Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Transformations" is coming very soon......

Totally psyched to announce our new site

It's very cool. Click the link right now and check it out.

Anyway, I've been more or less *slammed* with incoming questions lately about the mega-anticipated release of our upcoming DVD/CD program "Transformations", which is coming out on August 1 2007, 12PM EST.

"What is "Transformations"?? What is the program all about??"

"Transformations" is about the *journey*. Whether that's the journey to total mastery with women or total mastery over the "self" (the two are very much intertwined).

The fact of the matter is that this journey is frigging hard. It's definitely fun, but it can also be extremely challenging *actually* to pull it off. It calls upon you to make a massive personal evolution... and *become* the guy that all people are totally psyched to be around... and *become* the guy that women view as being a "sexy worthy guy".

This is the extensively-researched program that we conceived as being the "go-to" resource to lead you through that journey. That means that it has all the latest cutting-edge Real Social Dynamics techniques, mindsets, and over-arching core principles -- but also that is has the most subtle, hyper-advanced details that have ever been covered in any "get massive skills with women" based program ever produced.

We're going to be going deeper... much, much deeper than we've ever gone before -- bridging the gap between being the dude who comes across as a "cool person" or "fun to be around", and reaching a point where you literally *become* the guy who instinctively switches women's minds ON to say "This Is The Guy I Want" without ever having to feel like you're consciously "trying" or "doing" anything to make it happen.

Obviously I'm talking a big game here, but this is a program that's 12 discs long and a full year in the making. It's got the combined wisdom of myself, and my entire crew (that's about 25+ years combined experience in teaching bootcamps weekend-in-and-weekend-out) offering you a window into a world that most people will never really know exists.

I'm also going to recommend "Transformations" for even the most highly advanced players out there (yes, even if you're "all that") -- as this is your absolute "go-to" resource to reach the next level you know you're capable of.

Anyway, again, check out and get yourself "in the know".

Stay tuned for more info as the August 1 2007, 12PM EST official release date draws closer.



Laurent said...

Good Luck.

Lee said...

"Getting exciting now. Think of everything we've accomplished"

- Tyler Durden

Obligatory Fight Club quote :)

Anonymous said...


Reggy said...

Very exciting. Tyler, will you be selling the programme at the freebie London seminar on August 30th? I want to 'anchor' the excitment of the live seminar with the DVD set!

tiger said...

ou should add some clips on the dvds, a taster preview would be nice.

Also in a table of contents.

Anonymous said...

Table of contents would be nice. Esp before I would buy the DVD's. (since "Everyone" is very good at building false-fluffy HYPE)

Good luck and all the best!

Tyler-Real Social Dynamics said...

Thanks guys...

The promotions letter will be 30-40 pages long, breaking down the contents of the program in vivid detail. I'm working on it right now.

Check the new site on the August 1 2007, 12PM EST launch and everything you're looking for should be up.


Anonymous said...

I want to have sexytime with this product.

Can't wait to see what Ozzie and Jeffy have to say, heard enough from you tyler lol:)

Also you say 12 discs... but how many HOURS of stuff is there?

Anonymous said...

Hey whats up.. Looks really good./

What is it going to cost?

SANIK said...

im so hyped for this program!


Anonymous said...

Why dont you have a preorder sale before 8/1

Anonymous said...


I wanna be optimus prime!!!!

Anonymous said...

RSD are just on another level.. inspirational man.

Its funny but I look totally different from my own photos circa 2 years ago, and I've been mostly doing general self help stuff... looking forward to seeing.

Felipe said...

Tyler, we wanna see some demo clips man !

LuciferMorningstar said...

Hope this provides the roadmap i've been searching for.

most PUA products out there are total ballocks.