Thursday, December 27, 2007

Resolutions of 2007 -- How Did I Do??

Soooooo, 2008 is upon us.

Last year I posted up my New Year's resolutions, more than anything, to make absolutely sure that I'd get them done.

Time to pay the piper.... Maybe I'll make this a yearly tradition.

As video-evidence shows, the promises made to myself (and the world) for 2007 were:

1) Finish writing The Blueprint book.

2) Record The Blueprint Decoded DVD series.

3) Travel South America to learn more about poverty.

4) Spend the summer travelling Europe.

5) Get lean and cut up in the gym.

6) Relocate back to Hollywood and get reconnected.

7) Have the most fun year of my life.

Alright, let's have a look.

I finished writing The Blueprint and I'm psyched out of my mind about the result. We've still got to get it printed and launched and out to you guys which should be in the coming months.

There’s so much promotion work that has to be prepared behind that project, I need to get a clear 90 days to get it launched and I’ve scheduled that time off in the coming months.

Tim and the crew will be running the next 4 Superconferences to structure the time that I need get this thing out to you guys -- it's going to be called "Tim's Natural Workshop Weekend" -- and props to Tim for holding it down like the badass demon that he is while I give birth to this baby.

How about "The Blueprint Decoded" four day immersion DVD program??

A year's worth of rehearsals and refinement later, it’s now recorded and it’s a neutron-bomb as expected.

Words on a screen cannot prepare you for what's coming. I’ll just leave it for you guys to experience it and draw your own conclusions.

Next up, I spent 3 months in South America, 2 of them living in Argentina where I learned about culture outside of the “happy bubble” of North America, Europe, and Australia.

Now when you're talking "Put it to video so everyone can see it, to force yourself to do it" this is DEFINITELY a big part of that.

I was TERRIFIED to go live in South America. I'm not saying it was rational, but it was definitely something I wouldn't have done if I hadn't forced myself to be consistent by telling everyone about it in advanced.

South America was incredible, however.

I spent time experiencing the poverty out there, hung out with little kids carrying magnums and machine guns, and also got to know the AMAZING sides of the culture on a somewhat decent level.

I guess I can finally say that I’m at least a little bit “aware” of how the world works at this point, but I still have a loooong way to go.

(Let’s just say that #1 I’ll never feel like a victim or sorry for myself ever again, and #2 I view everyone who’s never left the happy bubble as more or less in the dark... this is an ongoing project of mine, Africa is already booked and coming up this summer).

Then there was summer in Europe, where I travelled all over Italy, then bounced to England, Ireland, and France.

Italy was amazing – I experienced true wealth beyond wealth in Puerto Cervo (zillionaire yachting community similar to what you see on rap videos), the statue of David in Fluorence, the Vatican City / Sisteen Chapel and all of the ancient ruins in Rome, and was blown away by the surreal, almost cartoonish water-city of Venice.

France was also enlightening, seeing what wealth was possible by the past empires – especially when the leader was basically an overcompensating ego-maniac.

You’ve really got to see Paris to believe it, it’s awe-inspiring.

I can also say that I finally appreciate London and that’s after spending time in the third world. It’s an entirely different vibe for me now, and a new favourite city for life I’m sure.

I remember flying into Sydney Autralia after spending those three months in South America and just looking at people feeling somehow different from them. London was the same. These days I feel like the first world is somewhat of a funny joke, but a very beautiful one that people have no idea they’re a part of.

Next up, did I get lean and shredded??

Well, I started in 2005 at 140 pounds “skinny/fat” with injuries in my knees, shoulders, and lower back.

Back then I could barely jog around the block without hyperventilating... I was barely strong enough to lift the bar with 20 pounds on each side on bench press.

Since then I pounded the weights 5 times a week and ate like crazy, bulking up to 200 pounds by 2006 – BULKY AS HELL.

You guys saw this in Transformations. You guys must have been like "WTF happened to Tyler??"

It's all good, all a part of the master plan. I did this to shift and redefine my image as quickly as possible, to go along with the inner changes that I was making.

I didn't care HOW I looked, I just needed to look as DIFFERENT as humanly possible. I grew my hair out, got the beard going, and sized up 60 pounds. Haaa!!

I loved it because I was strong as hell and my looks really mean very little to me, but obviously being lean is where it’s at health-wise so I’ve since dropped 23 pounds and cut down to 177.

My arms are at 15.2 inches flexed, on bench press I can push the 45 plates + 15 on each side for eight reps, which for most guys isn’t that much but for me it’s nuts.

Honestly I never thought I’d be able to push the 45 plates so to be pushing 60 on each side is mad cool. I'm actually a "real dude" as opposed to a scrawny skeleton, even if most guys who put in the same work that I have would probably have a better result.

I was also doing 55 pounds in each arm on hammer curls for a while before I hardcore injured my right wrist (unrelated believe it or not), so that was cool. Now I just stick with the 35s on each arm and take it easy, super good form, etc.

I SHOULD have been able to cut down to 165, but the RETARDED injury of my right wrist in South America took me out of the gym for THREE MONTHS while I iced/heated it every 20 minutes all day long to get it back up to snuff.


Italy for a month didn’t exactly help either, it set me back 5 pounds that I had to shred back off when I got back home.

(Pretty damned glorious though -- if you wanna gorge yourself, Italy is the place to do it!!)

To drop the 23 pounds I ate a 100% clean diet and ran up Diamondhead volcano every morning for months on end. I tried taking fat burners for 2 weeks and got into 5 altercations in 7 days so stopped because it was making me crazy (the last one I was dragged out of the club in a headlock by power-tripping bouncers, so obviously decided to stop).

The whole thing has just been hardcore consistency. If I'm healthy I don't miss the gym, even if I have to go at 5AM after 18 hours of straight work.

Still, I REALLY need to get that last 15 pounds off me to be the fit dude whose body reflects the SPIRIT and ATTITUDE that I have internally. That’s gonna be 2008 and from then on I’m going to have a lean, muscular body for the rest of my entire life.

(I'll spare you guys the myspace style shirtless posedown, but this pic gives a decent idea of where I'm at and there's none of that "shadow lighting" or anything like that -- I still need another 6 months to get to where I need to be).

I’ve never be a classically “good looking” guy and I never will be. That’s not what it’s about.

To me it’s about self-respect and just being the very best that you can be.

I think that lifting weights and taking care of yourself is basically just a natural consequence when you start to experience self-respect. Jeffy says “You don’t hate yourself because you’re fat... You’re fat because you hate yourself...” Being in shape is just the inverse opposite of that.

For now I’m in the best shape of my entire life (which doesn't say much -- but I'm pretty psyched about it), my cardio is KICKING and I’m strong in the gym, so I just need to take my time and keep at it. No quick-fix here. Just a mandatory life-long hobby and habit.

Next up, did I relocate back to Hollywood?? Nope.

I spent a lot of time there, enjoying Papa’s hooked up lifestyle to the fullest (that guy is so plugged in its obnoxious).

For me moving back to Hollywood was a long term plan, something I wanted to do for one final year before putting that place behind me for good.

Tim, my buddy Olcay and I are expected to all be living there starting this fall, we have a whole plan behind it and it’s going to be THE SHIT.

And how about having the most fun year of my entire life??

Yes, definitely.

That wasn’t really hard since the first two decades of my life were like living in a hellfire of depression and self-hate. Nonetheless this was a big year for me.

I spent every free moment in the outdoors, hiking up in the mountains or surfing or snorkelling in the reefs.

I think I FINALLY learned how to "actually have fun" this year. I'm still learning, of course. But it's happening.

Like, I can surf a wave into the shore and NOT be thinking about a project I'm working on or the situations that I'm pissed off about. Wow, who'd have thunk it??

Gotta keep working on having more fun, deeper fun, all that good stuff. I'm enjoying sex a lot more than I ever have, too.

I’ve also taken up the habit of meditation for 20 minutes a day which is unbelievable. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Nothing fancy, this isn’t about auras or chakras or any of that, it’s just sharpening your mind and getting in better touch with your “higher self” as opposed to the petty little ego-driven desires that tend to pound through your head most of the day.

Basically I just stare at the wall for 20 minutes without thinking, allowing my awareness to be on my breath and the feeling in my body. Very simple. Do it.

Now how about any BONUS goals??

B1) Shot, produced, promoted, and launched Transformations and The Jeffy Show.

Both were total smashes, off the hook. Reviews have reflected all the work that we put in, both myself and my entire crew.

B2) Read 40 – 50 books, versed myself in self-development to prepare myself for my evolving career in my thirties as the next Anthony Robbins (the first *ME* of course, I've got plans to do it in a way that's never been done – I’m just going to be a dominant force in the industry as I get older similar to Robbins).

B3) Rebuilt my “game” to it’s previous glory, ala 2003-2004, except pure natural.

This was a toughy because I had to schedule two 30 day challenges where I went out nonstop.

I didn’t want to wind up in the trap that many “pickup gurus” fall into where I think I’m the shit and then spend more time running my mouth off about it than LIVING it. So I humbled myself and just went out and re-did the “newbie mission” not once, but twice.

I really think you’re never “too good” to get back and practice the fundamentals. The results that I’m getting “in field” are the best they’ve ever been right now. I’m thrilled, and I especially enjoy having something solid that I can demonstrate and impart to people.

B4) Started the blog and maintained my commitment to post at least once a week for MOST of the year. I did this for quite a while but when things got too insane I fell off a bit.

Still, I’m overall happy with my contribution to the blog this year. I like the format with the pictures, and accomplished my goal using various media sources like videos and pictures to ground people’s common experience of life to learning personal development and success with women.

I also accomplished my goal of fully integrating self-development into success with women, as the two are so blatantly symbiotic that to NOT be focusing on both of them is just ridiculous.

B5) I successfully trained up Alex, Nathan, and Ciaran as new additions to the team. It takes more careful thinking and training than most people would ever realize to maintain the quality of staff that we have on our team.

Especially when you've got an across the board allstar squad, and you've got to structure an organization where such a strong group of leaders can operate under one umbrella, keeping all the egos in check and everyone (especially myself) humble and hardworking.

Ciaran is actually a marketing guy, which a lot of people don't know because they think he's an instructor, but what's cool about him is that he's a ex-hardcore PUA and so I brought him on because I want to have REAL DUDES who LIVE THIS LIFESTYLE helping me out with all the promotions -- as opposed to random marketers who just don't grasp how to communicate with dudes who already have a grasp of gimmicks like "scarcity" and "frame control".

B6) I successfully re-established Real Social Dynamics as a force of positive change in the community.

We'd pretty much lost all relevance after 2005 as the company was basically like a lifeless corpse that I had to recussitate.

I wasn't sure if it was possible but just "focused on what I want and not on what I don't want" and it really happened!!

We're back, and damn, we're really just getting started because 2008 is going to hit like 10X harder than 2007.

Anyway, that’s about it.

The last thing I want to stress is YOU GOTTA PAY THE COST TO BE THE BOSS.

People often comment to me that by reading the blog it looks like I just gallivant around the globe and teach guys how to pick up chicks.

My only response to that is HAHAHAHAHAHA.

What you see on the blog is just the glory. I couldn’t be enough of a dick to bombard you guys with the REALITY of my actual life, which is mostly comprised of a lot of sitting in front of a computer screen and working.

About 2/3s to 3/4s of my year is based around a 13 hour workday, with the other three hours dedicated to gym, reading, meditation, eating, and sex.

When people come to stay with me they're usually in SHOCK, because my day is regimented and discplined like no other.

Most of the year I wake up, and go go go until it gets dark and it's time sleep. My TIME OFF is teaching bootcamps every second weekend.

Alright, so that’s 2007. It's the best I've ever personally done in a year so I hope it inspired you.

Hey, I'm not claiming to have the path to happiness and I know a lot of people who are doing a heck of a lot better than me.

But I'm definitely doing lot better than I was for the first two decades of my life where I had no momentum and couldn't figure out what it was that was bothering me so much.

Life's getting better and better overall.

Keep your eyes open for later in the week where I go over the plans for 2008!!


PS: Oh, and I almost forgot.

Hit up -- you will be very surprised!!


Anonymous said...

Your Spartan dedication made me get off my ass and do serious work.

Thanks man.

Kris Hughes said...

Great post.

I remember you making that video.

It inspires me to do the same myself. I need some time alone to just do it with no distractions.

Ayo Mayo! said...

Awesome post Tyler. Reading your blog gets me to think where i am at and where i want to be. 2008 will be a year of Massive production

insideasd said...

Dude, You gotta hit India. The contrasts here in terms of life, culture,status is just amazing.

Every State has its own language,culture and traditions.And a lots of places to see.

insideasd said...

Dude, You gotta hit India. The contrasts inIndia terms of life, culture,status is just amazing.

Every State has its own language,culture and traditions.And a lots of places to see.

Anonymous said...

gawdamn! your my model. what else is there to say?

Anonymous said...

Tyler, I just want to say that you're truly an inspiration for me. I don't even want to think about how my life would've been had I not stumbled upon your blog and your programs. Haha, I even included you in one of my college papers where we had to talk about influential voices in our lives. I knew about RSD before "the book" came out, and I have to say, the 180-degree turn in success you made afterwards is breathtaking to say the least. Your messages in the blog and in your programs have reaffirmed my belief in RSD to the point where I feel bad for doubting you guys :)... RSD has not only positively affected my dating life; it has positively affected my life in general. Anyway, it's time to go make my own New Year's Resolutions. I have all the money paid for a bootcamp and I can't wait for next summer (hopefully when it will be set up for me). All the best man.


Soulfulism said...

Nice. I glad to see that you accomplished most of your goals. Personally, I'm going to make 2008 my best year of personal growth so far. I'm talking a bootcamp and getting my life sorted in general.

Happy New Year!

SiLvEr said...

Nice post Tyler -- very inspiring!

Two things:

You never mentioned what you thougth of The Emerald Isle (Ireland!) in your entry -- I'm irish and would like to know what you made of the place.

Also, how do you stay in shape while travelling sooo much. I'd like to travel someday but the effort I put into getting the physique that I have makes me wary of the fact I could lose my 'shape' if I decided to pack my bags.

Cheers man,


hicham said...

Go! Go! Go!
Dude, congrats for Walking the Talk.
And I apreciate you being honest about your hours in front of the computer.

13h??? I just can't get that. I need to be more more dicsiplined, and take the 'pains'.
But, My Goals are just.. Soo worth it.

I listen to Brian Tracy now, after a year of applying, something like 70% of 'TR - Time Of Your Life'.
And it's going really the best it has ever been for me. It's like managing my life like a company on its own.

These new WAYS OF LIFE are the shit. People, in general will lean into them in the future.

So Have Fun Champ! I wish you an outstanding ala Tyler Success/Fun.


Optimus said...

Congrats, I notice a significant difference in your weight, props.

Anonymous said...



what will you be teaching? like Ecky stuff or just more Robins stuff just with a little bit more hardcore Tyler aproach that we're used to

i'd love to see a blog outlining your goals more clearly :)


- Flower


Anonymous said...

good stuff, let's see what you're up to on 2008 ;)

Anonymous said...

Great work in 2007. Looking forward to 2008.

Chill said...

you inspire me..
you totally change the way i see life.
keep it real



Achilles said...

Awesome man, i can see how anyone would NOT be inspired by your work. I can't wait to start the gym and bulk up!

NoneOther said...

Congrats on a successful year, here is to ooooooooo eight.

Hal Moore said...

Nice work man. Keep at it.

Matt said...

Amazing post Tyler. Your REALLY did an amazing job this year. Me and everyone else can't thank you enough. Keep up the good work...

Just so you know I turned 3 friends on to RSD and their quality of life has SKYROCKETED!

Anonymous said...

Tyler you were really born to do this and you are very lucky to have found your "calling" at such a young age. I wish you the best!

Lowdash said...

Inspiration for the kids..

2008 is gonna be glorious!!!


Anonymous said...

Tyler Well done!, i don't know when you typed this but i woke up at 6am this morning (here in London). It is really inspiring to see how you managed to complete your goals for 2007. The key was consistency and getting rid of distractions. With the world moving at 1000 miles per min it's easy to get distracted. I didn't know what you meant by your meditation technique but i do something simular where i cut off all sound in the room and just zone out. I find it clears my mind for a good 30 mins. But anyway brother CONGRATUALTIONS. You can clearly see a BIG CHANGE within yourself. I wish you the best of luck for the new year. God Bless.

HTES said...


Resolutions into work.

Thoughts into action.

Goals into reality.

As far as I can say, RSD will be the most successful seduction company in the future.

Your teachings are invaluable.

It can't be found.

It can't be searched.

It can only be read from this blog and other RSD's production.

Few years ago it was a lowdown.

But guess what, I guess the lowdown was all that made a GREAT company now.

Without, we wouldn't be enjoying what we're enjoying.

Seriously, proud for you.

Jesse said...

great fuckin blog. love it

Algeristo said...

Wow, it's been a great year of change for me with ups and downs. But you guys' philosophy is really my main motivator. There's nobody other like you Tyler in the world. Thank you for the inspirational work, which I will continue to apply in my life.

Anonymous said...

Ciaran is actually a marketing guy, which a lot of people don't know because they think he's an instructor, but what's cool about him is that he's a ex-hardcore PUA and so I brought him on because I want to have REAL DUDES who LIVE THIS LIFESTYLE helping me out with all the promotions -- as opposed to random marketers who just don't grasp how to communicate with dudes who already have a grasp of gimmicks like "scarcity" and "frame control".

Lol @ this: one of the things you seem to be awesome at doing is learning from others' mistakes and not repeating them. Suck it, Mike Long and Venusian Arts!

JNLC said...

Props dude! I need to man up and live my life in the same way.

fullcrum said...

Guess what I'm reading...Awaken the Giant Within! HAHA! Thanks bro, thanks to you I'm reopening the book and am finally gonna read it in its entirety. With exercises. Time to fuck!

2008's all about the Now anyway.

Props for a great article.

Argentina is the Spanish Italy said...



One thing I need to chide you for is that if you spent 2 months in Argentina, you spent it in the RICHEST Latin American country down there. Full of PERFECT STEAKS. No one can grill better than Argentinians.

Makes me wonder, did you REALLY SEE the poverty down there? Did you go to Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia to truly see the poverty in certain towns there? Reschedule a trip down south Tyler.

Anyway your regiment has inspired us all, good luck to the next Tony Robbins, you deserve it!

yeikop said...

Well Tyler I have to say that you have inspired, you and I have more less the same age, even though my life have been sooo much easier that yours you have accomplished a lot, I could feel bad about it, but instead Im going to transform it into motivation, Im gonna do a similar video with my new years objectives and stick to them, I gonna prove to myself I can improve in way I´ve never imagined.

thanks for the extra help


DeeRock said...

It's amazing what you accomplished in one year alone! You've really raised the bar and inspired me to go all out this coming year. Thanks Tyler.

Btw, that holiday special is ridiculously cheap! Even though I bought the Jeffy show only two week earlier, I have no excuse not to buy the other two now. Haha, my parents are gonna think I'm nuts...

Urban said...

Here is some feedback.

Let me tell you WHY I've found this blog so valuable over the last year-- not just that I like it.

When it started out, you provided some excellent book recommendations, which I hope you'll do more of.

For me, I got the most out of this blog when you described how you took responsibility in your daily life, demystified the pooaah "game," or talked about some unspoken inside info about girls and relationships. These offhand descriptions of your own process are invaluable because they're something that someone rarely includes in a book. Books are edited. You learn something indefinable from RAW process, which has a more real quality in it.

Number one most helpful topic for me: work ethic. You say that you don't want to bore your audience with that, but I find that the most inspiring. I'm thinking, "god, I'm so lazy and time inefficient compared to this guy," which motivates me.

You've clearly earned your success.
Best of luck Tyler.

Jedi said...


you're a trojan.

My life is much better off for having known you. Nuff said...


Project Galvanize said...

Awesome post. I've been following your blog for the past year, it's been an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us all.

CraC said...

thanks for teaching me the art of offering value

Anonymous said...

2007 was great for me also, probably for all us. Things have changed, forever.

"I wasn't sure if it was possible but just "focused on what I want and not on what I don't want" and it really happened!!" -Tyler

That's how we all will live our lives in 2008.

Thanks bro and the blog is rediculously appreciated like no other. Much love.

Frank said...

dude, you are so inspiring. I especially appreciate the last part about what you do with your day.

I need to sit and think for a while now.


Anonymous said...

I am from Colombia, and I saw poverty over there as well. It breaks my heart everytime I see an old man trying to survive in the streets. This also makes me appreciate what I have in the United States, and the opportunities they have given me.

Great post man. And I wish you luck in all things you do.

Anonymous said...

Hey TD,
I wanted to ask you what type of work out you followed, diet, etc.. to gain so much weight in a healthy way.. I'm sort of in the same place you were- 5'7, 135 lbs.. the other thing is i'm a type 1 diabetic with some poor control (getting my blood sugar in range should push me up at least 10, but I still wanted to get heavier and healthier without looking like a giant meat ball. Any help you can offer would really be appreciated.