Sunday, November 11, 2007

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster

Aaaaaah, another glorious night out. Isn't it lovely?? It sure is...... :)

I'm going to rip off an article before bed, no editing or any of that, so take it or leave it.

Alright so today I want to talk a bit about how to view success with women, and the way to make yourself lethally effective in all situations.

First up, the "game" in superficial environments like nightclubs is oftentimes similar to hockey or soccer.

There's the ball that you want to get possession of, the other team (intrusive chodes / haters / etc...), and yourself. Maybe even a referee if you want to count the bouncer.

Now as you know, most dudes out there are straight up FULL CHODE EXTREME.

Is the term "chode" negative? No.

It's just an individual who has a weak sense of reality and looks to others to tell them how to feel about themselves. If a girl doesn't react to them in the way they expect they feel "bad" and "deflated" and "sad". Their behaviours operate from this ill-layed foundation.

That's chode. It's a descriptive term like calling a penguin a penguin, but if you want to avoid labelling and be a bit nicer sounding you could say "This INDIVIDUAL has CHODLEY BEHAVIOURS, acts CHODISH, and suffers from severe CHODISM..."


Most dudes aren't really playing to "win" -- they're just trying to get through the night without feeling bad emotions (or trying to avoid pain).

It's a pretty pathetic mode of existence, but it is what it is. We all have to learn to get past it.

You've got to be different from that. Stand out from that.

In your head it's all about the "Pickup Algorithm" --> which is basically all the behaviours that maximize the result that you're looking for.

The "game" is basically like soccer. If you're talking to a girl and you feel a real "connection" with her and she starts talking to a cooler or more charismatic guy (or one who's acting that way at the specific time) you don't take it all personally like "Buu.... Buuutt..... I thought we had a CONNECTION together??"

Instead you just figure the dude has taken possession and you need to MAN UP and take it back.

Remember, YOU DO NOT KNOW THIS PERSON. She's just doing whatever she feels like doing, and she feels like going for the coolest guy she can find. So what?? It's her right and she owes you absolutely nothing. Man up and BE the cooler guy.

Likewise, let's say that you see a girl in a situation that's practically impossible to pull her out of. Say that she's surrounded by a big group of rowdy dudes looking to step up and "defend her honor" her because they really have a secret crush.

Obviously it's somewhat of a weak situation. Maybe 20% chance of pulling her out of there for a bite to eat or whatever, even with all the group-tactics and yada yada yada...

Still, that 20% in your mind is obviously a FAR HIGHER percentage than the ZERO percent chance if you dont' approach at all.

This same mindset has to pervade every aspect of the game for you, like when a girl goes back to her friends and the attraction isn't sticking that well -- you STILL hit her up with something silly when you see her later in the night and take another shot.

It's not "What will make my emotions feel OK??" because as a MAN good emotions always have to be SELF GENERATED. That being the case, it's "What has the higher chance of sparking up chemistry with this girl??"

That's the ONLY consideration as you're "in the moment". That's IT.

Now obviously a lot of guys will furrow their brow reading this and say "I don't want to be one of those guys..."

That's fine. That's all good. I used to be the same way.

The thing is though, and really consider this, when you're single you've got to be friggin' SHAMELESS about all this.

Like, you know how oftentimes the waitress will flirt with you and it's obvious it's just good natured sass and she isn't REALLY interested??

Well guess what??

The guys I know who get by far the MOST success will ALWAYS interpret this in their minds as an indicator-of-interest.

It's called a "self fulfilling prophecy". If you've never heard of it then look it up.

The guys who get the best results have fully internalized the "IT'S ALWAYS ON" state of mind.

We're talking "Pepe Le Pieu" style here...

Did that girl across the street shoot a millisecond glance at you?? It's ON.

Did the parking lot attendant smile when you paid? She wants you to ask what she's doing later.

Did some chick yell an obnoxious comment? Obviously she wants attention and it would be rude to ignore.

THAT is how it's got to be when you're single, because if you want a quality girlfriend you need girls CYCLING through your bedroom continually until you get a girl that you like.

It took me YEARS to find a quality relationship. Guy will say to me "Wow man, you must really know how to have a relationship!!"

Uhhh, no. It's just that I took my time figuring out what I really wanted and SELECTING the right girl.

I remember back in the day sometimes dudes used to rib me about how I wouldn't have a girlfriend. I could see why they'd think that and respect their opinions, but I was like "Naw, I'm waiting for the right girl.... Any time I spend with a girl I've already hooked up with and I know it's not going anywhere is just time being taken away from the quest to meet the girl who I bounce off of the right way..."

Funny enough I'm 3 years into my relationship and the EXACT SAME dudes haven't been able to maintain theirs. Again, no disrespect, just an observation of what I think produces the best results.

It's called VOLUME. Keep it moving, date date date, until you get the girl that you like.

Now in terms of this personal odyssey, DO NOT handicap yourself by caring what people think of you.

It's funny because so many guys are so caught up in caring what people think of them and they don't see that PEOPLE ARE TOO CAUGHT UP WITH THEMSELVES to pay any attention.

Just having this knowledge is like having the key to the whole matrix. Once it fully "clicks" you just look at other people so preoccupied with themselves and say "Whooooooooa, I dodged a bullet on that one.... Imagine spending my whole life like that!!"

Seriously, if you care what people think of you just STOP. Don't tell me "I can't stop caring." Shut up. Just stop it. It's done.

Now as you're out there playing the game, it's always "What's my highest percentage move??"

There is no consideration for what you'll look like or any of that nonsense. That stuff is so stupid I couldn't IMAGINE playing the game in that headspace.

Being like that would be like playing hockey and thinking "Are the people in the crowd thinking my STRIDE looks GRACEFUL?? Am I a MAGIC SWAN??"

Dudes, how can you be thinking about scoring a goal if you're worried about looking *SWAN*?????


So you're out there and you've got a variety of moves. These various moves have different "percentage chances" of working out for you.

If you're into RSD these aren't moves like "Use this routine, use this neg..." You guys know I can't be bothered as my entire "attract phase" is based on being MORE NIMBUS THAN MAN.

Instead of thinking in terms of "techniques" think in terms of being a BANSHEE.

Did you ever read the "X-men" comic books when you were a kid??

Remember that dude Banshee whose super powers were flying and his super-sonic yell that he projected out at people?? That's banshee.

Now when you're talking to a girl, you can imagine my voice as being like a tracter beam.

Essentially it attracts every woman in the vicinity and puts social pressure to stun-out the brains of every dude.

That's a result of 1) resonance, 2) positivity, and 3) non-rapport seeking / self-amusing pitch and tonality.

You combine that with staying "outside my head" and acting in the moment.

Remember that you don't "DO" anything. Rather, it's "THIS IS HAPPENING THROUGH ME."

You don't even take credit for it in my own head. *YOU* am not doing it, GOD is doing it. You're just the intermediary.

(Read up on Zen if this confuses you -- it sounds bizarre but it's really standard stuff).

The key is that you never "flich" or "retreat" into your mind to release pressure.

You keep the pressure outward always. Leave all the "thinking" to the other people.

It comes down to the "stronger reality". This is YOUR party and people are obviously going to act how YOU expect them to act.

YOU are the source of good emotions in the environment. You aren't going up to the girl little a little bitch-boy Oliver Twist like "Please miss, may I have some more??"

You're approaching with a FULL CUP here, with water to spare -- not looking to be FILLED.

There's no agenda. No wanting any specific result. You're having fun. Amusing yourself. That's IT.

With that lethal combination you're basically in FULL LORD mode. The better you get at it the more your nimbus grows into it's fullest potential.

Now remember, you've got various moves for every situation and you just go in there like a computer and UNLEASH THE ALGORITHM WITHIN.

Basically it's just fun, fun, fun -- YOU are the most fun and coolest dude to hang out with in the environment.

You don't approach trying to GENEREATE A RESPONSE (that's called "button pushing" and it's sooooo 2003). Rather, and this is the ultimate key, you go up and SELF AMUSE.

That's it.

Just get into the habit of self-amusement.

Go up and self-amuse right in front of the girl. You're not trying to make HER laugh. You're trying to make YOURSELF laugh, and then because you dominate the reality she gets drawn into that and what YOU think is funny now SHE thinks is funny.

This is real simple, and don't let the over-analysis deceive you. All the cool kids in high school did it. You've done it without realizing whenever you've had an "ON" night.

From there you just enjoy your night, pull to the restaurant, pull home, done deal.

Every situation that comes up, you just go to your algorithm of "highest percentage responses" and execute without all the "How will this make me look" type RETARDEDNESS.

Wash rinse repeat.

In the same way that once you know how to open and run a five minute conversation, with repetition you can learn to surf the wave all the way to the shore on a SCARILY consistent basis.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Keep it cracking and post reports on RSD Nation. See you there.



Anonymous said...

Tyler, your article is unreal!
You manage to improve what is already outstanding and take this to a whole new level.
Can't wait for the Blueprint-release.


Chris said...

Glorious article!

Anonymous said...


best article ever

tks td

Reggy said...

Thanks Tyler.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this stuff is gold you guys.

Amazing article

Zirex said...

Wooo great article!! Good to have you back Tyler.

Andrew said...

good post :)

ware_ru said...

Holy fucking shit. Amazing


Ace said...

That's so weird. I was out last night with that same kind of subconscious going on. Certain peeps I could run up on peeps when I felt like fuckin' goofing off. And when I did as such, I got massive positive feed back.

But when I felt a bit inside of my head I froze a little...or when I wanted to escalate / felt afraid to.

hmmm....right on point as always. fucker. :)



Anonymous said...

I was consistently saying, "YES", after each line. Great one here ya'll, really fun, beautiful, simple.

Slojodan said...

This is THE article I would show my routine-using friends to answer the question "How can you attract without routines." Great blog, Tyler.


Anonymous said...

Wow, man, great article.
Very inspiring!

Lurid Details said...

One of the best blogs in awhile. Im so glad I chose RSD over the alternative. Going out trying to use routines to get responses sucks. Amusing yourself is way better. Maybe you should avoid the non edited blogs though ;)

TheNow said...


I *love* your new external game posts. This one was no exception!

Great work!! :)

dzur said...

Really good post, Tyler. Very right on with other things I've been reading right now.

Anonymous said...

Like it bro!!! Nice work.

Anonymous said...

so inspiring & motivational!

you're defintely the head of this whole movement/phenomenon/whatever!

much love & respect!


Richie said...

Mate this is a seriously good post. Thanks it's helped me.

Anonymous said...

woh.. classic right there :o

Dmitry said...

Thank you so much, Tyler! That's the most inspiring and motivating stuff I've ever seen!

Vittorio said...

Playing to do well is fine but you have to focus on internal fulfillment.

The tone of your article is positive and motivating which is great, but the subtext seems to be too focused on doing great things because it will get girls. That only distracts from ME and what helps me internally.

Anytime I do something which is "good for me" but is angled towards getting something else then I am not really focused on me and am most likely having an "attachment moment" disguised as self-improvement.

Despite the trend of RSD towards being natural (which I think is great especially in contrast to the other products out there), there is still a bit too much importance placed on getting women. Why should anyone man up and be the cooler guy just to get the girl? I am much cooler (and more of a man) when I don't seek that outcome.

I think you mentioned in another post about wanting to adopt a mindset that's more based on eastern philosophy. That's great but it means letting go of the western thinking, "I gotta have". It has to be a complete changeover, not a mashup of the two.

Anonymous said...

MMM, i wonder if they sell nimbus at wallmart?


voice, projection and positiveity.

Positive dominanec always prevails.

Thanks cuz,


Dre321 said...

Good stuff. I like you man.

Siso said...


I have a question about you...

How do you juggle between a relation and gaming \ closing at the same time ?

I mean, how far do you go at 'closing' ?

Do you stop at the number ? Do you stop at the kclose ?

Or you don't stop at all ?
I mean do you still count lays by the month ? by the year ?

Thanks in advance for answering

I like your blog,
I like your writing, as it goes much more further than just 'Pick Uuuuuup'

tease said...

Damn- Tyler your the man.
Thank you for spittin out those words.
I mean, really man, THANK YOU!

Style1 said...

it was ok

Bobby said...

Ehh, don't agree with everything, but overall you made some pretty good points Tyler

Fusion said...

ok post...but its not glorious! Come on guys dont see tyler as your personal jesus! Get your own life

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