Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hot Link: Tim's Rooftop Seminar Q&A

Tim and I are in Los Angeles right now, just heading off to Aspen for the X-Games with the crew tommorow morning.

This past week we were in Honolulu Hawaii producing the upcoming "Flawless Natural Superconference" ( and doing a bit of speaking for a local PUA group out there.

This was Tim's first speaking engagement in a long time as he was off DJ'ing in Australia this past year. The seminar takes place on a rooftop in Honolulu (not to be confused with the rooftop in the picture above -- which is in LA) and towards the tail end I thought to run downstairs and grab my nightvision camera to make a videorecording for you guys.

It's just the Q&A at the end that I got but I'm sure you'll take something out of it regardless -- you can find right now at


PS: I think Tim's uploaded the first video today and will have the second one up at some point very soon.

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