Friday, February 15, 2008

What's Fun...... Is Mostly Just What You're Addicted To

(Another few quick pics from the brand spanking new "The Blueprint Decoded" DVD/CD series which you can find at You will not find a more enriching learning experience -- be it in your skills with women or your competence to negotiate reality in this world -- anywhere, period.)

A quick observation...

I'm back in freezing cold Ottawa Canada right now, and was just heading back home from the gym.

It's late and I can't be bothered to properly cook for myself, so I pull into Tim Horton's and grab a chicken sandwich with lots of veggies on whole wheat and say to myself "Man, I completed The Blueprint launch today... I should get a donut..."

So I get home and down a protein shake and the sandwich, then eat the donut.

And you know what??

The donut, while being fresh and proper and all that, was really the LEAST "good tasting" aspect of the meal.

And along the same lines, you know what else??

I really can't be bothered to watch most regular television or movies anymore.

I'll be "taking a break" and watch nature documentaries or educational materials or high quality films that have something important to say -- but rarely the other 99% of pop-culture noise that's out there.

Sometimes people see me watching this stuff during my "time off" and they think I'm like some kind of odd dude who just can't relax.

Like, I'll have just finished a massive work project and people see me reading some supposedly "heavy" book and say "Dude relax, enjoy your victory here, look at what you've just accomplished..."

But the thing is this...

The implicit assumption here is that doing things that are counter-productive are more fun than doing things that are GOOD for you.

Social conditioning dictates that "sugar-satured food is more TASTY" and "mindless entertainment is more EXCITING" -- but that's really just a matter of other people's opinions.

I really believe that whenever you finish a big project you have to give yourself a kickass reward to keep associating positive emotions to all the great work that you're doing.

At the same time though, all my life I've played this game in my head that to reward myself I have to "get the dessert" or "go out and do something pointless" -- and really, that's just pure social conditioning speaking and not my own views.

The fact that we all know is this...:

Emotional states are addictive and the more often we access an emotional state, the more synaptic pathways are laid down in order to access that state again and again.

This also goes for what we enjoy eating, what we find entertaining, etc etc...

What we think is "fun" is really just what we've (oftentimes inadvertently) ADDICTED ourselves to -- throughout the course of our day to day habits and routines.

Why do most people find that garbage food tastes so good??

Because big companies have marketed it heavily (it's way cheaper to produce and easier to preserve than proper food) and they're addicted to it.

What about all of the mindless entertainment??

People respond to it because all their lives it's what they've been weaned on -- and so their brains have become so accustomed to never-ending stimulation that they no longer experience any endorphins from going deeper and staying focused for longer periods of time.

This is a powerful and liberating understanding, because it means that we can always proactively choose to RE-ADDICT ourselves towards something more positive and uplifting.

And even cooler, is that your life actually winds up becoming MORE FUN.

I mean, REAL FUN should leave you feeling recharged and energized -- not hollow or like you just screwed up.

Getting out into nature, working out, playing sports, getting a massage, travelling to new places, reading great books, meeting new people, laughing with friends, getting laid -- all this stuff is actually MORE FUN and it's also INSANELY HEALTHY.

I've got to keep reminding myself of this, again and again, until it finally sinks in.

Anyway, that was a quick thought inspired by the donut I just ate...... :)

Much love and appreciation for everyone who's grabbed a copy of The Blueprint Decoded so far -- which incidentally I hope has been an awesome reward to YOURSELF -- and thanks!!


PS: OTOH, maybe sometimes our "chaotic nature" requires us to fuck some shit up -- even get a little self-destructive to maintain balance. Who knows??


Tynan said...

Couldn't agree more.

Once a month I drop my diet and eat stuff like meat and processed flour.

Two nights ago we went to a fancy place in Panama where they serve 12 courses over 2 hours. Fish, beef, chicken, clams, octopus, these weird shrimp/lobster things, and other stuff.

It was good food, but the whole time I thought, "Man... I wish I was at my $4/meal bare bones vegan place."

People ask if I crave sugar or meat. Not a chance... I FORCE myself to eat it once a month.

Same with work. I remember reading about your 16 hour days thinking, "Man... I can't imagine that."

Now I put in 8-16 hours every single day and can't WAIT to get back to my project whenever I'm doing something else.

Congrats on Blueprint!


Matt said...

Hey Tyler

Congrats on producing the blueprint. It is hard for me to put myself in your shoes to understand what it was like, but I can imagine how important it is to you.

I totally agree with your post and find it very uplifting to know I can always change habits and the wiring in my brain.

I to dislike watching pointless TV etc. and always have to be doing somthing that is productive or self improving.

fullcrum said...

A very clear and concise article that made me more still for second.

Now I want real nature dynamics. Turbo style.

I feel like hiking it in the wilderness for a week. And it's cold where I am :).

Gary Goodbloke said...

I'd agree for the most part, but there are definitely times when after climbing a mountain you need to lie on your back for an hour and watch the clouds go by, even if only so you can indulge your senses in the vastness of your mortality, and its fragile beauty, and to just become insanely and deeply grateful.

Anonymous said...

That was great.

Stefan said...

Hahaha, that is so funny! I just recently finished a 12-day cleanse and thought the same thing. I rolled up to Tim Horton's and bought a donut as well, as a way of "rewarding" myself.

When really, eatting the veggies, greens, almonds, etc... and all the other alkalizing foods are the REWARD.

It's like I eat a donut now I'm like "eww...", and then I take a shot of wheatgrass and I'm like "MMMM..."

Probably sounds to messed up for most people.

Lance said...

TD: Congrats on Blueprint Decoded! At some point, I'd love to ake it in. I've read everything on your blog and I'm a big fan. You're giving away awesome value with it. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler,

I was reading your blog for a while now and didn't even realize you were from Ottawa. I am from Ottawa too :) What are you doing in Ottawa right now? Are you teaching or just visiting relatives?

Sting said...

love the OTOH (:

i feel there's a lot of truth in that - "the only thing we don't regret are our mistakes".


Seduction Chronicles said...

Great post Tyler.

After switching to a pretty healthy diet while living in LA during the summer, I moved back to Utah and ate my first fast food in a few months. I immediately felt deflated and disgusting... and went back to eating healthy again because it was far more tasty.

S said...

I think balance is important and there is a place for different kinds of entertainment or activities, variety is good. I don't think you can say that certain kinds of entertainment are automatically pointless or bad. Sometimes my work is extremely mentally taxing and in those times I often like to watch some pointless/mindless shows. If I'm laughing throughout that can only be a good thing surely? I'm also not a huge fan of the pure action based movies but I still think it's great to occasionally get a bunch of friends, popcorn and drinks and watch one of these on the big screen.

Of course most people do too much of the mindless stuff and I agree more travelling, playing sports, exploring nature, being with friends and watching/reading more in depth material is always good.

Reggy said...


Anonymous said...

Everytime I go here I find something new. And pretty often it's a pointer to the solution of a "problem" I have. Same with this post.

Thanks Tyler

Artisan said...

"I mean, REAL FUN should leave you feeling recharged and energized -- not hollow or like you just screwed up."

Well said. I think real fun (at least for me) is also something where you get to express yourself somehow.

Anonymous said...

Nice man, I really appreciate this drive you have..and Tim Horton's rocks!

Lupin_ said...

Hi Tyler

Even though i didn't grasp all the stuff you said in this blog article, I still think it is a really great piece of writing and will definitely be looked back on in the future.

Also, congratz on the blueprint and finally finishing the big project. I know I'll soon to be getting my hands on a copy. Maybe not now but definitely in the future when I have more field experience.


Anonymous said...

I just grabbed a bag of tostitos from upstairs and came down to my room to read this post. I forgot how earlier this week I was on my chicken, protein and eggs diet and how I enjoying getting 6 healthy meals in one day. Good reminder!

Anonymous said...

This post is definatly the best insight you've ever post on your blog and also the most life changing insight anyone has ever given me.

I've been puzzled for ages about why I now enjoy the gym and I honestly don't know if I would have realised this on my own.

SO much makes sense now. Thank you so much for sharing


Nick said...

Nice. Thanks for the insight bro.

Anonymous said...

Your blogs are always inspiring and I always get a kick out of them. Maybe one of these days you'll fucking email me back you prick, especially now that you are back in Canada!!!

Although you ignore me, I do find your writing fascinating and I am just waiting for the day that you become the next Eckhart Tolle. Maybe then you'll do a tour and I'll come see you!


Jedi said...

Nice man

i agree. Once i finished my final exams last year i grabbed a good book for my flight over to see you. A book i'd been hangin out to read but couldn't due to the study constraints.

Likewise, the other day i landed my dream job with the AFL footy club, and i rewarded myself with a hardcore gym session.

It's the way we role, and i wouldn't have it any other way.

Sucking the marrow out of life - to the very last drop yo!!


Olcay said...

I think the big epiphany for me is that the word "addicted" applies to any behavior you can't stop yourself from doing anymore, not just to things like drugs and foods.

As your conscious mind surfs the stream of associations in your brain, there are some emotional states that it simply finds itself in more often than others. What's insidious is that this process is circular and feeds back on itself, so that someone who is just slightly more likely to be sad and depressed can eventually become someone who is sad and depressed almost all of the time, PRESUMING he doesn't take proactive steps toward change.



K said...

Loved it, as usual.. Wish I could afford the Blueprint Decoded!!

jlaix said...

Rest is the new pain!

John Anthony said...


I've been eating healthy for the past 5 years and never looked back. I've always had that penchant to go balls to the wall with anything I believe in. Nothing is more fun to me then keeping in shape and doing pro MMA.

Cool article.

- John Anthony

Johnson said...

Social conditioning dictates that "sugar-satured food is more TASTY" and "mindless entertainment is more EXCITING" -- but that's really just a matter of other people's opinions.

Which perfectly explains this

The average human IQ is 100. That makes them incapable of being interested in anything academic in nature.

I've blogged about this here

And you also should consider dysgenic factors from the past few generations that have contributed also.

Christopher said...

Tyler I'm really looking forward to getting the blueprint in the mail and have greatly enjoyed your blog. If I had to describe you as something, it would be an inspirational light to this world the same way as Tolle or Tony Robbins. I noticed the same thing after massively cleaning up my diet. Certain garbage foods I used to love just taste BAD now and make me feel ill afterwards if I do eat them.

Anonymous said...


I check this page evryday and I hate being disappointed!

Just thro up a sweet article or something.

Anonymous said...

"The average human IQ is 100. That makes them incapable of being interested in anything academic in nature." Ok, I haven't read your article - but man...isn't iq just a NUMBER? Like..You're measured lower, not in a DIFFERENT WAY?? And the measurement...fuck, isn't it state specific?

Cause seriously we ALL have genius inside of us, but we also all have RETARD. ALL OF US. I've gone from one to the other faster than anyone can say paranoid neurotic...

Charles said...

Man this is what I've been telling people for eons. I'm a bookworm and for me reading is better than going out and boozing it up. The thing is I don't come off as nerdy and girls don't avoid me like the plague but people are always like "dude you're always reading! chill out and have some fun once in a while." Now I'm creeped out by this because reading is what "chill out and have some fun" means to me. I think I lead a rock star lifestyle and it comes across that way and people are suprised that I do these "nerdy" things and go around like my life is on fire. It totally kills me.