Friday, October 05, 2007

The RSD Nation "Positivity Experiment"

A million things going on. Just turned 28 and spent the week on the Big Island of Hawaii. Wanted to write up a short blurb this week, however.

This year has been a big "Positivity Experiment" for us all.

You've seen it on RSD Nation, and you've seen it here on this blog.

First up, RSD Nation......

As you probably know, internet forums are oftentimes notorious for facilitating bickering and drama -- gaining popularity by becoming the source of people's "pain-body" addictions.

In the case of RSD Nation, I decided to try a radical experiment...... nuking all non-constructive/non-helpful negative posts on sight.

I was reeeeeally on the fence on this one, because as a forum-user myself it's driven me nuts when what I've written has been censored. Oftentimes it was the moderators just power-tripping.

You know what though??

Not a single person has ever made issue with their trollish posts being nuked -- probably because intuitively they knew that they goofed up.

And you know what's even cooler??

I think there's lots of people who are ADDICTED to RSD Nation, not for the "pain-body fix", but because they like the positive/constructive vibe that they find there..... as opposed to with their peers who may have no interest in improving themselves.

Right now I really believe that RSD Nation has evolved into this AWESOME entity.

Rather than getting pissed off when people ask basic questions, we use them as an opportunity to offer new perspectives on the fundamentals. Rather than powertripping when people are acting stupid, we use it as a chance to generate positive discussion.

We actually *rarely* have to nuke any posts anymore, and that's probably because with such a positive vibe it's instinctively WEIRD goofing it up.

There's been enough in terms of cutting edge ideas and content that it's just been more INTERESTING to stay positive and constructive.

(I also realize that in posting this, I may be calling on trolls to think "Oooooh cool, this would be a good forum to go and mess up..." However I'm cool in saying this because we have 24 hour a day moderation, so whatever).

Next up, the blog...

As you guys probably know, playing off of tabloid style drama is a very good way to maintain a blog.

On a daily basis I'm emailed by people who want me to spew negativity at people who've spewed it at me, or to spill the beans on my sides of the story to various ridiculous nonsense.

Instead of doing that though, I've taken the angle of just trying to offer as much value as possible and letting people draw their own conclusions based on common sense.

And you know what?? It's worked.

The blog is now read by 5000-10,000 people a day, and it's the main thing that I'm recognized for when people meet me on the street.

A very, very solid decision that I'm grateful for having made.

So yeah, this year has been a big experiment. An experiment in positivity, and re-conditioning ourselves to become ADDICTED to a more empowering state of mind.

Why is it so important?? Why is it so KEY that this gets done??

Simple. It's more REAL.

Emotions are addictive, and the more often you access a specific state of mind...... the more synaptic pathways are laid out to access it more and more.

Women are wired to see positivity as "EMOTIONAL FITNESS" in a man.

If you're "addicted to positivity"...... you're a lot more naturally attractive than if you aren't (requiring less reliance and overuse of POOOAH techniques).

Sound appealing?? Good. Use it as leverage to become more positive.

Anyway, extreme props to everyone who's participated in this. Much, much appreciated.




Chris said...

Sounds like a great idea.

Ed said...

Tyler, I first met you at a David D seminar 3-4 years ago. You have evolved so materially since then. It's really, really cool to witness.

Transformations was great, as has been every product you guys put out. I'm certain you will eclipse Tony Robbins in the future.

Thanks and keep up the great "work".

BTW, happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler,

Your willpower is good, the force is strong with can make it happen man. Anyone who can change their own life can influence another man's. The only way to do it wrong is to get that fact backwards...

justin atomik

Anonymous said...

This inspired me to do the 10 day positivity challenge starting now. Thanks Tyler! =)

SnowFrog said...

I totally agree with the positivity focus!

I have certain techniques I use to really pump my sense of happiness to a point were I feel I'm nearly bursting with joy and happiness (and no, I don't touch those strange mushrooms growing in my garden....even though they look good.. :P).

The girls can really sense this, I get lot's of IOI's going down the street feeling GREAT and that life's a PARTY!

I don't only get more girl options, but benefits like discounts in stores, free stuff, my shitty hotelroom was even upgraded to a suite... Sweet :). Positivity rules!

Zirex said...

Fabulous writing. I've noticed RSDNation has a much more positive vibe than other forums, just based on the responses I get from posting similar things on them.

Dj PUA said...

Great stuff TD. RSD has a bright future ahead of it. Great community and very knowledgeable people. Only good things can come from being positive.

"We are what we attract".


Anonymous said...

positivity is negative, stay neutral.

Ace said...

Hmm. That was super good.



Neil Natura said...

Right on man..

To many people in this world are conditioned to be negative - they love to be zombies.

That's also why I love your blog - It's not "only" about getting better with women.. But in general beeing better as a person.

It sticks out. I hope u will keep spitting out nice articles.

Neil Natura//

Chic said...

This is soo awesome. It's always great to have a cool place of refuge for guys (like me) who have lots of negativity in their outside world. It's the really amazing energy that RSD nation has that keeps me coming back and wanting to contribute.



Chic said...

P.S. congrats on the success of your blog. Definitely some of the best reading out there on these topics!

London Pickup Artist said...

I remember it when it started and it was very positive even at that stage.

Anonymous said...

I love this stuff.

Many people I see are zombies, literally.

Like on the bus to school everyday, talk about zombies.

Kids with no emotional control + In a place they don't want to be + doing things they don't want to do = zombies.

Good thing we're stepping out of that mold.

sting said...

good call with the forum. i was against it on principle - but it has PROVED better than the alternatives.


Apurv said...

Hey Tyler,

I saw your Blueprint Decoded Seminar 2-3 weeks from now.
And I can't tell you how much I have benefitted from it.

I mean, I have been struggling with all the thoughts and beliefs and concepts ever from the beginning.
But after watching your DvD, you really made everything click in my real life. And ever since, I am actually more positive, more authentic, more free from the "social beliefs" that I had been cracking my brains about.
And its not just about Girls anymore... but I feel alot more authentic to walk through my life and see the world with "fresh eyes" and not being caught up in the web and feeling of insufficiency.

It has only been a few days now, but I am sure that I will do great as time passes.

I sure can't give you any present on your Birthday... but if it matters to you then I would want you to know that I am very very grateful to you. And... Thank you for helping me see the world better.

A very Happy Birthday!
Have a great life ahead buddy.