Monday, March 03, 2008

The Jeffy Freedom Tour (Free 2 Hour Workshop -- Massive World Tour)

Quick "off topic" ridiculous video of Jeffy that was probably supposed to stay private, but whatever.

Anyway I'm in Mexico right now and have a boatload of new blog posts on my laptop with no proper internet connection to post them up.

Regardless, I thought I'd check in and enlighten you on the massive world tour that Jeffy is going on.

What I'm talking about is the now infamous RSD "Free 2 Hour Workshop" which can be found at:

This new site is basically designed like a rock tour (to rep the energy Jeffy is bringing to these), so click over and check it out right now.

As you've probably read from people's reviews of them on RSD Nation, these 2 hour free workshops absolutely kick ass -- and with a tour this massive chances are that Jeffy is coming to YOUR city.

I will also be doing 3 of these events personally this month in Mexico -- Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Cancun.

(In addition, I'll be running bootcamps in these cities which you can find on the RSD Bootcamp page).

Anyway, expect Jeffy's free 2 hour workshop to absolutely rock the house and leave you in a whirlwind of Jeffy to the extreme.

He treats these IDENTICALLY and AS SERIOUSLY as any regular 2 hours of a legit RSD program, so be sure that YOU bring a similar energy when you show up.

Have fun!!



fullcrum said...

I wanna bang Jeffy.
!Woohoo! Can't wait for NYC seminar!

Travis said...

I don't know how but I saw this video but pretty funny.

What happened to RSDTube :S

Tom said...

Done & Booked!

See you in sydney Jeffy!

Anonymous said...

Circ Circus! Where dreams go to die. I'll be sure to sign up for this.

jlaix said...


To his credit, the place we stayed at in Seattle was quite luxurious. Thx Stuart xoxo

:King:Shit: said..., no offense Jeffy you actually reminded me of the fat kid from superbad. The one with the curly fro?? yeah, it was just the comedic timing...not tryin to call you fat or nuthin.....




Bulletproof Funster said...

Hope you do your Tyler impression in London again, Jeffy. That was my favourite bit from last time! Can't wait.