Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Infinite Well

Good morning...

How would you like to ALWAYS have an infinite well of conversation to meet girls with or even people in general??

It's very possible. ALL of the "top guys" have this ability and it's based on a key understanding that's deceptively simple and counter-intuitive.

We'll call it the "Infinite Well Distinction".


"I need to have the right things to say ... I need to think really hard to find the perfect lines or even rehearse them."


"I've got a literal INFINITE WELL of conversation located up in my brain ... All I need to do is EXPLODE THE DAM and the words will come flooding out."


What's the difference??

It means that when you go out you aren't stressing out about "what to say" -- ever.

Instead you just go out and "unstifle" yourself and cross the "indifference threshold" and "get in state" -- and as a result the words come out of you like NO OTHER.

This knowledge is what gives you full confidence every single night that you go out.

And again, be your own guru.

Rather than looking for it to be spelled out in the usual 10 page diatribe, go out and figure out what this means for yourself. It's really very straightforward.

Have fun!!


PS: Have you been over to yet??

All I can say is W-O-W.


WHAT?!?! said...

I don't understand this principle!

You'd better have it covered in the Blueprint DVD's!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this has always been the biggest problem for me and held me back for so long.
Not really sure if I have an infinite well but need to know how to burst the dam to find out.

Fullcrum said...

Yes, another SIMPLE AND AWESOME approach.

I actually prefer this stuff because it gives you one thing to focus on that shoots your game up.

Self-amusing from last week is awesome and I went out JUST thinking that and got awesome results. So this week it's "Explode the dam, bitch."


Maximillion said...

Succinct and very true.

I know this is one of the most important things for me, if I can keep my lips moving then I'm usually set.

Anonymous said...

"You'd better have it covered in the Blueprint DVD's!" Lol that's because you don't want to. Summary: Not THINKING about what to say FREES you and when you FEEL free you ARE. Perception is projection.

Then when you get good at this - more likely RECOGNIZE you already ARE - and you're comfortable with it you want to CUT BACK on talking and VIBE. Experiencing a person. And the people who are open, who's eyes are ALIVE and EVOLVE...THOSE are the ones you want to hang out with. Remember..people who aren't good for you, in evolving as a person, might seem in 90% of the times like nice persons, but if you see that when they don't have you or another to pump his/her state and it goes DOWN and he/she has problem expressing him/herself instead of just letting it fucking POUR.....then you have a problem. Need people who are: 1. In the moment. 2. honestly expressive... CAN be in the moment without truly feeling your vibe, WITHOUT honestly expressing yourself. Gotta get that enjoyment frame in there. Not just SAYING it but EXPRESSING IT...
I say this because it's a good thing to have, a good thing to have to naturally see how this shit is done. Just my 2 cents..


Anonymous said...

When you have a lot great things going on ,you have alot to talk about!After hearing Tyler talk about how a MAN should live his life every day ! I try to live this way each day. When I meet a women and have a conversation I have a lot of intresting things to because I am intresting ! Thanks Tyler , the speech you gave on the Transformation dvd and the other instuctors have changed me and made me a better man and put me on the path at 46 years old .When are the BLUEPRINT DVDs coming out ?Did ever think about putting out material about how maintain relationships once you are in them ?

thorny_blaster said...

Very true! There is always shit to talk about, I realized that after being clubbed over this on RSD boards :-)

What is important is to push away all the value considerations from one's head, she is not higher value, you are! Already when you start to think that she is getting approached 20x a day, and you need something original - boom, you've lost the value game in your mind!

Tyler, keep up short posts! The long shit is just too tedious to read :-)

Zirex said...

Couldn't have said it any better.

Anonymous said...

the shortness is refreshing somehow!

it doesn't take a lot of words to break it down to the core...

well done, tyler!

Illuminatus said...

I had a nerdy friend in high school (not myself, I swear), who did exactly that -- amuse himself by telling stories out loud that HE found funny -- usually reciting comedy sketches of some sort.

Guess what? The girls hated it. He honestly thought he was funny, and he was enjoying himself, and kept on talking even though nobody found it funnny, and not even noticing that others did not find it funny. And the girls were seriously annoyed. (He did not do it to attract girls, he was just amusing himself.)

So I am sorry to say I do not quite buy it; sorry Tyler. There must be a missing piece. I think you need BOTH self-amusement AND specific conversation topics and skills that appeal to girls.

BTW, Tyler if you look into book "Get out of your mind and into your life" about the new Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (which BTW overlaps 90% with Eckhart Tolle's teachings!), you will notice that ONLY HALF of it is about fully accepting and embracing the present moment. The other half is about planning and taking specific committed steps to follow your values in the presence of this acceptance. (For me, this includes practicing verbal skills and telling stories which have no interest to myself whatsoever. E.g. There is a music radio station over here that sometimes mentions interesting or weird news stories in the morning and I am now writing these down.)

Secondly, I also do not have an "infinite well" of conversation, when I am with my male friends either, and it is NOT because I am "not unstifled"; I am just not very talkative by nature, and also cannot relate to a lot of mainstream society's interests.

Anyway, all the best to you Tyler.

zubuku said...


Dan Goldberg said...

Fear not, this is ALL covered very thoroughly in the Blueprint DVDs. At the seminar, Tyler went over this explaining what tricks "explode that dam" and let you be your vibrant self and talk endlessly.

Antoine - Map to the G Spot said...

Being in a peak positive state will always trump trying to think of something clever to say.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Antoine Venuka,
Map to the G Spot