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Jeffy Hits Me Up For An Interview On The Blueprint Decoded

A quick interview for you guys, that also went out to the entire list.

This pic was from the X-Games in Aspen that we attended for Executive Retreat last week, btw, which was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME.

Anyway enjoy the interview and check back this weekend as I've got at least one idea for an article burning a hole in my brain, and despite the insane amount of work that must be done for this big launch I want to get it hammered out.

See you back soon, and if you haven't checked, then ........ jump out the nearest window, because it's very important that you hit up this site and be there for the February 14th mega launch.



JEFFY: So what’s up man?? The big one is upon us. A lot of the time I’ll tell people about the background of The Blueprint and they think I’m kidding. Can you explain this to everyone so that it’s crystal clear??

TYLER: Yeah of course. The background of this project is that back in 2004 I was supposed to write a book. The idea I had was to do 1/3 inner confidence, 1/3 female psychology, 1/3 outer technique. We call that the RSD Triangle. It’s just an easy way of thinking about this stuff. Anyway as I started writing the section on inner game I noticed that the more I got into it the more I realized I didn’t understand. I was living at Project Hollywood at the time and I had the entire squad on hand to ask for their opinions. Most of them were pretty unclear on a lot of these concepts as well.

JEFFY: What do you mean by “unclear”?

TYLER: Well for example you might take a concept like “congruence” or “frame of reality” or “self esteem” and everybody has a different definition for it. Everyone sort of got it but didn’t FULLY get it. So I started pinning down definitions for this stuff and in the process, as funny as this sounds, I found that my results in the field started getting more and more consistent because a lot of the old stuff that I was doing unconsciously was suddenly now conscious and crystal clear.

JEFFY: Nerd style...

TYLER: Yep, full nerd deluxe. And it was funny because every time I pinned down a definition I’d realize a TON more that I didn’t know. So I’d keep going and going and the more I uncovered the more questions I had, and slowly but surely everything started to come together as like this ultimate “blueprint” where the entire matrix was laid out in front of me.

JEFFY: That’s cool, but what I also found interesting was that in the process you went in all these “new directions” as they say, coming up with all these RSD 2.0 type of ideas.

TYLER: Well basically my process was like this... I’d lay out every single Principle and Definition that I knew. Literally everything, and then I’d start making all the interconnections. And in the process of making all the interconnections I’d find that there were “missing links” and all that. So it forced me to fill in all of those, and by doing that I had all sorts of HUGE changes in the way that I think about success with women.

JEFFY: Examples??

TYLER: Well like you’ve obviously seen, the more that I filled in the sections on “inner game” the less I needed to rely on having any outer technique or even concern about women’s reactions when I’d go out. I started getting the same results and even a lot better just by confidence alone.

JEFFY: So you got into the whole “just be confident” type mentality??

TYLER: No this was a lot deeper than that. The idea of “just be confident” is very limited. It’s what guys who are naturally good with women will often use as an excuse for not really being able to explain how they get their level of results. This was a lot more detailed than that. I learned how you can draw people into your reality and all sorts of peripheral concepts that allowed the whole “just be confident” thing to actually WORK.

JEFFY: Alright so you basically scrapped a lot of the old principles and streamlined everything... I remember watching you doing this and seeing the insane results that everyone suddenly started getting... Could you elaborate on that for everyone reading or listening??

TYLER: Yeah, basically what happened was that the “close rate” started going up very drastically. Whereas in the past we’d find that the “entertainment” factor was always good where girls would be giggly and excited, and if you did enough approaches you’d eventually get something, doing it this way the whole “sex worthy guy” concept came into play and things just got out of hand.... in a positive way, of course. And the best part was that in terms of general social interaction, this was just a much more positive and healthy way to go because it’s natural and authentic. So there’s a snowball effect that sort of comes from that as well, because as you build more confidence socially, your confidence with women goes up, and so on and so forth.

JEFFY: Yeah it seems like nobody WANTS to have to use canned material, but they’ll do it if they think it gets them the results.

TYLER: Well the thing with canned material is that it often causes you to look at all social interaction through a lens of dynamics of power... Who has higher value, who has lower value, etc etc... Rather than looking at it as an opportunity to represent yourself in a way that’s authentic. Of course most people THINK that they’re ALREADY representing themselves authentically and that it’s still not “working” for them so they abandon it. But 99% of the time they’re REALLY NOT. They’re still holding something of themselves back, whether they know it or not. And so with The Blueprint type ideas we’re taking you to a level where you’re not only authentic, but you’re naturally asserting yourself in a way that women just gravitate towards compulsively.

JEFFY: OK magical. So anyway, I remember watching you developing this thing over the years and just seeing the level of insanity that you took it to. Do you want to elaborate on that to give people a better idea?

TYLER: Yeah, The Blueprint pretty much drove me to the brink of insanity at several points. At the time I’d never read ANYTHING on self development. I was having to go to a place very deep inside myself to figure this stuff out. And I was working, like, 16 hour days on it oftentimes for months on end. I’d always book off at least 10 hours a week, but there were months where I went so deep inside my head. And let me tell you what a weird feeling this was, to be writing a book on social dynamics and then going out to the store to grab a drink and I’ve been in front of a computer for so many days in a row that I can barely speak a coherent word to the clerk.

JEFFY: You were pretty weird during a lot of that time, personality wise, very eccentric.

TYLER: I felt like a mad scientist or something. Oftentimes I wouldn’t be able to talk to my girlfriend during dinner and stuff like that because I’d keep going into my head thinking about the missing links and the principles and all that. I’d wake up in the middle of the night constantly and have to write stuff down. Everywhere I went I had a pad and paper, just writing down ideas as they came to me. A lot of the time I’d be in a store screaming “GIVE ME A PEN!!” because I had an idea that I needed to jot down before I forgot it. You should see the stash of notes that I have. It was honestly a pretty difficult and uncomfortable process, but at the same time I wouldn’t change anything because I’m so happy with the result.

JEFFY: Then later you sort of bounced back, socially and all that?

TYLER: Yeah in order to finish the project I had to STOP being in the house writing all the time and actually living life at least a little bit. I started doing bootcamps and going out again and APPLYING all of the stuff that I’d been working on in order to learn more about the effects of it. At first the going was slow because I’d turned into such an introverted eccentric being in the house for so long that I could barely hold a conversation. Then as time went on all of the new knowledge started to kick into habit for me and my own results hit a level I’d never seen. Right now I’m at my all time personal best in terms of “game” and it’s pure natural without a shred of planned outcome. It’s been really great man, and that’s ultimately the reason that I had to do this: for my OWN benefit.

JEFFY: It’s funny that you should say that, because you’re always the guy going on and on about offering value. What do you mean for “your own benefit”?

TYLER: Well I really believe that part of offering value is that you have to be internally fulfilled and be able to offer the positive vibes that goes along with that. Once you’ve got that dialed, you naturally move from a place of scarcity to abundance. It’s just a natural progression. And once you do that, the process of offering value becomes so much more fulfilling than taking it or receiving it ever could be. You offer value as a part of your day-to-day mode of existence, and then value just comes into your life without much effort. You go out looking to make OTHER people’s nights fun and just to amuse yourself doing that without outcome, but suddenly you have practically every girl in the place fighting to go home with you. So it’s just a transition that comes with time and experience, and of course, the right knowledge which is really what The Blueprint is all about.

JEFFY: Alright so during the process of creating this you also came up with like an entirely new RSD lexicon... Concepts like offering value of course, and also stuff like self-amusement, being unreactive, coming a place of self esteem rather than ego, asserting the dominant reality, being in the moment, and then all this deep psychology type stuff like the nature of blindspots and validation and all that. It’s been crazy to watch the community’s focus move towards this stuff and also to see the change in results. What are your thoughts on that?

TYLER: Yeah I think it couldn’t have come at a better time. With all the media spotlight that’s on this stuff right now you can’t be running around using the same lines and methodologies that are being broadcasted on national TV. Doing things this way, not only does it allow you to be fully indifferent to all that, but it winds up getting you a lot better results with women regardless. I can definitely say is that our entire crew has improved so much as a result of all this. It’s like one of those hair restoration commercials where the guy comes out and says “I’m also a CLIENT....”

JEFFY: So what can people expect from The Blueprint Decoded? I get a lot of questions about this and it’s really a very hard topic to answer just because the focus is so all-encompassing.

TYLER: Well for most people this will be the most important program that they ever watch. Probably in their entire lives if mastery with women and the self is of major importance to them. I say that not to make big claims or anything, but just as a reflection of my own experience with this body of knowledge. I don’t consider myself to be the author of this. I’m just the intermediary, as weird or melodramatic as that sounds. These are ultimately principles that have existed since the beginning of time, or at least, since the beginning of human social interaction. Being privileged to create this has really been more of a process of just REALIZING and RECOGNIZING them... and studying this stuff has ultimately been the most important thing I’ve ever done for myself.

JEFFY: OK well the let’s back up that claim with some details here. People want to know what the fuss is about.

TYLER: Alright, well The Blueprint Decoded is a four day "total immersion" program that's designed to take you from the experience of Social Conditioning and being a part of the Unthinking Masses to a place of Authenticity and Self Esteem. I hate to use the overplayed Matrix analogy, but this is probably the closest program to "seeing the matrix" in existence. We break down all the principles and definitions as accurate as possible, show you how they all relate to each other, and basically pound into your head how everything comes together so you see a entire picture. It's filled with constant examples, especially including interaction with women, and will pretty much pummel you into the type of understanding of this stuff that all the “top guys” enjoy.

JEFFY: And why do you think most people have had such a positive, emotional response towards this new material?

TYLER: Well to me it really comes back to the “not being a part of the unthinking masses” and moving towards “living authentically” aspect. Most people have no idea, seriously NO CLUE just how plugged into the system they are. This program breaks down your psychological mechanisms on a level where you know exactly why this happens, how to evolve out of it, and how to live a life of your own design. Beyond that, there’s the old adage “You already have everything you need to attract women, you’re born with it, and you just have to learn how to clear away all the crap and access it.” Well usually that’s just a bunch of feel good hyperbole, but after experiencing The Blueprint Decoded, it’s like it suddenly becomes ACTUALLY TRUE. Not just true, but actually EASIER than living life in your old way. I guess you could say that the program just pushes you towards such a shift in your day-to-day life that there’s no way you could ever go back, and for that reason, it’s something that people consider really special because The Blueprint is a part of their lives every single day once they’ve experienced it.

JEFFY: No doubt. No doubt. I’ve attended the program during all four events, and this surprised people but I got something new out of it ever time. Even as a grizzled veteran who’s “seen it all”... it’s THAT GOOD. Now how about the recording? I remember seeing you the night before and looking your like head was spinning before doing this thing.

TYLER: Yeah the night before the recording I went downstairs to the empty room and saw more camera equipment than I’ve ever seen. The production budget on this project is $250,000. Insane. We did it this way because we knew that The Blueprint Decoded was going to be the major legacy of my twenties and we had to make sure that it was recorded in a way that people could feel like they’re at the actual event. I saw all that camera equipment and it was like my brain just couldn’t process that it was all there for this project that I’d had with me on my laptop for so many years. And you know, the program itself is so “experiential” and I have to be a walking, breathing example of what I’m talking about so I can draw you into that state of mind. Really though it was the shock of “letting go”. The Blueprint has been a part of my life for so long that it’s almost like I didn’t know what I’d do with myself once it was done. I mean, there’s so much to do with building RSD it’s not even funny, but it’s such a shift for me. I went in on the first day with no sleep but still spoke very well. Day two through four got better and better. I spoke at a very high level which was so important to me. I feel like it’s my responsibility to keep people riveted and entertained because it’s so important for me to see you get this message and have it really register and make an ultimate shift.

JEFFY: Yeah well it was the best I’ve ever seen you. I’ve got to give props man. Congrats.

TYLER: Thanks. I’ve been walking around feeling like a champ ever since we’ve got this in the can. I feel more relaxed. Honestly I feel like myself again, whatever that it. Incredible.

JEFFY: Any final thoughts??

TYLER: Yeah, be there at for the launch on February 14 at 12PM EST. I know you probably hear the whole “this will change your life” type deal left and right. Maybe you’re numb to it, maybe you’ve think you’ve “seen it all”. Well, you haven’t. Not by a long shot. If you know me and you know my stuff on the blog, RSD Nation, or even past programs, that’s about 1% of the value that about to be laid out to you with this The Blueprint Decoded. This is it. A new beginning. If this body of knowledge has an impact on you that’s even 5% of what it’s had on me, then your life is about to change in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine. It’s ultimately up to you how you use this, and your own responsibility, but if you’ve got the commitment to make use of what you’re about to experience, this is going to be the start of something HUGE. Alright. I’ll see you on the other side.


Jaffar said...


Now I get where this came from. The amount of sweat and blood poured into this one is inspiring.

Of course, most of us expected that if a conference product came out that was *truly* life-changing, it would have to be from someone with the dedication and intellectual honesty/rigour of Tyler.

I don't think any of us can wait.


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Hey, who's the tall dude in the middle of the pic?

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Very excited about this!

Off topic, Jeffy needs his tall hair back. He looks tiny next to Tim and you! ;)

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Hey Tyler,
Can"t wait until thursday.These concepts seem unbelivable do you explain how to apply these concepts in everyday life once you learn them in the dvds

Tyler-Real Social Dynamics said...

LOL, Dave, I think the snow was just angled in a way where he was standing in a lower position than Tim and I were in the picture.