Monday, May 26, 2008

George Leonard's "Mastery" -- The New Eckhart Tolle

Hopefully I've got your attention...... :)

So one of the things I was really happy about in the past year was how we were able to get Eckhart Tolle's work into the PUA mainstream.

Tolle is one of my favourite people in the world, and I say that because he is one of the few people I have ever encountered who does not appear to have any agenda other than making the world a better place.

By coincidence, his book is also a basically a lengthy explaination of "being in the now" -- which is one of the most vital concepts that you must not only understand but INTERNALIZE if you want to be a natural with women.

Now having seen the spread of that, there is another book which I've recently read that I would love to pump in the realm of RSD.

That book is "Mastery" by George Leonard.

This is a book that is very much parallel to the years worth of articles I've written on "Implementing A Habit" and in the DVD/CD set "Transformations".

One of the concepts that I continually pound into the heads of students during bootcamps is the need for a long term habit implementation strategy.

This is vital.

In fact, it is hands down the biggest difference between those students who fail and those who succeed.

I remember back when I first got into teaching success with women.

My belief back then was that if I could cultivate the ultimate skill set with women that I could demonstrate it, and then students could immediately model and replicate it.

This worked consistently in the short term but sometimes failed to produce the long term results that I always wanted.

Several times a year I'd bump into ex students on the street who were ON FIRE during the program but hadn't maintained the habit ever since. This drove me to a level of exasperation you cannot imagine if you haven't experienced it yourself.

(Bear in mind I also bumped into a lot more who DID follow through -- but just seeing those who didn't would absolutely f**k up my day).

Later I focused on the teaching aspect, in terms of developing more effective ways of getting the information from MY head into the mind of the student -- as well as lowering the student/instructor ratio to 3 on 1.

This produced an even more consistent level of results but I'd still have those odd cases where I'd bump into students who didn't follow through.

Finally I arrived where I've been at for the past two years, where I created self-development material which can then be synergized with the pick-up stuff in order to emphasize the path that's required to achieve long term results.

This has been great and the 6 month follow up phone calls have yielded the highest percentage of long term transformations I've ever seen.

However now having found George Leonard's book "Mastery" I feel a need for celebration -- because the average 3 hours that I'd normally spend on bootcamp teaching long term habit implementation is now laid out beautifully in one simple and elegant book (and I can just refer people directly to this book -- which allows me to cut that time from 3 hours to 1 hour and then use the extra time to teach other things).

Do you want a secret window into the types of topics I've covered in some of the most results-producing bootcamps I've ever run??

Read "Mastery" by George Leonard.

For me this book is elementary and obviously didn't produce the kind of epiphanies that I had while reading Eckhart Tolle. I've been doing this stuff my entire career.

But my excitement in this case stems from what STUDENTS can get out of it.

If you are someone who has never walked the path from novice to total mastery over several years then this book is a MUST READ.

And if you are someone who has walked that path many times over, then you will respect the straightforward way in which he's articulated it.

It is quick and easy read, and will teach you key elements like:

-How to ride out a plateau

-How to enjoy the process over the outcome

-How to be a long term winner and not be brainwashed by the anti-mastery attitudes of society (people who've seen my section in "Transformations" will see the parallels here).

If this sounds cool, that's because it is, in fact, very cool.

I give this book my highest recommendation for anyone learning how to better themselves and get crazy awesome results with girls -- so be absolutely sure to check it out.

Have fun!!



Anonymous said...

Tyler, listen. Seriosly, reading your blog I sometimes think you are a total lunatic premier cru. Though there are those other times you manage to inspire me to inspire other people... and thats ... double inspiration deluxe , right?

Awesome! Thanks for that.
Greeting from Germany

Doug Lance said...

Whoa, nice choice Durddy.

Guys check this book out online

you can read it and download it for free! totally legal too.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm convinced. I'll read this ASAP, pronto and yesterday!

Patrik said...

YEAH! I ordered this book last week! .. oh, if you didn't know (which I guess you do).. You're doing an awesome job. Seriously Tyler, you are the man.

Anonymous said...

Thanks bro i'll give it a read.

Dirty Big Ben said...


Thanks Tyler!

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy. Do remember Tommy W/Pheromone from ASF cirra 2004? Ie the dude that wanted to be a billionaire in 10 years. He was the dude that recomended this book to me. Im suprised you haven't read it till now. Great book, so simple!

Anonymous said...

gonna put that baby on hold right now, library here i come

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Tyler, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tyler, I like your natural stuff .I would like to go to a bootcmp but i dont know if all the instructors are as good as you are.

Anonymous said...

Hey :). This sounds like something you can't help but get value from......awesome.


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot tyler.

Jonathan Tran said...

tight will check it out

Andrew said...

hey tyler,
cool reference. Right now I am reading atlas shrugged, it seems pretty intense right off the bat, i'm watching for her agenda and messages she's giving out. I'll look into this book you are reccomending. Btw, you should check out a book called the art of happiness by the dali lama, it comes with high recommendations.

Tynan said...

Awesome recommendation. Really enjoyed it and am implementing it immediately.


Anonymous said...

Wicked, I really enjoyed reading all Tolles books and this is going for a few quid on amazon, so its impossible not to get.

Fx said...

Hey man, love you blog

Eo said...

Hey Owen,

I'll definetely check this out. I've got some issues about "being in the moment," just having fun and being congruent.

Cool blog by the way.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good Tyler.
Shall head on down to the bookshop and check it out.


improvingame said...

good stuff. I'm gonna check out this book

Will said...

Just finishing up A New Earth so I'll read this next. Glad the blog's back.

Suspect said...

I will read it because, really, you have never let me down before.

Matty said...

Sounds good T.
i will go pick this one up in a few days...

holler at you when i finish.

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting, the kind of thing i need at the moment, thanks for the recommendation.

And thanks to the guy who posted the free download link...reading a book on screen isn't ideal but its instant and free so why not!

Manixen said...

Bought it and read it yesterday. It confirms everything that I have thought but haven't put into words about progressing at anything. Thanks.


Sharp said...

Leonard is a legend in the leading edge of self-development. He and Mike Murphy started up ITP (integral transformative practice) recently, with affiliations through the Integral Institute and the work of Ken Wilber. His work at Esalen is groundbreaking.

I'm telling you Tyler, you gotta start exploring this stuff. Integral is THE intellectual avant garde of our time--you can't get any more leading edge than these guys.

Slap some money down and check out this audio:

pm me on rsdn if you want some more resources


Anonymous said...

I wonder how this compares to Anthony Robbins' stuff?

Scarlet Pimp said...

Great mate. I'll be sure to check out out.

This is pretty amazingly inspiring too...!

Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch, who is dying from pancreatic cancer, gave his last lecture at the university Sept. 18, 2007, before a packed McConomy Auditorium. In his moving talk, "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams," Pausch talked about his lessons learned and gave advice to students on how to achieve their own career and personal goals. For more, visit


Reg said...

My copy's on its way. Thanks for the tip. I really appreciate this blog.

Anonymous said...

Tyler - you should put Amazon links on your blog to see how many books you sold and get paid back a little for it.

You just sold me on this book.

BlackJack said...

Your comments at the Blueprint about that most of us walk through the world in a walking daze have long bothered me. Because of this, yesterday I meticulously documented my day.

I also happened to read your blog that day. I immediately read a condensed version of the book I had from Tony Robbins' Powertalk.

The result?

I realized how far away I am from mastery. How often I am in a daze. Very eye opening. Thank you, Tyler for once again opening me up to new possibilities.

Danman said...

awesome suggestion, dude, This "dabbler's" jaw just hit the floor in total amazement at what he's been missing his whole fucking life. WOW...this book is incredible.

Jan said...

Did David DeAngelo introduced this Book years ago ?!

Anonymous said...

Nice man.

I have a post-it note in my car, and i was gonna pick this up last weekend.

I'm reading two other books at the moment, but i think i'll "shelve" one of them and read this, because it could be exactly what i need.


Anonymous said...

A proper book that was, there are so many inspiring lines/phrases that trigger some critical analysis of ones self. Some ideas stuck with me up to now, ideas that may have lead me to enter this "community"... Yeah, for instance in the later chapters Leonard mentions it's amazing how people give full attention to mastery of a sport like tennis, but leave things like relationship to chance.
I also recall him stressing on being present in the moment but I don't remember it being as detailed as Tolle.
Maybe this book deserves a revisit.

Sam said...

Hey Owen,

Nice choice. I remember reading this book about a year ago - I think David D used to pimp up this one. It really distills the differences between people in pursuits for the long haul and people who don't tend to follow through.

Anonymous said...

David Deangelo recommended this book years ago.

He recommended quite a few good books, and while i find his material dry and not straight to the point, his advice on book is spot on.

Aaron said...

Hey Tyler,

Awesome read. Thanks for the recommendation. Any books that you would recommend for short daily meditation (Potential new blog post on meditation)?

Thanks again,


Wiredrawn said...

Wow, picked it up finally today and finished it today. Siiiiiick. Its like the bridge between ET and Tony Robbins. Helped me to clarify where I'm at and what I need to do. Also not to put so much god damned pressure on myself to live up to past successes every night.