Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Blueprint Decoded 60+ Page Preview

Alright, so I'm sure you guys have got a million questions you'd like to ask about all this.

“What the heck IS The Blueprint Decoded??”

“Dude I get it that you were working on it for four years... Were you trying to create a genetically engineered pickup cyborg or something??”

“Four days?? You did this entire thing with no guests?? Why so massive, what’s this going to DO for me, and what’s this experience REALLY all about??”

Alright so here’s the deal...

First up we’ve just created a 60+ page Blueprint Decoded PDF preview for you.

This definitely ROCKS...

It’s 8 megs because it’s loaded with cool pictures from the live event so just click the link and give it a second to load up.

Have a look, scroll around to check it out, and read through anything that catches your eye.

(I actually recommend you read the document very carefully to discover what’s on the table here -- but that’s entirely up to you).

Next up, I want to answer your questions and get even more specific...

By now you’ve heard that this is BIG. It’s probably “clicked” that this is EPIC.

That’s fine, but let’s get 100% concrete here. What is The Blueprint Decoded really all about??


The Blueprint Decoded is a dynamic program that’s going to lay out every concept and terminology in “success with women” that you could possibly imagine.

(Including a lot of NEW concepts and terminology that you’ve never heard of before -- in crystal-clear, hyper-accurate terms so that you have the most crucial knowledge at your disposal at all times).

Right off the bat this is going to give you a freaky-genius level THEORETICAL understanding of this entire game top to bottom, which is a great place to start.

You’re going to learn how EVERY CONCEPT relates to one another so that you can literally “see the matrix” like a F18 fighter pilot in REAL TIME.

This will literally make all social interaction so OBVIOUS to you that you can make micro-distinctions about EVERYTHING that’s going on between men and women, and people in general, WHILE IT’S HAPPENING.

I realize that this might not sound “glamorous” but let me make this absolutely clear: Since doing this for myself my consistency with women has personally shot easily 500% because I have a FULLY CONSCIOUS COMPETENCE and AUTOCONTROL of all my social interaction.

(This is practically like being psychic -- not in “woo-woo” terms, but in a very real, practical sense simply because you have so many channels of social input that you now understand to the fullest extent).

Next up, you’re going to learn every single key “PRINCIPLE” for ludicrous success with women that you could ever need.

The key you “need to know” here is this:

Whenever you learn something new there’s really TWO major factors you have to figure out: 1) the TECHNIQUES, and 2) the PRINCIPLES.

Techniques are like the specific ways of opening, the lines, the humour, the flirtation, the extraction back to your place, etc.

An example of a technique would be like to start a conversation with “You’re so adorable, I had to meet you...” or teasing with silly nonsense like “You’re such a diva... What’s up MISS THANG??”

You can learn techniques like this in a few hours, go out and use them, and get the girls giggling and happy so you get a little bit of “instant gratification” and get to give yourself a “pat on the back”.

Principles, on the other hand, are like the overarching rules of social interaction that MAKE THE TECHNIQUES WORK.

So for example, from reading the RSD newsletter or the forum you might recognize principles like:

“In any social interaction, there is always one person reacting more to the other person than that person is reacting to them...”


“Any time that you’re amusing yourself and pumping your own state it’s offering value, any time that the other person becomes a part of your ego structure and your state depends on their reaction it’s taking value...”

Usually these types of principles take a few years to go “click” in your head, like on a really deep level.

They personally took me about six years because I was never aware of them before, and for a lot of people it takes around 10 years to REALLY internalize all the overarching principles to fullest extent.

Now as you probably know, the pattern for learning a new skill usually goes something like this:

1- You find a new area you want to learn (in this case dating), and you chase after the “surface level techniques” and “magic pills” for instant gratification and fast results

2- You use your new techniques for a while until you realize that you aren’t maintaining your initial level of improvement, and then you get frustrated (and maybe quit or drop out for a while).

3- You COME FULL CIRCLE and seek out the PRINCIPLES that you should have known ALL ALONG in order to make the techniques really work, and in the process you even wind up DISCARDING a lot of your old techniques because they’re redundant.

4- You reach a level of total mastery and internalization, where you’ve got the new skill-set you want and you can enjoy maintaining it in the course of your day-to-day life.

Most people reading this are probably in phase #1 or #2...

But guess what??

EVEN IF you’re in phase #3 or #4 then you’re probably DROOLING at the prospect of an ADVANCED PROGRAM along these lines because you’re EXPERIENCED enough to know how dangerously effective it is (if nothing else than for ultimate reinforcement of your existing skill).

Now beyond the definitions and the principles is the rubber-meets-the-road PRACTICAL APPLICATION of all this.

The Blueprint Decoded is not just an “inner game” program where you learn how to be confident or feel good about yourself or whatever.

We’ve ALL been bombarded with that sort of thing, and while it’s fantastic, this is literally about 1000X more potent and hard hitting.

What this program is going to do for you is “break down the entire matrix” where you understand how concepts like IDENTITY and VALIDATION and PILLARS OF YOUR REALITY affect the way that you think, the way you act, and the way you socialize with people -- on a level where you will soon have this stuff on CRUISE CONTROL.

The reason that you’ve read such across the board zealous testimonials for The Blueprint Decoded is that it literally re-programs your entire reality, your day-to-day existence, and ultimately gives you the resources to become the type of guy who women view as having “masculine power” and being the “sex worthy” dude.

Since offering this the most common results people have gotten is that the approaches that would have previously gone as far as “giggly attraction” have resulted in them going home with the girl and closing the deal, as well as the whole “game” being 100% natural “something you ARE not just something you DO.”

And on the kind of “self amusing” side, we’ve also laid out all sorts of NEW OPENERS and TECHNIQUES that are only applicable when you understand the concepts laid out in The Blueprint Decoded.

A lot of this stuff we give funny names just to joke around, like “the claw” and “the pounce” and “the hang loose” (and TONS of others you’ve never heard of) -- all of which you’ll soon discover when you experience this mind-blowing program.

This stuff is absolutely WICKED because it CUTS OUT THE NEED TO “CREATE” ATTRACTION entirely so you can just open and “attraction” is instantly handled for you right off the bat.

Really this is about the path to becoming NATURAL.

It’s about being a guy who lives in abundance, offers value as a natural part of your personality, and draws women into your life as a natural consequence of all of that.

Ultimately, learning this stuff is one of the most valuable gifts that you can ever give to yourself.

I always say that there’s THREE main reasons that you learn The Blueprint:

1- The improvement in “lifestyle”: the abundant kinky sex life, the awesome girlfriend, maybe even the future family.

2- The value that you can offer to the people around you: the increasingly positive vibe that you put out, and the way that that uplifts the people around you.

3- The type of person that you become in the process: because as dramatic as it sounds, I really believe that when you die it’s not about how long you lived, but the type of person that you became in the process.

Anyway, The Blueprint Decoded took me so long because I had to systematically come up with every principle, test them on myself, my students, see where they were being misapplied, discover their long term effects, see how to make them most lethally effective, etc, for several years.

In the long run it’s resulted in both MY OWN and MY BOOTCAMP students’ results going fully nuclear.

Whether you’re a CLUELESS NEWBIE or INSANELY ADVANCED, this is the result that YOU should expect... both from yourself, and from your exposure to this valuable resource.

At this point I can systematically break the people I work with apart like a puzzle, and put them back together in the way that makes them attract women like clockwork ... and during The Blueprint Decoded this is exactly what I will do FOR YOU.

(Or rather... I will teach you HOW TO FISH and how to do it for YOURSELF).

Creating this has been my journey, my challenge, my pain, and my experience and for that reason I had to do The Blueprint Decoded event entirely on my own.

I’m up there bringing the enthusiasm and pounding you with these secrets for four days straight, the longest that any dating speaker has ever spoken in one go.

I build and build throughout the four days, from chill and laid back to thermal-nuclear-explosive by the final climax where I wrap everything up and make the four days of knowledge finally go CLICK in your thick skull.

I lead you from a place of social conditioning to living authentically and experiencing powerful self esteem, in a way that will leave your existing “reality” melted in a nasty puddle on the floor and the door to an entirely new mode of existence sitting there waiting for you to stroll through.

This will give you the choice and power to attract women the way that YOU want to attract them, the type of women you want, and on YOUR AGENDA.

I am a crack expert at “breaking down the game” and quick-learning communication, and in The Blueprint Decoded I am going to force feed these advanced skills down your throat like a fois-gras duck -- pounding them into your mercilessly whether you like it or not.

This is my greatest program and my greatest personal resource now being made at your personal disposal, and this is not just going to MEET but EXCEED your expectations.

I hope that this has answered at least some of your questions, and be on the lookout for upcoming VIDEO PREVIEWS that will shed even more light on this epic release as the launch date draws closer this week.

Expect that February 14 2008 at 12PM EST is going to mark one of the biggest advancements of your entire life, and be sure to be there for the official mega launch.

Thanks for reading, and may this be the start of something absolutely MASSIVE.


PS: Again, the address for the new PDF Blueprint Decoded preview is:


Bernardo Torres said...

When my mind stop swallowing this nuclear brain-wave, I'll try to write some comment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

you got me!

so, don't talk any further.... i believe the hype is real and i want to fucking buy this program right now!



fullcrum said...

Very nice son.

Anonymous said...

I think im starting to understand the guy who wrote the testimonial for the blueprint conference who said he couldnt drive afterwards and not being able to sleep.
Im trying to read through these 60 pages but for every bulletin i read my head just starts spinning. Been at it for 3 hours. I think im down on page 22 now

Stefan said...

Tyler bro you're on fire!

hicham said...

Yow Tyler,
We trust you man.
This shit is the OFFICIAL bye-bye of the traditional "game".

After this, we can say to chicks that we learned how to meet them.. and they won't believe us. This shit is going to be so natural, that I can say to all my social circle that I learned how to meet chicks.. and still look at them in the eye and crack jokes when everybody is nervous. :D

After this, all other materials will just be irrelevant.

I feel the power of shit like Sex-worthy guys.
Core confidence is, like you say, dangerous!!!
It just IS. It's here, no one can take it from me. It's still is here inside me, no matter what happens, I've got core confidence. And no situational confidence can EVER be as valuable as it is.

Thank you man for doing all this for us.
And congratulations for being on your path and achieving one of your most loved and desired GOAL!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There's a typpo in the middle of the pdf file (yes, I like scanning 60 page texts for spelling errors), it says:

You'll discover a whole new EMOTION. This new, unheardo f emotion is something that trips up more people than any other internal factor - but once you've isolated it you'll negate it's hold over you <-- should be its hold

Keep up the good work,