Friday, March 14, 2008

Robbie Williams Amusing Himself

Was linked to this on RSD Nation today.

Somewhat on the harsh side, but I absolutely love this regardless.


PS: I've been travelling Mexico all month with a piss poor internet connection -- usually in cafes where the keyboard is too stiff and unusable to compose long articles. Things will be back to normal shortly.

PPS: There are a ton of phonecalls and emails I haven't returned this month, including to close friends who are probably wondering where I went. I'll be catching up on those this week.


Anonymous said...

Frist of all, no hate to Style but that is ridiculous. It is no wonder why he took Lisa away from Style. That is the definition of living in your reality.

Seth C said...

Man, that was fun haha

fullcrum said...

The second I saw his eyes I knew what he wanted to do.

I'm loving it. I'm gonna learn from this vid!

M said...

He should have *clawed* her in

Anonymous said...

This is real alpha male beahviour.
He just seems to have fun whatever he does.

Anonymous said...

"You lost that a long time ago love." Brilliant.

I've been learning to call girls "love" with a British accent for awhile now, they go crazy for it.

Anonymous said...

Robbie Williams walks the tightrope of confident/arrogant, funny/obnoxious and frequently falls off it. Quite a few times in that he pressed the joke too far and went sailing right into obnoxious. You could see the reporter was uncomfortable and wasn't enjoying a lot of that despite ner nervous giggles and smiles. But hey that's self-amusement isn't it? He didn't care what she thought. Except if she wasn't being paid to take it do you think she'd have stuck around? So you guys can whoop it up and say 'wow, I'm gonna do that!', go out, act an arrogant ass, and come back to the RSD forum with a FR that details just that to backslaps and laughs like that's the point instead of actually meeting and connecting with a woman instead of scaring/pissing her off. Yeah, Robbie does some things there are a good example but know when to reign it back. It's called 'calibration' and don't believe that's been thrown out just yet.

Anonymous said...

You just know you guys can't wait to go out and copy that Robbie Williams schtick...routine hating junkies that you are.

Alexkx3 said...

Robbie is from my home town, Stoke. There all like that here! You should see my Uncle! Trust me, Crazy stokey guys.
The problem is, he's coming from a place of insecurity, and attention seeking. I know a million Robbie Williams.