Monday, January 21, 2008

The "Key" -- Your Most Instantly Results-Producing, Super Subtle Distinction

Want to meet yourself a dime this week?? Here's a quick one for you...

This post is actually "highly advanced" though to a newbie will appear simple.


1) Try to entertain the girl

2) Girl responds

3) Dude goes into state via her validation


1) Self amuse

2) Go into state because you've amused yourself

3) State draws girl into your reality, lead the interaction from there

Be your own guru: figure out what it means for yourself.

Try spending a week pondering the topic and the ramifications in ALL your social interactions.

'Nuf said.



Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Thanks Tyler!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


You're more and more potent.


CraC said...

LOL love it.

Dave said...

Yes! Love it Tyler. I just read an old school post of yours in which you break down 1) Live your life 2) Enjoy women's company 3) Assume ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and it *clicked* because of my recent experience this past weekend was Exactly that. This is SO simple and along the same lines, at least in my newbie understanding of it.

Anonymous said...


SirSlick said...

Hey Tyler,

Spot on! It was cool meeting you and Tim last sunday at the club 'where you used to go a lot'!

Anonymous said...

Self amusement and being in state attracts women to you.
When I am in state they gather around me.
Fkin cool.
What's the next step?:D

Anonymous said...

Very true. This shit is so crucial that I think it this little thing is the core and foundation of the game. If you don't do this, you can try to flip every attraction switch in the book and you will just seem incongruent.

Anonymous said...

Awesome,I think exactly that was my problem last night. My target was getting unresponsive after a while, and I wondered what was wrong. The vibe and everything had been pretty good and I didn't say anything wrong. Now I see that my state got pumped up everytime I talked to her and fell when we were not talking. Guess she picked up on that after a while. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

This is what I've been experiencing this week. Great little post. Thanks for putting it into words Tyler said...

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Anonymous said...

Short and Sweet.

Its also useful to 'self-amuse' all the time.. create the habit of being in your own fun reality as much as possible, so you dont need to 'turn it on' at the club.


Anonymous said...

Can you give an example or two?

Anonymous said...

damn, that girl is hot in that pic. My dick ALMOST pops

David said...

This works for business too.

Anonymous said...

"Its also useful to 'self-amuse' all the time.. create the habit of being in your own fun reality as much as possible, so you dont need to 'turn it on' at the club."
Yeah, what you're saying is basically live a FUN LIFE where YOU steer the boat, where you decide that it's not worth getting hooked up on little things, but understand what is a gem - what IS worth living for - and HOLD ON to it, because it's who you are, and love it and LIVE it.

That was a gem Tyler :).

Artisan said...

This post was so tight I nearly spacejam'd.

Anonymous said...

great !

Don´t annihilate,




Sting said...

you're at your best when you keep it simple.
this and be like a happy baby sums up state stuff neatly.


Fullcrum said...

I prefer these simple posts, and these really complicated and intricate posts you make.

It's the in between posts that don't strike me as poweruful.

Very nice. I've been working on that!

Anonymous said...

a long book in few words u said.
thanks man . u changed my life