Thursday, August 21, 2008

Potential Final BC Events

Alright so probably by now you've heard I'm wrapping up with my role as figurehead of RSD and moving into self help.

If you're not a regular reader of RSDN then you probably guessed it based on the content of this blog.

This has been a conflict for me personally because "personal transformation" and "pick up artistry" are intense passions of mine and I love teaching bootcamps. Funny enough I actually consider teaching bootcamp my "time off" because I enjoy it so much.

Regardless I have to take this next step which will likely limit my future availability to, well, pretty much nothing.

That being the case, I'm considering teaching one final round of bootcamps here in Honolulu.

Usually when you read about a guy like myself doing a "final round" of BC's it's some sort of stunt to extract an inordinate amount of money, however I have no interest in that.

For as long as I've been in RSD it's always been the standard Special Event price of $2000 for the 3-on-1's, and any BC I run is always three straight nights from Thursday to Saturday.

Usually I'll bring you out to the mountains during the daytime on Saturday if you're interested but that's outside of the official bootcamp hours and purely to relax (ie: save the game questions until the program hours begin -- just have fun).

This is a cirriculum of intense personal transformation and skillset development that I've developed over 7 years. If you've seen "Blueprint Decoded" this is about 100 times more intense because it's live and in the field, where I rule like Godzilla knocking down buildings in Tokyo.

I love the field. It makes me feel like a blue whale gorging down krill "Mwwwwaaaaaaaah". Or like Sonic the hedgehog collecting all the rings. I really can't get enough.

If I do this, I'm only looking to take on students who are serious about personal transformation and their skillset.

I take these extremely seriously and I expect you to bring the same level of commitment. Any BC I teach is expected to be a formative experience and one of the most defining weekends of your life. This can only happen when both the student and the teacher are firing on all cylinders.

You will NOT find the dates on the schedule. I want to read what your interest is in this personally.

It doesn't have to be anything crazy but you have to be clear on what you want to get out of this.

That being the case if you're *serious* you can email me directly at

The potential dates I'm considering (and again, this is tentative whether or not I'll do this) are:

August 21-23 (sold out).


August 28-30 (sold out).


September 4 - 6 (update: this WAS sold out but there was a cancellation, so there is now one final slot).


September 11 - 13 (update: sold out).

I may do one of these weekends, or all three. I haven't yet decided so include the date which you're most interested in.

Also include your phone number so my very helpful admin (Stuart or Huey) can contact you as soon as I decide.

Obviously the bootcamps I run are known to be intense. I've taught about 90% of the well known PUA gurus over the years and I'm a perfectionist.

Many people are shocked by the level of intensity I bring to these so if you want to know what to expect you can read the following:

Have fun!!



F1ow said...


You're making me cry tears of joy.

... not really, but dude... retiring from RSD and pursuing your personal goals - continued growth and contribution - that's awesome man. I'm glad for you.

This is kind of sudden for me, though, because I love everything that is social dynamics with all people (not only with women) and have been applying what I've learned from RSD and like gotten free donuts from dudes at donut shops and stuff... lol This is true... and I didn't ask for them. Haha I guess what I'm saying is that I've been applying it abroad with all people and offering it to others and it even pushed me to change my career path to psychology/self-development and well, to see the passionate figurehead of this establishment leave kind of creates mixed feelings. It's like you've gone beyond the idea of attraction to other things and I feel compelled to go beyond it as well. Good thing I did, inspired by you, man.

You MUST fill us IN, Owen. Where exactly are you going with your development? I, and certainly everyone else will be eager to hear it. AND, keep us UPDATED man. Gonna have a new blog, or what?

Btw, I would LOVE to take a bootcamp with you but I'm 19 and I'm assuming that's a problem. If it's not, PLEASE make it known.

Infinite thanks and best wishes,


Patrick Shields said...

Good luck, Owen. Thanks for bringing so much value to the PU community, and I look forward to buying your self-improvement products as well.

Hopefully you never lose the edge that you've gained from 1000s of approaches. I think those approaches give you an element of "real" that's not found in many other authors.

Since I'm working on my own PU site, I obviously can't attend... But I'll always wish I could have! I bet it'll be epic.

Anonymous said...

Tyler will quit RSD? Oh NOOOOOOO!!!

That sux....

Anonymous said...

Well I must admit I admire the fact that you have higher aspirations and are taking your life and passions to the next level even when most people would probably consider just letting themselves stagnate (ie. at your percieved level of success.

You seem like a real genuine guy Owen and I've learned a hell of a lot from your musings over the last year plus I've been studying and applying. While RSD has many awesome instructors (by all accounts) all with awesome skill-sets and vast experience I must admit I harbored an aspiration of my own to travel to Hawaii (never been) and hang with you to perhaps absorb anything that I might just not have extracted from the other RSD products or my own infield experiences.

If these are to be your last actual BC's I guessed my timing is unfortunate but I will still aspire to the above regardless, 'cause its what I want:)

Oh well, off to lunch with a turbo:)


WireySpindell said...

Wow Tyler, I'm sorry to hear that. The work you've done with RSD over the years has changed my life. I know how cliche that saying is, but hey, those are the best words to describe it. But if you feel you have to do it, that's what you have to do. Thanks for everything, and please keep us posted on your new gig.

Anonymous said...

Man, you actually changed my life, turned it around, seriously... I don't know how to express my gratitude. BP:D was a WORK OF ART. Moving into self-help is a brilliant, amazing thing for you to do. I'd wish you luck, but I know you make your own ;) you're gonna be missed my man.

Anonymous said...

what does this mean? Will you release The Blueprint(book)? Does this mean you're not working for RSD anymore? Why?

Rob said...

Thankyou for everything you have given me, I came from a shy, quiet, unconfident boy to a man who has every part of his life handled and is moving forward.

Ive had threesomes now and banged strippers and now im having an amazing relationship with a beautiful girl who is bi-sexual and encourages my continued social development and sexual development :-)

thankyou for the joy you have given me tyler. Not just in the girls department but in every part of my life which was not the case.

peace n love


Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm actually more into self help in general, than "pick up". I love social dynamics, but it don't have to be linked to women.

But as you're moving out of RSD and moving into self help it makes me curious. Are you still going to run this blog? What's this self help thing you're going to do?

Looking forward to hear more from you.

Anonymous said...

Man, I feel emotional.

Best of luck, Owen.

Stay in touch. x

SurvivalMachine said...

Studying RSD for a year has changed my life in so many ways for the better, thank you. I'll continue to read anything you write in the following years even if it's not related to pickup.

Kevin said...

Dude- you have to film the final boot camp and release it, documentary style. That would be freaking epic.

michael said...

Best of Luck on your new adventure!

R.S.D has changed the way I think and feel about myself for the better. At this point in my life I'm ready for new adventures and Tyler you made alot of this possiable for me !
thanks michael

Justin said...

I'm excited to see what you have planned, best of luck in your future projects!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tyler, what your doing sound like this:

"I'm retiring from being a graphics programmer to become a programmer".

mongo said...

thanks owen.
bought a cheesy book in 05 to try to score me some action, only to discover your teachings that have changed my life.

" most people move from things that they don't want rather than going after what they really want"

just the tip of the iceberg of great stuff. the shattered pieces that i used to wallow upon are now a life i have total control over.
thank you
work, friendships, gf are all in order from your teaching.
i wonder what angle you will go in in the self help but try to get oprah to pimp you

Bobby Rio said...


Lets do a radio show about your new adventure... i'm currently moving towards more of a self help angle myself... i can have the producer of our show contact you if you're interested...

All of our shows are broadcasted live on FM radio in NY and streamed via internet...

would love to have you on.

email me:

bobby (at) tsbmagazine (dot) com

Ajay Odedra said...

Wow dude, that's awesome! Good to see you moving on to fresh pastures rather than getting stagnant

Thanks for everything you've shared with us, you've helped a lot of people in a lot of random ways ;)

Dave said...

Hey Dude,

Thanks for changing my life. Now its your turn to go down a new path. Have fun :)

Jason Leeson said...

Owen, before you leave:

Dont forget to release the RSD action figures that Ozzie told me about on BC!

'Naw dude'

Reg said...

Hi Owen, thanks for the update. Looking forward to learning from you, and the rest of the RSD team, over the next year and beyond. Best of luck for your next adventure.

Robert said...

Just wanted to say I booked a bootcamp while reading the bootcamp reports in this post, glorious times ahead! :)