Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Eyes On The Prize -- Getting Serious About Your Goals

Wow. What. A. F**king. Month.

We've just seen the release of The Jeffy Show and it's been a massive win.

I knew the program was hot and that once the rumours about the quality got around people would be lining up to get their hands on it -- but I've been blown away that it's been the biggest the first week launch we've ever done.

Total smash.

Have you gotten YOUR copy yet??

Dude, it's STUNNINGLY INEXPENSIVE and we kept it that way so you have no excuse not to get off your ass and grab yourself a copy.

Have you ever gotten a program from RSD before?? They're seriously pro, from top to bottom. The binders, DVDs, soundtrack, recording quality, and the whole deal. I personally spend months involved in the entire process to make the final product something that you can put up on your wall and make you smile every time you look at it.

Do it as a gift to yourself. Satiate your curiousity. You deserve it, and even if you don't, indulge yourself anyway.

(If you actually STUDY it you might even learn a TON and snatch up a shiny new lifestyle upgrade for yourself while you're at it...)

It's at

Beyond that, we've also seen the release of two new sites: and

These two sites are brand new and are just starting to amass content. I'm going to be starting the process of getting them "officially" going tommorow when I wake up.

You might have also noticed that the RSD bootcamp reviews have been CRACKING lately.

That's because we've kept the student-to-instructor ratio to a STRICT 3-on-1 limit, and the culture around RSD of producing "client transformation" is insane.

Did you know that Real Social Dynamics bootcamps have been at the same $1500 price ever since 2003??

(Cities that we have to fly to and get a hotel are an extra $500, and likewise for special request 1-on-1s).

Instructors haven't had a pay raise since 2003. Prices have stayed the same, even for guys like me, Jeffy, Tim, Ozzie, and the whole crew.

This is definitely a company that instructors stay with out of pure love for the game, because they're offered better situations on a continual basis.

Question: COULD I get $4500 for a weekend of my time??

Yup, I'm offered it all the time because my bootcamps are always sold out as soon as people realize I'm the instructor (which is funny because I'm the least talented of the crew right now because I'm constantly in the house working).

The reason I don't take it is that I don't care about the money, YET. I'm 28 and I have no kids or responsibilities.

I have plenty of time to be a greedy sellout bastard when I'm in my thirties and fourties. I don't even hate on the dudes who are doing it now, because I'm just in a position where I have the luxury of not needing to.

Truth be told I've never taken much cash out of RSD because I like to keep it circulating into stuff like better forums, instructor training, customer support, new websites, better student/instructor ratios on bootcamps, etc etc...

OTOH some of the other instructors like Jeffy and Ozzie are in their thirties and will HAVE to be permitted to get what they're obviously worth at some point.

What does that mean for YOU??

It means their programs WILL suddenly become a lot more expensive in the future (and they'll be filled months in advanced regardless).

It also means people will whine and moan like "Awwwww geez, I could have gotten a 3-on-1 with Jeffy for $1500???? What was I thinking??!!"

Take this into consideration when you think about "putting off" taking a bootcamp.

I've warned you MONTHS in advance here, so if you come to me saying "I was thinking of taking the bootcamp for the longest time and I was JUST about to take one... Can I still get it at $1500??" you'll be given a funny look because there'll be nothing I can do about it at that point.

Again, no price increase since 2003. If you're thinking about it, use your head and sign up immediately.

You've got Ozzie running shit in London and Europe. Jeffy and Alex are travelling all over North America. Tim is dominating in Los Angeles for three months starting January. This is a very good time to take the leap.

And btw, if you're one of those dudes who's like "I'm going to skim over all the marketing stuff and just look for the content on this blog..." well GUESS WHAT??

You're only doing YOURSELF a disservice. Because these programs really are ALL THAT.

Normally you might be thinking correct, but the best thing I can say is to evaluate the quality of everything you see from RSD: this blog, RSD Nation, the free 2 hour audio, Jeffy's newsletter, the various sites, etc etc...

The "Official" programs are about 100X the value being offered to you at like a ridiculous cheap price.

I've kept them that way so that anyone can afford it.

Look at this -- an 18 year old kid who works at a convenience store saved up to take one:

So if you're telling yourself a story that it's "out of reach" then consider that somebody who is FOR SURE in a more difficult position than you was able to make it happen for himself, and read the review to see the position he's in now.

I always furrow my brow in confusion when people tell me they're "serious" about their making big progress in this area, and yet they've never taken a program with RSD.

For real, at the prices we do things, if you haven't taken one you're probably not taking yourself seriously. I don't care how "advanced" you are, or how utterly incompetent.

Do this for yourself.

Alright I'm off to bed right now and I'll be back very soon with our regularly scheduled programming.

I've got a few articles in the pipeline since I've had a break, and I'm sure you'll be excited about them.

Thanks if you've picked up a copy of The Jeffy Show and supported Jeffy's endeavour, and for those of you who haven't yet it's at

Stay tuned!!



Anonymous said...

Ohh yeah, this is a great article Tyler. It's totally nimbus!!

Anonymous said...

Copped the Jeffy Show and waiting for shipment to be finalized..!! GET THIS PROGRAM PEOPLE!

Boy Wonder

escalator said...

I predict a rise in costs for bootcamps, at least for Jeffy's and Ozzie's. What's the time schedule? Three months?

Andrew said...

Thanks for the headsup :)

With all the cool articles and free audio/video right now, theres no excuses for not getting laid.

Anonymous said...

The story with the 18-year-old kid just got me 100X more excited for my bootcamp next weekend (I'm 19). I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

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