Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tim Launches New Video Blog!!

Oh nice, very excited!!

Tim has just launched his brand new video blog at:

You've GOT to see this. Have a click over right now and see this for yourself.

Now Tim and I have just got this going so there are still a few kinks. The studio's just been put together in Tim's apartment and we're still tinkering with the camera set up and the lighting and the whole deal.

Regardless, the new videos ROCK!!

If you're interested in learning about Tim and seeing what he has to offer you in terms of your understanding of this material, run over right now and have a look.

Have fun!!



Anonymous said...

Oh my god.. Don't worry AT ALL about quality issues - as if there were any.. awesometownaliciousity present - just seeing that guy blows your mind. So up close..


Zephyr said...

Really cool Video's, thanks owen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to RSD, and everyone else helping guys out there lead a better life.

Keep up the good work TD& crew

Michael said...

From a business perspective I would really love to see RSD produce more of this free content stuff. It rocks and I love it :)

FindingLove said...

I like this blog a lot

Anonymous said...

awesome article and thought provoking as usual!