Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oh My Goodness...

What a journey it's been to create this over the past several months.

On the phone with Tim 10 times a day while he worked on it endlessly since last January -- and now it is finally here.

This is a program that I am truly, deeply proud of.

I watch it and just feel the RIGHT VIBE coming off of it through and through.

Anyway I'm off to the cradle of mankind for a few weeks and won't be around but I wanted to leave up the official announcement for you to read and enjoy.


Sometimes regular readers of this blog will come up to me on the street and say "Congrats on getting that out" and it's like "This program isn't about ME it's about YOU...Did YOU pick up a copy for YOURSELF??"

I notice guys will play a game with themselves where they have a self image as being the old wise man up on the mountaintop above the fray of the life.

But ultimately this is self destructive because it does nothing to actually improve YOUR results and YOUR happiness.

What WILL improve your results is making the decision to live your dreams -- and having access to elite sources of knowledge such as Tim who I've had access to myself now for many years.

You'll also notice in the sales page I talk about how Tim has been the guy who I've modelled most of my major insights after between 2005 and 2008 and that is absolutely true.

The only sucky part of all this is that it's impossible to keep this guy around. He's off to go DJ'ing again soon enough and this program is basically his lasting legacy of his time with RSD.

Anyway have a look at the site and think about what YOUR goals are in all this.

Because this is about getting you access to the kind of resources that are necessary to make it happen, and for pretty friggin' cheap (almost suspiciously cheap) I might add.

Alright I'm on basically the biggest adventure of my life...Here is the official announcement, enjoy!!



Tim's Flawless Natural Method is now LIVE!!

This site will literally shock and amaze you. Click over and have a glance at it right now.

Today it is my privilege to announce the release of what may well be the most hard hitting, hyper effective dating video and audio recording of all time.

The immediate results of this program have been unprecedented. And the testimonials blisteringly positive.

With 6 full DVD/CDs Tim is about to finally reveal to you the frightening unstoppable effectiveness of natural game.

As you have probably heard by now, Tim has long been known as being the man whose skills with women have been sharpened over many years into an EPIPHANY INDUCING SPECTACLE.

The wisdom that he has to impart is will enlighten you with the most lethally effective secrets of his natural approach and core masculine sexuality ever exposed.

This is a program that is deliberately designed to rock your brain on multiple levels, as Tim has developed a "transfer method" for uploading his entire know-how from his head up into yours.

He reveals to you the hidden code of his Flawless Natural Method and lays his entire toolbox bare by:

...unveiling his step-by-step breakdown of his entire "5 Step Total Method" for creating staggering natural attraction with effortless ease.

...pummeling you with the personality he uses to trigger massive attraction and allowing you to tune into the frequency and vibe at your leisure for hours on end.

...and lastly, giving you access to interspersed clips of LIVE IN FIELD VIDEO from his personal archive to make this a "guaranteed win" and the most successful dating program you have ever done.

It's taken Tim many years of in the trenches field experience to figure this stuff out on his own, and today he is going to shave off your learning curve towards shocking success with women by many years.

"The Flawless Natural Method" will drive deep, internal and external change into the way you interact with women for the rest of your entire life.

That's what the "Flawless Natural Method" is about.

And frankly, I'm not even scratching the surface of the thing.

Dare yourself to take a walk on the wild side - click this link.

And get yourself a bit of "in the know" with a true veteran professional who will put you on the fast track to reaching all of your goals and dreams.

You quite simply won't find a recorded program like this -- anywhere.

A "super elite level" session with a dating genius of this caliber has NEVER been taught in this format before.

And that's why, since I knew this recording was priceless before Tim decided to release it to the public, I can't even guess what the value of it is now.

To start listening to this audio and video recording right away, please visit:

And if you have questions, please contact or call 1-310-652-0137 and we'll be happy to speak with you.

I hope you enjoy it...

Tyler, Executive Producer
Real Social Dynamics

P.S. The "special edition" release of this recording with the SIXTH BONUS DISC "Flawless Forever" and the CUSTOMER APPRECIATION SEMINAR is only available until July 23rd.

After that, I will either REMOVE this "special edition" version forever, OR I will raise the price to significantly to avoid diluting the value of the strategies revealed in this priceless audio and video recording.

...this is still a bargain when you consider Tim's one-on-one consultation rates are $4500.00 per weekend -- or $10,000.00 per week!

To get your own personal copy, visit:


Mexicana Model said...

That female posing with Tim appears to be Tyler's firey Mexicana girlfriend, are those rumors true?

Anonymous said...

Tyler, I just wanted to say that you are a genius :) I really admire RSD's work and all material, keep on going, you guys are the best