Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Real Social Dynamics Hits Up Italy

Ever since we switched up from the big group programs with the whole crew to the small ratio personalized bootcamps in set cities, we've done "Executive Retreats" once every six months to get a chance to hang out.

This summer we're in Italy, visiting Puerto Cervo right now. A lot of craziness going on out here.

Anyway I've got two blog articles about 90% complete, and it's driving me nuts that I can't get the internet access that I need to finish them right now.

Connection (and keyboard) out here is super bad...... *shrug*

I'll have to wrap them up and get them posted, hopefully when I get to the next city.

Keep your eyes peeled. I'm still on top of all this.... :)



Anonymous said...

He's alive! Thanks for the update - looking forward to the two tyleresque blogs we've all become accustomed to.

Rotello said...

Enjoy Italy!
Sardinia is cool and i m sure you ll pick up some nice gals!
(there are a lot of "vips")

The adriatic rivier (rimini riccione) nightlife is also kinda nice on the weekend ( while the sea itself sux :-)

Versilia, cinque terre, SantaMargherita/Portofino, venice and florence are place not to miss too.

Big cities like milano /roma get back to life the firsts days of september.. if you are still in Italy there is a lot of "hidden" place to discover. just find a local guide..

Have fun!
(and start a damn liar in milan :-)

oris said...

Duuuudeee you and the crew have great fun and ill see you when i can afford yaa lol and thanks for all

Matt said...

just curious why jeffys knuckles are all scabbed up?

hmmm mabey because he is jeffy

Anonymous said...

nice picture dude!

i would love to see you comment on cultural differences and how they reflect the game. besides the language barrier, do italian women behave different? or european women in general?

have a great time over there!

you guys definitely deserve it..

Anonymous said...

is that ozzie and jeff?? or mafioso.

Anonymous said...

looks like you've lost weight. good job. no offence but you were REALLY bloated in Transformations!:)

Jeffy looks fucking pimp tho.

Carl of PseudoPower said...

Badass! I really can't wait for your blog articles.

It's an addiction, and I haven't had my fill for awhile!


***V*** said...

Damn, Italy?

Looks beautiful.

Can't wait to read those two articles when you get them posted.

Enjoy the Italian women ;)


Martel Martinez said...

Question to Jeffy:

Those are killer sunglasses, they are exactly what I've been looking for...

What is the brand?

Anonymous said...

Hey...About Italy: It´s MINDBLOWING. Like icecream? World´s best. Like women? ATLEAST worldclass. Food is pretty good. Taking a swim? DECENT stuff. :P. It´s not bad AT ALL. Look into it. If you like art and have a churchfetish like I do Il duomo in Milan is fucking...hmm, if you´re a nerd like me and have reoccuring "epic" dreams and have daydreamed about dragons and stuff (LOL was a long time ago but I´m kinda...proud..of it) it will be like those dreams. If you´re into fantasy and stuff the coast of amalfi, the dolomites, cinque terre will well suit that need for a tingling your spine.
Anyways.´s good.

Giacomo Gutts said...

wish you happy times in Italy and looking forward for your upcoming posts ;)

Anonymous said...

Tyler, you have REALLY great writing skills man. I love all of your blogs, that chick Jeffy was next to was H-O-T!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tyler.