Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Public Service Announcement -- Keeping It Raw VS Catering To The Masses

So I've been out in Mexico this month and I've got a ton ideas that I've been dying to share.

Before I get to that though, I wanted to write a short note about what it means to study RSD.

I teach RSD primarily out of my own interest in the topic.

When I write an article, I don't consider whether or not the "masses" will like it or even if they'll fully understand it (although I do my best to break things down comprehensively).

Primarily, my main goal is to congele and crystalize the ideas I'm working on to "get better with women" in my own head -- because when I express myself in writing it makes the ideas *real* for me.

I personally recommend writing every single day, because for me, it has been one of the most important parts of my own development.

Now as a result of this, what you learn from RSD tends to be authentic and raw.

The core difference between RSD and probably most other self-development companies out there is that literally nothing that comes out of RSD is for the purpose of "creating product" -- but rather, it is the byproduct of our own interest in developing *ourselves*.

We do this for our own interest, and then pass the info along to you.

If you've gravitated towards RSD (and many people don't -- but if you have) then that's probably the reason why.

At the same time, you also have to be aware of what this means.

I constantly like to cover new ground -- and that means "pros" and "cons".

Most self-development gurus rely on a steady flood of newbies and will regurgitate the same basic "marketable message" over and over -- because newbies pay $$ whereas oldsters usually think too highly of themselves to seek out external advice.

Now before you jump to criticize this, be aware that ANY organization's survival relies on CASHFLOW which means that you have to market yourself effectively.

So don't be a hater...

In my case, however, I'm very lucky to be in a situation where I don't need to rely on that because RSD is a relevant enough company that I can get away with it.

Personally I will RARELY go back over previous ground I've already thoroughly covered, for the purpose of getting more newbies on the RSD bandwagon.

I just CANNOT do this. It is too boring for me.

Maybe I'll do it once in a while, here and there, like in a presentation to a room who doesn't know much about RSD.

But for the most part, when I'm sitting there regurgitating the SAME OLD MATERIAL I feel my chest constricting like my life is going "tick tick tick" and I'm losing important time I could be using towards a creative legacy.

(Even with the bootcamps I usually teach a 30% skeleton of foundational material and then about 70% new material that I will customize to the individual).

Where the world will go in the future, I have no idea. Maybe humanity will not survive another 500 years.

But if it does, I envision RSD as an entity that produced a wealth of creative material that people will want to study for years to come.

Call it arrogant, call it self-indulgent, call it what you want. Everyone needs to have a goal to shoot at in life. That's one of mine.

Now as a result of this, the "true fans" benefit and the newbies inevitably get befuddled.

I've written 4000+ articles on "outer game" at this point, and put out "Foundations" which is probably the most compehensive "step-by-step / how to" program on getting girls I'll ever put out.

We've also updated all our outer game material, including in "Transformations" which has a nice mix, and "The Jeffy Show" which has Jeffy's outer game from topic to bottom.

If you've been through this stuff, you're probably very psyched that I'm not rehashing the "same old thing" over and over.

At the same time, if you're a newbie whose sole source of info is RSD Nation and this blog, then you might be a bit confused.

For example, all this "New RSD" stuff might cause you to believe that you can IGNORE the "outer game" of meeting women entirely because I don't write as many new articles about it anymore -- or maybe even that outer game is actually BAD.

And see, even though it is NOT my responsibility to hold the entire community by the hand and remind everyone constantly "go back and look at the foundational material" -- I will acknowledge that I have a level of influence in setting the trends.

So I'm saying right here (and this will likely go into a compilation of articles that comes with the book at some point) -- just because I'm not writing as many NEW articles on a specific topic does not mean that the older topics are no longer still important.

Educate yourself. You will be the better for it.

Anyway, that was a quick "public service announcement" as right now the topics that interest me to write about are as "un-picking-up-girls" related as ever.

You can't please everybody in life.

And if I rehashed the same material, people would bitch and moan about it in the same way that they sometimes bitch and moan that I'm interested in covering new areas.

Of course, for the veteran "POOOAH" this stuff is usually more effective and potent than yet another article on how to "approach and extract" -- but hey, never say I don't cater to newbies, because I've got a friggin' LIBRARY of newbie material that's as vast as anybody's.

I just don't rehash it over and over in my latest stuff.

I'm evolving and I hope you are too.

Stay tuned.



Anonymous said...

I like your teaching methods man. They are very inspirational because pickup is really about self improvement. And to do that, you find the best ways for self improvement and you guys deliver. That is what you guys are advocating. I am a HUGE fan of Hoobie(spelling?) and Tim. I have heard a lot of Tim's work but not Hoobie, only Transformations from Hoobie but Tim does have his blog. So, I would love to hear more from Hoobie because I identify with him a lot.

Does Hoobie have any writings?

Also, you do always say "we won't go over old material". That should be implied not stated. You guys are RSD, the Blueprint blew "The Game" wide open. But, Love Systems with CJ and Sinn are plowing through SNLs and LMR. I would love to see the companies do a collaboration, but I KNOW that will NEVER happen. Maybe 2-3 instructors from each system. Similar to LS's super conference.

Kevin said...

Your attitude in this post really reminds me of some characters in Atlas Shrugged... I like the direction and I look forward to whatever comes from it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding us again Tyler that noone is above of the Game,

I admit I kinda lost focus lately and I though I was above of the Game.

I got 0 results, and I was wondering what was the problem.

Will said...

OMG, I've been watching the blueprint and to see the clip of you talking in foundations was weird. you seem more positive and expressive in the blueprint. glad you're living this stuff instead of just making a buck off it

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this update. I thought the blog was going to die O_O

Stefan said...

I feel the same way, too. Everything that I create is usually for my own personal development and growth, which is later passed onto and shared with others.

Anonymous said... those shades. What kind are they?

Deloboelalma said...

Dunno if anyone can answer me...

But I think I don't understand the meaning of "outer game", because I think what you explain and talk more about it's not about "outer game", but inner gamme, isn't it?
Or it is that inner and outer is the same?

I'm spanish also.

Anonymous said...

Inspirational bro. You're doing really great things with your life. I like you.

Anonymous said...

RSD not for the masses ? LOL...

robert1 said...

I'm still hoping you will get good someday.

Tom said...

Put simply

"Outer game" is about the tecniques used in pick-up (Negs, disarming AMOG's etc.)

"Inner game" is about Self-actualisation, being confident and happy with who you are etc (which creates MASSIVE attraction.

Hope this answers the question

jason said...

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Also, Tapatio blanco only in MX.

Anonymous said...

i like RSD, and its forum because its like an affirmation center for being real, being a man - which is what its all about IMO.

you learn stuff in field - but what character do you process what you learn there through? game focused man or just a man?

having the big picture message repeated over and over again, to maintain perspective is helpful, more so than gaming stuff.

this post was necessary though - you should sticky it on the forum. not to pick on anyone, but there seem to be a few guys who sprout vague inner game stuff as the solution to field related sticking point! - very poor stuff, even by kj'ing standards.

on an unrelated note, TD, how do you always manage to look like you haven't shaved for 4 days? never 3 and never 5??


Charles said...

Okay I just read all these other comments and they sum up what I have to say - stuff you guys ;) What I like about you keeping it raw is that you're out there living what you teach and thus people can really get into it. There's a pitfall people shouldn't fall into though, don't go out there and clone yourself into a Tyler. Go out there and be excellent at being yourself. Live it up I say.

Seduction Chronicles said...

Keep innovating and being your best self Tyler.

The Publisher said...

You are a dick, Tyler, you know that? You've got enthusiasm...

I love that mission impossible remix by the way. I can practically imagine your feelings as you chose it