "He used that on you to?? Buuusted!!"

It got to the point where I was always conservative in my approaches because I didn't want to "burn out" my stack of lines unless I was pretty sure it was going to be successful.

Anyway, that was obviously what had me initially concerned.

I mean, if just myself and a few other guys could "burn out" and "overfish" an entire city within such a short period of time, what was going to happen when the entire MAINSTREAM got a hold of this stuff??

It was this totally wack feeling like "I know that I've got these new skills... But eventually the cat is going to get out of the bag and I'm going to become this tacky dude who relies on meeting girls who've never heard of it..."

To deal with this, I sat down my entire team in 2004 for a big meeting that would be the seed of a change in RSD from that point forward.

Basically the gist of it was "Look, we have to find a new way of doing this stuff... Even if I don't release my book for another few years because I'm researching it... Even if we lose initial popularity because we don't have a concrete system... In the longterm the only way we'll survive as an organization is if we kick the habit of all these canned lines and go 100% natural, and then find a potent way of teaching it so that people can replicate our level of results..."

Obviously this was pretty nerve wracking.

For the next 18 months I waded around in the dark talking to girls with this irritating voice in the back of my head yelling "Cummon' man!! You KNOW you can get this girl!! Just use your LINES on her!!"

That's also why I find it hilarious that people will say "Yeah Tyler's a natural now... But that's because he used to use lines and routines so he was able to get the hang of it..."

Yeah right!! Yeah f**king right!!

I had to unwire 3 years worth of "autopilot responses" that I'd cultivated by going of going out 7 nights a week. It took me 2-3 years to become a natural, where it takes most people 1 or 2, simply because I had to spend a whole year "unwiring" my old habits.

My total journey to reach the level I'm at now was 5 years. I don't regret it, but it took me a LOT longer than it takes the average guy these days.

To this day I still deal with "old instincts" to always be the center of attention and frame control people in order to keep my "state" up. All that old wiring will probably never go away entirely, which is one of the reasons I've studied Eastern philosophy to get out of my head (if you're out of your head all redundant/unnecessary thought patterns are basically neutralized -- including negative ones -- which is why it's so useful).

Anyway, nowadays I live in Honolulu which is a city of only about 1 million people.

It's a fun scene but also very, very small compared to what I'm used to.

I've basically met almost every girl in the club scene at some point or other. If this was a few years ago there's no way I could live here because I would have been using the same "lines" over and over, and I'd always have to be asking myself "Have I talked to her yet??"

These days I'm 100% natural, no lines, no routines.

As a result, if I see a girl I've spoken to before I ENJOY it. It's actually in some ways superior to a girl who I've never met. In fact, I basically have a social circle and I look forward to seeing them.

Beyond that there are all sorts of "added benefits" to going natural...:
-You get a LOT more sexual attraction, as opposed to "giggly" attraction
-You never, ever have to be concerned about "running out of things to say"
-You open a lot more consistency because you come across more natural (this is counter-intuitive, but YES you open more consistent)
-You close a lot more often, because you're triggering responses in the girl that are at the core of what makes her feel attracted to you
-You learn to trust in your own instincts, as opposed to what a teacher or guru tells you to do
-You become a "better person" in terms of how you carry yourself as a man

So I've really enjoyed it.

At this point in time I can read the books, watch the shows on TV, and even look forward to a possible movie as a FAN of the material.

I'll go out and see guys using that type of "game" and it doesn't even hit my radar. I'm not doing anything remotely similar to what they're doing, so it's all good.

(To be honest it's kind of funny...)

Still, once in a while I'll bust out a canned opener for old time's sake and it seems like practically every time somebody will yell out "You read the book!! You read the book!!"

In my head it's like "Uhhh, I'm actually the bad guy from the book... But yeah, I did read it..."

I don't know if this is God's way of telling me to NOT go back to using canned material, or if other people are having this issue as well, but regardless I'm very psyched that I'm no longer reliant on it.


And as a side note......... we all know that "Attraction is not a choice..."

I remember back in 2003 when I made the mistake of teaching a workshop where I said "If you guys are curious what my exact lines are I'll tell you... But you have to promise not to use them because *everyone* will be saying the same thing and it'll mess up the whole night..."

Of course, EVERY SINGLE GUY on the program used the lines when he was out, thinking that the other guys wouldn't use them.

I walk up to this 5'11 Playboy Centerfold and I bust out my canned opener. Her friend starts yelling "He's one of those guys!! He's one of those weird opinion guys!!"

But because I did it better than the other 12 guys who'd used it, she said "I like this one the best!! He's my favourite of those weird guys!!" and we started molesting eachother and all that fun stuff.

(It sounds impressive, but really, Playmates are running around all over the place in Hollywood...)

So yeah, I MORE THAN ANYONE fully "get it" that being busted with the same lines is not the end of the world. You just take it as a "congruence test" and plow through it and it's totally fine.

My issue was that the whole thing was just getting TOO WEIRD. I didn't want to be THAT GUY.


Anyway, I hope that this serves as an honest account of my experiences.

There are a lot of other teachers in this vast community, and I realize that many of them will have entirely different perspectives on this.

I personally have a lot of respect for ANYBODY who has the jam to teach this stuff live in the field, because it's NOT easy.

All perspectives are valuable, and I say this not to be politically correct but because I really believe it -- It's common sense that you should never get all your advice from just one person/organization, and the guys who have a different perspective have a LOT to offer.

The point that I'm looking to get across is that YES, this stuff is getting out there, and YES, you want to have a strategy to deal with the reality of it.

What I've outlined has been my personal approach --> "becoming a natural".

Other guys may want to customize their approach to their own individual material or whatever, it just depends on what their goals are in all of this.

To answer the big question "Is all the mainstream attention an issue that I have to be concerned about??"

The answer is YES... You DO have to use common sense and deal with it.

Is it an issue that's going to mess up the whole deal??

NO... It's not.

At least, not for the guys who use their intelligence and have a strong sense of indivuality and personal style.

OK, that's it for now.

The Jeffy Show is coming out SOON, btw...

We're launching on October 31, 2007 -- 12PM EST.

It's going to be making major waves in the community, as it's a program that basically covers the elements of the "out of control" natural -- as in the irresistible-to-women Colin Farrell, Tommy Lee, Jimmy Morrison types who've had more adventures than the average guy could conceive of in a given lifetime.

I have a theory that there are two types of guys in this world: Those of us who WISH we were those types of guys, and those of us who have no interest but at least want to learn the SECRETS of those types of guys.

A lot of people have been asking me "Is this going to be the REAL Jeffy??" -- as in the gun-toting, insane maniac??

The answer is YES. The program is NOT toned down for a mass audience. I expect that there will probably be a lot of people pretty shocked by The Jeffy Show.

OTOH, it's had rave reviews from everyone who's seen it, including many who've said it's the best program RSD has ever put out. Probably due to the raw authenticity of it, as well as the lethally informative nature of everything that Jeffy has to offer.

I guess we'll see what happens.

Be on the lookout for a lot of very cool promotion that will be coming out in the upcoming weeks -- including Jeffy "taking over" the blog with some monster articles that you should be very excited about.

Look for those very soon, and thanks for reading!!



Anonymous said...

still waiting for the blueprint Tyler

Illuminatus said...

Great post. This is a extermely important issue for me. After being depressed for several years, I finally discover the community. Reading all this stuff not only was incredibly uplifting for me, but also made years of previous experience fall into place. I understood exactly why I had the results (both good and bad) that I had. It gave me tremendous hope for the future.

But now, just before I can learn all this stuff, and start practicing it, the community is going mainstream due to shits like S**** and M****** (do not get me wrong, I have enormous respects for these guys, but the fact of the matter is they are screwing the men who have payed them literally thousands of dollars to learn their secrets). Especially irritating are articles that attempt put PUA in a bad light, as if its just a bunch of creeps, rather than a path to self-improvement.

I am absolutely staggered that almost every guy I talk to has heard of "The Game" (even though most have not actually read it) or "PUA".

I am trying to solve this by inventing my own material (obviously). But this sucks because one of the advantages of canned material is that it already has been FIELD TESTED. Additionally, I want to get as much practice NOW, before the mainstream exposure goes through the roof. (I had initially planned to do a one-year contigous-sarging sabattical after I finish my studies, but now I see I must start immediately.)

The other obvious solution I would hope people follow is: ONLY use PRIVATE (i.e., login-only) message boards etc. for disseminating PUA information. Most girls are not so nerdy that they will want to register for such boards. I now refuse to contribute material that can be Googled by anyone (exception being stuff on inner game). EVERYONE PLEASE MAKE YOUR FORUMS PRIVATE / NON-GOOGLABLE.

I agree with Tyler's suggestion that "becoming a natural" is the goal. However, the problem I have with Tyler's suggestion is that I suspect he has "forgotten" how much difficulty it takes to achieve this if you are not a cool guy by default. When he says stuff like "ATTRACTION = COOL GUY + BASIC COMPETENCIES", this is absolutely true, but omits the fact that, while "cool guy" is "only" two words, BEING a cool guy is difficult. Canned routines are the "training wheels", as they say.

Let me finish by quoting some of your own writing, if you do not mind:
"Sometimes I forget about what it took to get to where I'm at. Like, I can totally relate to all those naturals who say "Dude, this isn't that hard. Just be cool. Enough with all these retarded analyses. Just be cool." That's why I post immediately even the most subtle detail. Within a day, I'll have internalized it and will have lost my ability to articulate it. Or I'll think its too subtle to post and just dumb. I feel embaressed of my archive, even though I know its good. Guys tell me they like it, and I'm like "Shit dude, you read that?! That thing is way too dense. Just be cool and escalate." But really, without all those piled up posts, the game wouldn't exist."
(Points Of Change by Tyler).

What are other people's thoughts / recommendations regarding mainstream exposure?

L0verBoy said...

Hi Tyler this is a really good article. I use to ask myself the very same question before I first came into the community and somewhere on the line I just forgot about it. I guess thinking about this sort of stuff when your out talking to girls is just not the way to go but I think the reason why it bugged me to a certain extent was that I was afraid that if this stuff did go mainstream logically my mind will tell me that the attraction is purely going to be based on appearances... (yeh right)

Kind of funny when I think about it now because from going out I know that although looks have a certain bearing upon attracting girls it doesn't override the whole fact that you can just up your game, become the naturally attractive guy and be the guy who just deserves sex because of who he is. A really good quote that reinforces this is one I heard from Jeffy some time ago and it goes something like "Attraction is not what you do, but rather it's what you are". A really good quote will never forget it.

Anonymous said...

Article of Glory!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks Tyler. Jeffy Show will be off the chain too.

IvanVR said...

>You become a "better person" in terms of how you carry yourself as a man

Good point! If you just keep working on developing yourself as a better person - people would be naturally attracted to you.

I really liked this metaphor I've heard or read somewhere: Instead of simulating simptroms, pick up the virus and all the simptoms would appear themselves.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article. Thing is it is quite hard to leave routines. If you get rejected you can say your delivery wasn't right,You need more practice etc.. It saves your ego.
Though I want to ask you , are you more happy with your game and life after changing your gaming style?

IMO best would be create personal routines but don't rely on them and use your personality . I do only day game as I live in a third world country(India,No nightclub enviorment here.) and yes, the game works.
Though it is not as easy here as it is in western countries due to a more conservative culture, joint family systems ,arranged marriages etc.. make it harder for us, add to that the fact that being social is not really respected. Still I can't wait to go out .

Thanks for putting me on the right path.


Rick said...

So Tyler If I were to learn from you in 2007, your saying you would teach differently than you did in Montreal, 2003, (Royal Command Workshop)?

What about the idea that the lines are "Training Wheels" to be discarded after assimilation of natural habits? Is that BS too?

Anonymous said...

Cool.. Can't wait for the RSDTube to start too..:)

Anonymous said...

About 'out of control' naturals. I always got the sense they were irresistible to women, but mainly fucked up, whorish women... because such naturals are pretty messed up and unstable themselves.

What about guys who don't want to attract self-destructive basket cases?

Anonymous said...

im dissapointed.. it seems like ur saying the same thing u said in Cliffs list seminar 2005, DROP THAT FUCKING LINE, DROP THAT FUCKING OPENER and just act normal. It was the routines that made u good. period.

Matt said...


There is nothing to do but give a round of applause!

Anonymous said...

Becoming cool is as simple, and difficult as going out every night for a long, long time.

TellMeMore said...

Canned lines did not make anybody good...I think the MM was great learning to know how to handle shit tests and social pressure but all that canned lines did was help people get over AA. Canned lines are just another "30 days to perfect abs"-type quick fix. Internally validated people do not need them.

Anonymous said...


I've been reading a lot of your writings and I must say that you strike me as not only a smart guy but a very sympathetic one as well. This was surprising to me because honestly, you are the bad guy in the book. I have no doubt that the book is one-sided but I was wondering if you have ever written a rebuttal of some sort that takes up some of the stuff that is in the book? Or have you chosen to simply ignore it?

jBrett said...

I think this post is overblown and a little bit of bullshit. After reading Tyler's older posts I never got the impression he was that mechanical - he tried so many different, spontaneous things. To say 3 years were spent unwiring bad habits seems like its exaggerated for the shock value, but it TOTALLY makes this a more interesting read.

Plus, using material isn't the problem, its using THE SAME material on every girl that's the problem. Something that is clearly illustrated by Tyler's examples.

Machismo said...

Big love for the blog, keep it up!

Tyler-Real Social Dynamics said...

Thanks guys, very much appreciated.

To offer clarification to what I think are some very good questions: The issue with "unwiring" old habits was this.

When you're using material for a looong time like I did, there are a series of nasty social habits that it creates in the long term.

(At least, that was the case for me personally and a lot of other guys I've been friends with over the years).

Essentially what happens is two things:

1- You get accustomed to ALWAYS having "the frame". You're used to being the center of attention at all times, and if you're not the center of attention then you feel this urge in your body to keep the social energy flowing in your direction.

As a result, your "state" is always dipping whenever you lose the frame. So basically your entire state becomes dependent on that constant flow of energy in your direction.

This is bad because it creates a subtle sheen of neediness where you're "giving your power away". It's great to be the center of attention and everything, but as soon as people/women can sense that you NEED to be the center of attention to maintain your state, it goes from seeming cool to seeming chode.

The thing is... you don't ACTUALLY need to have the energy flowing in your direction at all times to get the girl. It's unnatural and kind of weird.

So the big shift for me was being able to "hold my state" without keeping the energy flowing in my direction.

It sounds like a subtle difference, not that big a deal... But since we've made this change we've had guys on bootcamp getting laid left and right during program. Jeffy just went 10 for 14 with his students getting laid on program.

We're getting these results because it's oftentimes when the girl sees that you're able to maintain state even when she isn't responding to you in an ideal way that the "switch" goes off in her brain that she wants to hook up with you.

Again, it sounds subtle but this is massive.

2- When you use material and have a "method", you EXPECT certain responses from a girl.

So say that I use the 80s Dog's opener, followed by the best friend's test.

I had a very specific reaction that I expected from the girl, and if I didn't get the reaction then it would screw up my entire set.

The issue is that when your "ego" or "sense of self" is invested into your "method" -- you feel like YOU are the one being diminished when the world doesn't correspond to your map.

(This is obviously an issue because no matter how good your map/model, actual reality will always be a little bit different... So your bread&butter becomes girls who respond exactly how you predict, and you can't get all the other girls who don't).

Anyway, all of this leads to a very common phenomenon that you see with guys who use a lot of material which is 1) "frame control addiction" aka being a "response junkie", and 2) not being able to be "cool" or "laid back" in regular environments like parties and social circles.

It's so common that I'd say about 90% of people who use a lot of material have these issues.

Beyond all that, it gets you into a model of the world where you're always "pushing buttons" to elicit a response, as opposed to just ASSUMING VALUE and coming in from a place of "higher value".

You might THINK it's easy to unwire, but when you've spent that much time internalizing these autopilot responses and it's time to evolve past them...... it's a lot easier to TALK about it than to actually DO it.

It's always a major epiphany to guys who come on program just HOW EASY it is to be successful with women (ie: numbers, makeouts, full monty, etc...) when you just ASSUME VALUE and go in there and be cool.

A lot of the "gurus" fail to see this as well, because they haven't taken a few months/years to really give it a chance. If they'd actually give it an equal effort as they did learning canned game back in the day, I bet most of them would change their entire approach. The thing is that oftentimes guys are too focused on proving that their existing theories are accurate to open themselves up to any other way.

Anyway hope that offers some clarity.


Anonymous said...

I am coming more and more to the conclusion that all this new "no canned material" approach is just a sort of marketing conspiracy on the part of RSD. I don't blame them, they gotta make a living. But, for people practising this, it can be a step back.

Here is a data point, I read the big book (G) again, and could not remember half routines from my previous reading. Also, I could not spot the book at B&N, so the bookstore interest leveled off.

Face it, which chick is going to dedicate time and effort to learn all the canned material, so that she can spot a "player" ?!? OK, few routines are burnt, but so what? There are hundreds of those out there, and one can *slightly* improvise on the spot. The visibility of this pickup thing is so high right now, that you can just hide in the sunlight, and nobody will notice !!!

Most importantly, the words are not that important, if you can speak gibberish to chick from the right state, why cannot you use burnt routines? If the state is right, and she is enjoying it, you'll get a free pass. Just do not appear to be reactioning seeking. Plus, if they were in state when they heard routines before, they do not remember them.

Other PUAs out there also focus on transformations, although they do not denounce routines hardcore like RSD does. Since some RSD guys cannot do another transformation, now without any routines, I do not trust them so much on being the judge of the canned stuff. They used it heavily, so much is clear. The rest are rationalizations!

Anonymous said...

OK, Tyler, in your response you indicated some important issues that you got from using canned material. But those were your *personal* issues.

Just denouncing routines because you came from a screwed up frame is a bit far fetched, IMO.

One can overlay any frame on top of the routines, and it will work according to the frame specifications. So there is no logical support for your routines rejection, other than a chain of personally relevant links, which are not there for other people.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, both extreme sides of the community is starting to annoy me.

On one hand we have the dorky guy who can't even hold a conversation like a normal fucking human being, and he thinks he can get a threesome with those supermodels if he just uses the routines he got from a clown in a furry hat.
Buddy, you can't even hold a proper conversation with a GUY, and you want to spit out a line like "my ex was a stripper" to the hottest chick in the venue? Please...

On the other hand, I roll my eyes when I hear all these dudes talking about "100% NATURAL BABY! RSD IS THE TRUTH!" and they go on about how they make chicks jump on their dicks just by staring at them. YEah, you don't have to say ANYTHING dude, you're 100% natural, speaking is to be reactive! You got your INNER GAME HANDLED man! girls are fantasying about you before they even met you cuz ur inner game is so strong it radiates.

Let me go out on a limb and say, what happened to... I dunno... DOING WHAT WORKS?!?!
Read everything in the community that holds value. If "gurus" are getting laid, they're doing something right. Find out what they're doing and try it, no matter who they're representing.

Try everything, apply everything, if it works, keep doing it, if it doesn't, stop using it.

whatsup with all these guys worshiping seduction companys like it's fucking fotball teams. "My company kicks your companys ass!". Why put up rules in what you can and can't use in your game based on what company you like the most?
Cut the bullshit and do whatever it takes to get laid, because that's why you're here in the first place, and if that means dropping a killer line like "this one is feisty", so fucking be it.

Tyler-Real Social Dynamics said...

Is it really so hard to believe that you could get girls without using memorized scripts??

Dudes, if you're going to post something, then say "I tried what you said and x,y,z happened..."

Even if it's not working for you, head over to and there are tons of guys who can offer helpful feedback to get you going sans-routines. This is very doable.

Anything else is really pure speculation. Do what I did. Get curious and go find out if it's possible for yourself.


Anonymous said...

This article and especially Tyler's response on the blog rocks!
I was on the "doubting side" too, but I begin to experience what Tyler writes's awesome!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Tyler for this great article (and the interesting responses in the comments section)!

Bless said...

Tyler...I want to just point out a strength of yours that may have been breezed over by some casual observers.

Your mind is constantly working to rephrase and clarify a relatively simple message that DOES throw the community on its proverbial ear. Its not an easy answer for people to hear. Its a challenge... and conflict that one does not face until you really are deeply immersed in any particular social scene.

The message is out there. Everyone showed up hungry...and you taught them to fish. For a while you even fed the hungry.

'Canned' has equalled 'predictable' (results wise) for a long long time. Like any crutch, it takes time to learn to walk naturally afterward.

If your crutch was a pimp stick, you miss the god damn thing!

People slam 'inner game' but miss the message. You start to understand the stages and WHY SHIT WORKS. You naturally expand to achieve that next level.

A Honda is easy to drive and park, but when you get that fucking Cadillac its TOTALLY DIFFERENT. But brother... once you RECALIBRATE you wonder why you ever even owned a Honda. I just want to reiterate that the best is out there for all of us if we push past our comfort zones and preconceived notions.

One LOVe,

Anonymous said...


If you go without canned material you must make stuff up on the fly, I guess? Does this mean that you have a "format" like the one you described for passing shit tests, and if so, what does this format consist of?

Anonymous said...

Cool post.

Anonymous said...

It's not about what comes out of your mouth... it's about what comes out of your heart :D

Seriously, the point is that girls are attracted to guys who are in-state and close with certainty. If you figure out how to have your own fun [i]around girls[/i] that does just as good a job as running routine stacks all night until you start feeling like the man. Then you close.

Good shit as ever TD.

Anonymous said...

"Cut the bullshit and do whatever it takes to get laid, because that's why you're here in the first place" - actually i reckon alot of ppl r in this to achieve something beyond just getting laid. And i dont think u can get there without dropping the routines.
So y not drop it sooner than later

I was addicted to routines for my first 3 months and i always thought of it as necessary training wheels.
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) one day i did an day-approach with this opener i made up, and she gave me this weird look which i've never gotten before. After 10 minutes of linear routine I feel something was wrong. Usually they're either warm, or just not interested, but this one stared at me blankly as if i was insane. Anyway a few minutes later her friends arrive and immediately they grabbed her and said "HEY! Isn't he the guy who asked us about...", and they recited my opener...and the ring finger test... and the story about how i met a bear...
Triumphantly, asif i wasn't even there anymore, my target replied to her friends "Yep, same guy" (LOL fuck).
I can laugh now but at the time i think i pretended i had an unbearable stomachache and got the fuck outta there.

Despite this, I think routines r useful in the sense that they give alot of ppl (including myself) "hope" that one can change from a chode to superstar overnight. With this false hope, i actually got motivated enough to go out and approach. Obviously as time passed and doing a bootcamp made me realise that there is no magic pill. However, I reckon if i didn't have a linear routine, i wouldn't have gotten into the game in the first place. But eventually, one must discard the sword, and realise that he can defeat the demon with bare hands

The end of a journey is the beginning of another

Vittorio said...

A good post. Pretty much exemplifies the need to find yourself from the inside. Although I was never really a big fan of routines I bought into the whole "PUA" hype for years. But ultimately I found it's not the way to becoming a man, which is what should be emphasized. Good to see this getting out there.