Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Paradigm Of "Transformation"

Five new articles for you this week...

Not just articles however, but the hysterical "Before And After" photos and stories of all the guys featured in the upcoming release of our long-awaited new program "Transformations".

If you haven't seen these yet, buckle your seatbelt click the following links...:

Anyway, "Transformations" is coming out tommorow (August 1 2007, 12PM EST) and I've been working 18-20 hours days this last week to make sure that it goes off without a hitch.

This is *THE* Real Social Dynamics program of 2007.

If you are a true reader of this blog (as in you use what you learn here in your own life on a regular basis -- as opposed to being a passive reader) then please take this as an opportunity to offer mutual value back by picking up the program and taking your life to the next level.

There's one thing that I can say with 100% certainty...

Anyone who has ever made the smart decision to expose themselves to a program like this has always experienced it as being one of the super-valuable things that they've done to "upgrade" their lifestyle and get more fun and abundance out of their day-to-day lives.

Like, if you look around your room right now there's possessions that you might really be thrilled about and then there's stuff you know you could do without.

A program like this... It's one of those key things you can do to reward yourself that you'll always remember as being a "smart decision" and "catalyst" of real identity level change.

It's a program that's packed with so much "advanced subtlety" that you can watch it again and again and keep sucking the marrow out of it even when you previously thought that you'd "seen it all".

The overall theme of "Transformations" is the JOURNEY.

I envisioned this project several years ago when I was talking to the team, and we realized that so many guys will learn the "skillset" inside and out but that there's never been a step-by-step set of instructions on the journey to authentic, total transformation.

Like, you can learn all the "skills" and even all the "inner game", but there are so many growing pains and invisible barriers that to really come out the other end and reach your goal is usually very, very challenging.

In the case of RSD, we have a super-resource in that we're essentially what Napolean Hill would call a "Mastermind Group" -- which allows us all to cross-reference eachother's experiences and decode them and keep moving forward at rocket-like speed.

For the REST OF THE PLANET, however, there is ZERO ACCESS to this super-important resource which means that you're basically stuck on your own.

"Transformations" had to be taught by the entire crew because the goal was to offer "FULL ACCESS" into our little master-mind group and allow you to soak up all the key hyper-advanced subtleties like a sponge.

Because we've been doing this for suuuuch a long time, we know the *exact* path that you need to walk in order to reach your destination.

There's also all the latest cutting-edge (aka -- invented in 2007) Real Social Dynamics techniques, inner game principles, and self-actualization technology that you'll find in the mix throughout.

It's just a sick, sick program that you *need* to get your hands on as soon as possible.

As I've said over and over, the key to this game is having a "VISION" or a clear cut "GOAL".

Think about your vision very, very carefully and come into this program with your "reticular activation system" (ie: the part of your brain that knows what it's looking for) in full-gear to experience the mind-blowing epiphanies that it has to offer you.

Ultimately the experience that you have with a program like "Transformations" also comes down to YOU, the INDIVIDUAL, and having your mind in the right place for it to actually "tune into" the core of the secrets that are being exposed.

Anyway, be sure to check out the sites listed above as I have no doubt that they will get your mind buzzing about all the possibilities that you have laid out in front of you.

Remember to look at the EYES and GENERAL VIBE of the transformations as opposed to the socially-conditioned superficial stuff like "looks" or "clothes" or whatnot (a few guys on RSD Nation were obsessing over the "hair"... LOL).

I'm back to work now. Keep it real.



Anonymous said...

I just wanted to stop by to tell you I enjoy your blog. I'm one of the passive ones; I read whenever it pops up in my reader. Picking up the subtle things, without worrying about a complete wow-transformation at this point.

I bought the Power of Now based on your recommendation. Half way through. It is hard to grasp, but I didn't expect anything else.

Well, your posts are appreciated, mate! Good luck with the new program.

- Oscar

Anonymous said...

Will i be able to order the program
at the transformation web site when it changes at 12 noon or will there be a special e-mail ?
Tyler for the next product you should have prepay orders so I woun"t have to rush from work to order Best wishes looking forword to see the program

Dream said...

So psyched for this, foundations was awesome but man I cant wait for transformations.

Gonna be sickkkkkkkkkkkkk!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, I can just imagine some church using those pictures as "the transformation into evil". "Repent! Lest ye become a pimped up bad ass miami vice drug dealer look alike like this one!", says some preacher in a high strung voice.

And then some other group does a 180 and presents it exactly the opposite. A rap song would totally fit with the entire theme.

Anonymous said...

Could you "transform" multimillionare chode Dean Kamen?

Chic said...

I'm soo hyped for this.... Can't wait.

Giacomo G. Mimura said...

Nice, I have intuition Transformations will be high quality inspirational product. Love RSD, you guys are da best ;]

Anonymous said...

Just ordered TRANSFORMATION DVD/CD SET really looking forword to getting it . Question is there a special progression from dvd 1 -12 for a student to follow ? or it doesn't matter which dvd you watch first.

Anonymous said...

Looks like jlaix shaved the singnature bush.

Socially Challenged said...

Awesome! I can't wait to get my copy.

Just an FYI

The title tag of Jeffy's Tranformation page is:

RSD - Ozzie's Transformation

po said...

LOL!!! I know one of those girls in Hoobie's profile, the blond in the black top. She's a sweetheart. Keep at it, playboy.