Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Glorious Return

Yes, that’s a real rock.

As in found in nature. It’s called the “Phallic Rock” and it’s found on the remote Hawaiian island of Molokai.

I flew there in a small Cesena a few weeks ago through a tropical storm. Apparently I made it.

After being blessed with the newfound potency that the ancient Hawaiians believed this rock contains, I flew to Los Angeles for the final recording of The Blueprint Decoded.

Four days, all me.

I’d prepared for this for... well, it seems like my entire life.

There’s something that’s different about doing a four day program all on your own.

You become a family with the people you’re speaking to. The hours pass up on stage and time seems to come to a stop. Eventually it’s like the only reality that exists.

The only reality that ever existed, and the only one that ever could.

It’s like you find yourself thinking “I could just be here forever... What difference would it make?? What difference could anything possibly make??”

The Blueprint was hard to let go of. It's what kept me going when I felt like all the certainties of my life were falling apart. For a long time it felt like it was all I really had.

I had no idea how I was going to get myself out of the circumstances I found myself in, but in the process of creation I could forget about all my problems and think about offering value to other people.

It was a way of sort of “outframing” all the uncertainty, so to speak.

I could say “I’m working on The Blueprint... My personal situation is just petty nonsense... This is bigger than that...”

Maybe that’s why they say that offering value is ultimately more rewarding than receiving it.

It sounds cheesy and contrived but I think it's true. The outward movement of value, for some reason or other, is the more profound human experience.

We seem to be wired that way, maybe because we’ve evolved as social creatures, I don’t know.

It’s so often forgotten... So easily and naturally forgotten in the progressive society in which we live.

The endless stimulation and prodding towards gratification... the constant conditioning to look to the surface of things and miss out on the depth.

On the surface you make a bunch of money or get some new toy ... and it’s fun for about five minutes and then you take it for granted and it's off to the next thing.

Like how the advent of the grocery store and central-air would have been like an infinite paradise for a caveman -- but for us to say we really care about it is more of a hypothetical thought experiment than an actual reality.

So it’s always more... more... more surface level gratification.

You wonder “How could all the people who came before me live without all the comforts I take for granted?? How could they have lived with all the uncertainty?? They must have just been ignorant... Their lives must have just been spent in the distraction of satisfying their most basic needs...”

That’s the obviousness of progress...

We’ve come so far, culturally, socially, just to look around isn’t it dogmatic at this point??

I don’t know... I’m not so sure anymore.

It’s all about certainty, isn’t it??

We all want certainty. Maybe it's that lust that causes us to spread ourselves like a cancerous tumour.

Look at the cities we live in, really look at how they swell and expand.

Fly over Los Angeles. Fly over Sao Paulo. Open your eyes and look, because most of the cities that are now considered small will someday become just like them.

Our children and all of their children for thousands of generations will be likely left with the legacy of a mangled planet, a smoking wrangled carcass of the vibrant and living entity that it once was.

This same drama is played out on a micro level in our own lives, as we seek a temporary fix of certainty in our status and beliefs and personal relationships.

And for what??


That’s the absurdity of it all. It’s nothing more than a mind-perpetuated veil of distraction that’s only purpose is to distance you from who you really are.

All the status and validation you get from people... It’s gone as fast as it came.

Your beliefs??

A set of labels, judgements, and interpretations of previous events that’s more often than not creating an opaque wall between yourself and an authentic experience of present reality.

Even relationships...

How many do you still have from childhood?? How many will you still have if you make it to be old and gray?? If you're lucky there's a few that are important and THAT'S IT.

What do we cling to all this for?? Is it the promise of nice memories??

So we can sit in a diaper blabbing incoherently to the disinterested youth about all the cool stuff we used to have??

Fuck certainty.

I’m disgusted by it. I can’t stand it.

The more certainty you get, the more temptation there is to root yourself in it. To delude yourself. To root yourself in the fleeting and the false.

As far as I can tell, and I’m speaking as a naive kid in his twenties who’s probably read too many off-the-wall books for his own good, the only real certainty in this world is being WHO YOU ARE and the only real joy is OFFERING VALUE.

That’s it.

There’s nothing to want from anybody. Nothing to be needy for, nothing to be insecure about.

Everything that you need you’ve already got.

All the girls, all the props, all the food and luxury... the only way it can be really enjoyed is when it’s a natural consequence of who you are and the value you’ve offered.

The individual who gets this “stuff” by any other means, be it “easier” or “more clever” –- the depth of their experience is diluted by the neediness of attachment, the taste soured by the permeating filth of their petty existence.

Like the girl who’s number you got and you’re too nervous to call, or the relationship you destroy by clasping to it too tightly ... you can’t really enjoy it because your mind can’t process the deservedness, so you just cling to it until it’s gone.

The only pleasure is when it’s a natural consequence...

When those good, positive, healthy emotions are rooted in who you are and the value you offer -- and the external circumstances are attracted into your life as “experiential bonus rounds” so to speak.

Like sitting at a cafe by yourself after a day where you gave everything you had, and you just feel... awesome.

Or walking down the street in Manhatten, and you’re listening to your boots clacking against the pavement and you’ve got a smile in your eyes for everyone you pass because you’ve come into alignment with the world.

Have you ever been basking in the afterglow of sex with a girl who you just fucked the brains out of... and you know... YOU JUST KNOW that you’ve been the dude that you’re meant to be and she’s so thrilled to be with you and it MAKES SENSE??

That’s the real glory in all this... The depth that's found beyond the surface.

A girl who’s genuinely attractive, not just on the surface but with real depth, she has the ability to intoxicate and have you buzzed out of your head on a level that's in a lot of ways better than sex. Just talking her, just being around her, totally natural. But that only comes when you let go out of the petty neediness for her validation, allowing yourself to be in the moment without “thinking ahead” and REALLY experiencing her.

Funny how in doing so you offer so much value to her that “getting laid” is practically inevitable, and yet, the swarms of needy chodes of the world will NEVER land themselves that quality of girl.

The petty desires you came into this with... Kill them... Evolve past them.

Fuck the need for certainty. Enjoy it where you've got it but overall just let it go.

I want to be in the outdoors. Hiking up in the mountains. Hitting stupidly big waves out in the ocean.

I want to visit new cultures, to travel in the third world away from the power structures that give us all this bullshit sense of security.

I'm serious, that's what I want and that's how I spend all my free time. Just put me ANYWHERE that I can let loose and experience my faculties to the fullest.

You want to know where you go when you die??

It’s easy. You go into the unknown. Just like now. You’re in the midst of it and you don’t even realize it.

There’s no difference.

Think about that... how by a way of looking at it there’s fundamentally no difference between your life and death.

When you feel uncertainty, all you have to remember is that you’re ALREADY in the midst of the unknown. You’ve lived your entire life in it, it’s your only home.

This isn’t even abstract. You don’t have to be intelligent or have any major epiphany to understand it.

It’s not toying with semantics like “You can never really know anything for sure...” when in fact you DO have the ability to take right action based what you know.

This is even simpler than that. It’s just a dilation of awareness where it would normally exist in a state of contraction.

You’re born in uncertainty, you live in uncertainty, and you die in it.

It's your home. It's where you live, and no matter how hard you try to deny it to yourself it's where you're SUPPOSED to be.

You exert a level of control over yourself and your environment, but at the end of the day you can’t find your sense of self in that because like it or not the world will only revolve around you and operate on your agenda for so long before you get a kick in the face.

The real experience of life found in the depth, and this experience is as profound as it is timeless.

How long you lived... The number of hours... The number of days and years...

All surface stuff... All petty and somewhat funny if you think about it, even if at times it seems very much to the contrary.

That’s where you find freedom... Liberation from this insane epidemic of the need for certainty.

It’s the core difference between the people who play at life and the people who sit it out as dazed spectators on the sidelines.

And if you think about it, the whole system is really pretty darned elegant.

There is no surface solution to life... You always have to go deeper, and in the process find a new depth in YOURSELF.

Just like how you can’t make a ton of money or memorize the perfect set of pickup lines to get the girl without having to become a better dude...

Just like how you can’t kill all the bad guy terrorists to end the violence without recognizing all the geopolitical causes of which we are a central part...

And just like how you can’t produce and expand and consume endlessly to make for a better world...

It’s all about embracing the complexities, and finding the depth and the balance that the experiences are trying to communicate and move us towards.

As cool as it would be to find that sense of centeredness we crave in a lifetime of surrounding ourselves with layer upon layer temporary security, the only durable solution is to peel back all the false, superfluous distractions and get to our core selves.

That’s not to glorify the past, which would be a massive oversimplification.

Rather, it's living the uncertainty and unknown as the basis of freedom which allows us to connect to the depth of our experiences on the most profound level that we could ever want or desire.

Alright, that’s it for now. Very good to be back!!



Anonymous said...

Great blog!


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Anonymous said...

Very nice Tyler. I really like the direction you have taken recently with your approach to pickup and inner game. Tolle would be proud haha.

Good work,

- Tragic_carpet_ride

Anonymous said...

Fuckin awesome

Anonymous said...

Welcome back..

These blogs post made you think, which is always good.

Just read the "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta" again.. and DAMN.. what a fuckin good post.

Keep 'em cummin...

Ziggy said...

Kobe Bryant said: "I look at scoring as a blank canvas. There is no set way to score. It's all about having unlimited freedom and creativity. Everything just seems to slow down and you have supreme confidence."

Certainty and perfection are limiting. Embrace uncertainty and let yourself fly.

Mayhem said...

Holy shit Tyler. This was the most amazing thing I've read on this blog.

This might sound out there or whatever, but based on what I just read, and the quality of the writing -- you're on your way to becoming THE philosopher of the generation.

Absolutely amazing article.

Jedi said...

My friend

it was worth the wait - you know it!

Actually, this reminded me of when i finished my last exam before i graduated last month. I had just completed the toughest year of my life, and i was sipping a latte in a cafe in Melbourne with a big grin on my face. It was so rewarding. So satisfying.

I often think that if your life is too predictable and comfortable, that you're not playing the game of life hard enough. Anyone who says life isn't challenging, or that it's easy is simply chilling out in the stands.

Bring on the curve balls.

and the glory timezzzz

love your work man...

Anonymous said...

This stuff is too complex for me to understand, but hey, +1 inch phallus size gain!

Anonymous said...

thanks for another article TD, it just feels good to read it

Anonymous said...

thank you for this

Chris said...

Thats awesome Tyler.

I am glad to have come across you work. Although my journey has just begun, i have already become a much better person. Instead of my old victim "why me" attitude before, i want to offer my value and LIVE life to the fullest.

(ha ha im listening to Lola's theme as i write this, "I'm a differnt person, turn my world around.")

I honestly believe you will change the world for the better.

or at least be knighted ha ha.

Looking forward to Blueprint: Decoded.


Loren said...

A different change of pace...

Ayo Mayo! said...

So Tyler...this post was extremely awesome and it was worth the close to 4 week wait since Dynamic Nature

Finixhz said...

Most Glorious post ever.

Anonymous said...

great blog
looging good heh;)

Kris Hughes said...

This is just way too over my head, I don't get it.

Bourne Perfection said...

I was going to post this response in the RSD-N Thread that you linked this from, but you locked it. Oh well.

I'm find it incredably hard to write out everything I'm thinking about this blog post. It's overwhelming.

The entire idea of giving more value than you take baffles me. I think I am beginining to understand it a little better every day, and then this. I have gotten to the point where I can walk down the street (in Manhatten), and smile just because I am thankful. Everything does come into alignment, just as you said. It's like the really old (I think) saying, that the world is your oyster. I grew up on a fairly condensed path... one which was designed to get me to the top in the end. And I knew that eventually I would make it. Some day I will have a successful career, it isn't a question for me. That's simply where I come from. But it is a career that I may not enjoy, and it is a path I may not want to take. This path includes over-appreciating the bigger things, and ignoring the little pleasantries in life. I could finish school, get a job, work hard, and eventually become a CEO. But at what cost? I would probably never talk to a single female along the way that I didn't have to.

This is the path from which I have strayed. And many people may look down on me for saying it. I felt that the costs were not worth the benefit. I learned of this community not long enough ago. Live in the now. Be the man. It's a whole different side of life. The social versus the academic. From the start I was destined to go to the top of the academic world. The ideal job for me, if I were to continue on that path, would be the main man behind the scenes. The number 2. And eventually, if I kept it up well enough, when the CEO, the number 1 retires, it would be mine for the taking. If I could take it. Looking at that path now, I dont know if I would have ever been ready to take it.

I read this post, by Tyler. The main man. The one at the top. At the top of the other side of life. Of the social life. And what I take from it is to enjoy the academic side.

"It sounds cheesy and contrived but I think it's true. The outward movement of value, for some reason or other, is the more profound human experience. We seem to be wired that way, maybe because we've evolved as social creatures, I don't know."

From this I take it that there is more to the academic side. Almost as if there is just as much value to be had over on that side of life. And then I see "On the surface you make a bunch of money or get some new toy... and it's fun for about five minutes..." The value can come from living for this other side of life, but the rewards are not there. Because you can never get enough. Enough "gratification."

And then it has become a question to me, what is gratification? What is it that can please me? And then I think of the obvious answer in my mind. What would I want? If I am successful in life, what do I want in the end? And then I think a wife, a family, maybe some luxurious things. But that reward is to come later in life. Much later. What about the path? What can satisfy me in the now? And the answer I come up with is girls. It doesn't even cross my mind to seriously contemplate the real differences between having many girls or sticking with a single girlfriend for the next 3 years. Or longer. And then I see "THERE IS NO CERTAINTY." I could live my life to the fullest on the academic track, and all for what? The possibility of later success.

So where can I go with this thought? To live in the now, not the future. To take pleasure in the successes of the now? But what is a success now? But if a success now is getting that hottie I met on the sidewalk into bed with me, what is there to it later? So while I try and get this hottie into my bed, I still have to learn from it. Still have to be 'academically' observative. To see what I can really do to get this girl to want me, so that later on I am just as appealing to the next girl. Or to the next girlfriend. Or to this girl later on. I have to give some of myself to this relationship, to this moment. I have to offer value to this relationship. So that she comes away from this better off than she started. The ultimate goal becomes, in the process of getting as many girls as possible, to leave them better off. And to do all of this with such certainty that I don't become a taker. Because being a taker will not help me over all. It may help now, but the end result, the family, the lifestyle looks even more bleak an opportunity. "The only real certainty in this world is being who I am, and the only real joy is offering value." Because when everything goes well this way, she is thrilled to be with me. If she isn't thrilled with me, how could others find me to be the prize? Because that's what I really want. I don't just want a wife some day. I want a wife who KNOWS that I am the one she wants, someone who can look at me and say I'm perfect, because they actually believe it. Even if I'm not the second in charge to the CEO. Maybe I can still become that CEO, approaching it from another side.

I'm now seeing why Tyler wants to be a politician. It is another form of being at the top. To be the one that people turn to in times of trouble. You dont just run a company, you help lives, and you can achieve it by climbing the other ladder, by being loved by everyone. Because they know that you are the one that they want in charge, and they are thrilled to have you. Bill Clinton got it, George Bush didnt. Because needs don't make you a bad person. Because Bill was human. Not thinking ahead, not doing or knowing what is right, the confusion it can leave behind may show why Geroge Bush has had it harder than others in the public eye.

So now I can walk "down the street in Manhatten," and I can listen to my "boots clacking against the pavement." And I can smile at everyone I pass on the street. But not because someday I am destined to be great. Sure that may be the case, regardless of which path I take to get to the top. But I can smile because I can be satisfied that I give enough. Enough value to the world, now. I don't need a test grade showing an A or someone to pass by me and say 'thanks.' That's not the goal. That's not where the pleasure is really found. I do my part, I offer my value to the world, and that is enough. Everything else is just added benefits.

And now to finish my fairly rambling, probably rediculously long response, I hope that someone finds some value in this. But even no one reads it, it's cool. It isn't my concern that people don't take anything out of this. Because this was just my response to Tyler's giving of value. And for that I want to thank him (again, and probably even more so later). And for The Blueprint, for which I hope Tyler feels as much satisfaction from as he deserves.

Thanks again Tyler. And I hope you do succeed in politics. The country can use more people of value like yourself.

With Love
- Bourne(for) Perfection

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Anonymous said...

*BRAVO* That was fuckin amazing! I'm iffy about seduction dvd's but if the BP's anything like this, it's a whole lot more & I want it!

Anonymous said...

That was awesome man.

Survival of the fittest never was and never will be - Majesty

Dion said...

Fuck yeah!

Just Let it all go..Just let it all GO...
Don't worry about if your clothes are cool enough before you go out don't worry about your boss getting pissed because your too late. U can't change it just accept it. Don't worry about rules stop living your live in a routine kind of way thinking you got a map and the perfect directions and that u got
certainty by following what the society preaches . Cause the society just like you and i doesn't know shit for sure. You know why? because me and you are society. When you walk in the street try to drop all this cops and traffic signs walking down the street with the elllusion of making you feel saved
Make them dissapear make the building around you dissapear think of it as a place it once was just flat land with tree's.

Imagine it the to be the beautiful jungle again Where nothing was certain where the only real way to live and get thrue the day was listening to your instincts and and all you had were feelings. No words just you Your core you one with nature walking beside trees where at anytime there could be a animal jumping out the bushes and eat you or the joy of you killin him and eat it or fuck even even become friends cause your both not so hungry at the moment. Just stop running the whole time from the animal and every fucking second think about it is there somewhere looking for you. Just accept it is there. Thats all just accept shit can happen and thats the beauty of life. Its so uncertain.

You never truly know what or how. You always experience new things. fuck a routine blegh!
Be in the moment and let it al wash over you like a wave over a surfer and be one with whatever happens. Accept it and stop running from life!
The funny thing is you are still in that jungle! So stop thinking you have certainty and follow rules that the big ellusianary companies tell you. And just let go of the the materialism. And have nothing be nothing don't be attached LET IT GO!. The only journy and joy is that of learning how to enjoy life more not to understand it but to ENJOY IT! Don't overanalyze just take it all as it comes and ENJOY AND LEARN HOW TO ENJOY IT MORE!

Anonymous said...

Glory uncertain timessss

Chill said...

finally, tyler is back!
this article was really good, and it makes a lot of sense to me. i found it pretty spiritual and profound.
i hope one of the other instructors will take care of this blog while you are doing your post production.

best wishes to you,

Walker said...

Tyler, I appreciate your recognition of inappropriateness of valuing a perceived sense of value.

I spent 12 months doing hardcore vipassana meditation for a large chunk of my life. At the CORE of my practice was the evercontinuing investigation of the uncertainty of my moment to moment existance. Look into this long enough, and EVERY thing starts to unravel. Especially your mind. You realize there NEVER was certainty to begin with, only an illusion you've created to shield you from the actual granularity, juiciness, wildness of full on living. DIE every moment. LIVE every moment.

Discover that Fight Club and Buddha have much in common when taken to the extreme in both cases.

No need to harp on Buddhism, that's just one route.

I appreciate sharing the apace of the recognition there there REALLY is NOTHING to stand on.

It's like that subtle glimmer of wonder, freedom, joy that is only often noticed in the lucid wonder of utter catastrophe.

Notice it now.

Fullcrum said...


Your pictures are very well placed. Beautiful. Still.

My mind is silent. Hm. Thanks. Thank you for that. Very much :).

DeeRock said...

Awesome post Tyler! There really is no security in life. It's one big illusion that I'm guilty of buying into far too long. Thanks for the reminder. Can't wait for the Blueprint to come out!

Greg H. said...

“It's living the uncertainty and unknown as the basis of freedom which allows us to connect to the depth of our experiences on the most profound level that we could ever want or desire.”

Tyler, glorious. This is Greg, part of your Los Angeles SuperConference family, you brought me on stage. As if you didn’t do it enough in LA for me, you capture it again. Two weeks have passed, I have never been so in-tune, so accepting of the fact that the only certainty of life is that life is uncertain. This very acceptance has given me the liberation to be the person I am meant to be and you should see how I radiate good emotion, authenticity, and offer value to everyone I meet to the point where it is almost insanely magnetic. I’m telling you, it’s the greatest feeling on earth.

Thanks man.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tyler. Your really good at what you do. I hope your as open minded and genuine as you sound in your article.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tyler. Your really good at what you do and I hope you are as open minded and genuine as you are in your article.

Anonymous said...

new ways of thinking once again.Thanx :)

good to have u back,sir ;>

Anonymous said...

wow. what a comeback article! fucking amazing...absolutely life changing insights.

Jules said...

Another quality article Tyler. Keep em coming!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great blog! I always find them interesting and entertaining.
Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

'It sounds cheesy and contrived but I think it's true. The outward movement of value, for some reason or other, is the more profound human experience.'

Why are so many people lost and unhappy?

Value takers. Giving nothing to the world and just sucking it dry to no avail.

Anonymous said...

I am litterally DYING sitting here waiting for the BLUEPRINT!!!!!!!!!!I Love the blog, don't get me wrong but I'm just fixated on experiencing MINDBLOWING epiphanies and whole new outlook that I think will happen after watching the blueprint!!

Anonymous said...

This post actually lightened me up after some bitterness I had over an argument. It reminded me that such a state of liberation can come if you are totally comfortable in not trying to understand everything and just disengage from any tempting thoughts that might elude you back to the compulsive thinker.

I was a little lost just a few moment ago but having read this I know what I need to do now. Thank you Tyler for the directions

Anonymous said...

Indeed a glorious return!

gl with the blueprint release btw!

Deckard said...

Thanks Tyler! This great post is the greatest xmas gift of all!

Anonymous said...

Very good to have you back my friend..!

As always, the Blog of Glory delivers what it's name implies.


Denmark //

Anonymous said...

tyler for president !

NateP said...

damn! - i really cant say anything, but this is what it is ALL about! to read this and know there are others who just 'GET IT' has really made my day - Thanks Dude!

NateP -

Anonymous said...

Wow, man!

Fucking props for the article, it has really made me think about how I go about my life.

Thanks you

Anonymous said...

Moving article,
thanks man

Freelancer said...

Welcome back. :D

Anonymous said...

magnificent. extremely informative. -gruenfeld

Dzido said...

Great to have you back

Wasn't sure if you'd get back to writing some blogs, but I just embraced the uncertainty of it all and was happily surprised today

Blacky said...

Hey Tyler I will comment ur blog! :p

Anonymous said...

hmm... awesome :)

Penelope said...

Saving La`au is a priority. I live here and will die here.

Alaska said...

WOO, You nailed that shit Tyler. Rock On!

Mzzarh said...

I love this quote:

"It’s the core difference between the people who play at life and the people who sit it out as dazed spectators on the sidelines."

Think it sums it all up really.

Lurid said...

Tyler I think youre naive to think that their is no certainty in the world. I wont go into my own personal beliefs, but religion is definately one area of certainty that exists. Let the derision begin :)

Anonymous said...

Great article. Thanks bro.

Reian said...

There is one variable that you fail to mention.

Another persons external gratification, certainty can be another persons internal gratification and there own way of offering value that comes from the heart and love and all that shit. haha.

You mentioned"

Even relationships...

How many do you still have from childhood?? How many will you still have if you make it to be old and gray?? If you're lucky there's a few that are important and THAT'S IT.

What do we cling to all this for?? Is it the promise of nice memories??

So we can sit in a diaper blabbing incoherently to the disinterested youth about all the cool stuff we used to have?? "

But perhaps you see no value in talking what could have been and how the past was but ever local here enjoys sitting back and enjoying memories of the past. But it's never the words that produces the offering value. It's the energy man.

We can never 100percent see an action as offering value or clinging to a safety blanket. We can't. Just as much as when we see a target to open, we don't know if we are her type but we go in powerfully and with faith in ouselves. Wow, going Ross Jefferies now! haha.

Maybe certain isn't the word to use in this blog. But I get what you're saying.

Perhaps we need certainty. But also perhaps when that certainty is destroyed, we must have the fucking balls and mental strength to say, "it's ok, fuck it and move on" And to know that you did your best and the memories you generated were good ones.

Dude, even though I'm not a "paid student" of RSD, you want to hang out for a chat or coffee. I promise I won't ask for pick up shit unless we both are cool with it.
I'm a cofounder of the Hawaii Lair. Some people told me that you wouldn't want to hang with non "paid students" but if that's the case, that's cool.


Ciaran said...

Absolutely epic. So much here speaks to me. The Blueprint - the way you describe it as the 'answer' you buried yourself in... I did that.

Mine was called 'Athens' and that was the title of my book... the one that was going to change the world. It was strange, it was like I created this idea of a work of such massive redemptive power that it would eclipse all the shit that had gone before.

I broke myself over it, more than once, and it's strange - it's something I was never really ever able to let go of, even today. I remember it very much like a retreat - I could retreat into my fortress of 'Athens' when things got too shitty for me and console myself with the dreams of the redemptive adulation that would be heaped upon me by Nobel laureates and naked chicks.

It seemed (and sometimes still seems) to promise so much - a world where all my sins are forgiven, where I've produced something of such epic brilliance that all the shit I've done will be washed away.

I guess one of the reasons I was clapping so hard at the end of the seminar was that you actually did that - or at the very least something extremely close to it. And you nailed it to the ground. It just inspired me that maybe this 'Athens' thing wasn't all bullshit - that maybe somewhere in there was something worth making happen.

It was as if you'd taken that work, and poured into it all your humanity, then honed the accuracy of delivery to that of a guided missile. It made me think that it was perhaps not the project of 'Athens'... or any of our redemptive dreams... that is the problem in and of itself:

Rather, the problem is the way we are rarely able to distance from our dreams enough to make them real, and in doing so, let them go.

It seems the ultimate act of courage - to sacrifice your dreams by making them real, with all the risk that if they fail you've lost that thing that was your driftwood in the stormy sea all these long years.

Nonetheless - if we are to be men, it's something that must be done, regardless of the cost in fear or ego. And perhaps, because of it.

Either way, great post. Word.

Jack G said...

I'm not certain if you have read it, but this post reminds me a lot of Daniel Quinn's writings (Ishmael and Story of B) in that 'modern man' is living outside the laws of life.

We try to create all of this certainty, artificially, and in the end wind up doing the exact opposite.

We come to lean on these things, and then fail in their absence.

I remember recently I was at my parent's house. The power went out in the middle of the day for no explicable reason; no big deal I thought. We didn't even need lights, I opened some blinds and got to work with my father fixing up the kitchen. We had no power for tools, so we just used hand tools.

It was fun.

My mother, on the other hand, was freaking out because we had no power for a total of 1 hour.

She was completely lost without what she considered "basic necessities." I can't really think of a basic human necessity outside of food, water, sleep... and for me at least, sex.

This is a direct parallel to anyone you meet slaving away in a job that does not enrich them and the people around them, counting paycheck after paycheck, squirreling away money to achieve a fleeting "success" like that new bigger Plasma TV or a shiny BMW.

See... I don't think there is anything WRONG with these material joys. Nothing at all really, until any one person puts so much IMPORTANCE on it that it becomes an artificial necessity rather than something that is simply enjoyed as a vice.

Hey, we've made all this cool progress, and honest I love cars and videogames and the internet; I think this stuff rocks.

It's just that people get so LOST in it, they try to conquer and control and create all this certainty following a life path that doesn't quite MESH with the path of the rest of the community of life.

The community of life reaches far beyond humans, we are a very small part of this community that is doing 100% of the damage.

People fear that without their totalitarian agriculture, their cities, and their amenities, their Certainty vanishes in a poof and they would surely die.

The thing that got lost over time is the certainty of the way this planet was designed to begin with.

In my eyes, life was much more certain before all of "this" grew out of the nothingness. If a man existed, he KNEW that he could walk outside of his small village and pick nuts, berries, or maybe kill a deer or rabbit once in a while for food. Earth provided the food for him, not Stop N' Shop.

If a fuel crisis hits and trans-continental trucking ceases, grocery stores will be out of business. I wonder how everyone will get food. This seems like a failure mode for the certainty that everyone tries so desperately to create.

We've built up all of these things that are really cool, amazing, and in my eyes I'll make the judgment that these things are 'good.'

Here's the rub; the same capability we have, as a species, to make all these wondrous "advances" is the SAME QUALITY that should let us see where they fall short.

For early man, the majority of his effort on a day to day basis was dedicated to activities that aided his survival and the survival of his offspring. Other than that, he would sleep, and maybe play if he was a youngster.

As generations pass and new generations arise, we come to the scenario that every succeeding generation has abundantly more 'free time' than the last - that is, we are so swamped with artificial certainty that we need to dedicate very little time to things that actually ensure our survival.

In the society we have created, it comes in a really roundabout way. The diversification and specialization of careers has worked to create what we have right now; all of these really cool "things" that people sadly come to lean on as necessities.

This is the society we designed for ourselves, and the system is really failing some people.

With this abundance of free time, people frequently get lost mentally.

So now we come full circle, how to they fulfill themselves in this time?

Well it's like you said, the only fundamental aspect of activity in this regard is offering value.

It's how you get back in tune with the path that the community of life designed for you.

This can be anything, be it painting or teaching or even martial arts. Anything that enriches.

We lean so heavily on this artificial certainty that we feel HOLLOW. This is why people go through midlife crises and numerous other psychological episodes. I don't think anyone who needed to find food for themselves for every meal of every day for their entire life ever went through an "identity crisis" at 16.

To get back in tune with that real feeling of "being alive" we have to engage in things that produce some kind of VALUE

and in that process, do out best not to get lost in the artifice.

Jay Hova said...

It´s good to have you back.

Your articles keep me on track what its all about, really.

I wanna thank you for offering value, appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Good value as usual.. thanks Tyler...

Tom said...

Thanks for the inspiration tyler, reading that was the highlight of my day so far.

Glad to see you back.

Andrew said...

Great article, accepting uncertainty and being conscious of it is very freeing and empowering.

MasterT said...

Great article, Tyler.

Basse B från CPT said...

I think you're bordering on a crucial topic. The suffering of existence is conditioned on the fact that human nature is a state of reaction. All sensory phenomena is interpreted by the receiver, the person. As such we place ourselves in time and space relative to what we derive from our senses. We categorize our experiences as good or bad, on a sliding scale - hot girlfriend good, failing an exam bad. No matter our categorization we are continuously bound by a stream of sensations, and the reaction of our being.

The consequence of this is that even the most joyous and pleasant experience is suffering. It arises from identification with ourselves as sensory dependent for our flicks of euphoria, and likewise our battles with dysphoria.

As far as reason can lead me, I see no other logical conclusion then striving for disidentification and, finally, disentanglement from the senses in order to achieve the peace we strive for.

Even a borderline conscious state from which one can derive much sensory pleasure is without comparison, I believe, to freeing oneself from the apparatus of man.

S Hero said...

We're the ones who feel like a family with you Man.

If we need certainty to confirm faith about something, then its not really faith anymore ... Right?

I think the principles we embrace like: Positivity, Giving Value, Being in the Now, Being on our Purpose, Authenticity (who we are) ... etc. They're all a set of beliefs.

The only difference is that they aren't limiting beliefs, they are empowering beliefs. Its not really something we bothered to get certainty about. These principles are just things we have faith in that guided us to a healthy, happy path.

This sounds very New-Agey but I honestly believe that everybody knows what needs to be done. EVERYBODY, every single human being in the entire human population since the beginning of time until this very day KNOWS *exactly* what needs to be done. But our egos, laziness, temptations, greed, fear ... etc. BACKWARD RATIONALIZES otherwise. After that, we become unfulfilled lost souls.

And knowing-what-needs-to-be-done is not really "knowing" its more like a *feeling*. Its called conscious. And if we operate purely from that with the right set of empowering beliefs, we become very fulfilled.

Of course we do that to serve our feelings. "Certainty" is just an excuse we use to serve "Reason". But "Reason" is not really Reason. Its just a backward rationalization of our egos.

Certainty = Beliefs that Backward Rationalize of our Egos

Faith = Beliefs that Empower out Feelings

As always T, superb post.

Anonymous said...

best article you have ever written.
Joy is in the uncertainty, most people dont get it.

Stunner said...

Hey Tyler,

I am in Colombia, South America, I know you all probably are thinking, oh how are the drugs.., have you been kidnapped yet. No motherfuckers, I'm fine so far. And I think their culture more closely aligns with some of your ideals that strucuture the attitudes you advocate. The people here don't see things in terms of time as much, when they engage in an activity they go deep into it, they enjoy life and really enjoy each other(very affectionate, warm people), and the best part is there isn't some gay popularity structure, at least not to the same degree as the USA. Fuck highschool popularity contests. But to get to the point, I really like your articles, they always make me think and even though I don't really consciously try to pick up chicks, I find that internally I have processed a lot of what you've said and now I use some of your ideas in my life to better talk with girls. Such as, engaging a group not just the girl you like and showing active disinterest in the girl you like(at least Jeffy talked about that), because if you show her you like her that might screw you over. Please keep up the good work.

But here is a good question, to play a little devil's advocate here. And this might not be the smartest place to engage in this debate...but here goes.

It seems to me like the whole pick up game leads to guys basically decieving girls to get them in the sack. And yeah, it works, and yeah who wants to be a chode, no one. But you don't have to decieve people to unchode yourself. I mean, you can use these methods to pick up a girlfriend, true. But a lot of the articles here talk about hooking up with the girls and saying whatever it takes to get them in the sack, blowing past last minute resistance. It just seems kind of shady to me. I know all of the counter arguements that justify why it's ok, but if some guy used this shit on my sister I would be pissed off, especially if the guy was implying through his actions he wanted something more with her.

Anonymous said...

I thought the only certainties were death and taxes! Awesome post every time I read one it gets me all gitty about how amazing the Blueprint is going to be.

alanbrit said...

As always, I like the article a lot. (I read it 5 mins after you posted it)

Tyler, I know you don't really reply to any comments (rarely) on the blog, but I have a very basic ..yet important question:

I have been mentally masturbating with this 'knowledge' + 'community' for over two years, and I have a *VERY* difficult time building momentum with this stuff. I would do a few approaches, then bam! I am back inside my own head without even knowing it...I feel like time is passing second by second, minute by minute...and I am just wasting my life. Oh one more thing. I am a virgin.

If you have any practical step-by-step 2-3 week type of 'program' 'to-do' type thing, and give me any advice on how you 'get out of your head' and just take consistent, massive action.

I would honestly appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks Tyler.

Aaron said...

Tyler, this is your best post yet! Luv ya

Anonymous said...

Well done. Thats a great way to approach life and avoid limiting ourselves.

reyalP said...

One of the most profound realizations I ever had was realizing that I'm not nearly as smart as I thought I was, and the more I know, the more I realize I don't know anything.

The one thing that got me thinking is how deep our need for security and certainty affects down to "the girl who’s number you got and you’re too nervous to call, or the relationship you destroy by clasping to it too tightly".

I'm gonna be thinking on this one for days to come.


CraC said...

"You want to know where you go when you die??

It’s easy. You go into the unknown. Just like now. You’re in the midst of it and you don’t even realize it."
Wow that quote gave me like a enlightened taste of timelessness or whatever the hell you want to call it so I wrote it down on a notecard. Thanks for the value Tyler :) I really enjoyed experiencing what you were saying. There is such depth in that writing man.

Angel said...

Yup, that's exactly it. Great post. Thanks.

DerDomi said...

Interesting connection, how most dudes having trouble getting women ar e left-brained, rather nurturing/passive guys lacking confident "doing"-energy, while right-brained'ness is defined as "tolerance to uncertainty".

Great article, hope the blog will be available to buy in refined form as a hardcover book some day, I would very very much appreciate that.


Revolver Ocelot said...

I feel like I'm the "Tyler" groupie waiting to see your next blog entry sometimes. Oh well, this one was fantastic.

I've been trying so hard to figure out a basic way to game (and live for that matter)where I'm not so tied up in myself like I sometimes still am. I know I've come far. I'm not crazy like I used to be. But I sometimes think it's difficult for me to grasp that this "movement" is constant. That as much as I want to hit specific goals, I will always find some other reason to feel motivated towards another thing. I think what I'm really chasing is the feeling. That feeling of relief from having "made it". The feeling of being "on point". I mean, fuck, I can't even write this little blurb without proof reading to make sure it makes some sort of sense. Maybe because I'm addicted to that. I dunno. I'd have to search deeper to find out.

Ah well.

Take care, and once again, well done.


Jesse said...

Fuckin A. Awesome article as usual owen.


Maysin said...

that was fucking perfection!!! Tyler your the man!

Seth Chong said...

I'm Seth, from Asia.

If I'm able to be a RSD Instructor in Asia, I'd be glad to devote my life to it.

Yes, fuck certainty.

And I'm serious about it.

I'm not being aggressive about it, you'll just understand what Tyler is talking about when you really understand life.

This is where everything's heading.

Being a PUA, or if you'd rather not call yourself that, you call yourself a natural spirit, natural soul, you'll live life.

And you'll go to heaven because of all this positive feelings you have in yourselves.

There would be no guilt.

You're offering value in your life.

You're offering meaning.

You're happy.

You're making people around you happy.

You're doing the world good.

Understand that.

This feeling that comes when you understand, really understand what Tyler is explaining and having yourself align with his state in that moment he's writing this, that's when you're living life at the peak.


Enough said.

I'll strive to be an instructor.

If all else works that way.

And if uncertainty gives it.


Reggy said...

Beautiful. Thanks Tyler.

Anonymous said...

I've always felt that after a certain mark more income meant less gain in happiness to people, that after a certain mark the additional effect of extra income on one's happiness would shrink.
This belief was confirmed when I read a study about people choosing to rather live in a society where they make $150k while others make $100k compared to them making $200k and others $250k.
This has massive implications for capitalist societies.
Quite simply as long as there's inequality people will won't feel happy, even if they have all the goods in the world.

Right now I live in Germany and there's a huge debate going on about equality&fairness which is complete and utter bullshit.
Even if you're considered poor by statistical measures you are still better off than most middle-class families back in the 60's.
You have better housing, better clothes, better transportation, better work conditions, more goods, higher-sophisticated technical gadgets etc
But why is that then that people themselves consider themselves poor?
Because they COMPARE their situation.
That's what most unhappiness in the Western World comes down to.
Why do people get involved in the rat-race thus becoming corporate whores selling their life and time to the highest bidder?
Ever since they grew up they've been exposed to the more, more, more culture which is prevalent in the Western World combined with the attitude of comparing your wallet/car/house/wife/kids/holiday with that of your neighbour - this is a combination which is going to suck any kind of happiness out of you. Quickly.
Apart from that most lower-class families spend most of their time consuming

There are people in this country who consider themseleves discriminated against. Why? Because they don't have the same opportunities as those at the upper end of the income scale. It all comes down to this argument, time and time again. It's sickening.
Free public libraries, well-priced books, all the material is out there if you really want to make it. Others having it easier gives no reason for not to achieve success.
Reasoning has become the new excuse-making. Fuck it. We know better.
My parents came from Turkey to Germany with nothing but will-power and the intention to make sure their children grow up with a decent education.
The same kids I grew up with are now hanging around doing fuck all with their lives, while I'm getting paid by the goverment to attend university.
That's right, after having finished uni I'll end up somewhere in the region of a $25k plus.
And yet, there's this huge discussion about discrimination. Beyond belief.

Yes, if you choose to believe so life can be hard and yes you're a victim, you'll end up living a life with no perspective at 20.
If you choose to believe that life is easy (good to you) you'll end up having that little bit of extra luck and living the life others can only dream of (i.e. see on tv).
There is no excuse for failure (i.e. not achieving your aims) if you grew up in the Western World. We have it so easy that it's outside of our reality.

--Mister Floppy

paracal said...

right after reading your posts i'm oftentimes not able to reproduce the content and topics you talked about. but that isn't a big thing. because after reading your posts i feel like changed, filled with something different, somehow reprogrammed.

and this is the true core of "offering value"

there is always something between the lines in your entries, that modifies my view on the world. in a very positive way.

thank you very much, tyler!

Fullcrum said...

Lotta fucking comments. Haha.

This is some great Christmas material. A real gift, ya know?

kyle said...

I've been starving- thank god its back!

Anonymous said...


Pinnacle said...


I agree - offering value
is the "natural" way
to achieve happiness
in life.

But really, though, how can
one offer value in a bookstore
with a girl when she's ready
to leave? I went direct,

Pinnacle: "I saw you over
here and I really wanted to
meet you."

HB: "Awww..."

Pinnacle: [bit about what I was doing there]

HB: [trite comment, and then leaves]

Your blog is great, Tyler. I
just wish you had some more
practical instructions to
apply the principles.


Denny said...

I really enjoy the blog and how you dig beneath the surface to expose whats really important. very empowering and practical imformation that anyone can benefit from.

Anonymous said...

omg. beyond awesome. I never thought other people could experience this. Im so thankful for having the opportunity to take a part of the RSD-era. Love love love.

Anonymous said...

Cool that ur back man. Love your work. Respect.

nytheory said...

Finally, and this post definitely makes the wait worthwhile. There is no other PUA imo that continues to spearhead the evolution of the community like you and your crew Owen. It's funny, because when I revisit some of the other supposed "masters" I find myself thinking they are rather backwards compared to your ideas.

I would have left this community awhile ago, but you keep me coming back for more inspiration and learning.

"there is nothing new under the sun."


- Theory

Thanks, J. said...

Heh, careful now, you may upset some folks with talk like this.LOL (Maybe add Chomsky to your reading list.)

"you can’t kill all the bad guy terrorists to end the violence without recognizing all the geopolitical causes of which we are a central part...

And just like how you can’t produce and expand and consume endlessly to make for a better world..."

But, seriously, great post as always! Good stuff. Food for thought, thought for action.

ferrante said...

At first from where I'm coming from felt like... a water-diluted shit, but essentially as I continue reading I see we agree on the thematic.You are aware of limits and effects of perception and awareness.
Its good man to confirm the reflections of some things that epiphanied to myself during these years of living.
By the way,regarding my experiencesI was sometimes totally nuts.And sometimes totally rock with chicks/sometimes suck sadly.Many ups and downs.

As probably all of us dudes know by experience

"As you are in your core,so the world around you becomes,and is"

cheers dude

Anonymous said...

For me this is the article I most njoy reading und LIVE IT!
Sometimes I read this article JUST FOR FUN! It has turned out to be the truth for me!
Just let go and ask yourself: What can i give here?
It's pure joy! I made it a lifestyle!