Saturday, April 07, 2007

Blueprint Seminar Completed!!

Wrapped The Blueprint seminar yesterday.

Man, am I burnt out....... But LOVING it.

It was my first time presenting the material from the upcoming book (Q4 2007) and I was concerned that I'd run out of content on the first day.

Surprisingly, I only covered the first six of the seventeen chapters thoroughly, and then went over the most important stuff from the later parts of the book to make sure it was a complete program.

I spoke with Papa about it, and it looks like we'll be changing the upcoming Superconferences to THREE days instead of TWO. Tuition will be increased to cover additional expenses.

The next scheduled SC is London September 2007 (where we plan to record), however we're considering adding NYC and LA programs in July and August to prepare for the eventual recording in London.

For those of you who don't want to wait another 12 months to get your hands on the DVDs (and also want the experience of actually being there), check out the NYC/LA/London conferences.

All this has yet to be finalized, but right now it seems that this is how it's shaping up.


Already recorded are...:
-Foundations (all me)
-Transformations (Tim, Ozzie, Jeffy, Hoobie, and myself)
-The Jeffy Show (all Jeffy)

And soon to be recorded are...:
-The Blueprint DVDs (all me - recording in Sept)
-Tim's product (all Tim - recording in Dec)

As you know, "Foundations" is already out. Have you gotten it yet? If not, go to the Real Social Dynamics webpage and have a look.

"Transformations" and "The Jeffy Show" are already recorded, with the editing/graphics/promotion work still in the pipeline. Transformations will be out in the next 6-8 weeks, and "The Jeffy Show" will likely come out 8-12 weeks afterwards.

Both are MONSTERS. Like fucking Godzilla storming down the street knocking over buildings and shit. These two sets are must-have and will over-deliver.

Bear in mind, chodes will not enjoy these products because there is no magic-pill type stuff going on. They are raw, authentic, and delivered by guys who really live this lifestyle, not "dating coaches".

Our editors were actually so shocked by the rawness of the products that they refused to edit them, which slowed down the release.

For me though, EXPRESSION = TRUTH.

I can't water things down for the general population because then my work wouldn't be relevant after I'm gone.

Fuck catering or crossing over to pop culture. I'm all about putting the kind of energy behind a project that DEFINES pop culture.

If I fail, I fail HARD. Like, "Damn, that guy REALLY friggin failed....."

Am I kidding? You decide.

Another factor in all this is that there's very minimal cross-over or repetition from previous products, and anyone who doesn't go out regularly will have NO CLUE what's being spoken about.

I tend to enjoy confusing the heck out of seminar-junkies because I've already covered all the basics in the old free 2 hour audio on the homepage. If a guy isn't going to go out and IMPLEMENT what's ALREADY been taught, there will be no "false sense of accomplishment" by showing up at one of our more advanced programs.

That one free audio is more than enough to get you started, so if you're a keyboard jockey then decide RIGHT NOW to pull the theory-needle out of your arm and get out there. Give it a listen and go IMPLEMENT. It's only once you do that you'll be primed for the higher level mindstates that we're talking about here.

Alright, so people have had some questions about these products.

I'll explain to you where I'm coming from.....

For me, I'm really a pretty poor marketer in the sense that I don't like titles such as "10 Secrets of Bodylanguage" or anything like that. I also don't really create a lot of scarcity of hype around my products. I probably should, and maybe some day I'll take an interest in that stuff, but for the time being I'm 100% focused on product quality.

With the Blueprint book, for example, I'm constantly reading high quality literature and self-help classics, looking to get my writing-quality up. I feel like I'm really starting to wrap my mind around it and expect to be a high calibre writer by 35-40, so that will give me a great means of expressing my ideas.

I basically break down things like writing and public speaking in the same way that I do with social dynamics. Model the best, and then grow and cultivate my own style.

I'm not trying to be the next Anthony Robbins. I'm trying to be the first ME.

That's how it has GOT to be.......

It's like everyone is in such a rush to be a guru these days, and wind up getting in over their heads.

I figure in my twenties I master product quality, and in my thirties I'll try to master marketing. That way I have the substance to back up the hype.

Right now the product quality that's coming out has to meet *MY* standards.

That means that if the product isn't coming out piping hot, it doesn't come out at all.

I could picture this being a major business problem for me in the future, but I will not put out a product that I personally don't consider to be a classic.

Like, if a product comes out it's got to be a MUST HAVE product. 100% classic.

I want people to be like "You haven't seen Transformations??? WTF dude you have GOT to see this program!!"

That doesn't mean that everybody has to agree with me. Everyone has their own tastes. But the product has to meet MY standards, and I'm my own hardest critic.

Now as for "Transformation", it's a high level program that covers that struggle of going from extreme chodeness to total mastery with women.

It's got the whole crew, and I feel like it captures the energy and lifestyle of RSD as a company. My favourite part about it is that fact that everyone at the event is a real life closer, as opposed to "dating coach". That means that there's a certain aggressiveness and rawness to the material.

This might be hard to believe, but I've been going out every night this week and I found myself watching the program every night before I went out. It helped tremendously.

Anyway, there's nothing that I can really compare this to. It's got inner game. It's got techniques. But more than anything, it's got STYLE.

Now as for "The Jeffy Show" that's a product that's been in the works for about 5 years.

Jeffy has been cultivating his skillset/outlook/style/personality ever since day 1, and we made a point of integrating everything about him into the program.

The big question has been "Is this going to be the REAL Jeffy?" and the answer is Y-E-S. This is more Jeffy than anything that's been out before.

I had Jeffy with me in Hawaii for two weeks, and we just hammered out this thing and followed up by three LIVE rehearsals in two weeks, and then shot the final polished version in Los Angeles.

It was basically a month of non-stop work until those fateful 8 hours when this thing was shot, and Jeffy 100% NAILED it.

Again, there's nothing I can really compare this DVD set to. We're trying to create and define genres here.

Cheesy info-marketers/content-recyclers will be riding off of the credibility that we establish for years to come..... :)

Anyway, that's the latest in terms of product updates.

If you've got questions, hit up Nathan and Stuart L (our very excellent admin staff) and they'll answer any of your questions.



Leo said...

Awesome man. Total Props.

I like the bit about applying the 2 hour free audio and getting the theory needle out of ones arm.


What format is 'The Blueprint' going to be released as? DVD, Hardback, Paperback, PDF?

Michael L said...

AWESOME!!! Jeffy show??! What like...shotgun toting, karaoke singing, Jeffy? That sounds fuckin A...

Can't wait to check that one out. Jeffy rules.

Anonymous said...

from what i know theres going to be a dvd set and obviously the book.

Anyway Tyler i just wanna put out my opinion on the issue.

Do whatever it takes to get the blueprint the way you want it.To get it polished.

This is probably gonna be the only product i will ever buy.

Im so in tune with the blueprint concepts it seems unreal..
Im totally n completely psyched out.

Im patiently awaiting its release.
In the meantime il be living my life.. growing evolving and improving, doing what i always do.

Do what you do man, i have crazy expectations over this one, but somehow i know you will deliver.


Anonymous said...


I'm psyched to go to the Blueprint seminar!

Max said...

Yeah PLEASE come to the U.S. dude... you know we want it

Related said...

Good ish

Anonymous said...

Dude, everything in this post is so damn good on so many levels...

"a project that DEFINES pop culture": if only ALL artists and producers of culture heeded this formula instead of trying things that have worked in the past, things would be different!

"I figure in my twenties I master product quality, and in my thirties I'll try to master marketing. That way I have the substance to back up the hype." THIS IS THE SHIT ONLY MATURE MEN RECOGNIZE! And this is why you will always be succesful in all of your endeavors!

Something I love about RSD is how everybody has their own unique identity: all of you have your own thing to bring to the table, which is why I'm the first one to line up for TRANSFORMATIONS!!!

The degree of realness will forever resonate with everyone who is reading you.


Anonymous said...

Yo, before I was obsessed with pickup, I wanted to be an academic, but recognized I needed to cultivate a superior ability to write. I also did debate in college and needed a more expansive working vocabulary when on my feet.

Every time I encountered a word outside my vocabulary I wrote it down, added it to an alphabetized text file, and threw in the definition from I began spending 15 minutes a day reading the word, then the definition, then the word again.

After two years I was hot shit. I stopped doing that two years ago. Even today I find words on the tip of my tongue when I need them when some other people struggle, although it's nothing like it was.

Dan Tolumbro said...

I've heard great things about the Blueprint seminar. So glad that RSD is finally pumping out products!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

I went to the Sydney Superconference "BluePrint" it definitely live up to the hype.

Warning, it is advanced material ... so the more field experience you have the more you'll get out of it!

There is almost Zero techniques ... its all inner game ...

1) Why you should "be" in the moment...not getting stuck in your head "What do I say?"
2) State and having "On nights"
3) Subcommunication - Why be Unreactive?
4) Masculine Polarity
5) Congruence & being Cool & the Claw
6) Self fulfilling prophesies

etc, etc, etc

Regards Stonefish

Anonymous said...

You expect to be a decent writer by 35-40?

I can easily imagine you beating the ass off anthony robins and becoming THE best self help writer in history.

Easily possible by my perception, i think you know it too, but you're too humble :)!