Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What The Heck Is A "Figurehead" Anyway??

Wow, what a couple of weeks.

Bootcamp is my true passion. I love it. Man is it ever fucking fun.

If I could do anything I wanted, I'd teach bootcamp three days a week and use the rest of my time to be in the outdoors.

Anyway it looks like there was some confusion on what I meant by "moving on from the figurehead role with RSD" so I wanted to talk a bit about that.

Let's hit it up with a bit of Q&A........


For me a figurehead is a man or woman whose face represents the brand of a company.

Richard Branson is the figurehead of Virgin, Donald Trump is the figurehead of the Trump Organization.

The success or failure of these organizations benefit, but also HINGE upon the day-to-day reputations of these charismatic individuals.

In my own case I've been the main figurehead of Real Social Dynamics over the years.

However in the past 24 months the emphasis on my personality has been shifted towards other talent on the team.

(Note: Tim either looks really cool or really gay in this picture -- I can't decide).

The travelling workshops are taught by Jeffy -- and they rock.

The Superconferences have been taught by Tim, Alex, Nathan, Ozzie, and Jeffy for nearly a year now (without me being there) -- and they've reviewed more highly than any SC where I was in attendance.

The most recent DVD program was by Tim -- and it was "flawless".... :)

The bootcamps are taught by a crack team of super professionals -- Jeffy, Ozzie, Tim, Alex, Nathan, Ryan, and Saad.

So I haven't been the main figurehead of RSD for some time now.

My recent post was just the first time most people have probably thought about it.


Being a figurehead has been less than 25% of my responsibilities with RSD, and so far in 2008 it has been non-existent.

My duties consist of content creation, management, strategy, marketing, instructor training, innovation and quality control, and a litany of other tasks. My average workday this year has been 10 to 13 hours, and oftentimes 20 hours for several days during the launches of our DVD/CD programs.

I've done this because I believe in what Real Social Dynamics has to offer so strongly, and being the sole teacher would limit the value I can contribute.

Right now RSD consists of a team.

Jeffy, Tim, Ozzie, Alex, Nathan, Ryan, and Saad. Extra instructors are Todd, Christophe, and Siam.

That is probably the strongest, most deeply talented group of individuals I could ever have been privileged to surround myself with.

By running RSD in the way I've been doing it, we've been able to offer live in field trainings at a THREE ON ONE student to instructor ratio for $1500 in the local cities.



The coming year will likely see prices increase to $1950 and $2450 for events where instructors have to travel. That's because prices have remained the same since 2003 and instructors are due for a raise.

Regardless this one of the accomplishments with RSD that has given me tremendous happiness.

The fact that even a young guy in his twenties can afford to take a bootcamp with a master instructor at a price that's within reach means the world to me.


Visionary organizations that contribute the most to culture and society are often born through the efforts of a strong-willed individual (or a small group of them).

However if that company is to survive past the death of the founders, the core ideology must be institutionalized and woven into the fabric of the organization.

Real Social Dynamics has grown into something more important than a toy for me to screw around with. It's bigger than my own personal interests.

What RSD represents is a light for guys who want to change themselves.

It represents a culture of becoming conscious and personally evolved. A culture of moving towards authenticity and unplugging from social conditioning. A place where you can go to re-tune into the frequencies of presence and abundance and positivity.

It's also pretty cool because guys get laid a lot.... :)

My vision for RSD is an organization and culture that's around a lot longer than I am.

The truth is RSD is not about ME. It's about YOU.

Like Hillary Clinton who steps up and endorses Barrack Obama for the good of her party -- I will always do what is best for the organization.

Obviously the "fun" thing to do would be to continue as figurehead and soak up all the attention. But that's not what's best for the longevity of the culture.

I'm an experienced figurehead and I have my own gifts to contribute. But there are also guys on the team who are more talented and more on the cutting edge with dating and pickup than I am.

These are guys so strong their potentials have only shown the tip of the iceberg.

My own strongest ability to contribute is in the area of building a culture that has a positive influence on the largest number of people possible.

As Jim Collins would call it "Being a clock maker instead of a time teller."

OTOH if I see a value in stepping up and putting my face out there I'll continue to do it.

For as long as I've been doing this I've always been at the beck and call to do whatever it is that's needed to be done.


The Blueprint book will most likely be finished and released in the coming months.

Jeffy has a book that he's been working on for a few years now, which I'm very excited about.

Ozzie has also been putting together a program on "High energy environments and physical game" which will most likely be a book, potentially with accompanying audio.

From there my biggest project is the launch of the new RSD Nation.

So far it has $100,000 dumped into it and that will be pushing $200,000 by the time it's completed.

The new site will allow users their own social networking profiles and blogs, similar to Facebook or Myspace.

It will also feature multi-media instructor articles 5 days a week on the front page, similar to the articles you read on this blog.

I'm also going to be completing a "mainstream" book that I've been working on, which will help people to learn more about RSD without their first dose being the somewhat eccentric Blueprint material.


The growth curve of RSD has been extremely aggressive.

I haven't cowered away at the struggling economy, and instead I've opted to take matters in my own hands by growing the organization at a frantic pace to provide people with more jobs.

Right now we provide over 60 people with full time paid employment, and another 40 with internships that endow them the education and skills to find opportunities with us or other organizations.

Consistently I've watched as organizations this past year have allowed the fear of economic recession hamper their ambitions toward greatness when in a lean times what's needed is exactly the opposite approach.

If RSD is lucky to survive the tightrope walk that will ensue over the next 10 years, my goal is to see the culture spread into the mainstream.

There will never be a situation where every guy out there is into RSD. It's not possible because it deliberately only appeals to a certain kind of person.

But my dream is that everyone who needs this culture will at least have the opportunity to become aware of it.

This may sound self important, but I am a huge believer in the power that it gives men when they "get their balls back".

And when you intertwine that culture into self actualization and learning to offer real value to other people, that effect becomes magnified.


Obviously this has been a debate for me, and I've flipped back and forth.

My true passion is teaching bootcamps.

In my ideal world somebody else would have my job with RSD and I'd just teach bootcamps every weekend.

I've also dealt with a lot of personal doubt about growing a new enterprise.

On a certain level I could see the advantage of sticking purely with RSD and just enjoying my life. I love the island of Kauai and I picture myself moving there and raising a family.

Doing that would allow me to focus on other goals that I have, like learning to climb mountains and hopefully climbing Mount Everest someday.

I'm also planning an expedition through the African continent from Cape Town to Cairo which will take 3-6 months and might be filmed by the Discovery Channel (I'll be doing it for my own experience whether they film it or not).

My biggest hobby is being up in the mountains and in the ocean. I want to get into scuba diving and riding motercycles. I want to keep travelling to more exotic places, like the Amazon and Antartica and Tibet. All this stuff takes a lot of training and time.

(Probably speaking about this so nonchalant to the casual reader seems odd -- but these are my passions and they're what keep me going through the tough times).

Regardless I've felt a calling into the self help world because I feel it's the area in which I can offer the most value.

I am a strong believer that it's individuals who change the world, and that every generation requires people who have the ability to offer their contributions.

The world is plagued with many problems which I have no ability to solve, however I can make a minor but significant difference by educating myself and others on the subject matters we engage in with RSD -- but to all people on a wider scale.

I also have a dream of starting a non profit (NGO) and donating 20% of annual profit for various humanitarian projects, and I believe I can make it happen.

The areas I'm most passionate about are the environment, climate change, and education. I'm so fascinated by this stuff I have to put it down to prevent myself from being distracted -- because to be in a POSITION to do anything about it I have to stay focused on my more immediate tasks.

I'm also very passionate about global poverty however I believe that for the global economy to be afforded time to stabilize our climate needs to be stable as well.

Papa has always said that the key to solving the world's problems is found in "Education and infrastructure" and this is a huge passion for both of us.

Being in self help puts me in a position to make contributions in those areas, and access to the types of people who can help me to make a difference.

Obviously the Nelson Mandela's and Richard Branson's of the world will not answer the phone calls of a "pickup" teacher, and that's a realistic fact that I have to deal with.

On a certain level I've put myself in a difficult position by being in the dating field. That's both because of the controversial nature of the subject, and also the various negative press I've taken as a result of the industry being so young and competitive.

Many of the articles I wrote in my early twenties reflected a degree of misogyny and immaturity. My biggest press exposure is a very well written book that calls me out as being untrustworthy, souless, and manipulative.

This will obviously follow me for the duration of my career, however these are hurdles I'll continue to cross by basically paying it no mind and continuing to put out the best value I'm capable of producing.

The truth is I would never BE in this position if it weren't for the "pick up artist" stuff.

So while I may have regrets, I'm extremely grateful.


The self help industry does over 8 billion a year in sales.

The key to "making it" in self help is to speak to audiences continually, and get involved in training like improv, stand up comedy, hip hop, and anything I can do to make myself more dynamic on stage.

To do that I'll be surrounding myself with a team of teachers and advisors who can work with me continually in order to reach the level I need to reach.

I'm going to be required to "go back to the drawing board" on a lot of things and become a newbie again. Many of my best skills I'm going to have to re-learn from the ground up.

On the good side I've built up a large number of contacts in self help over the years, and many of them have been super helpful.

My writing skills and ability to articulate personal development are already at a level on par with anyone else out there. What you read on this blog is probably less than 1% of what I know, and what I have to offer.

So I'm confident with at least those areas.

The bottom line is I'm willing to be disciplined, adapt and evolve, admit and learn from my mistakes, and meet the challenges I face head-on.


My lease in Honolulu runs out on September 20th and I'm scheduled to relocate to Florianopolis -- a beautiful island in South Brazil.

Here is a quote as probably most people reading are not familiar:

"Florianopolis Brazil is one of the most beautiful and safest cities in the country and is where most Brazilians and other neighboring countries go to vacation (not Rio de Janeiro, as many would believe). Florianopolis (called Floripa for short) is famous for it's abundant beautiful women and white sandy beaches pumping with some of the best surf in the world. Many world travelers claim that, with all things considered, it is the best place in the world and have even settled there full time or simply purchased vacation homes there."

My girlfriend is from Latin America and surfs 7 days a week, and I thoroughly enjoyed living in Argentina last year -- so it stands out as an ideal living situation.

However one option I've suddenly found myself considering is going back to Los Angeles and teaching a final year of bootcamps every single weekend -- while doing the training I need to do for self help during the week.

These last two bootcamps have really caused a change in me.

Not only is my "pick up artist" skillset firing on all cylinders right now, but I'm feeling more present, calm, and outgoing than I've ever felt.

That's after what turned out to be an unusually stressful and hectic work week, which further highlights how good it's been for me.

I'm seeing a lot of value in the in field teaching, and I also realize that in the future I may not have the ability to teach in the field because of my exposure being elevated (similar to what I'm sure a few of my peers and past mentors are dealing with today).

I remember a passage in Russel Simmon's book "Do You!" where he talked about a hip hop artist who used to think it was all about the money and cars and women. Later he got all that and realized it was anti-climatic. What he really loved was rapping and creating music.

That's in many ways how I feel about RSD. What I really love is teaching bootcamp. I laugh my ass off the entire time and I go home at the end of the night with a feeling of calm that I can't get from doing anything else.

I love watching the guys improve because I feel like I'm taking a time machine and teaching my past self, back when I really needed it. It gives me a sense of closure on that difficult time in my life.

On top of that I really just love chatting up girls and "banging the guns" of the skillset I spent so many years working to improve.

I'll be in the Napa Valley in Northern California the final week of September to speak at the PSi Seminar "Principia" event.

During that time I'll make the decision on where I'll be living this year, and then relocate.


This year is going to be the bomb.

You've seen nothing, literally, absolutely nothing.

Just from these past bootcamps I've developed a solid 4 hours of new material that I've found extremely valuable.

Really practical stuff on rapid fire state changes, and the ability to talk endlessly. I expect to develop it over the coming month.

Guys like Alex are really stepping up and blowing me away.

Aside from posting bizarre videos of being rejected by drunk chicks on Youtube, he's stepped his skills up to a level I never thought possible.

You've probably noticed that he's written a 40 page article on -- it's the second one down on the right toolbar.

Tim has also returned from spreading the gospel of the flawless natural through Europe (he's now taking a break to decide on his future in Australia) -- and he's reported that Ryan is in his opinion the top instructor on the team right now.

Obviously that's up for debate and rabid competition, but this is going to be a very big deal as he moves to Chicago and runs amuck across the Midwest.

He also has his own blog coming, which the beta prototypes are now up at

We may go with a different site address and different look. We're still messing around with it. Actually we're thinking of re-naming Ryan "Yahya Jones" and having him grow a mustache. No kidding.

Jeffy's public speaking has hit a new level from his year of travelling -- ie: the stratosphere.

I attended his free 2 hour program this month in Honolulu and it was hands down the funniest 2 hours in recent memory. I had to contain myself from rolling around on the floor.

Nathan is just KILLING it with his programs right now. He has his own angles on "being your own guru" and "being the man you're meant to be".

I've been soaking up everything he's doing in his programs and seeing a cirriculum that's innovative and entirely unique, centered around the core of RSD.

Ozzie is as consistent as ever. He's dealing with a loss in his family right now, but he's continued to persevere and create new and innovative material.

The man is really going to "change the game" with the release of his material on high energy environments and physical game.

Saad is furthering his other career of acting, and bringing in all sorts of improv exercises that he's mastered into his program. That's a brand new area that I've had limited exposure to, and that he's opening me up to this coming year.

Papa is coming back to teach bootcamps full time. After taking years away from it he's going back to his roots in RSD.

The man has taught more programs than almost any instructor in the industry and yet nobody knows it. That's about to change.

(Note: Especially with me posting this ridiculous picture of him at this pink toga party).

Ultimately it's all this movement that comes together to create the energy and vibe that comprises Real Social Dynamics.

With a peer group like this, how can you NOT make the choice to step up and take action??

That's what I want YOU to be a part of. As the reader, as the end-user, and as a guy looking to actualize all your potential.

We do this for YOU. We do this to "pay it forward" and see you "pay it forward" too.

This is a year that you're going to step up your skills with women to a level you never thought possible.

You're going to do this for the dating lifestyle you've always wanted. You're going to do it for the personal strengths that you develop in the process, and for the value that allows you to offer to others.

You'll continue to be enlivened and to have your eyes opened wider and wider to a new abundant reality -- just as you've come to expect.

That's my mission to you, and that's what's got me so hard at work. I'm out here hustling harder than ever.

It doesn't stop.



fullcrum said...

Whoa. True abundance. This year is gonna be off the fucking cuff! I'm excited. Glorious.

I want to see Tyler blow Robbins away. In fact, the whole industry away. Of everything. And change the world.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, Whats that TV like thing in the third picture near that Greek monument?

improvingame said...

wow! what the fuck i am doing sitting at home!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! I really believe that you can make a difference in self-help. The core material from the Blueprint is the sort of stuff that almost everyone I know could benefit hugely from. Good luck, man! Looking forward to the future of RSD and of Owen Cook.

Bernardo Torres said...

Tyler, as you're reading this, my sister is at my mother's beach house taking pictures of the place to rent it to somebody.

I'll soon post it for you the pictures, but all I have is to say is that it is located at Praia Mole, the best beach for surf practice in Florianópolis, where the WCT competitions take location. Take a look:

Very agitated in the summer, very calm in winter.

It is currently vacant due to a surfer who lived there who is going to Fernando de Noronha on competition.

Best regards,

Bayroot said...

tyler, you are the modern day jesus and everyone loves you.

i feel ok expressing that because i know you won't get all egotistical about it ;)

but seriously, thank you for everything.

n1984 said...

hey tyler, seriously: you have changed my life. i love your work and it has changed my life so much for the better. i don`t want to imagine where i would be or how i would think and live if i hadn´t seen your views on life, social dynamics, society, happiness etc.
it tought me so much! your blog and rsdnation had such a positive impact on my life. THANK YOU!!!!
all the best & much love from a happy guy in berlin, germany :)

Greg said...

Tyler, you're awesome. There's absolutely nothing I can say about RSD that could possibly add to the level it's at now.

Amorim// said...

Ah Tyler unbelievable haha. I had always wondered what were the masterplans going through your head.

Really looking forward to seeying them!

It must be rewarding as hell watching the company you made start to walk by itself and knowing that it will grow with the people that are currently there. MUST.BE.FUCKING.AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...


I felt it on this post in every of my senses. I felt the passion of a true value-giver.

Thank you very much for all of it.

If you consider to continue to teach your final bootcamps, I hope you would considering teaching some in Toronto so that I could have the chance to learn directly from you.

You and RSD helped me realize my potential and purpose in life, with that I seriously, seriously THANK YOU!

Hope RSD the best!

- Miggy

Anonymous said...

It comes to Floripa/Brazil. Optimum place of the planet, the women more sexy, people of the entire world who had immigrated has some decades.

kt said...

You have definitely been paying it forward. For years. Thank you.

Ben said...

Damn man, this article itself makes me wanna stop being a lazy pussy. Climbing Everest!!???

And I wish I knew you lived in Kauai when I was there...

boogieman said...

all the best Tyler!
I'm really happy your life is this fulfilling.

RSD has raised the standards so much in the industry, it's amazing. That's really a mastermind group.

Velouria said...

This brought a tear to my eye. I believe you can do it and make RSD mainstream, it will be a great thing to happen to the world.

Anonymous said...

where do you get the knowldge from tyler??? experience , thinking... why do you want to learn how to speak publicly, why cant you be like eckhart tolle???
p.s you got any day plan you alway do or something..

Anonymous said...

If you're teaching a years worth of boot camps while you improve yourself to where you need to be, then I'm down for a bootcamp. Period.


Patrick Shields said...

"wow! what the fuck i am doing sitting at home!" that comment by improvingame reflects my reaction as well; it is a very inspiring post.

Anonymous said...

It's awesome.. Since you stopped writing (a lot) on the blog, I've stopped reading this blog and my life got fucked up.. obviously is not only that but this shit builds a foundation. With all the inconsistencies in the world - you can go back to this, and see "ok.. actually people do live like I want, and they don't have to be in pain for it" and you get like flashbacks of what you read, and the fundamentals of these concepts and link them to ALL kinds of things, big and small.



Anonymous said...

The Glory continues..!

- The Duck

Ryan said...

Really excited about what the future holds - it's an awesome team to be a part of...


Anonymous said...

come back for more bootcamps!

those pictures posted by bernardo look kinda boring actually.

how could you live there all bored and monogamous with one girl, than living your dream and charging your life with bootcamps!

Matt Damon said...

Matt Damon!

thenow said...

fuck yeah

Grzegorz said...

Man. This is GREAT.
I love to read all of this. I think this will be one of the most significant culture movements in 21 century. Whole new philosophy. Don't stop with growing. These new guys will create something extraordinary.

Tyler keep your work, i can't wait for your teachings on self help.

Anonymous said...

"the core ideology must be institutionalized and woven into the fabric of the organization"

I'm so happy you have read Collins. Great stuff indeed. You are so level 5 it is rediculous. Still, I am looking forward to a figurehead-less RSD. It will make the organization stronger and truly "built to last".

Good luck with your future plans, Owen. And thank you for everything you have done within this field.

And good luck. I think the self help industry is in for a ride... ;)

/Mathias (aka Hunger!)

Magnus said...

hey what happened to your in-field bootcamp footage product? Take the year in the field dude, you know if you don't you'll think about it forever...

Anonymous said...

Awesome Owen :)

Kiko said...

fucking innovative. amazing!