Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Eckhart Tolle - The Power Of Now

Quick vid of Eckhart Tolle --> for some reason this clip cracks me up.

Eckhart is a much better writer than speaker, IMO, btw...

One of the major themes of The Blueprint and in Real Social Dynamics is "being in the moment".

I talk about this endlessly.

Seriously -- I'd even go as far as to say that if your'e "in the moment" that your whole "attract phase" in terms of meeting women is usually pretty much taken care of.

So as I've written and spoken more and more about the idea of "being in the moment", I've had certain book recommendations that kept popping up over and over, like "Tyler you've GOT to read this"........

And viola!!

Enter Eckhart Tolle and his book "The Power Of Now".

This is a book that literally spends two hundred pages inducing you to "be in the NOW", as Tolle calls it.

Now whether you agree with the eastern philosophy underpinnings or not is pretty much irrelevant.

As you guys know, for me to rate a book a "10 out of 10" (which this book clearly is) in my mind, it only needs to offer me insights that I couldn't have gotten otherwise.

I may disagree with a lot of what I read in this book, similarly to how I disagree with Ayn Rand.

That doesn't matter.

What's important is that "The Power Of Now" is LACED with phenomenal portrayals of what "being in the now" is all about, and that through constantly repetition this book hammers the away at the point until it hits home.

I personally found this book to be more or less a "magic pill" in the sense that it delivered instant results.

The whole thing is funny to me, because like I always say, the average guy on the street is so brainwashed by social conditioning that if you talk about a book you're reading he'll usually ask you "DID IT WORK?" -- as if there exists some sort of magic pill.

Like, most people think that if you read an Anthony Robbins book that you'll somehow be transformed by THE BOOK as opposed to by YOURSELF.

Of course, books are just a resource.

If you keep reading quality materials over the course of your life you tune yourself into a presence of mind that you couldn't tune yourself into otherwise.

It's gradual.

The thing with this book that kind of cracked me up though is that actually IS somewhat of a magic pill.

Eckhart Tolle is basically using very sharp hypnotic inductions (whether he realizes it or not I don't know) to smash the whole "be in the now" point home until it's lodged so deeply into your brain that you can't get it out.

That's a very good thing.

Tolle paints being in any headspace other than "the now" to be outright insanity.

As in, the word "insanity" is used over and over until you've re-associated your previous thinking patterns.

If you read his arguments, while any argument can be dismantled, they're pretty darned good.

Eckhart Tolle also shares a fundamental view of mine, which is that the solutions to your dilemmas in life will present themselves to you WHEN and ONLY WHEN you need them.

Worrying about them beforehand or afterwards is only a waste of time, and spreading your capacities too thin.

Anyway, in the same sense that Ayn Rand's stuff is really fundamental in terms of conveying to "carry your own values and standards", I feel that this book could someday become instrumental in the community in terms of it being a 200+ page masterpiece on "being in the moment."

I can't recommend the book highly enough, so do yourself a huge favour and read it ASAP.


Friday, February 23, 2007

Adventures In Rio

Quick vid of the slums in Rio.


Rio was an eye-opening experience.

The plane ride in was like a never-ending marathon.

I was emptying out my apartment all night in Honolulu and slept only an hour from Hawaii to Los Angeles.

Then I slept only 4 hours in LA to get up early for the Rio flight and managed to miss it, and had to reschedule for early the next morning.

Seven hours of sleep in three days. I was walking around like a zombie. Dry-heaving and couldn't feel my face. I've got to learn how to sleep on airplanes.

Finally I arrived in Rio, and I was definitely tripping out. The idea of moving to SOUTH AMERICA as a Canadian is a total mindscrew -- my references being like Chuck Norris type movies with guerrilla soldiers jumping out of trees with machine guns and blasting the place up...

The biggest thing was that I just couldn't PICTURE it. Everything I've ever done in my life I could visualize beforehand. I just couldn't figure how what I'd read about it could be real. I couldn't imagine myself there -- it wasn't piecing into my reality.

Honolulu was pretty much the most peaceful and luxurious place I've ever lived.

I was living beach front. Not beach VIEW. Beach FRONT.

Like my bed was out on the "lanai" (balcony) and if I drop a rock out of my window it lands on sand. When the sun set I would go out front with my girlfriend for a swim. The back view was Diamondhead mountain and Kapolani park and the front was a full panoramic of Waikiki. I was in a sweet spot where it never ever rained, even if it was raining all over the rest of the island. The surfing was incredible. I had a great group of friends. I took trips to North Shore and Makapuu beach every weekend. I fell asleep to the ocean every night.

Bear in mind I work very, very hard. Most days from morning until night. But that's what made the lifestyle I had so sweet. Unlike most people who take it for granted, I appreciated it so much because I EARNED it.

Anyway, arriving in Rio with Papa I was in a sort of a sleepless trance.

We get out and there's this setup with girls trying to hustle you to take their taxis from behind a glass wall, all jumping up and down so that you'll choose their company. I busted out the camera to tape it but they got kind of shy. It was totally ridiculous.

The drive in from the airport was lined with miles upon miles of "favelas" which are the Brazillian shanty-town ghettos.

These favelas are like never-ending. They look like the post-armageddon movies stereotypes, all burnt out and falling apart.

The entire drive in had this. Miles upon miles of it. Never ending shanty-towns.

These shanty-towns are laced in throughout the city. My hotel was really nice, and had a shanty-town on the hill directly across the street. All of Rio is like this. It's a part of the culture.

I got into my hotel and crashed out to the sounds of pounding samba drums outside.

About three hours in to my sleep this hyped up Brazillian dude walks into my room and starts yelling at me like "What are you doing in my room?!" I'm totally disoriented and thought he was there to rip me off.

With everything I'd read, it was funny because in Greece a taxi driver tried to scam me right on the drive in from the airport -- so I thought this would be the same with a stereotype playing itself out the second I get off the plane.

I think to myself "How can I determine if this guy is lying or not?" and quickly go into his bathroom stash to see if the writing on his toothpaste and shampoo is in English or Portugese.

As it turned out, I really WAS sleeping in this guys' room. His stuff was all written in Portugese. The hotel people had given me the wrong room and I thought all the stuff laying out belonged to my friends who'd arrived a day earlier.

I moved out of this poor guy's room and hit up a good 12 hour sleep, then got up at about 5am and booked a driver to take me around the shanty-towns that I'd seen on my drive into town.

It's funny because I log onto RSD Nation and I see a guy saying "Be careful, there's 142 people killed in Rio in the last two weeks" and the next guy writes "Don't worry, that's only in the shanty-towns... There's no way those guys would go there, they'd have to be idiots..."

I'm thinking "Ummm, actually that's directly where I'm going in three hours."

Anyway, I grab my buddies Nathan and Harsh and we go hit up the shanty-towns.

The tour guide was very knowledgeable and had a deal with the drug dealers to keep us from getting robbed or kidnapped or shot in the face.

Shanty-towns are a definite eye-opener. I've heard there are worse in India and other countries but this was the most poverty I've ever personally seen.

Apparently the people who live there came from the rural communities looking for work, and the government allows them to take concrete and build houses for themselves up in the hills. If they live there for five years they get to own their very own shanty-shack.

Let's just say that I will never feel sorry for myself ever again. These people have NOTHING.

Victim-talk is pretty much off my radar. I won't be able to listen to it anymore. Or at least, I won't be able to relate to it. Life in North America is truly a soap opera.

The fevalas are run by drug dealers, and the young teenagers act as the police.

I was driving through and see these two kids, one with a machine gun and another with double fisted magnums, sort of strutting down the street.

I'm sure these kids get killed regularly, as they have to fend off other drug dealers who are trying to take over their territory.

The people remind me a lot of how cats look, in the sense that they sort of lounge around with nothing to do. They seem in some ways happier and more relaxed than North Americans do, but I'm sure that's also a peace that comes with having very little hope and nothing to lose.

Later on we hit up the various clubbing areas. Lappa was this big free for all -- very dirty, although some of the clubs in the area were cool with live samba music.

The other highlight of the trip for me was seeing the huge Jesus statue overlooking Rio (I believe it's called the "Corcorvada" -- spelling??)

Apparently it took them 70 years to get this huge monument up the mountain. It's huge, and you can see it from any point in Rio.

Anyway, I've just arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina -- which will be my new home for the next while.

I'll let you guys know how it progresses.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Moving to South America

Posting from the Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta -- just landed from Los Angeles and heading to Rio De Jineiro for Carnivale.


I'm moving to South America.

After I finish in Rio I'll be flying over to Buenos Aires in Argentina and setting up shop.

Why am I doing this?

I'm interested in experiencing a different culture, and I'm also interested to learn more about how the world works outside the glorious golden bubble of Canada / America / Australia / Europe.

More than anything I've become increasingly curious about what's happening to the world and to find out if the perceptions created in the media are true.

My buddy Alec turned me onto Buenos Aires in particular, as he was initially interested because of the previous economic collapse that pushed their currency to a fixed match of 1/3 to the US dollar, which supposedly gets you about triple value for your money.

I'm sure there are all sorts of issues with "gringo pricing" and that it may not turn out to be as tight as we expect, but we'll see.

He also sent me a cool blog link, which if you're interested you might want to check out -->

Supposedly it's a very European city, although that's not my purpose for going there and I'll believe it when I see it.

If it works out I'll let you guys know and it might be something you're interested in checking out.

Obviously I'm somewhat sketched out at the idea of moving to South America.

Growing up in Canada, it's continually pounded into your head "Yeah you might live in a neverending snowbank... But you live in the country with the strongest social safety net in the world... You'd better be happy you don't live in the rest of the world because it's a shithole where people constantly starve to death and spontaneously explode from random super viruses."

But I've decided to follow through on this, so hopefully everything turns out cool and I have lots of vids and articles to throw up on here as well.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Off To Rio...


I'm off to Rio for Carnivale.

Real Social Dynamics executive retreat style, hanging with the crew.

Should be crazy. I'm leaving one of the wealthiest, most peaceful cities in the world to head to one of of the more crazier ones.

It should be an incredible experience.

In the meantime, I won't be around to moderate RSD Nation like I normally do.

So in light of that, please keep up the stream of positivity that we've had while I'm not around.

I'll be flying from Honolulu to Los Angeles and be staying there for a day or two until I leave, so I might be able to get on a few more times. Maybe once or twice while in Rio. But that's about it.

The mods keep it nice and tidy, but please contribute to that by NOT responding to trolls and keeping in mind the following.

(Drumroll........... prepare for educational content)


The human mind is wired to be social, and so to figure out reality it's always looking for:

1) who has the most unwavering certainty

2) who the least emotional reaction to conflicting views


You really only have emotional responses when:

1) the other person has a higher value than you

2) you need something from them more than they need something from you (ie: you might have higher status, but still need them to respond the way you want in order to uphold your reality, whereas they don't need that from you)

When I see someone caring about what people think or say about them, or how they rate their girls, or how other people respond to their posts, or whatever else -- it tells me that their reality is still easily tossed around.

To me, there's two types of responses in posts --

1) a straightforward one, even addressing confusions or differences in beliefs

2) a "I need to re-establish my reality" one, where the post they're responding to, even if stupid, still messed with their reality and they're trying to set the world straight because they need other people to believe what they believe in order to maintain their reality

I know in my case, if I respond to something, I ask myself "Am I coming from a place of wanting to offer value, or am I trying to get other people to think what I think so that I can feel more certainty about it?"

Something to think about.

Keep it 100% Content, 0% Political Flame Nonsense



Wednesday, February 07, 2007

VOTE: "Transformations" DVD cover

The "Transformations" DVDs are coming.

This is a truly raw, personal product that has years worth of polish into it.

You guys know my standards, and this product is without a doubt on that level, so please support the creation of products like this by buying it when it comes out in around the next 8 weeks.

I'd like some feedback on your favourite covers -- and remember to be sure to check out the set even if your favourite cover doesn't get voted for... ;)

We may also decide to go with an entirely different cover altogether, or a rendition of the "Foundations" cover but with the new text for this particular product.

The main poll is on the Real Social Dynamics forum.

Your feedback is much, much appreciated.


Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4 (use "Foundations" cover art with new "Transformations" text):

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Within 30 seconds..... I know who you are

Believe it or not.....

Things like "intuition" are real.

Not in the way that they're normally conceived -- it ain't a supernatural power.

In fact, it's very scientific and I can teach someone intuition within a few months of hanging out with them.

Within thirty seconds of talking to you, I can probably give you a breakdown of how your life has treated you thus far.

Not what you ate for breakfast. Not what your birthday is. Not what your middle name is.

But I can read what state you're in, how successful you are, how much people like you, what your thought loops look like, what you think of yourself, people, the world, etc etc...

How do I know this?

It's no different than how "cold-readers" (fake psychics -- which is an underground artform you can learn out of books) can make solid educated guesses about people by learning about profiles and combining that with the massive number of reference experiences they've gained in the field.

Teaching bootcamps, I watch student after student doing approaches and getting responses from the girls, and it's at a point where I can read sub-communication better than girls can.

I know exactly how "good" a guru is within a few minutes. No "PUA Competition" necessary.

This stuff is plain obvious.

Beyond that, I've also learned a lot from the reviews I've gotten from bootcamps.

Every program I do I get reviewed (on paper forms), and beyond that, I have our admin guy Stuart L follow up with every student six months after the program (unfortunately many of you guys don't pick up your phones -- but thanks to those who do).

Doing so gives me a lot of feedback, some great and some harsh, but either way -- it has given me a tremendous wealth of references from which I can say "Oh yeah, I remember thinking he might have thought x,y,z when I saw this subtle thing.... This followup review confirms it."

That brings me to my next point....

Why did I adopt positivity and gratitude as a major principle a few years ago?

For those of you who've known me a long time, you know that I was a pretty hardcore negative guy.

Like a smoking addict who tells everyone to quit smoking, I ran around telling everyone to be positive for a good two years before I actually internalized it myself.

Kinda pathetic, I know.

But I had to internalize the reality.

The main reason that I internalized positivity was because I realized how much negativity-addiction was affecting many of my students.

A guy comes on program, and within a few seconds I can see how positive or negative he is.

Remember -- people are ADDICTED to their most commonly-accessed states of mind.

If you're a positive guy, chances are, you gravitate towards positive topics.


-The types of things that people talk about most are a reflection of the state they're addicted to.
-The types of events that people recall are a reflection of the state they're addicted to.

Again, states are literally ADDICTIVE.

Your brain is ADDICTED to a particular state.

Ask yourself -- what state am I addicted to?

So back to the model...

If you talk to a positive guy about something negative, he'll usually be like "Wow, that sucks man. Tough break.... Anyway, blah blah blah positive positive positive"

On the other hand, if you talk to a negative guy about something negative, he'll grasp onto it like a dog with a steak -- wanting to explore all the negative consequences in vivid detail.

Likewise, if you talk to him about something positive, he kind of acknowledges it and blows it off.

Now if you ask a negative guy about his experiences, he'll usually remember mostly the negative aspects of it.

You take him to Hawaii, and all he remembers is the long flight or the bad hamburger he eat.

"Most beautiful beaches in the world?? Umm yeah they were cool. But fuck, that flight was such a drag...."

His brain is literally keeping him LOCKED in his negative state.

Next off...... SUCCESS BARRIERS.

This is a freaky one.

I know other bootcamp instructors are going to read this and go "Holy sh*t!" because this is so friggin freaky.

When you have a student with a success barrier, he can approach a girl, have an awesome one hour interaction with her, and STILL believe that she didn't like him.

You ask him "How long did the set last?" and he'll say "5 minutes" even though it was ONE HOUR.

The whole thing POPS MY BRAIN.

In the book "Psychocybernetics" Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon, talks about how he can give a perfect nosejob to a client and have all their friends tell them they look amazing, and they're still absolutely convinced that their nose sucks.

This is the guys' brain blocking him from success.

If he acknowledged that he had a one hour interaction with a girl, he'd have to acknowledge that THIS STUFF IS NOT THAT HARD and that all his excuses were null and void.

If you're reading this thinking "Wow, those guys must be crazy, that would never happen to me" -- THINK AGAIN.

I see this happening ALL THE TIME and statistically speaking, YOU probably have success barriers you aren't aware of. We all do.

Anyway, on bootcamps I have a million ways to regulate this.

If I allow a guy to retain what he learned on the program based on the whims of his brain, that's only going to be as statistically consistent as there is consistently guys who are POSITIVE and NORMAL -- which in the self-help industry isn't exactly the highest of statistics.

To do this, I model the brain patterns of a positive guy.

If a positive guy constantly focuses on his successes and ignores his failures, I continually hammer the successes into the student's brain.


Again, this SIMULATES the brain pattern of a successful guy.

And it works.

Most of this whole game is INNER GAME.

It ain't super POOOO-AH techniques, I'll tell you that.

That stuff is fun and I LOVE it. But it's not what the game itself is founded on.

Do you know how EASY it is to pick up a GIRL?????

I'm 5'9 and pretty average looking, and I pickup girls by doing literally............ NOTHING.

The reason meeting women is so hard is that your brain gets in your way.

Choose to believe this now, or choose to believe it later.

But eventually, if you stay in this game long enough, you're going to come to see the truth of the matter.

Anyway, it's funny because I've never cared about reviews so much as I've cared about RESULTS.

And when I spent over TWENTY HOURS on a guy, emotionally giving myself to him on every level, I WANT HIM TO SUCCEED.

As you can see, I have a great deal of my identity wrapped up in being a master instructor of this art.

So when I see a guy whose addicted negativity (very common), it concerns me because I know that the most POSITIVE guys are the ones who get the most out of a program.

When a student enters the room, I know instantly "Is this guy addicted to positivity or not?

If he is, I KNOW he's going to become a PUA -- because his brain will focus on the positive of what he learns, and because of that, he'll be capable of PROCESSING the information that he's receiving.

Again, ask yourself -- "Am I addicted to positivity or negativity?"

If you're addicted to being negative, chances are, you're GETTING IN YOUR OWN WAY and even if I, or anyone else were to HAND you the answers you're looking for, you'd still be deadlocked the stagnant position that your mind is oh-so-addicted to.

Positivity is such a major component of this, if you think that you'll master this art while still getting to hang onto your depression, you're probably wrong.

I love the guys who come in with mentalities like "I want to fuck all these girls who hurt me... Teach me how to have threesomes... I want to learn threesomes..."

LOL... Riiight.

Let's talk about liking YOURSELF and OTHER PEOPLE before we get to that, huh?

Honestly, if you aren't willing to give up your negative beliefs or depression, LEAVE THE COMMUNITY NOW because it will NOT work for you.

And for God's sake, please STAY AWAY from any bootcamp I'm involved with.


Anyway, there is a lot more to my model in terms of "intuition".

I hang with the crew, and it's funny because no matter who we're talking to we know what they're thinking to the tee.

And I sometimes forget that OTHER people don't have this same intuition. It's weird to me to think that at one point I didn't have it.

But it's learnable. Everyone in RSD has it.

Just make a point of looking at the subtle signals you get, and you start to key into this stuff.

It's all good fun... :)


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Deep Identity Level Change

After Neil's book had come out, one of the things I knew was crucial for the continuation of RSD was to evolve my identity at mock speed.

I hit the gym like an animal, gorged 5000 calories per day, grew my hair out, got my voice down a few octaves, studied masculine polarity, devoured any useful book I could find, evolved my entire mindset, saturated myself with positive thinking type stuff so that I wouldn't be distracted or consumed by anger -> bam bam bam -> shed most of the "kid" image and started to carry myself as a grown man.

Managed to do this in about one year. I worked harder at this than any of you will ever know.

Anyway, there was this girl I was friends with for a long time back when I lived in Los Angeles.

Most guys would probably call her a perfect 10.

I didn't really care, she was a friend of mine -- I realize most of you guys wouldn't handle this well, but part of being a connected guy in a city like LA is having female friends.

Right before I left Los Angeles she moved away to Hawaii and I hadn't been in touch with her for around a year and a half.

Tonight I bumped into her while I was out and she didn't recognize me.

I was like "Uhhh, it's ME..." and her mind couldn't process how much I'd changed.

She looked hardcore weirded out.

The last time she saw me I was 140 pounds, short hair, peacocky-dressed, effeminite, etc...

So now I'm decked out in a fly suit, long hair, 190 pounds, beard, deeper voice, etc...

She looks dazed and confused, and later her friend approaches me and starts talking to me for around 20 minutes (obviously you guys now what this potentially means).

Freaked out ex-friend storms over and grabs her friend and is like "We're going to the next club NOW" and drags her off.

I was like "Yo, it was nice to see you again" and she just nods and storms off with her friend.

Sooooo weird.

It tripped me out because this was the girl who used to wake me up every morning with phonecalls, and someone I hung out with.

I considered her to be, believe it or not, a FRIEND.

In some ways it's the ultimate compliment.

It's funny though because I've always said that one of the biggest perils of personal transformation is that you lose friends who can't accept a "new you".

This girl not only couldn't accept it --> she couldn't PROCESS it.

I was like a phantom... LOL.

You know what though?

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Life is good.



Friday, February 02, 2007

The Best Opener Material I Will Ever Release (very possibly......)

Life is good.

With flowing hair like this.... How could it be anything less?


This post will be so simple that it will naturally be overlooked.

Honestly though, to me this should demystify opening for even the most hardcore of chodes.

Alright, here's the formula.

Take the word "hey".

Or better yet, take the word "yo".

Now speaking in flat monotone (DO THIS NOW) say the word "yoooooooooooooooooo"

Alright. Wonderful.

The reason for elongating the word from "yo" to "yoooooooooooooooo" is that the girl's brain has a chance to pick up on the state you're in.

Now think to yourself, "What are the states that I'd want to convey I'm in right off the bat?"

To me personally, it's:
1) Positivity
2) Dominance


Speaking with positivity, say the word "yooooooooooooooooooo" while feeling a POSITIVE EMOTION in your body.

Done properly, this should sound more positive than the monotone version.


Say the word "yooooooooooooooooooo" with a DOMINANT EMOTION in your body.

Again, done properly, this should sound more assertive than the monotone version.

Now for the grand finale..............

Say the word "yooooooooooooooo" (again -- DO THIS NOW) and feel BOTH positive and dominant emotions in your body.

This should sound like an upbeat and yet assertive "yoooooooooooooooooooo".

Now next time that you see a girl you like, approach her using that exact same opener.

Do NOT go in with a PLAN of what you'll say after that.

Be in the moment, and trust that you'll find the right direction for the conversation -- not before or after, but when and ONLY when you need it.

This part is crucial -- if you've got some plan in your head for what you're going to say next it probably won't work.

Be in the moment and let the chips fall where they may.

If the odd girl doesn't like it, go home and cry.

Now you can feel free to use whatever word you like -- be it "hey" or "yo" or "what's uuuuuuuuuuuuup" or even an actual sentence (God forbid), so long as the girl has a chance to pick up on the positivity and dominance in your voice.

This basic understanding should ELIMINATE APPROACH ANXIETY as this is such a field proven way of opening that there is absolutely no reason for it not to work.

I personally live in Honolulu and also like to throw up the "hang lose" sign with my hand, as the girl will fixate on it and give it back to me.

You can try the eighties rocker hand signal, which is also equally good.

Again, what I've written here is simple and broken down for even the most "game illiterate" individual.... :)

Take this out and test drive it TONIGHT.